Kiwi Championship Soccer - 2010/10/24

On a beautiful Fall day in the Republic of Boulder, the Kiwi soccer team battled against the Huskies in the YMCA Junior Buff's Championship. It was a sensational game that went back-n-forth with the Huskies scoring a goal early and staying up 1-0 until two minutes were left in the game when the Kiwi's responded with a goal of their own.

The game ended in a tie, so it went to a shootout ... which after 5 shots from each team, was tied 2-2 so it then went to a "sudden-death" shootout with the first Kiwi kicker barely missing high ... and then the Husky dude punched an absolutely perfect kick into the top-right corner that was undefendable despite a fine effort by the Kiwi goalie.

While darn shame Kyle's team lost, a fantastic game that kept the fans standing & cheering throughout!
In addition to the pictures, see links to some hi-def videos at the bottom of the web page.

Boulder Flations grace the background as Coach Rodrigo gives pointers before the championship game

soccer championship a3

Even the dog is listening to his soccer tips ...

soccer championship a1

... or was Coach pointing out that the girls are playing on the other field?!? ;-)

soccer championship a2

GAME ON - Kyle battling for control of the ball

soccer championship b7

soccer championship b5

Kyle boots a monster goal kick - mouseover image to see it fly!

soccer seq 1

Closeup of Kyle's monster goal kick - mouseover image again to see it fly!

soccer seq 2

Trevor shows the fans how to REALLY do a throw-in!

soccer championship a4

Hays also had excellent form, distance, and accuracy on his throw-ins

soccer championship a5

soccer championship a9

soccer championship a0

Nikaash mixes it up on the soccer field

soccer championship a7

soccer championship a8

soccer championship a6

Kolton dribbles it downfield through traffic

soccer championship b1

Mouseover image to Kolton in action

soccer seq 3

Kyle about to make a monster corner kick

soccer championship b2

Mouseover image to see Kyle boot the corner kick

soccer seq 4

Trevor boots a corner kick - mouseover image to see him send it flying

soccer seq 5

Kyle does a throw-in - mouseover image to see focus on Flatirons

soccer seq 6

Fans following the action - mouseover both images to see action

soccer seq 7

soccer seq 10

Another view of that boot by Nikaash

soccer championship c3

There was even what appeared to be some "kung-fu" on the soccer field! ;-)

soccer championship b4

soccer championship b3

Britton was shutting down the other team with some great goal-keeping

soccer championship b6

Kolton dribbling the ball down the field

soccer championship b8

Kolton continues downfield with the ball

soccer championship c1

soccer championship c2

Kyle being pursued as he also heads downfield

soccer championship b0

Mouseover image to see Kyle battle for the ball

soccer seq 8

Some wide-angle shots of the Kiwi's in action

soccer championship b9

soccer championship c6

#13 needed some helping tieing his shoes! ;-)

soccer championship c4

soccer championship c5

Game was a 1-1 tie when time expired ... so it was time for a shootout!

soccer championship c7

soccer championship c8

soccer championship c9

Britton stopped anything close during the shootout - mouseover image to see him stop one

soccer seq 11

Final team huddle after losing the shootout in double overtime

soccer championship c0

Kiwi's were good sports despite a disappointing loss

soccer championship d1
Click to see Hi-Def videos of Kiwi's in action in the championship game:
      Dirk "reporting live" at halftime - entertaining!
      Nikaash battles for the ball and scores a goal for the Kiwi's
      Various soccer action on the field: one - two - three
      Various penalty kicks: Timmy - Kyle - Trevor - Kolton via goale-cam
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