Brown Bluff - Antarctica

After experiencing an incredible Antarctica Sunrise, we zodiac'ed out at 5:30AM for our first landing on the continent at Brown Bluff, Antarctica.
For a number of passengers, this was their 7th continent ... but it was only #6 for me as I have not been to Australia. One big difference compared to Falklands and South Georgia was the lack of vegetation as only lichens, mosses, and algae can grow in the much harsher environment. But for our summer visit, the weather was fantastic with temperatures just above freezing and barely a breeze - a splendid introduction to Antarctica.

Beautiful morning at Brown Bluff Antarctica

antarctica Brown Bluff a5

antarctica Brown Bluff a6

Roger (in yellow) zodiac's in with more passengers from the Ocean Nova

antarctica Brown Bluff 1

A Gentoo Penguin among the piled up ice at the waterline

antarctica Brown Bluff 3

Other Gentoo Penguins hanging out at Brown Bluff

antarctica Brown Bluff 4

antarctica Brown Bluff 7

The Gentoo's allowed you to get quite close for photos

antarctica Brown Bluff gentoo penguin 1

antarctica Brown Bluff gentoo penguin 2

antarctica Brown Bluff gentoo penguin 3

antarctica Brown Bluff gentoo penguin 4

Here's a close-up of his feet - mouseover to see if he needs a manicure! ;-)

antarctica penguin close-up

This Gentoo Penguin looks a bit lonely boxed inside some blue ice

antarctica Brown Bluff t

antarctica Brown Bluff u

"A large blue popsicle" - mouseover to see 'em nibble on it!

antarctica gentoo penguin brown bluff

A Gentoo Penguin flaps his flippers - mouseover to see how amused the Juvenile Kelp Gull is ... ;-)

antarctica gentoo penguin brown bluff

Jim and Carol were pretty serious photographers and they took some great pictures!

antarctica Brown Bluff j

antarctica Brown Bluff k

antarctica Brown Bluff r

antarctica Brown Bluff s

Alek taking penguin pictures and then setting up the remote controlled tripod with surgical gloves

antarctica Brown Bluff a9

antarctica Brown Bluff aa

antarctica Brown Bluff ab

Picture from the remote camera with Fark Book in Antarctica behind 'em

antarctica fark book

Invasion of the Adelie Penguins - mouseover image to see 'em move!

antarctica gentoo penguin brown bluff

They would just come marching down the beach in groups

antarctica Brown Bluff a

A couple of cute Adelie Penguins

antarctica Brown Bluff 2

Penguin Chick with molting Fur

antarctica Brown Bluff l

Adelie chick being fed by its parent ... and then wanting more!

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Baby penguin antarctica brown bluff

Another Adelie chick chasing its parent for more food ... my kids are sometimes this persistent!

antarctica Brown Bluff v

Adelies eyeball the water - who is jumping in first?!?

antarctica Brown Bluff m

The penguins were coming-n-going like kids in a neighborhood pool!

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adelie penguin antarctica brown bluff jump water

A dead penguin floating in the water - mouseover image to see the Cape Petrel nibble on it

antarctica penguin iceberg brown bluff

This Kelp Gull doesn't seem to approve - mouseover image for close-up

antarctica brown bluff bird

A Leopard Seal takes a nap as a Zodiac drifts by

antarctica Brown Bluff leopard seal

Very nifty "Penguins on Ice" picture by Chris & Linda - mouseover image to see close-up

antarctica penguin iceberg brown bluff

Needless to say, lots of cool looking icebergs floating around

antarctica Brown Bluff w

Leaving Brown Bluff Antarctica - click here for higher-res pano

antarctica Brown Bluff a2

If that wasn't enough pictures for you, here's some nifty animated sequences of more Gentoo Penguins in action. After a fantastic time on Brown Bluff, we returned to the ship for Brunch and then an afternoon zodiac cruise of Astrolabe Island.

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