301 halloween text messages on 2007/1011

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,482 times that day including 934 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1011

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_11_18:00:52.173   071.089.017.xxx   This Rules!
2007_10_11_18:00:59.851   066.140.106.xxx   Hey hey hey!!!
2007_10_11_18:01:02.326   024.164.184.xxx   yea X10 are live!!!!!
2007_10_11_18:01:08.462   076.217.114.xxx   Smelly Feet!!!!! yeah
2007_10_11_18:01:22.015   071.089.017.xxx   Finally!
2007_10_11_18:01:23.791   086.010.072.xxx   turn office lights off plz
2007_10_11_18:01:25.474   024.164.184.xxx   lol
2007_10_11_18:01:30.840   067.185.133.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2007_10_11_18:01:47.512   074.224.161.xxx   you need somethin to say if there on or not
2007_10_11_18:01:56.285   024.164.184.xxx   yes HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2007_10_11_18:01:57.347   086.010.072.xxx   turn office lights off please
2007_10_11_18:02:26.556   071.089.017.xxx   Yea can you????????? please??????
2007_10_11_18:02:38.145   072.066.132.xxx   Thanx for the great show!!!
2007_10_11_18:03:24.522   071.089.017.xxx   please turn off the office lights
2007_10_11_18:03:26.653   024.164.184.xxx   yes i love this website
2007_10_11_18:03:37.863   086.010.072.xxx   turn big light of in office pleaseeee
2007_10_11_18:03:53.612   067.185.133.xxx   web cam 1 isnt workin
2007_10_11_18:03:58.154   071.089.017.xxx   Thank you!
2007_10_11_18:04:21.796   067.185.133.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2007_10_11_18:04:25.270   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Big office light is OFF ... but still some sunlight coming in for another 30 min or so ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:04:31.337   071.089.017.xxx   cam 1 is frozen on a previous picture
2007_10_11_18:05:18.963   067.185.133.xxx   yes it is
2007_10_11_18:05:26.851   024.164.184.xxx   all camera are working
2007_10_11_18:05:32.324   086.010.072.xxx   close blinds or curtiains
2007_10_11_18:05:39.830   075.105.128.xxx   hello from missouri
2007_10_11_18:05:55.685   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** am freeze up sometimes for short times - they are wireless - working now. ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:05:56.121   024.164.184.xxx   hello from New York
2007_10_11_18:06:10.712   070.106.061.xxx   hello from West Virginia
2007_10_11_18:06:15.786   086.010.072.xxx   frankenstine not deflating
2007_10_11_18:06:26.731   024.164.184.xxx   shhhhh alex is on the phone
2007_10_11_18:06:29.128   207.105.240.xxx   Hello from Pasadena, CA
2007_10_11_18:06:36.585   071.089.017.xxx   Hello form FREEZING 20 DEGREES minnesota lol
2007_10_11_18:06:56.590   024.164.184.xxx   shhhhh alex is on the phone
2007_10_11_18:06:58.294   067.185.133.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2007_10_11_18:07:03.262   066.140.106.xxx   Hello from 77___ texas
2007_10_11_18:07:23.101   024.164.184.xxx   shhhhh alex is on the phone
2007_10_11_18:07:30.046   071.089.017.xxx   is it nice in texas?
2007_10_11_18:07:49.341   070.106.061.xxx   52 degrees in WV
2007_10_11_18:08:17.034   066.140.106.xxx   77 currently and 45 tonight in texas
2007_10_11_18:08:17.350   071.089.017.xxx   Im FREEZING lol
2007_10_11_18:08:27.516   024.164.184.xxx   53 in NY (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:08:31.927   075.105.128.xxx   missouri is 30's/60's
2007_10_11_18:08:34.728   070.106.061.xxx   me to lol
2007_10_11_18:08:57.595   071.089.017.xxx   darn you guys are lucky....... its 20 here (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:09:12.873   070.106.061.xxx   s*** we can't control base ball
2007_10_11_18:09:18.263   024.164.184.xxx   where? (11)
2007_10_11_18:09:31.347   071.089.017.xxx   Minnesota (11)
2007_10_11_18:09:32.949   074.224.161.xxx   there not deflating
2007_10_11_18:09:33.029   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry, no Ball Control!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:09:39.156   075.105.128.xxx   im ready for the 20's...love the winters
2007_10_11_18:09:49.987   024.164.184.xxx   yea i love winter too (12)
2007_10_11_18:09:57.714   071.089.017.xxx   So do I (12)
2007_10_11_18:10:08.716   070.106.061.xxx   shut up dude summer rocks
2007_10_11_18:10:12.022   074.224.161.xxx   there not deflating
2007_10_11_18:10:15.544   068.104.149.xxx   is that like "no soup for you!"?
