Pack 79 Pinewood Derby, March 15th, 2008

Relive the excitement of the Pack 79 2008 Pinewood Derby through wayyyyy too many pictures!!!

Rather than do a slide show, you can just scroll down to see 'em all. For the photohounds out there, I was using a Canon 40D shooting mostly ISO 1600/3200 (so they are a bit grainy) with bounce flash to lighten 'em up ... although that was perhaps a bit strong as some are washed out - cropped/resized from 10 megapixels. Rather than try to take pictures of every scout, I tried to capture the action of the entire event. Most of these were shot with an ultra-wide angle 10-22mm lens, which provides quite a perspective - see last picture! ;-)

Great job by all of the scouts and parents, congrats to the winners, and special thanks to the folks that volunteered to run the race and provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

View from the Finish line as the cars came smoking by ...




Guy Bickel did an AWESOME job registering all cars






The BoneMobile!

The Hershey Chocolate Car!

The Incredible Hulk Car - SMASHING!

Scouts vote for Best in Show - LOTS of great cars!






Scouts gather as the Derby is about to start


Many, many, many close finishes!


Yancy Fox was the Official Starter

Speeds were over 180 MPH (scaled)



Pinewood Derby car is about the jump the track at the finish line - D'OH!


This car was ready to eat the competition!


A view from the start of the race as the cars head downhill

OOOPS - technical problems on the race course - ace pit crew fixed it quickly


Back in business and ready to race again!




Did the Shark Car take a bite out of the Chocolate Hershey Car?!? ;-)

Track Judges debate a racing issue




I should have shot more pictures from this angle

Scouts crowd the course to get a closer look

Other photographers were taking pictures of the action

Piggy Car beats the Hulk - Hulk get angry - GRRRRR!!!

Hulk Car loses again - Hulk now really angry - may SMASH track!!!

Hulk win this race - beat other Puny Human Cars

Straight-on perspective - I had to move camera *very* quickly after the shot!




Track Judges getting ready to award prizes to the winners!!!









Tanya wins the Open Class - SMASHED the Hulk Car!!!

Pinewood Derby Station Wagon was voted Best of Show!!!

Scouts meeting before the Derby started


PackMaster Art Vertun

Guy Bickel strikes his Red-Neck Nascar pose!