205 halloween text messages on 2007/1009

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,965 times that day including 2,081 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1009

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_09_18:00:10.210   069.182.024.xxx   hi briana
2007_10_09_18:00:29.765   068.033.103.xxx   hello all
2007_10_09_18:00:43.824   069.182.024.xxx   briana its brian
2007_10_09_18:00:44.935   066.066.087.xxx   HELLOOOOOO!!!!
2007_10_09_18:01:13.089   086.010.066.xxx   were is big pumpkin??
2007_10_09_18:01:13.940   069.182.024.xxx   hi brianna
2007_10_09_18:01:28.436   084.059.108.xxx   hi ALEK please write me a mail at dex112@web.de i must ask with you
2007_10_09_18:01:33.770   068.033.103.xxx   webserver crash?
2007_10_09_18:01:58.118   086.010.066.xxx   were is big pumpkin?
2007_10_09_18:01:59.834   072.185.224.xxx   Hello from tampa florida alek :)
2007_10_09_18:02:03.113   084.059.108.xxx   hi
2007_10_09_18:02:19.035   068.033.103.xxx   litebrite rulz
2007_10_09_18:02:21.045   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Big pumpkin goes up after wife gets home - any minute! ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_18:04:00.682   068.033.103.xxx   scary place you have there?
2007_10_09_18:05:30.209   072.185.224.xxx   sup yoda
2007_10_09_18:07:08.797   072.185.224.xxx   beer it's whats for dinner heheh
2007_10_09_18:07:51.253   068.037.214.xxx   that pbr has been carefully calibrated
2007_10_09_18:08:30.892   069.182.024.xxx   hi matt
2007_10_09_18:08:56.247   069.182.024.xxx   yo
2007_10_09_18:09:27.627   069.182.024.xxx   choclate
2007_10_09_18:09:35.650   086.010.066.xxx   come on mr aleks wife hehe
2007_10_09_18:09:59.072   069.182.024.xxx   hi brianna
2007_10_09_18:10:07.596   086.010.066.xxx   wohoo yay
2007_10_09_18:10:43.148   069.182.024.xxx   Joe I have to go to the bathroom
2007_10_09_18:11:30.052   069.182.024.xxx   hi devon
2007_10_09_18:12:45.956   069.182.024.xxx   briana? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_09_18:14:00.385   069.182.024.xxx   yeah (11)
2007_10_09_18:14:22.059   069.182.024.xxx   briana are u ther (12)
2007_10_09_18:15:13.230   069.182.024.xxx   yes (13)
2007_10_09_18:15:39.252   069.182.024.xxx   who do u think it is (14)
2007_10_09_18:15:43.014   076.007.177.xxx   wassup
2007_10_09_18:15:51.658   086.010.066.xxx   cams r messed up on my server
2007_10_09_18:16:00.535   069.182.024.xxx   dont know (15)
2007_10_09_18:16:27.634   086.010.066.xxx   cams r messed up on my server
2007_10_09_18:16:31.661   069.182.024.xxx   who (16)
2007_10_09_18:16:59.069   069.182.024.xxx   briana who do u think it is from school i no u no (17)
2007_10_09_18:17:41.678   069.182.024.xxx   joey (18)
2007_10_09_18:17:59.828   071.238.054.xxx   where did all of you people come from
2007_10_09_18:18:13.993   069.182.024.xxx   what school do u go to briana (19)
2007_10_09_18:19:43.231   070.106.061.xxx   Hey Syco Thats can be called harrasment
2007_10_09_18:19:56.946   075.089.070.xxx   ha ha
2007_10_09_18:20:20.935   069.182.024.xxx   briana what is th 1st letter of ur skool (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_09_18:20:26.346   070.106.061.xxx   Im serious
2007_10_09_18:20:27.066   075.089.070.xxx   pass me the beer!
2007_10_09_18:21:07.834   069.182.024.xxx   what school do u go to briana (21)
2007_10_09_18:21:50.257   071.238.054.xxx   Alek how many gigs of online storage do you have?
2007_10_09_18:22:13.963   064.038.133.xxx   ALEK RULES!!!
