CLL Baseball - Opening Day - April 9th, 2011

My two sons Dirk (Dodgers) and Kyle (Rockies) are playing CLL Baseball and here's a few pictures from Opening Day.

Major League Dodgers - click here to see full-size

Coach Alek, Blake, LiamF, Matthew, Manager Don, John, AlexA, Coach Jim - AlexU, Owen, Garrison, Dirk - LiamM, Chris

CLL Dodgers

Minor League Thunders - click here to see full-size

Coach Steve, Benjamin, Marcus, Nathan, Harry, Noah, Manager Scott - Jackson, Kyle, Anthony, Camden, Angel - Bennet, Shane, Jude

CLL Thunders

My son Kyle plus two "test/warm-up" pictures of Camden and Nathan

CLL Thunders 1

CLL Thunders 3

CLL Thunders 2

*******   A few pictures from the Thunder's first game on April 12th, 2011   *******

Kyle takes a swing - mouseover images to see him connect!

kyle connects

kyle connects

Harry ducks as he keeps a close eye on a pitch that is a bit high and inside!

CLL Thunders harry

Jackson has a nice smooth swing - slowed down 4x

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation.
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jackson swinging
Photography Notes: Pictures taken with a Canon 7D with 17-55/2.8 lens and 580EX flash. I actually take 'em "upside down" so that the flash is below the lens and provides a bit more flash into the faces - although this can result in some upward shadows.
Yes, I'd prefer to use off-camera flash which would result in a better picture, but I was just doing a quick shot.
BTW, my wife took the first picture that I'm in - thanks honey! ;-)

No flash (and no sun) for the April 12th shots, so fairly flat light that was starting to fade as the sun set behind the clouds. Pictures taken from just beyond 1st base dugout using 70-200/2.8 lens.

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