2007_10_11_18:10:45.791   071.089.017.xxx   The problem is.......... Im sitting outside of my house watching the stars (13)
2007_10_11_18:10:46.177   066.140.106.xxx   Go rockies!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_11_18:10:56.924   070.106.061.xxx   big pumpkin is no working @ all
2007_10_11_18:11:01.387   024.164.184.xxx   Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2007_10_11_18:11:48.977   071.089.017.xxx   There is one problem of where i am right now....... im outside looking at the s (14)
2007_10_11_18:11:51.670   070.106.061.xxx   boo yankees
2007_10_11_18:11:52.691   068.104.149.xxx   GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!
2007_10_11_18:12:19.422   024.164.184.xxx   Go Yankes!!!!!!!!!!!! (14)
2007_10_11_18:12:28.034   070.106.061.xxx   boo everybody but rockies
2007_10_11_18:12:45.118   024.164.184.xxx   Yankes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15)
2007_10_11_18:12:45.667   068.104.149.xxx   BOOOO on YOU!!!
2007_10_11_18:13:41.207   071.089.017.xxx   Guys.... Just quit fighting ___sigh___ (15)
2007_10_11_18:14:19.186   074.224.161.xxx   whats alex doing?
2007_10_11_18:14:37.419   068.104.149.xxx   Something!!!!
2007_10_11_18:14:51.741   074.224.161.xxx   well what
2007_10_11_18:15:11.291   068.104.149.xxx   stuff
2007_10_11_18:15:14.891   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 is slightly unreliable on the outside stuff - looking into it ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:15:19.412   070.106.061.xxx   The "O" on OFF is Not Working
2007_10_11_18:15:54.643   074.224.161.xxx   im the one who pointed that out!!
2007_10_11_18:16:28.331   071.089.017.xxx   Where'd alek go??? (16)
2007_10_11_18:16:44.518   068.104.149.xxx   KUDOS
2007_10_11_18:16:58.403   070.106.061.xxx   to fix stuff outside (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:17:01.946   071.089.017.xxx   nvm i see him by his garage (17)
2007_10_11_18:17:14.407   068.104.149.xxx   yea
2007_10_11_18:18:21.139   068.104.149.xxx   wendy must be on her way
2007_10_11_18:19:17.529   209.240.115.xxx   Hello from CANADA
2007_10_11_18:20:01.700   068.104.149.xxx   he's got a pillow on his comp chair
2007_10_11_18:21:14.290   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbor is Diamondback fan - maybe was jamming X10 signal ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:21:42.285   068.104.149.xxx   we have our ways (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:21:48.409   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Asked Scotty to provide max power, and working OK now ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:24:31.210   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** O in OFF is working - just not dark enough yet - soooooon .... ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:25:36.551   069.177.090.xxx   pie is good
2007_10_11_18:25:44.309   076.083.018.xxx   Oh some nice car just pulled up!
2007_10_11_18:25:45.901   068.104.149.xxx   wendy is home (11)
2007_10_11_18:26:09.004   069.177.090.xxx   hdyk
2007_10_11_18:26:38.045   072.071.253.xxx   Hi p**ps
2007_10_11_18:27:08.405   072.071.253.xxx   this is awesome
2007_10_11_18:27:54.823   072.071.253.xxx   anyone order pizza tonight?
