Bat in the Kitchen Sink!

So I'm getting the kids ready to go to camp early Monday morning - my wife Wendy is out of town. I make the lunches, etc. and get 'em out the door. So then I start doing the kitchen cleanup and as I put a plate into the kitchen sink ... YIKES, THERE'S A BAT IN THERE!

While this is #6 in the bat saga's, I still jump a bit when I see 'em. So I (of course!) run upstairs to grab my digital camera to shoot some pictures, and he's still there. I had to stand on a chair to get these overhead shots, so I'm thinking it will be "interesting" if all of a sudden he jumps up and starts going after me ... fortunately, he's just hanging out next to the drain!

An evil thought crosses my mind that maybe I can get him down the disposal, but I like to get 'em out of the house alive. We don't have any nice sized cardboard boxes in recycle, so I grab one of Wendy's tupperware containers - remember she's not around! ;-) I intentionally grab a clear one, so I can keep an eye on the bat and shoot some more pictures of 'em. I plop it over him and he doesn't move ... so I can take some more pictures. He gets very animated when I start slipping a magazine underneath him - bares his teeth, making some evil sounding squeeks, and tries to stop the magazine with his feet - too bad I didn't have the camera in my hand for this part - but at this point, there's no way I'm letting go of the tupperware container in case he could escape.

I had previousely opened the door to the back deck, so once I have 'em trapped in between the tupperware and magazine, I toss the whole contraption out onto the yard. The bat start to spread its wings as the tupperware and magazine fly through the air and makes some squeeking ... and then land upside down on the grass as I beat a hasty retreat inside. I come back about 10 minutes later and he's still hanging upside down in the grass, so I take a few more pictures of him. I come back after another 10 minutes, and he has gone - hopefully he will stay outside the house from now on ...

While my wife has been a fairly good sport about these darn bats, this is the first time one has "invaded" her kitchen ... so this might mean an all-our war against 'em now! ;-)

Yes, that is a bat in the kitchen sink!


bat in sink bat in sink closeup

Wendy's tupperware makes a nice bat cover

He didn't start stirring until I put the magazine under 'em

bat in kitchen sink bat in kitchen sink closeup

I just tossed everything into the yard

bat toss

Bat landed upside down in the grass

A pretty (?) side view

bat in grass bat closeup 1