287 halloween text messages on 2007/1008

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,853 times that day including 314 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1008

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_08_18:00:53.932   071.238.054.xxx   uh bug
2007_10_08_18:01:17.200   066.235.028.xxx   Woohoo!  Another night of on/off and inflate/deflate goodness
2007_10_08_18:01:17.894   071.238.054.xxx   nvm
2007_10_08_18:01:27.145   070.106.061.xxx   Hello people
2007_10_08_18:01:59.283   086.010.072.xxx   office lights??
2007_10_08_18:02:00.219   071.238.054.xxx   Thanx alek for using my idea
2007_10_08_18:02:08.158   069.182.024.xxx   hi alek wave
2007_10_08_18:02:16.665   070.106.061.xxx   ummm..... kool
2007_10_08_18:02:28.703   086.010.072.xxx   what idea?????
2007_10_08_18:02:42.850   069.182.024.xxx   thkx
2007_10_08_18:02:45.175   071.238.054.xxx   putting on and off on two x10's
2007_10_08_18:03:24.580   086.010.072.xxx   and what the point in that?
2007_10_08_18:04:58.318   086.010.072.xxx   the on and off sign on grass looks stupid!
2007_10_08_18:05:33.359   071.238.054.xxx   not to me
2007_10_08_18:06:13.832   086.010.072.xxx   well what the point in it?
2007_10_08_18:06:33.314   066.245.192.xxx   Happy October 8th Everyone!
2007_10_08_18:07:03.604   071.254.240.xxx   Happy Columbus Day
2007_10_08_18:07:08.011   069.182.024.xxx   u2
2007_10_08_18:07:12.616   086.010.072.xxx   9th for me an hour and 7 mins ago
2007_10_08_18:07:30.181   066.245.192.xxx   :)
2007_10_08_18:07:40.952   071.238.054.xxx   because you turn the lights on and off duh
2007_10_08_18:08:03.165   086.010.072.xxx   what is the perpos of on / of sign on gradd
2007_10_08_18:08:29.823   071.238.054.xxx   because of statement before
2007_10_08_18:08:30.920   086.010.072.xxx   on grass
2007_10_08_18:09:07.937   071.238.054.xxx   I like it there personally so thats my opinion
2007_10_08_18:09:37.715   071.238.054.xxx   what is alek up to?
2007_10_08_18:09:40.735   086.010.072.xxx   but whats it for?
2007_10_08_18:10:10.889   071.238.054.xxx   don't know don't care. What alek up to? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:12:02.279   086.010.072.xxx   cant wait to watch on halloween (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:12:12.214   069.182.024.xxx   pie is good
2007_10_08_18:12:25.443   071.238.054.xxx   oh he is putting up the boo right (11)
2007_10_08_18:13:12.448   086.010.072.xxx   when haunted office lights coming on? (11)
2007_10_08_18:13:58.399   070.106.061.xxx   who knows
2007_10_08_18:13:59.407   071.238.054.xxx   I am wondering same thing (12)
2007_10_08_18:14:16.915   086.010.072.xxx   lol (12)
2007_10_08_18:15:05.367   086.010.072.xxx   i wounder if alek will dress up on halloween (13)
2007_10_08_18:15:33.165   070.106.061.xxx   idk my bff jill
2007_10_08_18:15:39.814   071.238.054.xxx   That would be funny (13)
2007_10_08_18:16:47.817   070.106.061.xxx   wonder what will be on lite bright this year
2007_10_08_18:17:13.985   071.238.054.xxx   pumpkin or black cat most likely (14)
2007_10_08_18:18:08.926   070.106.061.xxx   ok hopfully something new this year
2007_10_08_18:18:27.188   071.238.054.xxx   i have been on her e 167 times wow (15)
2007_10_08_18:18:47.047   069.182.024.xxx   59 times
2007_10_08_18:18:54.338   070.106.061.xxx   is there something made of rope light in front yard
2007_10_08_18:19:13.507   071.238.054.xxx   yeah BOO and On OFF (16)
2007_10_08_18:19:17.165   069.182.024.xxx   on and off
2007_10_08_18:19:51.291   070.106.061.xxx   well i meant boo i knew bout on/off lol
2007_10_08_18:21:07.642   071.238.054.xxx   Who Are You People (17)
2007_10_08_18:21:29.649   086.010.072.xxx   never mind that, who are you? (14)
2007_10_08_18:21:47.815   070.106.061.xxx   andrew from West Virginia
2007_10_08_18:21:52.444   071.238.054.xxx   A robot who types stuff (18)
2007_10_08_18:22:17.079   070.106.061.xxx   lol u wish (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:22:31.287   071.238.054.xxx   No I really am (19)
2007_10_08_18:22:45.231   069.182.024.xxx   npi
2007_10_08_18:22:50.593   070.106.061.xxx   who made you (11)
2007_10_08_18:23:01.352   071.238.054.xxx   A person (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:23:14.941   069.182.024.xxx   spammer
2007_10_08_18:23:20.478   086.010.072.xxx   we want office lights!!! ( debate!!) (15)
2007_10_08_18:23:23.142   070.106.061.xxx   What person and where (12)
2007_10_08_18:23:38.779   071.238.054.xxx   Yeah Lets take this to the highest court (21)
2007_10_08_18:23:42.175   069.182.024.xxx   ur a spammer
2007_10_08_18:24:01.028   070.106.061.xxx   Who is (13)
2007_10_08_18:24:10.080   071.238.054.xxx   No comment (22)
2007_10_08_18:24:14.476   074.101.156.xxx   Wow this is so neat!