2007_10_11_18:27:59.955   097.097.201.xxx   lolololol
2007_10_11_18:28:15.086   068.104.149.xxx   get a bandaid (12)
2007_10_11_18:28:33.534   097.097.201.xxx   NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP
2007_10_11_18:28:41.333   072.071.253.xxx   order pizza it will heal it
2007_10_11_18:29:19.001   069.177.090.xxx   no swearing___
2007_10_11_18:29:34.065   097.097.201.xxx   mmmm mmmm womenz
2007_10_11_18:29:41.368   072.071.253.xxx   no swearing just order pizza
2007_10_11_18:29:59.031   068.104.149.xxx   PIZZA (13)
2007_10_11_18:29:59.508   076.000.147.xxx   warm fuzzy family website
2007_10_11_18:30:23.061   069.177.090.xxx   no bad words
2007_10_11_18:30:36.217   068.104.149.xxx   turn down volume (14)
2007_10_11_18:30:43.739   072.071.253.xxx   the music makes me want pizza
2007_10_11_18:30:52.556   097.097.201.xxx   NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO
2007_10_11_18:31:33.865   068.104.149.xxx   geta mop (15)
2007_10_11_18:31:45.564   070.106.061.xxx   HUH!!!!!!!! (11)
2007_10_11_18:31:56.442   072.071.253.xxx   my daughter likes this music
2007_10_11_18:32:04.508   097.097.201.xxx   NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
2007_10_11_18:32:22.932   075.105.128.xxx   live chat area so people can talk
2007_10_11_18:32:23.565   068.104.149.xxx   whatever (16)
2007_10_11_18:32:28.925   072.071.253.xxx   send pizza
2007_10_11_18:32:52.013   097.097.201.xxx   b00bs
2007_10_11_18:33:07.730   072.071.253.xxx   as long as u bring pizza
2007_10_11_18:33:14.521   088.106.097.xxx   chuffin ell lololol
2007_10_11_18:33:19.205   070.106.061.xxx   wow ur p***erted (12)
2007_10_11_18:33:23.378   097.097.201.xxx   =====D___
2007_10_11_18:33:39.500   076.083.018.xxx   Sweeeet site. I like homer!
2007_10_11_18:34:04.362   072.071.253.xxx   homer needs pizza (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:34:33.448   216.205.224.xxx   Homer fight Hulk!!!!!
2007_10_11_18:34:54.402   068.104.149.xxx   hulk win (17)
2007_10_11_18:35:10.197   097.097.201.xxx   =====D___
2007_10_11_18:35:33.383   072.071.253.xxx   Pizza (11)
2007_10_11_18:35:42.741   076.083.018.xxx   Homer eat pumpkin...
2007_10_11_18:36:09.588   024.022.210.xxx   turn on homer
2007_10_11_18:36:29.487   068.104.149.xxx   GAME ON LATER GATER!!!!! (18)
2007_10_11_18:36:50.582   097.097.201.xxx   955___
2007_10_11_18:37:10.323   076.083.018.xxx   Shoutout to the owner of this site! Great job!!!
2007_10_11_18:37:35.766   068.104.149.xxx   put your finger in it (19)
2007_10_11_18:37:38.699   076.083.018.xxx   Yeah sorry for shooting you
2007_10_11_18:37:50.465   024.022.210.xxx   wtf who would do this to their house
2007_10_11_18:38:04.717   088.106.097.xxx   qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
2007_10_11_18:38:06.487   076.083.018.xxx   a brilliant genius!
2007_10_11_18:38:10.400   068.104.149.xxx   not you!!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:38:23.454   097.097.201.xxx   sup wit you (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:38:29.860   024.022.210.xxx   not me indeed
2007_10_11_18:38:53.216   064.172.226.xxx   I know you are but what am I?
2007_10_11_18:38:54.752   097.097.201.xxx   white people love cheese (11)
2007_10_11_18:39:13.925   024.022.210.xxx   i would like to see this house in person and think wtf is going on
2007_10_11_18:39:21.489   064.172.226.xxx   George Bush hates white people
2007_10_11_18:39:33.994   088.106.097.xxx   muahahahahahahah
2007_10_11_18:39:47.324   024.022.210.xxx   george bush hates all of us
2007_10_11_18:39:59.989   097.097.201.xxx   nukka (12)
2007_10_11_18:40:06.688   064.172.226.xxx   Ron Paul for prez
2007_10_11_18:40:35.651   024.022.210.xxx   Yea ron paul kicks a**
2007_10_11_18:41:27.615   097.097.201.xxx   reggin (13)
2007_10_11_18:42:07.623   216.205.224.xxx   USC #1
2007_10_11_18:42:11.945   088.106.097.xxx   chuffin ell fire
2007_10_11_18:42:16.803   076.098.208.xxx   Brandon for president
2007_10_11_18:42:43.723   088.106.097.xxx   chufin ell!!!!
2007_10_11_18:42:47.158   216.205.224.xxx   USC
2007_10_11_18:43:00.910   076.098.208.xxx   Brandon for president
2007_10_11_18:43:07.512   088.106.097.xxx   chufin ell!!!!
