CCLL Giants Baseball - April 13th, 2012

Here's a few pictures/video from the Giants/Cubs game on April 13th, 2012. The Giants played hard, but the Cubs were just the better team that night. Sorry the picture quality is so-so at best since there is often great light on the batter looking down the 1st base line from the setting sun at Angevine ... but it was very cloudy so crappy dull/diffuse light - darn! So I've probably wouldn't bother uploading, but the video of the hit batter is a good reminder how important wearing a helmet is. Unfortunately, most of the action shots are when the Cubs were hitting .. so I'll have to try taking pictures another day ... when hopefully there is also more action from the Gaints' bats!!!

Frame capture of ball hitting Jaden's helmet - he was OK
Click here or on the image to watch the video which includes slo-mo

giants a9

Lucas connects here!

giants a1

Ethan slides safely for a HOME RUN!

lukas connects

Kyle puts a tag on the incoming runner for - he's OUT!

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation.
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kyle tag sequence

I've told Kyle a bazillion times he needs to wear Chums for his glasses!

giants a2

Kyle ready to catch - mouseover image to see next frame of a foul ball

kyle catch

Good capture of attentive Ump, Catcher, and Cub's Batter

giants a3

Eyes closed as the pitch goes by - mouseover to see 'em open up in the next frame

closing eyes

This pitch was a bit high-n-inside - mouseover to see batter duck down - good job!


Good thing this pitch wasn't inside! ;-)

giants a4

Unfortunately, the Cubs made good contact a lot

giants a5

Although not all their hits went that far! ;-)

giants a6

Keegan makes contact in this frame capture - click to watch the video which includes slo-mo

giants a7

Coleman connects in this frame capture - click to watch the video which includes slo-mo

giants a8

My older son Dirk first time umping (same night at Laf Rec) - mouseover image to see batter swing
Steve: Rest assured I got after him for not seeing the missed base by the Red's runner in the 1st! ;-)


Kyle catching at the April 17th game against the Monarch Dodgers - sun was out for this game!

giants b0

Kyle has his eye on the ball - mouseover image to see if he connects - D'OH! ;-)

kyle swing

A mighty swing - mouseover image to see if this batter connects!


Drew takes two swings at the ball - mouseover images to see the follow-thru

drew swing 1

drew swing 2

Kyle had this nice catch on a come-backer that he turned into a double play
Watch the 60 FPS video which includes a slo-mo replay

kyle catch

Here's a closeup of the catch - mouseover image to see next frame 1/60s later

kyle catch 2
Photography Notes: Pictures & Video taken with a Canon 7D and 70-200/2.8 lens on a crappy, cloudy day! :-(

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