2007_10_08_18:24:39.255   070.106.061.xxx   What the lights or text (14)
2007_10_08_18:24:40.244   069.182.024.xxx   wher hav u been (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:24:50.390   086.010.072.xxx   want office lights!!! (16)
2007_10_08_18:25:04.509   071.238.054.xxx   where has who been (23)
2007_10_08_18:25:25.244   069.182.024.xxx   u (11)
2007_10_08_18:25:46.820   070.106.061.xxx   Chill the office lights will prob ly be dun tomoro (15)
2007_10_08_18:26:07.873   071.238.054.xxx   HOPEFULLY (24)
2007_10_08_18:26:26.255   086.010.072.xxx   its hald 1 in morning ere in england night (17)
2007_10_08_18:26:33.491   070.106.061.xxx   When Alek comes back ask him (16)
2007_10_08_18:26:51.127   071.238.054.xxx   my caps lock is messed up (25)
2007_10_08_18:27:36.370   070.106.061.xxx   It is 8:27pm in WV (17)
2007_10_08_18:27:52.346   071.238.054.xxx   same here in mi (26)
2007_10_08_18:28:14.476   070.106.061.xxx   AWESOME (18)
2007_10_08_18:28:47.076   070.106.061.xxx   WHY IS BOO NOT LIT (19)
2007_10_08_18:29:13.032   071.238.054.xxx   think he has it lit or having trouble finding cord (27)
2007_10_08_18:29:54.896   070.106.061.xxx   Ok maybe see better @ dark ask him bout ofice (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:29:59.161   069.182.024.xxx   by alek (12)
2007_10_08_18:30:14.371   071.238.054.xxx   no hi alek (28)
2007_10_08_18:30:27.651   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Not dark enough for BOO ... but may have to do double strand ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_18:30:33.039   070.106.061.xxx   Alek when will office be done (21)
2007_10_08_18:31:39.380   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll be working on office tonight - watch live! ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_18:32:03.007   071.238.054.xxx   Awesome (29)
2007_10_08_18:32:03.667   070.106.061.xxx   OOOOOOO awesome (22)
2007_10_08_18:32:44.438   070.106.061.xxx   r the rest of u alive out there (23)
2007_10_08_18:33:09.291   071.238.054.xxx   spongebob doesn't look to good (30 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:33:43.477   070.106.061.xxx   the funeral  is next mon (24)
2007_10_08_18:33:43.501   071.238.054.xxx   No they only come to control lights not chat (31)
2007_10_08_18:35:22.733   071.238.054.xxx   uh alek i think o on on is dead (32)
2007_10_08_18:35:29.723   070.106.061.xxx   Only the O is working in ON (25)
2007_10_08_18:36:04.738   071.238.054.xxx   that whar i meant it must be 0 now (33)
2007_10_08_18:36:51.367   071.238.054.xxx   looks like n and off are on one x10 (34)
2007_10_08_18:37:13.598   070.106.061.xxx   i think it works lol (26)
2007_10_08_18:37:49.669   071.238.054.xxx   yeah he put the o on seperate one then o (35)
2007_10_08_18:38:32.555   071.238.054.xxx   alek the on and off is messed plz fix (36)
2007_10_08_18:39:26.225   070.106.061.xxx   he we go again (27)
2007_10_08_18:39:50.401   071.238.054.xxx   lol (37)
2007_10_08_18:40:31.851   071.238.054.xxx   thanx alek (38)
2007_10_08_18:41:11.942   071.238.054.xxx   yeah it works!!!!!!! (39)
2007_10_08_18:41:59.935   070.106.061.xxx   waze to me (28)
2007_10_08_18:42:18.405   071.238.054.xxx   that is a picture to rerember (40 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_18:42:40.016   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The N in the ON was plugged into OFF - fixed! ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_18:43:14.189   071.238.054.xxx   That was funny thought it said noff (41)
2007_10_08_18:46:26.574   071.205.016.xxx   need spot lights on frank homer and pumpkin
2007_10_08_18:48:05.721   067.165.232.xxx   Cool setup
2007_10_08_18:50:39.443   067.165.232.xxx   Is this for real or am I just refreshing stock pictures?
