This Week's GRU Picture - 2007_04_01

Since a number of people on gru-chat don't get attachments, I've uploaded the pictures I Emailed around here. As you scroll down to the second picture, take a guess if in the next frame, the frisbee will be caught ... or swatted away. This was from the game played on April 1st, 2007 between teams B1 and B6.

For the photohounds out there, these were shot with a Canon Rebel XTi using a 70-300mm lens. The first three were shot at 70mm (35mm equivelent of 112mm) and the last at 300mm - 480mm effective! I was almost certainly on "motor drive" for the first sequence which is 3 frames/second and these are about half-sized crops from the 10 megapixel originals. A total of 260 pictures were shot that day and a sampling can be seen here.

BTW, most of the pictures that day were shot the other direction - i.e. facing North so the Sun provided better light - ironically, these were all shot to the South as can be seen from the shadows.

David Dudenhefer (in red) closes quickly for the "D" on Jim Thomas
Liz Vanliere (in red) and Christie Moran look on from the end-zone


Will Jim catch it ... or will David swat it away? Take a guess before you scroll down!


And yes, Jim did hold on to the disk ... barely ... and there was no foul!


BONUS SHOT: Intense focus on the incoming disk by Andy Wasgatt for the score!