2013 Late Season Colorado Snow

Wendy and I take a short hike out of NCAR on May 2nd, 2013

colorado snow flatirons a1

The snow-covered Flatirons are gorgeous

colorado snow flatirons a2

colorado snow flatirons a3

Some icicles hanging in the shade of a rock

colorado snow flatirons a4

Some icicles over a flowing creek "frozen" due to a 1/4 second exposure

colorado snow flatirons a5

A "Polar Bear Ice Figurine" in the creek! ;-)

colorado snow flatirons m

colorado snow flatirons a1
After a foot of snow in late April, I went for a short hike out of NCAR on April 23rd - here's a few pictures from my iPhone.

Stitched Panoramic of the untouched snow (click to see full size) - those are my footprints

colorado snow flatirons 1

Looking to the North at the snow covered Flatirons

colorado snow flatirons 1
In mid-April/2013, Colorado had quite a bit of "late" snow/weather ... so on a sunny April 18th morning, I took a walk around the open space surrounding our neighborhood. It was quite beautiful and peaceful as I tromped through a foot of snow.
Near the end of my walk, I came across some trees/bushes were some Robins were warming up in the morning sun.

The Robin "puffs up" to stay warm

robins in colorado snow 1

Flying off the branch - mouseover image to see in action!

robin jumping off branch

Another Robin closeup - looks a bit chilly

robins in colorado snow 2

There was quite a few of them on the sun-facing branches

robins in colorado snow 3

robins in colorado snow 4

Plus quite a few on the ground

robins in colorado snow 5

robins in colorado snow 6

Here's an "action sequence" of another Robin taking flight

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robin in colorado snow flying

Earlier that morning, this coyote walked right in front of me ... but rapidly ran off
By time I got my camera out, he was quite far away - better coyote pictures here

robins in colorado snow 6

Photography Notes: Pictures taken with a Canon 7D and 18-200 lens - bummer I didn't have my big-dog telephoto with me.