2007_10_08_18:56:15.072   076.099.071.xxx   It's for real
2007_10_08_18:56:42.072   074.060.076.xxx   hi alex
2007_10_08_18:57:51.194   074.060.076.xxx   where is elmo
2007_10_08_19:00:42.093   076.099.071.xxx   Elmo is on Sesame Street ___-)
2007_10_08_19:05:57.985   071.049.209.xxx   love the skull
2007_10_08_19:09:08.655   071.049.209.xxx   hulk is awesome
2007_10_08_19:09:59.724   071.238.054.xxx   love the on and off (42)
2007_10_08_19:11:05.602   071.049.209.xxx   on and off on and off
2007_10_08_19:11:48.322   076.099.071.xxx   HI
2007_10_08_19:12:36.853   068.104.149.xxx   hey kiddo
2007_10_08_19:12:41.706   071.049.209.xxx   x10 rocks
2007_10_08_19:13:14.613   071.049.209.xxx   whats your favorite part
2007_10_08_19:13:54.395   071.049.209.xxx   do you like the skull
2007_10_08_19:13:56.798   068.104.149.xxx   like you shirt
2007_10_08_19:15:07.155   071.049.209.xxx   do you like halloween
2007_10_08_19:16:17.883   071.049.209.xxx   cool darht vator
2007_10_08_19:17:13.624   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Raineer Beer sign on Zone-7 now in office ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_19:18:01.973   071.049.209.xxx   hows christmas coming
2007_10_08_19:18:48.491   076.073.169.xxx   this year is almost OVER!!
2007_10_08_19:19:12.824   076.099.071.xxx   Cool sungla****
2007_10_08_19:22:12.169   071.238.054.xxx   hey alek what are you planning on doing if they find a cure? (43)
2007_10_08_19:24:40.713   024.107.090.xxx   Hello I like to share you my halloween Site
2007_10_08_19:25:15.435   071.238.054.xxx   hulk punch (44)
2007_10_08_19:26:08.245   071.238.054.xxx   hey hulk are you afraid of hights? (45)
2007_10_08_19:26:17.352   024.107.090.xxx   Please txt me on my cell phone
2007_10_08_19:26:38.690   070.106.061.xxx   HULK not fraid of anything (29)
2007_10_08_19:26:59.766   071.238.054.xxx   yup (46)
2007_10_08_19:27:24.691   024.107.090.xxx   E-MAIL ME AT LINK DELETED
2007_10_08_19:28:10.696   071.238.054.xxx   hulk will smash spammer (47)
2007_10_08_19:29:07.287   024.107.090.xxx   HEY LITTLE BOY IN GREEN SHIRT WHAT YA LOOKING AT?
2007_10_08_19:29:12.202   070.106.061.xxx   who is the smammer (30 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_19:29:38.994   071.238.054.xxx   102 (48)
2007_10_08_19:29:41.738   207.200.116.xxx   Hey Alex!
2007_10_08_19:30:08.145   071.238.054.xxx   024.107.090.xxx is. (49)
2007_10_08_19:30:17.644   068.104.149.xxx   1 ringy dingy 2ringy dingy
2007_10_08_19:30:24.891   024.107.090.xxx   ALEX YOU RULE!!!!
2007_10_08_19:30:28.011   207.200.116.xxx   me
2007_10_08_19:30:47.665   068.104.149.xxx   hello wendy
2007_10_08_19:30:50.714   070.106.061.xxx   what is that # again (31)
2007_10_08_19:30:56.062   076.073.169.xxx   hi wendy
2007_10_08_19:30:57.327   207.200.116.xxx   Hi Wendy!
