1960's Trivia Quiz

Trivia Contest - a special 60's prize for the winner! ;-)
One point for each correct answer .... although some questions can be worth more than one point. I LOST our original answers for these ... but thanx to JodyP who re-research'ed 'em and sent me some answers. Even though you were in diapers for part of this decade, we hope you remember something about "The Sixties"
  1. What colors were the "Rock'em Sock'em Robots"?
  2. What toy car was introduced in 1968?
  3. What were the stickers called that made fun of actual products?
  4. What year did the FDA approve the birth control pill?
  5. When (Month and Year) was President Kennedy assassinated?
  6. What city hosted the 1967 World's Fair?
  7. What was the date of the first moon landing?
  8. The first "Superbowl" game was in 1967 - The Green Bay Packers won - who lost and what was the Score?
  9. "I guess that's so, we don't have a pot, but at least I'm sure of all the things we got" was sung by whom and what was the title of song?
  10. "See Mrs. Gray, she's proud today, because her roses are in bloom" was sung by whom and what was the title of the song?
  11. "Gazing from my window to the streets below, on a freshly silent shroud of snow" was sung by whom and what was the title of the song?
  12. In 1969, Mike Collins stood by while his two companions did what?
  13. In 1964, Jonas Grumby was the captain of what TV ship?
  14. Who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane?
  15. In 1967, what game outsold the Monopoly?
  16. In 1969, who was Captain America better known as to moviegoers?
  17. What year were the touch-tone phone and the cassette tape recorder introduced?
  18. The most expensive movie made in the early sixties cost $44 million and starred Elizabeth Taylor - what was the title?
  19. What product had the tag line "Cleans like the White Tornado?"
  20. What year were Zip Codes introduced?
  21. What team joined baseball in 1962?
  22. What Nobel Prize winner killed himself in 1961?
  23. In 1963, things cost a lot less - what was the price of these items:
  24. However, some things cost more. Today the average price of this household item is $275, but in 1963, it cost a whopping $400. What was the item?

The answers to the following questions can be found in the slide show or among the Alek paraphernalia:
  1. What notable landmark shown in the slide show no longer exists?
  2. What was Alek's rank and service in the Armed Forces?
  3. To the nearest thousand, how may X-mas lights appear in the slide show?
  4. Where was Dirk conceived?
  5. What time was sunset tonight?
  6. What do Nuclear Bombs do?
  7. List as many of the different modes of transportation that are shown in the slide show: (Hint: a car is one, a plane is another, there are at least 20). Quarter point for each correct answer . minus one point for false answers, so don't make 'em up!
  8. What significant event happened the day after the sausage daiquiris? (No real clues on this one, very hard, but points awarded for good guesses - also be sure to ask Alek about these flavorful daiquiris)
  9. What was the significance of Alek's initials at the time he was born?
  10. What was Alek wearing when he when he got together with Wendy for the first time?
  11. What is significant about "ZS-SAV" (tough one, but two clues exist and worth two points if you can identify it, and two more points if you can figure out two significant things about it).