Some misc. pictures/movies from the CHAOS 10th Anniversary Shin-Dig

CHAOS had their 10th Anniversary Shin-Dig on Saturday, April 24th, 2004 at Rocky Mountain National Park, and it was a huge success. With two kids in tow, I didn't "get out" as much as most other people did, but I did shoot a few pictures that I thought might interest some folks. I heard that there will be a CHAOS DVD from the EXCELLENT movie/slide shows that were given, so I'll be giving my pictures to Coy to see if any of these merit inclusion in that.

Here are some links to a few:

Finally, I shot a few video clips, and one in particular may be of interest to folks (or may not be!) for those that were not there and/or were not in the front row. This movie is in Window Media Video format (.wmv) and works fine on my Windoze XP system using Media Player. Your browser may NOT understand the format "directly", and if so, save the link as a file (do a right-click on the link, and select "Save Target As") and then try running it locally. So with out further ado, here is Dan's Stomach - 'nuff said! (16 seconds, 2.2 MBytes)

I pulled one other movie from my archives that is in Quick-Time format, so this should be a bit more universal, but try that "Save As" trick above if this doesn't play in your browser. While it may not have been clear from the picture, both slide shows had the picture of me inserting a twinkie into the Rollins Pass sign on Ride-The-Divide VII in August/2001. For those that don't understand the significance of this, Dan Murray explains the "hermetically sealed Twinkie" scientific experiment with filming and commentary from Karl Hanzel