Bat Email

I occasionally get Email from folks who have read my various bat stories and found them entertaining, gross, or in this case, helpful! ;-)

Date: July 31st, 2006       From: Nathan and Kristine in London, Ontario, Canada.       Subject: Bats! (Thanks for the help)

Alek, We don't really know each other, but at this moment I feel a degree of camaraderie with you. About 45 minutes ago, in a bit of a post-coital haze [good additional information - this is a family friend website, so no pictures requested please - alek ;-)], my girlfriend and I looked to the ceiling of our bedroom. What did we discover but a bat doing "war circles" above us. He decided to leave the room and we made our way to our office, where we closed the door. As I had a cigarette, my girlfriend googled for "bats in the house" and your page came up. While we had no frisbee handy, I was able to trap the poor rodent with a cardboard box. I Took him outside and let him go.

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for the help :) . Your bat story was quite amusing, considering that I read it after being 'asked' to deal with our own little bat problem (I wasn't really in the mood to read helpful bat suggestions while this thing prowled our living space). Take care, and if you'd like, send us an email.