Snow Sledding at Tantra Park, Boulder on Mar 21st, 2010

From 1989 to 1998, I lived at the SE corner of Tantra Park in Boulder, Colorado. A short walk away in the SW corner is an awesome sledding hill - I've even gone down it in the summer ... big blocks of ice slide quite well on the steep grassy slopes! Here's a few pictures from a fun day on Mar 21st, 2010 with Brenden Dirk, and Kyle. We ran into Elliot (who did some HUGE air on his snowboard) plus some other kids. So in between sledding, we had a monster snowball fight with me and Bruce (Elliot's Dad) against all the kids. There's also some videos of Kyle racing Brenden and a camera view of the sledding.

Dirk catches some air as Kyle aims a snowball at him

sledding b

Brenden comes down from the jump as Kyle takes a shot at him too!

sledding a

sledding f

Kyle did quite a few runs over the jump

sledding e

sledding g

sledding k

Mouseover image to see Kyle in action

kyle fall

Elliot's first run over the jump - not bad

sledding j

Dirk watches Elliot get HUGE air on his second run

sledding l

Here's the view from the top of the run - watch a video of me sledding down it!

sledding i

Dirk using the sled as a snowboard

sledding h

Kyle was a bit more styling as he raced down the slope

sledding m

But it was tough to stay on - mouseover image to see next frame!

kyle fall

Kyle was quite daring as he tried going off the jump while standing on the sled

sledding p

sledding r

Despite a few falls, he was all smiles

sledding q

sledding s