Dirk-n-Kyle at 2009 Baseball Spring Training

A Rainbow even popped out as we got ready for practice on May 3rd, 2009

baseball 2

Pudge (aka my son Dirk) and Rodriguez practice base running

baseball 3

Kyle was the last batter in the fading light - yes, he missed this one!

baseball 5

Coach Alen Gill (on right) asked if I got this shot ... ;-)

baseball 4

Kyle (youngest kid in the league) can throw some serious heat!

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Animated Pitching

Kyle throwing a week later with Runners on and Ump behind the plate

baseball 5

Dirk as the closing reliever in the fading light (lit by flash)

baseball 5

Kyle hits a hot grounder

baseball 5

Dirk gets a piece of one (shot from center field with telephoto lens)

baseball 5

Dirk looking mighty confident at the plate!

baseball a1

Drew keeps his eye on the ball as he whacks one

baseball a3

Team shot - click here for full-res version

baseball 5

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