Bat versus Alek armed with a shoebox

It's exactly a month after my last bat encounter when another one shows up - perhaps upset at the untimely demise of bat #3?

This bat story is similar to bat #2 in that I was tapping on my computer and about to hit the sack around 11'ish when "something" comes flying out of my office closet. At first I think it is a moth ... but it's BIG and I quickly recognize yet another bat. I'm getting good at this, so I grab my digital camera as I close my office door - I got him trapped. He makes a few more loops of the room as I start taking down the window screens, and then lands next to my briefcase on the floor - see pictures below. Needless to say, I figure there is no sense in waking up Wendy.

Unfortunately, he's on the floor ... so he's smarter than bat #2 which landed on a mouse pad so I could trap 'em with a frisbee and chuck the whole thing out the window. I then notice a nearby shoebox - HAH ... so I grab that, and quickly place it over Mr. Bat - he doesn't like that too much and makes some noise and squirming ... so I put my briefcase on top of the shoebox - he's not going anywhere, so now I can figure out what to do.

As you can see in the picture, I read the Wall Street Journal ... and I'm never caught up ... so while Mr. Bat expresses is displeasure at being cooped up inside a shoebox, I decide it is a good time to read a section of the WSJ. Upon finishing it, I gently slide it underneath the shoebox, taking care not to allow much of a an opening at all. Mr. Bat REALLY does not like this and there's all sorts of movement going on ... but I persist and eventually I have it on the other side - that last little bit was hard. I check to make sure my 2nd story office window is open as wide as possible, fold, the WSJ as tight as possible around the shoebox, and in a couple of quick steps, send the whole contraption flying out the window ... and then quickly closing the window - success again!

In the morning, the WSJ and shoebox are strewn across the backyard ... but no sign of Mr. Bat ... I bet he thinks twice before he comes back inside!

Mr. Bat next to my briefcase - note stack of Wall Street Journals

bat 1

Little does he know the shoebox is coming

bat 2

Was hard to clamp down with the briefcase there, but I was successful

bat 3

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