Polar Star Antarctica Cruise Ship

In 2009, I was lucky enough to go on Antarctica cruise aboard the Ocean Nova ship. There were several other boats docked at Ushuaia, Argentina that I was able to take pictures of including the National Geographic Explorer and the Polar Star - the later is shown below.

Polar Star docked at Ushuaia, Argentina

polar star ship dock

Close-up of the Polar Star showing their logo next to lifeboat

polar star ship 2

Some of the cabins have Queen Size Beds - mouseover image for another view

polar star bed

Polar Star Dining Room - mouseover image for another view

polar star dining

Nice bar - too bad it wasn't open so I could get a drink!

polar star ship 5

Lounge Area - mouseover image for another angle

polar star 4

Nice Library with quite the Reading Table

polar star ship a

The Lecture Area is very airy and open

polar star ship d

Lecture Podium ... or mini-dance hall! ;-)

polar star ship e

Workout room - be tough to do any dancing in here!

polar star ship f

The Polar Star Bridge is open to passengers

polar star ship b

Front/Bow view from the top of the Polar Star with Spirit of Adventure docked in background

polar star ship c