2007_10_09_18:22:28.097   069.182.024.xxx   briana who do u think it is from school i no u no (22)
2007_10_09_18:22:53.047   067.170.243.xxx   WTF PHADER___ OWNS
2007_10_09_18:23:21.895   069.182.024.xxx   what school do u go to briana (23)
2007_10_09_18:23:45.641   071.195.187.xxx   ww333 loves men
2007_10_09_18:24:02.659   069.182.024.xxx   what school do u go to briana ill tel u who i am!!! (24)
2007_10_09_18:24:12.395   072.081.247.xxx   J_DiRT I LOVE YOU
2007_10_09_18:24:34.961   067.177.145.xxx   this is cool
2007_10_09_18:24:49.632   072.073.014.xxx   hello everybody
2007_10_09_18:25:12.128   069.182.024.xxx   briana (25)
2007_10_09_18:25:54.582   064.038.133.xxx   Leave Briana alone.
2007_10_09_18:25:55.082   096.226.046.xxx   far out man
2007_10_09_18:26:01.939   075.089.070.xxx   what
2007_10_09_18:26:12.340   069.182.024.xxx   stfu (26)
2007_10_09_18:26:16.439   072.081.247.xxx   OverGG loves little boys
2007_10_09_18:26:18.976   068.092.225.xxx   I have nice eyes
2007_10_09_18:26:38.022   072.073.014.xxx   hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_09_18:26:46.741   075.089.070.xxx   any more beer? Great site!
2007_10_09_18:26:52.922   069.182.024.xxx   ho cussing (27)
2007_10_09_18:27:40.806   071.195.187.xxx   f** FAP f**
2007_10_09_18:29:24.705   075.089.070.xxx   how much time did all of this take?
2007_10_09_18:30:29.538   071.238.054.xxx   alek you should put cature a pic of this!!!
2007_10_09_18:31:35.971   071.195.187.xxx   irc.gamesurge.net #statw****s
2007_10_09_18:31:49.765   075.089.070.xxx   .
2007_10_09_18:32:28.886   071.195.187.xxx   O___-'___
2007_10_09_18:33:04.302   066.092.232.xxx   Hi Mom!
2007_10_09_18:33:13.242   071.195.187.xxx   t******??
2007_10_09_18:33:31.579   068.104.149.xxx   MOM says hi
2007_10_09_18:34:19.106   075.089.070.xxx   Hi Mom@
2007_10_09_18:35:51.658   066.092.232.xxx   i wonder if we're driving neighbors nuts
2007_10_09_18:38:40.383   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA
2007_10_09_18:38:47.531   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** neighbors think it is a hoot ... and their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_18:39:11.529   066.092.232.xxx   :)
2007_10_09_18:40:17.561   068.005.002.xxx   tofu break
2007_10_09_18:43:06.558   071.238.054.xxx   alek i made a pic of your site at 214 people
2007_10_09_18:45:51.074   069.138.216.xxx   Help ME
2007_10_09_18:46:43.606   065.040.072.xxx   This rocks!
2007_10_09_18:48:22.664   069.138.216.xxx   Bob is Retired!
2007_10_09_18:49:19.941   074.227.015.xxx   Hey hey hey AgEnT 96!
2007_10_09_18:50:10.589   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Picture taking time - X10 going OFF for about 10 minutes ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_19:05:48.029   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - X10 control back to you guys! ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_19:15:05.797   071.238.054.xxx   more beer again
2007_10_09_19:15:29.148   066.140.109.xxx   Looks good alek - Andrew
2007_10_09_19:15:32.772   208.186.134.xxx   Hi Michelle
2007_10_09_19:15:46.734   072.073.014.xxx   hi tiana
2007_10_09_19:16:34.730   072.230.046.xxx   how can i just send a check or money order
2007_10_09_19:17:09.855   071.238.054.xxx   hey alek how much webspace do you have total?
2007_10_09_19:17:43.873   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** UofM takes checks and (maybe) money orders - see their site to donate ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_19:19:08.887   072.230.046.xxx   very cool thanks for the tip on the ck and mo
2007_10_09_19:19:46.805   066.140.109.xxx   Hey alek -Andrew
2007_10_09_19:20:04.326   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Add a "for crazy halloween/christmas lights" - LOL! ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_19:21:58.402   070.106.061.xxx   Alek Blow up r lighting better what did u do
2007_10_09_19:23:15.837   071.238.054.xxx   hey alek how much webspace do you have total?
2007_10_09_19:23:51.295   070.106.061.xxx   How did you get the Blow-ups so bright
2007_10_09_19:24:49.137   071.238.054.xxx   he put a strand of lights in em
2007_10_09_19:24:50.450   071.195.187.xxx   FIRE!!!
2007_10_09_19:24:54.242   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Blog post #225 explains bright blows-up ... and LOTS of server space! ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_19:25:27.214   070.106.061.xxx   k thanks
2007_10_09_19:36:14.437   072.152.026.xxx   how ya doin?
