CLL Thunders Baseball - First Playoff game on June 7th, 2011

The Thunders won their first playoff game - here's a few pictures plus some Hi-Def video action

Jackson making the turn at 2nd base

thunders jackson

Angel makes the throw to 1st - mouseover image to see him let it fly

thunders angle throw

Jackson keeps a close eye on the incoming pitch

thunders jackson no swing

He lets it go by for a strike - OOOPS!

thunders jackson no swing

So he decides to rip the next pitch!!!

thunders jackson hit

Harry likes the low pitches - mouseover to see that he actually hit this one

thunders harry

Marcus likes the high pitches - mouseover to see him swing over his head! ;-)

thunders marcus

But HEY, who says you can't hit a grounder from a high pitch?!?

thunders marcus hit

Kyle swings at just about anything - mouseover image to see him make solid contact!

thunders kyle hit

Shane "puts his right foot in and shakes it all about!" ;-)

thunders anthony

Late evening sun provides nice lights for pics of Angel pitching

thunders angle pitching

The low sun casts a shadow from the pitched baseball - mouseover image to see closeup

thunders angel shadow

A bunch of pictures of Angel pitching

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Angel pitching pics
Photography Notes: Pictures & Video taken with a Canon 7D and 70-200/2.8 lens. Light was marginal shooting down the 1st base line (used tripod with remote release), but pretty darn good late evening low sun for taking pics of the pitcher.

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