2007_10_11_18:43:16.045   216.205.224.xxx   OMG its the great pumpkin
2007_10_11_18:43:41.942   088.106.097.xxx   ------------------------------------------
2007_10_11_18:43:57.136   064.012.117.xxx   Hi Alek
2007_10_11_18:44:09.332   088.106.097.xxx   ......................................................................
2007_10_11_18:44:11.761   069.081.142.xxx   What the hell
2007_10_11_18:44:17.299   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam2 back online!!! ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:44:24.541   216.205.224.xxx   :)
2007_10_11_18:44:44.213   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** AND GO ROCKIES!!!! ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_18:44:48.396   069.081.142.xxx   thats not very nice
2007_10_11_18:44:49.414   089.241.173.xxx   hello
2007_10_11_18:45:20.535   088.106.097.xxx   I ARE A LAPTOP!!
2007_10_11_18:45:29.804   216.205.224.xxx   happy halloween!
2007_10_11_18:45:36.054   089.241.173.xxx   He likes to eat babies___
2007_10_11_18:45:54.074   088.106.097.xxx   little bit of pink goes a long long way (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:45:58.463   216.205.224.xxx   I can Haz Cheezburgrz'
2007_10_11_18:46:17.938   088.106.097.xxx   meow (11)
2007_10_11_18:46:28.365   089.241.173.xxx   Woof
2007_10_11_18:46:36.399   070.063.113.xxx   yo yo!
2007_10_11_18:46:46.877   088.106.097.xxx   chris is a ginger bastard (12)
2007_10_11_18:47:02.932   089.241.173.xxx   My name is chris, i live in Boston
2007_10_11_18:47:52.345   089.241.173.xxx   :S
2007_10_11_18:47:56.472   068.190.166.xxx   thats not cool man
2007_10_11_18:48:22.430   069.081.142.xxx   your not cool
2007_10_11_18:48:24.213   068.190.166.xxx   w00t
2007_10_11_18:48:52.317   068.190.166.xxx   124.52
2007_10_11_18:49:20.371   065.095.096.xxx   Hi Joey Murray
2007_10_11_18:49:39.363   069.081.142.xxx   f*** this
2007_10_11_18:49:44.888   088.106.097.xxx   echo(user_im)___ ___ ERROR PARSING M... (13)
2007_10_11_18:50:03.392   066.051.146.xxx   w00t
2007_10_11_18:50:06.207   086.130.042.xxx   hi
2007_10_11_18:50:21.373   088.106.097.xxx   echo(user_im)___ ___ ERROR PARSING M... (14)
2007_10_11_18:50:39.026   071.150.250.xxx   i eat pumpkins
2007_10_11_18:50:40.210   089.241.173.xxx   BSOD
2007_10_11_18:51:02.265   088.106.097.xxx   echo(user_im)___ ___ ERROR PARSING M... (15)
2007_10_11_18:51:13.535   071.150.250.xxx   racism?  orly?
2007_10_11_18:51:35.173   089.241.173.xxx   Memory Dump Error 149
2007_10_11_18:51:36.633   088.106.097.xxx   YA RLY (16)
2007_10_11_18:51:46.154   075.105.128.xxx   this need to be a live chat area
2007_10_11_18:52:08.325   089.241.173.xxx   Error 404
2007_10_11_18:52:54.440   075.105.128.xxx   r you guys seeing this on the screen by the office
2007_10_11_18:53:01.805   088.106.097.xxx   echo(user_im)___ ___ ERROR PARSING p**** JUI... (17)
2007_10_11_18:53:50.534   088.106.097.xxx   FreeIMSender v1.0 (18)
2007_10_11_18:56:09.355   088.106.097.xxx   LOL IT BROKE (19)
2007_10_11_18:56:53.663   088.106.097.xxx   why did the chicken cross the road (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_18:57:22.328   088.106.097.xxx   cus there was no cars coming... (21)
2007_10_11_18:58:50.451   074.130.114.xxx   Susan Edwards was here :)
2007_10_11_18:59:25.888   088.106.097.xxx   148 (22)
2007_10_11_18:59:52.741   088.106.097.xxx   UK ___ US (23)
2007_10_11_19:00:18.990   088.106.097.xxx   hairy b*** ack rifk (24)
2007_10_11_19:00:48.502   074.130.114.xxx   dont be a potty mouth
2007_10_11_19:02:07.399   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Diamondbacks score first run! :-( ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_19:02:47.182   024.034.087.xxx   Pottymouth!
