Alek BUSTED Nose Pickin' on Boulder Photo Radar

Boulder has Photo Radar, which means there are these cameras situated throughout town that automatically take pictures of you when you LEAST suspect it - as Alek certainly found out here! They send you a letter with an explanation of what traffic law you busted, how much you owe, and pictures to back it up. In this case, I was going 31 in a 20 school zone - it was a small private school I didn't even know existed.

My wife Wendy said it was worth the $75 fine to post these letter on the fridge for a month! ;-)
And you KNOW the folks at Boulder Photo Radar put this picture up on their hall-of-fame!

So I've had this page up for 5 years and gotten all sorts of funny comments ... and then "Doug Piranha" sent me the words to a great song, and then a few years later, CarlA sent me the actual jingle - you GOTTA listen to this! And then a few more years later, DaveM sent me this even more totally busted photo radar picture!

The original boulder photo radar image - scanned in from the letter

photo radar original

Here is a closeup of the picture

photo radar closeup

A super-duper nose closeup ... YUCK!!!!

photo radar really closeup

© 2000 - Alek Komarnitsky