Kyle's Soccer - 2010/09/17

Here's a few pictures of "Kiwi soccer" on a beautiful Fall evening as the sun set in the 2nd half of the game.
Plus a couple of pictures and video from when they played at CU two days later.

Timmy takes a shot on goal

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Animated Soccer

Another picture of Timmy working the ball down the field

soccer 2

Hays showing some excellent ball control

soccer 1

I'm pretty sure that Colin scored on this crazy shot - what a contortionist!

soccer 3

Nikaaash dribbles down the field as Kiwi fans look on

soccer 4

Trevor has intense focus on the soccer ball

soccer 5

soccer f

Kolton has similar intensity on the soccer field

soccer 6

soccer 7

soccer 8

soccer 9

Sebastain appears to have just headed this ball
(Or the photographer zoomed in too tight! ;-)

soccer a

Kyle had some monster long throw-in's ...

soccer b

soccer c

Despite the post-shot collision, Kyle scored a goal here

soccer d

soccer e

Kiwi's (and their shadows! ;-) strike a team pose well after sunset

soccer g

That weekend, the Kiwi's watched the first half of the CU Women's Soccer Game

soccer cu 2

The Kiwi's took to the field during halftime! ;-)

soccer cu 4

Even though Kyle was goalie, he still did a thrown-in

soccer cu 3

Kyle in goal (he didn't allow a score) as Chip (the CU mascot) walks by

soccer cu 5

soccer cu 1
Click to see videos of Kiwi's in action on CU field - one and two
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