Signy Island British Antarctic Survey Base

It took three days to do the crossing from South Georgia to the Antarctica Peninsula via the Scotia Sea as the weather got much more "Antarcticy."
At about the halfway point are the South Orkney Islands and we were fortunate to be able to make a stop at Signy Island where there is a British Antarctic Survey Base. The eight seasonal researchers only see a few boats a month at this remote location, so I suspect they enjoyed us stopping by. One interesting fact is that if you sail East/West from Signy, you will not encounter any land until you go all the way around back to Signy! ;-)

Signy Island British Antarctic Survey Base (picture by BTullis)

Signy Island Base 1

Boarding the Zodiac for transfer to land

Signy Island Base 2

Zodiacs transferring people between the Ocean Nova and Signy Island Base

Signy Island Base 3

I'm helping a passenger down the hill as it was quite slippery due to all the lichen and poop on it!

Signy Island Base a

Margaret took this picture of some Chinstrap Penguins saying "hello" to a Fur Seal

Signy Island Base b

There were lots of Icebergs near Signy Island - this picture taken from the Bridge

Signy Island Base 4

Penguins hanging out on an iceberg near Signy Island, South Orkneys

Signy Island Base 5

A wave comes over the Ocean Nova's bow - mouseover to see Chief Officer Popescu Bogdan ("George") at the helm

signy island ocean nova bridge

It was a pleasure to meet the Signy Base folks and nifty to visit, but it's a bit remote for my liking. After leaving, we had another day and half of cruising on the Scotia Sea before we reached Antarctica.

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