2007_10_08_19:31:00.229   068.037.214.xxx   mmm, pbr
2007_10_08_19:31:06.218   071.238.054.xxx   024.107.090.xxx (50 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_19:31:20.033   024.107.090.xxx   i am MALE 37 AND DEAF I HELP KIDS WITH CANCERS
2007_10_08_19:31:53.271   068.104.149.xxx   wendy wendy wendy wendy
2007_10_08_19:32:30.606   068.037.214.xxx   hello little man
2007_10_08_19:32:36.541   207.200.116.xxx   wendy, are you hiding from the camera?
2007_10_08_19:33:25.100   076.073.169.xxx   wave to the camera wendy
2007_10_08_19:33:34.842   024.107.090.xxx   please let me makle you a Hulk Ribbon
2007_10_08_19:36:12.785   207.200.116.xxx   I like the lite brite
2007_10_08_19:36:44.693   024.107.090.xxx   im me on aol at BALCWOLF70
2007_10_08_19:37:20.087   071.238.054.xxx   spammer (51)
2007_10_08_19:38:44.193   024.107.090.xxx   I AM NOT SPAMMER - I WANT TO DONATE ___50.00
2007_10_08_19:39:19.305   071.238.054.xxx   well then stop telling people random crap ok (52)
2007_10_08_19:39:34.810   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You can donate that $50 direct to UofM via links on the site ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_19:39:57.657   024.107.090.xxx   IT'S NOT WORKING FOR ME (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_19:40:45.673   024.107.090.xxx   WHEN I CLICK IT - PAGE NOT FOUND (11)
2007_10_08_19:41:31.623   071.238.054.xxx   https://cf.umaryland.edu/lpc/30006_lcfx/celiac/creditcard.cfm (53)
2007_10_08_19:41:42.409   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Link works for me - https://cf.umaryland.edu/lpc/30006_lcfx/celiac/creditcard.cfm ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_19:42:14.715   071.238.054.xxx   go to google and type in celiac donation (54)
2007_10_08_19:42:20.794   024.107.090.xxx   :( not for me - that's why I am trying to help (12)
2007_10_08_19:42:58.935   024.107.090.xxx   I ADORE YOUR AWSOME SITE (13)
2007_10_08_19:43:12.483   071.238.054.xxx   celiaccenter.org/donation.asp (55)
2007_10_08_19:43:43.109   068.104.149.xxx   uh oh stalker
2007_10_08_19:43:53.034   071.058.106.xxx   Why does this thing think I'm from Indianapolis?
2007_10_08_19:43:59.810   024.107.090.xxx   I'M GONNA BE ON ORPAH AND I LIKE TO ASK YOU SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SITE IF I WOUL (14)
2007_10_08_19:44:32.895   068.104.149.xxx   stalker
2007_10_08_19:44:44.889   071.238.054.xxx   stop the random stuff (56)
2007_10_08_19:44:47.707   071.058.106.xxx   Not from Indianapolis
2007_10_08_19:45:35.298   024.107.090.xxx   FINE!!! I REFUSE TO DONATE NOW!! I'M SHOCKED ALL YOU THINK ABOUT IS _________ N (15)
2007_10_08_19:45:36.401   071.058.106.xxx   Alek, I'm not from Indianapolis
2007_10_08_19:45:41.009   071.238.054.xxx   well it is a new technlogy and it put alek in another state so espect it (57)
2007_10_08_19:46:03.724   071.058.106.xxx   Ok
2007_10_08_19:46:55.210   071.238.054.xxx   what x10 zone are candles on/ (58)
2007_10_08_19:48:16.393   071.058.106.xxx   MWA HA HA!
2007_10_08_19:50:27.675   071.238.054.xxx   why is there a light on in garage? (59)
2007_10_08_19:53:16.211   071.238.054.xxx   I like black outs (60 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_19:53:39.877   068.104.149.xxx   maybe they are cleaning out the cars
2007_10_08_19:53:41.069   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Garage light was left on - thanks! ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_19:54:13.534   071.238.054.xxx   wow 46 you are packing them in... you are welcome (61)
2007_10_08_19:54:34.627   068.104.149.xxx   live in the southwest and go through a blackout
2007_10_08_19:54:50.129   071.238.054.xxx   needs to be higer thought like last xmas (62)
2007_10_08_19:56:21.700   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pumpkin candles are on zone-5 along with other pumpkins! ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_19:58:08.309   071.238.054.xxx   thanx (63)
2007_10_08_20:00:27.181   071.238.054.xxx   it is a haunted bug (64)
2007_10_08_20:02:21.152   068.104.149.xxx   by skull (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_20:07:29.921   068.104.149.xxx   watcha up to alek (11)
2007_10_08_20:07:57.003   096.002.038.xxx   Hi
2007_10_08_20:08:39.986   096.002.038.xxx   I see you!!!  BOO!
