Alek Komarnitsky Boulder Ignite 7 Presentation

I presented "Antarctica, Falklands, and South Georgia in 20 slides" at Boulder Ignite 7 on Dec 10th, 2009 - man, was it tough to whittle it down!

Alek talks about the "big trip down South" in front of a thousand people

Here's the 20 slides which were auto-advanced every 15 seconds in the presentation - 3X faster here

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation
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boulder ignite vii

Since I was speaking at this event, I didn't shoot a "complete" set of pictures, but here's a decent sampling of what happened.
The Boulder Theater is very, very dark - we're talking a dungeon! And since I didn't want to use flash, ISO was often pushed to 3200, and several times to 6400 and even 12800. So these pictures are a bit noisy/grainy, even with a Canon 7D and F/2.8 lens.

Boulder Ignite 7 on the big board - - mouseover image to see closeup

Boulder Ignite 7 sign

Boulder Ignite organizer Andrew Hyde being interviewed - CNN should have been there

boulder ignite 7 andrew

Crowd starts to fill up the Boulder Theater

boulder ignite 7 b1

Benjamin Chait doing setup - he did an awesome job running the slide decks

boulder ignite 7 ben

Craig Kendall videotaped the presentations - can't wait to see his excellent work
mouseover images for more pics

Boulder Ignite 7 sign

Boulder Ignite 7 sign

Andrew Hyde kicks off Boulder Ignite 7 - dude always has a smile on his face!

boulder ignite 7 andrew intro

First speaker was Joel Gratz telling us when to call in sick for a powder day!

boulder ignite 7 joel

Behind the scenes, Benjamin continues to monitor the systems - worked flawlessly!

boulder ignite 7 ben n3

Nora Burns talks about dating with some hot pictures of "transition guys" ;-)

boulder ignite 7 nora

I presented just before Intermission - pictures from Jason Janelle and Jen Yu - thanks!

boulder ignite 7 alek 0

boulder ignite 7 alek 1

boulder ignite 7 alek 1

Intermission when some folks from the audience scored some very sweet iPod swag

boulder ignite 7 inter 1

Some Boulder Ignite 7 attendees were posing for a Cell Phone, so I snapped this

boulder ignite 7 inter 2

Andrew taking picture of the audience before we fire up for the second half

boulder ignite 7 inter 3

Paperazzi taking pictures of Kristina Wang

boulder ignite 7 kristina

Jason Cole was passionate about his Red Sox!

boulder ignite 7 jason

Craig continues to videotape in the dark theater - this is handheld 1/10s, F/2.8, ISO12800 and then pushed!

boulder ignite 7 craig 9

View from the upper balcony of the Boulder Theater

boulder ignite 7 crowd 1

Boulder Ignite crowd - long exposure & high ISO pictures - quite the dungeon!

boulder ignite 7 crowd 4

boulder ignite 7 crowd 2

A white slide on the screen really lights up the audience

boulder ignite 7 crowd 3

Boulder Ignite Organizer Larkin just before the end the great show

boulder ignite 7 larkin

A few pictures from the Boulder Theater the Friday before Boulder Ignite 7

boulder ignite 7 a

boulder ignite 7 b

boulder ignite 7 c