2007_10_09_19:37:02.497   068.090.244.xxx   this is christian
2007_10_09_19:38:30.063   070.244.128.xxx   mike wuz here!
2007_10_09_19:40:27.440   098.196.070.xxx   bert was here
2007_10_09_19:40:30.334   075.166.113.xxx   Kewl!
2007_10_09_19:41:23.491   070.244.128.xxx   Ubuntu Gutsy in 9 days w00t w00t
2007_10_09_19:42:05.798   098.196.070.xxx   go texas
2007_10_09_19:43:57.567   099.226.052.xxx   Hello from Canada
2007_10_09_19:47:18.870   076.024.082.xxx   Hello from massachusetts
2007_10_09_19:49:24.272   076.000.147.xxx   hello from holly springs nc
2007_10_09_19:50:40.396   076.000.147.xxx   the carolina hurricanes won!
2007_10_09_19:56:31.597   067.165.193.xxx   The brown cow has speckled spots
2007_10_09_19:56:57.866   076.175.178.xxx   hi
2007_10_09_19:57:38.947   067.165.193.xxx   Lite-Brite? I had one of those as a kid
2007_10_09_19:58:56.590   070.178.078.xxx   Hello
2007_10_09_20:00:24.803   075.024.076.xxx   d*****!
2007_10_09_20:00:34.168   076.175.178.xxx   HELP!
2007_10_09_20:01:22.797   075.024.076.xxx   you got a lot of crap in that room!
2007_10_09_20:02:40.157   066.038.008.xxx   Very cool!
2007_10_09_20:04:09.653   201.213.241.xxx   we wanna see the photos you take alek
2007_10_09_20:05:36.794   076.175.178.xxx   Turn off everything
2007_10_09_20:06:29.565   076.175.178.xxx   turn everyting on
2007_10_09_20:07:26.089   076.175.178.xxx   Turn everything on. 1...2...3
2007_10_09_20:08:20.030   068.095.123.xxx   EHOWA & HEATH
2007_10_09_20:09:20.695   068.095.123.xxx   AMY HAS BIG T******
2007_10_09_20:09:23.478   076.175.178.xxx   Who said that?
2007_10_09_20:09:52.627   068.095.123.xxx   I LOVE AMY'S T****** !!!
2007_10_09_20:10:49.355   076.175.178.xxx   hi
2007_10_09_20:11:23.491   076.175.178.xxx   Who Are You?
2007_10_09_20:11:43.269   068.033.103.xxx   im corana extra
2007_10_09_20:12:04.908   068.095.123.xxx   AMY HAS A HAIRY p**** !!!
2007_10_09_20:12:49.740   068.033.103.xxx   hairy huh?
2007_10_09_20:13:34.775   068.033.103.xxx   wonder what the naybors think of his setup?
2007_10_09_20:15:06.257   071.238.054.xxx   he put a strand of lights in em
2007_10_09_20:15:32.025   024.013.051.xxx   what up
2007_10_09_20:17:27.688   072.049.078.xxx   this would def drive the neighbors nuts
2007_10_09_20:18:26.292   216.205.224.xxx   OMG did you see that ghost?
2007_10_09_20:20:21.917   070.244.128.xxx   oOoOOoOooOOOooo spooky
2007_10_09_20:32:11.295   065.102.213.xxx   duh
2007_10_09_20:32:26.629   024.045.031.xxx   You are one cool family!
2007_10_09_20:37:36.504   071.161.088.xxx   Whoo-Hoo! What a hoot!
2007_10_09_20:37:38.300   071.196.119.xxx   your how is freaking awesome
2007_10_09_20:38:21.121   071.196.119.xxx   Francis will you marry me???
2007_10_09_20:38:30.321   071.161.088.xxx   Whoo-Hoo!
2007_10_09_20:39:26.011   071.161.088.xxx   Alice, have I told you that I love you today?
2007_10_09_20:39:49.313   068.108.229.xxx   Great job on the house!!  BR rules!
2007_10_09_20:42:09.701   068.227.138.xxx   LSU Football ROCKS
2007_10_09_20:42:59.943   068.227.138.xxx   That is cool you are doing this !!
2007_10_09_20:44:57.892   068.227.059.xxx   Super sweet, thanks
2007_10_09_20:45:42.115   068.227.059.xxx   Thanks for wearing shorts in front of thw web cam!!
2007_10_09_20:47:59.967   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would you rather I wear a suit? ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_20:48:38.440   068.227.059.xxx   HAHAHA, just glad it's clothes....
