Christmas Santa's Helpers

santa helpers Doing thousands of christmas lights is a LOT of work, and I am fortunate to have some Santa's Helpers to assist me. The picture to the left is from Thanksgiving/2004 when my folks, brother, and my kids helped deploy the 17,000 lights I put up that year. My folks are coming back again for Thanksgiving, and for 2005, "Watch out Clark Griswold! ;-)"
Another espect that is a bit of work is the christmas decorations webcam which brings a lot of christmas cheer to folks around the world. This has gotten increasingly popular over the year and after an international media frenzy in 2004, I had to disclose it was a computer simulation - as Time Magazine wrote, "I figured I could provide some holiday cheer to folks." For Christmas 2005, I'll be doing it for real. This also takes a bit of work, but fortunately, a few companies have donated items to help out - specifically: Things I could still use some help with: