CLL Thunders Baseball - April 23rd, 2011

I was only able to attend a half inning but had time to shoot a few pictures from down the 1st base line of the Thunders hitting.

Jackson takes a mighty swing ... but misses - mouseover image for closeup of great expression!

thunders harry

Anthony (appears) to smack one right at the pesky photographer

thunders anthony

Harry takes a big swing - mouseover image to see he fouled it off

thunders harry

Angel takes a might swing - mouseover to see him rip it ... with his eyes closed even! ;-)

thunders angel

Kyle (my son) keeps a close eye on a high pitch

thunders kyle 1

A bit slow/late with the swing on a pitch right down the middle

thunders kyle 2

I was hoping to see Kyle hit the ball - mouseover image to see the ball hit Kyle! ;-)

thunders kyle hit

Kyle on 1st base ready to steal ... but really should check his shoelaces - D'OH! ;-)

thunders kyle shoelace

Good catching form by Kyle as he practices blocking the ball before the game

thunders kyle catching
Photography Notes: Pictures taken with a Canon 7D and 70-200/2.8 lens. Should have brought my tripod and remote wireless control (which I used the day before with the Dodgers with nice evening light) as that makes for more repeatable pictures ... plus your arms don't get so tired holding the camera & lens!

I was shooting West (into the evening sun) plus it was quite overcast, so the light is pretty flat ... hopefully I'll be able to make a game where it's better for photographs.

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