Free Christmas Music

I figure while web surfers are turning my Christmas Lights on & off that you might want to listen to some free christmas music jingles. And while most people look at my Christmas Lights, you can actually "hear" them also, since the X10 Super Sockets have a mechanical relay - click here to HEAR the Christmas lights go on and off and on and off and on and ... (poor quality since recorded with cruddy microphone) and here is what a Super Socket sounds like when it goes bad ... and another example from Christmas/2010. And for a special treat, listen to this voice-mail from Santa on Christmas Eve, 2008!

A funny answering machine message and remember those radio commercials saluting "True American Hero's" such as "Mr. Restroom Toi1et Paper Re-Fi11er" ... wellll, special thanx to the Christmas Elf who Emailed me this audio clip where they "sa1ute the dude with too many Christmas Decorations" plus this entertaining tribute to Hanukkah! ;-)

And be sure to check out the Christmas Video Movies which include Alek going airborne in ABC's Chopper-7 for a live report 1,000 feet up on my christmas decorations.

Listen to UK's RedHotRadio hilarious radio advert
Gotta love that accent and the ending