2007_10_11_19:02:55.330   074.130.114.xxx   Justin Weilage was here from Kentucky
2007_10_11_19:03:01.014   068.104.149.xxx   bases loaded with rockies (21)
2007_10_11_19:03:26.782   024.034.087.xxx   If I want game updates, I'll watch the game
2007_10_11_19:03:28.430   076.000.147.xxx   holly springs north carolina
2007_10_11_19:03:46.475   074.130.114.xxx   Im from Kentucky redneck city!
2007_10_11_19:04:11.035   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm watching in hi-def at a neighbors's ... but we paused - bases loaded?!? ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_19:04:18.864   074.130.114.xxx   Louisville Kentucky
2007_10_11_19:14:55.089   067.101.248.xxx   West Hartford, CT
2007_10_11_19:17:07.712   066.140.106.xxx   LUBBOCK TEXAS BABY
2007_10_11_19:19:12.415   207.105.240.xxx   Anybody Home?
2007_10_11_19:19:54.810   068.104.149.xxx   dinnertime (22)
2007_10_11_19:21:06.284   072.185.224.xxx   Hello from tampa florida :)
2007_10_11_19:22:58.611   068.108.229.xxx   zachary
2007_10_11_19:24:30.794   068.108.229.xxx   booga booga booga
2007_10_11_19:24:44.770   067.101.248.xxx   Hi!  happy halloween!
2007_10_11_19:25:35.204   067.101.248.xxx   Hi Jon! Hi  Maria! Hi Ryan!
2007_10_11_19:25:55.658   068.108.229.xxx   13th Gate  Baton Rouge Top scare in the country
2007_10_11_19:28:18.138   068.104.149.xxx   ok (23)
2007_10_11_19:31:15.817   068.108.229.xxx   good night
2007_10_11_19:38:49.666   075.107.183.xxx   hi hello where you at
2007_10_11_19:39:22.105   068.108.229.xxx   You are good and cool and i want you to come to my school and come play with me
2007_10_11_19:39:40.057   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Rockies go up 4-1! ***ALEK***
2007_10_11_19:39:40.583   084.059.103.xxx   hi
2007_10_11_19:39:50.789   075.107.183.xxx   hi from lowry city missouri
2007_10_11_19:40:08.095   084.059.103.xxx   im from germany
2007_10_11_19:40:32.552   075.107.183.xxx   wow cool gemany
2007_10_11_19:40:48.782   084.059.103.xxx   and you????
2007_10_11_19:41:17.362   075.107.183.xxx   im really close to kansas city mo
2007_10_11_19:41:43.254   084.059.103.xxx   ok have you msn or icq????
2007_10_11_19:41:56.953   075.107.183.xxx   whats the weather like in gemany right now
2007_10_11_19:42:35.181   084.059.103.xxx   have you msn or icq???than can i talk with you
2007_10_11_19:42:40.074   075.107.183.xxx   i have msn ad me EZgoin****5
2007_10_11_19:43:07.605   084.059.103.xxx   ad you me please  dex112@web.de
2007_10_11_19:43:53.345   075.107.183.xxx   ok ill add you here in a sec
2007_10_11_19:44:07.160   084.059.103.xxx   ok
2007_10_11_19:45:30.588   084.059.103.xxx   ad me now!
2007_10_11_19:46:20.451   024.145.140.xxx   ado jacki
2007_10_11_19:57:32.955   070.106.061.xxx   _ (13)
2007_10_11_20:18:04.678   070.054.006.xxx   puke
2007_10_11_20:23:58.073   071.229.131.xxx   Their is a poison midget locked in my bathroom.
2007_10_11_20:30:42.260   068.076.140.xxx   Kettering, Ohio
2007_10_11_20:36:30.618   068.103.090.xxx   Happy Halloween from Kansas
2007_10_11_20:38:39.057   066.140.106.xxx   Happy halloween from texas
2007_10_11_20:44:12.982   068.014.173.xxx   Hello from Oklahoma!
2007_10_11_20:47:54.666   128.138.064.xxx   It's a dead man's party!
2007_10_11_20:54:13.230   070.063.113.xxx   Booo!!!!!
