Christmas SnowMAN ... uhhhhhh ... vandalized?!? ;-)

In addition to my house, a number of folks in the neighborhood put out all sorts of great looking lights. And something we've seen more of the last few years is the lighted animals such as the reindeer. In the past, a favorite "prank" has been to take two of the reindeer and put them in an ... "compromising" position on top of each other. Certainly something I would never do to my friends! ;-)

Welllll ... one of my "friends" must have decided that since I didn't have any reindeer, they would instead supply some "additions" to the snowMAN and turn it into a ... uhhhh ... snowTHING. Unknown to him, the webcam caught him in the act as shown below!

These pictures were shot from an angle that provides a view of the lights that few people see - from the 2nd story inside the house. As seen here, both boys enjoy hanging out on the dresser and waving to cars as they go by. They are sometimes visible on the xmas_webcam, but typically very hard to see.

Dirk-n-Kyle looking for cars

christmas snowman vandalized 1

And here is a closeup of ... the SnowTHING!

christmas snowman vandalized 2

Actual pictures from the xmas_webcam
Took the christmas snowman vandal about three and a half minutes to do his work

BEFORE (Zone #2 OFF)

christmas snowman vandalized 3

CAUGHT in the ACT!

christmas snowman vandalized 4


christmas snowman vandalized 5

I was able to get these mug shots with a little "image enhancement" ... ;-)

Vandal checking out his "work"
christmas snowman vandalized 6
Didn't know the camera was there, eh?!? ;-)
christmas snowman vandalized 7
Vandal notices camera - puts sunglasses on
christmas snowman vandalized 8
Oh Crap - no pictures please!
christmas snowman vandalized 9

Fortunately, it wasn't too much work to fix these christmas lights! ;-)