Christmas 2006 Colorado SnowStorm

Here are a some snapshots from of a major Colorado Snowstorm that hit on December 20th, 2006. At 9:00PM, I plunged a yardstick into the front yard and measured 22" of fluffy white stuff that had fallen that single day ... but as can be seen in the picture from my office window, drifts were much higher. There was even a little bit more overnight as Dirk-n-Kyle did an "official" measurement of 25" the next morning. It actually shut down the Denver airport for 45 hours - my wife got stranded in Las Vegas for a couple of days.

Live coverage was provided by the christmas lights webcam which was used to generate some time-lapse videos of the blizzard, and subsequent shoveling and sledding - see 'em all on the christmas videos page. And then there was a third blizzard in as many weeks - see even more snow storm pictures from that one.

Colorado Snow Storm ... #1!

Official Measurement of 25" on December 21st

colorado snowstorm measure

Back of the house is one heck of a sled ride

snowstorm back house

22" of snow in the front yard the evening before - many lights are not visible

colorado snowstorm frosty

Santa's workshop - note webcam3 in foreground and giant snow drift on roof

christmas office

Back Yard is buried in snow

christmas deck 1

Not eating outside tonight!

christmas deck 2

Front Door - not going anywhere today!

christmas front door

Shoveling out the HO HO HO the next day - watch video

christmas ho ho ho

Colorado Snow Storm ... #2!

Santa, Homer, and Elmo stand up against the Colorado Snow Storm!

colorado snowstorm inflatables

Even the Hulk hangs in there ...

colorado snowstorm hulk

... But he isn't too happy about the Snow Storm

colorado snowstorm hulk2

But Frosty says let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

colorado snowstorm frosty

Despite being half-buried, the other Frosty also likes the snow

colorado snowstorm frosty2

Colorado SnowStorm pictures from the Christmas Webcam

Snowing heavily at Noon - HULK not happy about that!

colorado frosty

Howling Winds sent Frosty off his plywood base

colorado frosty

But he was back up later that night

colorado snowstorm webcam2

Elmo and Frosty lean in the wind

colorado snowstorm webcam1

My neighbor was nice enough to "plow" my driveway with her 4WD Wagon
Be SURE to watch the hilarious video of the whole thing!

colorado snowstorm plow job

Needless to says, tons of sledding the next day!

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