2007_10_11_21:01:33.625   068.104.149.xxx   I'm not gonna say sorry for the but heads throwing stuff Alek (24)
2007_10_11_21:02:24.650   068.104.149.xxx   but i will say that is not classy!!!! (25)
2007_10_11_21:03:15.652   068.104.149.xxx   I hope they get caught (26)
2007_10_11_21:07:58.542   068.110.006.xxx   ghost
2007_10_11_21:08:38.162   068.110.006.xxx   hello from Tucson, Arizona!
2007_10_11_21:11:09.442   068.110.006.xxx   Go Diamondbacks!
2007_10_11_21:11:29.077   071.217.207.xxx   Ernie Rules!
2007_10_11_21:13:01.042   068.110.006.xxx   Who is Ernie?
2007_10_11_21:15:37.399   076.187.043.xxx   nice decorations
2007_10_11_21:16:38.808   068.110.006.xxx   The man's wife is a saint!
2007_10_11_21:16:59.812   074.224.161.xxx   hey hows it goin
2007_10_11_21:17:48.516   076.187.043.xxx   Hi from Dallas, Texas
2007_10_11_21:19:45.982   071.217.207.xxx   Hello from Yakima Washington!
2007_10_11_21:24:42.813   071.217.207.xxx   TESSA RULES!
2007_10_11_21:25:22.549   071.217.207.xxx   when you grow up, be like Tessa
2007_10_11_21:31:05.420   071.217.207.xxx   ok, dont be like Tessa. That wouldnt be unique.
2007_10_11_21:34:31.236   072.040.140.xxx   eight is great
2007_10_11_21:36:37.346   071.217.207.xxx   channel z
2007_10_11_21:37:59.795   024.217.065.xxx   Sled Riding Dot Com
2007_10_11_21:38:30.056   071.217.207.xxx   myspace / hypoxickisses
2007_10_11_21:38:50.580   024.217.065.xxx   Tossing Games Dot Com
2007_10_11_21:38:53.300   024.025.178.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone! Please donate!
2007_10_11_21:40:20.977   071.217.207.xxx   myspace/hypoxickisses
2007_10_11_21:40:55.759   024.025.178.xxx   Do the Monster Mash!
2007_10_11_21:41:07.654   071.217.207.xxx   It's a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK!
2007_10_11_21:41:34.711   024.025.178.xxx   The new sponsors for Zombie Zit-Away?
2007_10_11_21:42:07.978   068.206.156.xxx   hells bells and thisels too
2007_10_11_21:42:25.717   071.217.207.xxx   Zits BAD! Flesh GOOD! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_21:42:40.452   024.025.178.xxx   thath tellin' 'em
2007_10_11_21:43:00.278   071.217.207.xxx   Guuuuuugh (11)
2007_10_11_21:43:51.326   071.217.207.xxx   Do the people who live here actually read this? (12)
2007_10_11_21:44:06.642   024.025.178.xxx   only in desperation
2007_10_11_21:44:30.950   071.217.207.xxx   I'd read it. (13)
2007_10_11_21:44:47.442   024.025.178.xxx   it's pretty funny
2007_10_11_21:45:24.513   071.217.207.xxx   it'd be like tons of people living in my house. But not. (14)
2007_10_11_21:46:19.737   024.025.178.xxx   not...? what? using your bathroom?
2007_10_11_21:46:43.713   071.217.207.xxx   kinna (15)
2007_10_11_21:47:04.477   024.025.178.xxx   better than using your toothbrush I suppose
2007_10_11_21:47:24.635   068.055.092.xxx   how can i create a code like this?
2007_10_11_21:47:48.070   071.217.207.xxx   yeah, especially using your toothbrush to clean their b*** crack (16)
2007_10_11_21:47:55.432   024.025.178.xxx   you're asking the wrong person! Look around the site, I think he gives instruct
2007_10_11_21:48:19.969   024.025.178.xxx   ewwww (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_11_21:48:21.574   066.171.116.xxx   is this thing working?
2007_10_11_21:48:35.825   071.217.207.xxx   the word "p00p" really cracks me up (17)
2007_10_11_21:48:39.699   068.055.092.xxx   i mean just the textbox one
2007_10_11_21:48:55.600   024.025.178.xxx   you have to wait until it refreshes before your msg goes through (11)
2007_10_11_21:49:25.858   071.217.207.xxx   i wonder what the neighbors think about the lights going off and on (18)
2007_10_11_21:50:00.238   024.025.178.xxx   he's been doing it for years, they all moved (12)
2007_10_11_22:00:00.000   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Rockies win first game! ***ALEK***

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