Myke's Motorcycle - 'nuff said!

My brother Myke lives close by and was helpful with the whole xmas_webcam project. He is also a big fan of motorcycles, and he asked me if there were any pictures of his motorcycle on the xmas_webcam. We were pretty sure he was over here the night of the 21st, so I checked the image logs ... and wala, proof that he came over that night! So here is a few of the pictures shot that evening; was pretty cool/neat that we actually got some "action" shots.

Myke turning into the driveway

Myke heading UP the driveway

Myke's motorcycle parked in front of the garage - look closely
A bunch of these in the image logs - doesn't change much!

Myke heading down the drivway

Ooops - gotta wait for passing traffic

HEY, turn down those high beams a bit, allright!