2007_10_08_20:08:49.663   076.099.071.xxx   Cool skull in the Haunted Office
2007_10_08_20:09:05.992   068.104.149.xxx   RIGHTON111 (12)
2007_10_08_20:09:06.436   074.224.161.xxx   123
2007_10_08_20:09:51.496   068.104.149.xxx   I MEAN!!!!! (13)
2007_10_08_20:10:06.993   074.224.161.xxx   the super sized cam is not updateing
2007_10_08_20:10:14.879   068.104.149.xxx   OK (14)
2007_10_08_20:11:59.594   024.005.168.xxx   Hi alek, good to see it LIVE
2007_10_08_20:12:08.589   074.226.090.xxx   Alek do You have a myspace?
2007_10_08_20:13:15.227   024.005.168.xxx   Hi there Declan, Rachel and Eilidh
2007_10_08_20:13:32.896   068.104.149.xxx   if he's smart NO (15)
2007_10_08_20:14:11.131   066.235.028.xxx   Actually My Space isn't a bad idea.  Viral advertising works
2007_10_08_20:14:54.929   071.062.003.xxx   Looks like Alek's in Command! (literally!)
2007_10_08_20:15:09.157   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No Myspace ... but you guys can spread it around there ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_20:15:39.078   024.255.122.xxx   If only SpongeBob is lit, he looks evil....  cool.
2007_10_08_20:15:39.887   071.238.054.xxx   I apploud you alek (65)
2007_10_08_20:15:45.176   066.235.028.xxx   ground control to Major Alek..
2007_10_08_20:16:12.958   071.238.054.xxx   whatcha doing in doa (66)
2007_10_08_20:17:13.274   071.238.054.xxx   dos rules!!!! (67)
2007_10_08_20:17:13.700   069.015.050.xxx   Great work!  Good luck to your kids!
2007_10_08_20:18:06.298   071.238.054.xxx   Tele call (68)
2007_10_08_20:18:54.602   074.224.161.xxx   call my number is ********13
2007_10_08_20:19:19.522   075.068.212.xxx   hello
2007_10_08_20:20:33.993   075.068.212.xxx   cakes and cheese
2007_10_08_20:20:45.777   068.104.149.xxx   i say goodbye you say hello (16)
2007_10_08_20:21:12.479   071.238.054.xxx   Alek do you ever get mad? (69)
2007_10_08_20:21:53.907   068.104.149.xxx   no that is why he looks so young (17)
2007_10_08_20:22:02.727   069.015.050.xxx   Relax, Alek.  Everything will be fine.
2007_10_08_20:22:22.753   071.238.054.xxx   you need massage (70 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_20:23:09.441   071.238.054.xxx   write hi on paper and show it to cam (71)
2007_10_08_20:24:15.754   071.238.054.xxx   cool he actually did it (72)
2007_10_08_20:24:45.781   068.104.149.xxx   i did'nt see it (18)
2007_10_08_20:25:07.251   071.238.054.xxx   he showed paper to cam (73)
2007_10_08_20:25:21.761   068.104.149.xxx   kids bedtime (19)
2007_10_08_20:27:33.711   071.238.054.xxx   alek yourule wow 65 now keeps getting bigger (74)
2007_10_08_20:31:11.004   024.078.178.xxx   Alek, always love to see your set up! 8___)
2007_10_08_20:31:45.126   071.238.054.xxx   Boo should be roatated in my opinon (75)
2007_10_08_20:32:54.004   064.231.058.xxx   Meow
2007_10_08_20:33:24.964   064.231.058.xxx   Full movies at LINK DELETED
2007_10_08_20:33:33.373   071.238.054.xxx   where are all these people coming from? (76)
2007_10_08_20:33:57.126   064.231.058.xxx   from moviesdesk dot com
2007_10_08_20:34:22.521   071.238.054.xxx   what's that (77)
2007_10_08_20:34:45.853   064.231.058.xxx   movie site.. that supports alex
2007_10_08_20:36:07.080   024.078.178.xxx   its Alek, get his name right! =P
2007_10_08_20:36:26.583   071.238.054.xxx   how many of yoy pilgrims cam? (78)
2007_10_08_20:36:52.831   064.231.058.xxx   wow 290 overloads..