2007_10_09_20:49:49.359   068.227.059.xxx   Very nice, you have my kids rolling on the ground
2007_10_09_20:51:58.215   068.227.059.xxx   Thxs 4 laughs, good luck w/ the kids.
2007_10_09_20:57:04.890   072.183.214.xxx   Hello it's philip!
2007_10_09_20:59:00.050   075.004.076.xxx   this is too fun
2007_10_09_21:00:56.506   071.238.054.xxx   it is so much fun it should be illegal but is's not (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_09_21:05:38.421   071.084.116.xxx   Hello from Reno, NV!
2007_10_09_21:08:40.747   076.200.167.xxx   Rufus Says Boo !
2007_10_09_21:09:24.275   071.236.201.xxx   Hello Tina, this is at someone elses place
2007_10_09_21:09:34.841   071.084.116.xxx   Hello Jeanie, my love in Reno
2007_10_09_21:13:19.981   072.086.071.xxx   Evening all!
2007_10_09_21:13:38.124   024.022.100.xxx   HI everyone !!!
2007_10_09_21:13:51.100   072.086.071.xxx   Can you wave to the camera?
2007_10_09_21:14:05.114   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dirk is done with his homework and says goodnight ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_21:14:29.017   024.022.100.xxx   night Dirk
2007_10_09_21:15:11.318   076.016.139.xxx   smell my a**
2007_10_09_21:18:07.683   071.238.054.xxx   i smell a ban coming on (11)
2007_10_09_21:20:05.943   071.238.054.xxx   stupid comcast won't let me of ftp site (12)
2007_10_09_21:21:17.300   076.251.215.xxx   GO STATE!!
2007_10_09_21:21:36.611   071.238.054.xxx   Go rockies (13)
2007_10_09_21:22:13.753   076.251.215.xxx   Tigers will be back next year! Go MSU SPARTANS!!!
2007_10_09_21:22:43.263   071.238.054.xxx   alek i always wanted to ask this what does cgi-bin mean (14)
2007_10_09_21:26:34.991   072.185.224.xxx   cgi is a web coding language
2007_10_09_21:29:23.518   071.238.054.xxx   for wut (15)
2007_10_09_21:30:33.427   072.185.224.xxx   it gets really complex
2007_10_09_21:31:19.166   072.185.224.xxx   I use cgi for my foarm mail to prevent spam on my sites
2007_10_09_21:31:22.111   071.238.054.xxx   all i wanted to know was what the cgi-bin in url meant (16)
2007_10_09_21:32:06.728   068.091.016.xxx   it makes it all work
2007_10_09_21:32:22.376   072.185.224.xxx   google cgi-bin cant post a link
2007_10_09_21:32:30.559   071.238.054.xxx   well duh (17)
2007_10_09_21:35:00.716   071.238.054.xxx   all i am getting is sites with cgi-bin in them (18)
2007_10_09_21:36:44.002   072.185.224.xxx   ok google this you will have all thew info you need  cgi-bin tutorial
2007_10_09_21:37:39.544   072.185.224.xxx   peace
2007_10_09_21:37:45.794   071.238.054.xxx   thanx (19)
2007_10_09_21:38:08.689   072.185.224.xxx   yw :) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_09_21:38:23.860   075.167.087.xxx   Mike Says Hi
2007_10_09_21:38:47.568   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Groovy Lava Lamp added in Haunted Office - heh, heh ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_21:38:53.971   075.167.087.xxx   Ernie is da'Man
2007_10_09_21:39:24.134   075.167.087.xxx   Thank you and Good Night :)
2007_10_09_21:39:54.398   072.185.224.xxx   sleep well seeya :) (11)
2007_10_09_21:40:45.981   074.075.047.xxx   cool
2007_10_09_21:41:10.996   024.047.133.xxx   Forged Alliance RC
2007_10_09_21:41:50.436   070.050.048.xxx   Check out LINK DELETED to search for sites
2007_10_09_21:42:23.594   070.050.048.xxx   amazzzzzzzzzzing
2007_10_09_21:53:14.335   142.068.052.xxx   good luck with the fundraising
2007_10_09_21:55:25.970   071.238.054.xxx   how is lava lamp scary? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_09_21:55:58.864   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Lava Lamp is GROOVY, not scary ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_21:57:30.641   071.238.054.xxx   another sucessful day how does it feel alek? (21)
2007_10_09_21:58:39.386   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Everything is working well - wish more people donated to Celiac though ... every $ helps ***ALEK***
2007_10_09_21:59:46.830   072.185.224.xxx   goodnight everyone tampa fl off to bed peace (12)

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