Boulder Indoor Cycling - October 7th, 2009

So I recently acquired a Canon 7D DSLR along with a 17-55 F/2.8 lens ... so I figured a good place to test the combo would be Boulder Indoor Cycling which is pretty darn dark. Plus when my kids are there for mountain biking, they turn off the lights over the velodrome. Finally, the combination of Sodium lights and some outside daylight makes white balance especially tricky.

All three shots below were taken at aperture of F/2.8 (gotta love a fast lens) and handheld off-camera flash was used - also gotta love the on-board master flash controller of the 7D. I also shot some hi-def video (yes, 1920x1080x30 - yikes!), but there's no easy way to upload/view that via the web, plus it's nothing great ... although the clarify is quite impressive given the low light. Processed via CS4/ACR and click on the images to see the full-res versions - the Canon 7D did quite well IMHO.

Kyle drops into the "race track" - right underneath a Sodium light, so ISO bumped to 800

boulder indoor cycling 1

Kyle on the banked curve of the race track - now ISO 1600

boulder indoor cycling 2

This is an ISO3200 image - yes, it's resized for the web, but WOW!

boulder indoor cycling 3