2007_10_08_20:37:40.211   071.238.054.xxx   i can't find movie desk dot com (79)
2007_10_08_20:37:48.895   064.231.058.xxx   you look bord alek
2007_10_08_20:38:19.046   064.231.058.xxx   type moviesdesk in google
2007_10_08_20:38:34.993   071.238.054.xxx   can't find site named (80 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_20:39:03.349   071.238.054.xxx   oh nvm (81)
2007_10_08_20:39:14.119   064.231.058.xxx   type moviesdesk in google
2007_10_08_20:39:21.539   024.078.178.xxx   Stop spamming you stupid site, no ones going there
2007_10_08_20:39:40.247   064.231.058.xxx   I love lamp
2007_10_08_20:39:48.255   071.238.054.xxx   I don't see aleks name there anyway (82)
2007_10_08_20:40:49.833   071.238.054.xxx   plus some on is a little fisty (83)
2007_10_08_20:41:29.324   064.231.058.xxx   fisty? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_20:42:39.216   071.238.054.xxx   Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed (84)
2007_10_08_20:44:18.385   064.231.058.xxx   do the inflatables break fast from being on and off ? (11)
2007_10_08_21:02:35.422   024.078.178.xxx   lol nice Lite-Brite box! Happy halloween!
2007_10_08_21:03:07.349   209.180.248.xxx   Cool!
2007_10_08_21:04:02.613   209.180.248.xxx   Hi Alek. Controllable huh for sure, huh?
2007_10_08_21:07:59.840   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** For sure from 2005 on ... not so sure before then! ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_21:11:18.086   068.104.149.xxx   hey guys going to bed save some fun for tuesday night (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_21:12:16.819   071.238.054.xxx   when is lite brite coming up? (85)
2007_10_08_21:14:23.698   067.173.234.xxx   Katsu would be impressed!
2007_10_08_21:15:13.727   067.173.234.xxx   Luke is cool! Pops
2007_10_08_21:15:35.000   071.238.054.xxx   al gore would be even more inpressed (86)
2007_10_08_21:17:25.005   067.173.234.xxx   Reply all if you can play!
2007_10_08_21:19:30.674   071.238.054.xxx   play what? (87)
2007_10_08_21:20:20.391   067.173.234.xxx   Ultimate of course, tomorrow, noon at the Rec Center!
2007_10_08_21:20:27.142   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Appreciate the compliment from "Katsu" - really do! ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_21:21:01.209   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I am IN for disk on Tuesday! ***ALEK***
2007_10_08_21:21:19.991   067.173.234.xxx   Cool, this is Del!
2007_10_08_21:27:33.130   067.187.179.xxx   I can't belive its been a yr! Wow were does time go?
2007_10_08_21:28:40.806   071.238.054.xxx   to the fabric of time itself (88)
2007_10_08_21:33:34.316   071.238.054.xxx   i hate ultimate everyhing sounds fun but s**** (89)
2007_10_08_21:34:29.188   071.238.054.xxx   so is this online or somethin (90 IM's so far today)
2007_10_08_21:38:38.925   066.214.169.xxx   those pumpkins are cool
2007_10_08_21:38:55.545   071.238.054.xxx   alek is hiding something from us on the far monitro (91)
2007_10_08_21:39:51.221   071.238.054.xxx   I would also like to say thanx komars for letting us in your home (92)
2007_10_08_21:40:40.401   066.214.169.xxx   omg i turned the bumpkins off
2007_10_08_21:41:53.317   071.238.054.xxx   its ok breath in and out everything is fine (93)
2007_10_08_21:43:38.830   066.214.169.xxx   homer :)
2007_10_08_21:44:27.367   071.238.054.xxx   you ok now (94)
2007_10_08_21:46:08.916   066.214.169.xxx   omg the cowboys recovered
2007_10_08_21:47:04.113   071.238.054.xxx   where alek go now? (95)
2007_10_08_21:47:54.367   071.238.054.xxx   keep everything on i want to watch him shut it all off (96)
2007_10_08_21:52:03.575   066.214.169.xxx   hi kelly!!
2007_10_08_22:27:00.000   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The system shuts itself down automatically - I was having a late night snack at 10:00!  ;-) ***ALEK***

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