69 halloween text messages on 2007/1012

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,591 times that day including 787 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1012

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_12_18:00:57.992   067.166.225.xxx   woo hoo
2007_10_12_18:01:17.307   091.110.033.xxx   _______
2007_10_12_18:01:22.864   074.166.218.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2007_10_12_18:01:58.560   072.207.201.xxx   hi
2007_10_12_18:02:06.410   091.110.033.xxx   =___
2007_10_12_18:02:41.280   072.207.201.xxx   hulk happy
2007_10_12_18:03:44.326   072.075.135.xxx   Hello
2007_10_12_18:04:02.972   074.166.218.xxx   Hello Everyone!
2007_10_12_18:04:41.158   091.110.033.xxx   hellooo
2007_10_12_18:05:04.376   072.075.135.xxx   Logan M  LBI  new jersey
2007_10_12_18:05:13.278   082.024.130.xxx   H****, IT'S LUKE.RU OK?
2007_10_12_18:06:18.282   200.122.098.xxx   it's 6 o'clock where is everybody???
2007_10_12_18:06:19.496   091.110.033.xxx   youve always been on here when im on luke! lol.
2007_10_12_18:06:56.105   091.110.033.xxx   ...even last year! .
2007_10_12_18:07:22.912   082.024.130.xxx   YEE,HA,NO SCHOOL 2MORROW
2007_10_12_18:07:46.676   200.122.098.xxx   everybody turn lights off it's sunny yet
2007_10_12_18:08:03.018   091.110.033.xxx   lol, me neither! :___
2007_10_12_18:08:12.839   082.024.130.xxx   THANKYOU 4 REMEMBERING ME
2007_10_12_18:08:54.117   091.110.033.xxx   lol, np. yr the same age as me too i remember! 14!
2007_10_12_18:10:18.990   091.110.033.xxx   anyway, im going now. im tired. bye everyone! happy halloween! x
2007_10_12_18:10:29.429   082.024.130.xxx   COOL
2007_10_12_18:10:57.574   074.166.218.xxx   It's getting dark. Very cool.
2007_10_12_18:11:07.341   082.024.130.xxx   OK.PROBS CYA TOMOZ. BYE
2007_10_12_18:12:03.352   082.024.130.xxx   RU LUKE2?
2007_10_12_18:27:10.035   075.055.038.xxx   this is halloween
2007_10_12_18:28:00.960   075.055.038.xxx   oumpkins scream in the dead of night
2007_10_12_18:28:41.705   075.055.038.xxx   this is halloween this is halloween
2007_10_12_18:29:24.390   075.055.038.xxx   hope we all don't die of fright
2007_10_12_18:35:34.112   067.185.133.xxx   HAPPY HAOLLOWEEN
2007_10_12_18:36:13.057   067.185.133.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2007_10_12_18:39:47.501   067.185.133.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE PATIK FAMILY
2007_10_12_18:41:02.414   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Happy Halloween from Komar.Org! ***ALEK***
2007_10_12_18:45:12.251   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** And oh yeah, GO ROCKIES - 2nd game tonight! ***ALEK***
2007_10_12_19:08:52.851   200.122.098.xxx   today nobody is online :(
2007_10_12_19:13:00.893   024.063.117.xxx   Who is watching?
2007_10_12_19:14:29.921   024.063.117.xxx   EHOWA!!!
2007_10_12_19:18:30.990   068.080.058.xxx   HOLY COW!
2007_10_12_19:26:05.393   071.142.230.xxx   Why Are we looking at the dark Turn The lights on!!!!
2007_10_12_19:26:37.883   075.055.038.xxx   he's not here lets syeal stuff
2007_10_12_19:27:50.718   068.037.214.xxx   i call dibs on homer
2007_10_12_19:36:07.630   067.166.225.xxx   I love you Steffi!
2007_10_12_19:55:56.245   071.246.115.xxx   Greetings from NY City!! Where are you other 48 from?
2007_10_12_20:01:53.205   068.062.029.xxx   Hello from Flint, MI
2007_10_12_20:15:06.946   088.106.097.xxx   boo
2007_10_12_20:33:27.280   074.015.076.xxx   turn the bloody lights on
2007_10_12_20:33:53.439   074.015.076.xxx   cheers
2007_10_12_20:39:35.111   070.244.128.xxx   oOooOoooOOoooOOOoOooooOOOoOoOOOoOOooOOoOooOoOOoooooOOoOOooOOoOoooOOoooooOoooOoo
2007_10_12_20:40:01.414   070.244.128.xxx   spookyness!
2007_10_12_20:41:17.220   088.068.198.xxx   I Love you CaRiNa dein Schatz Sascha
2007_10_12_20:43:28.548   071.212.146.xxx   you boys, go to bed!
2007_10_12_20:45:48.812   071.212.146.xxx   I MEAN IT - GO TO BED
2007_10_12_20:54:57.648   070.244.128.xxx   Sleep is for humans. I am interface.
2007_10_12_20:55:36.295   071.212.146.xxx   Caulin de Taberneuche
2007_10_12_21:06:27.996   075.117.226.xxx   Happy Halloween
2007_10_12_21:09:58.590   076.021.239.xxx   Balloons
2007_10_12_21:22:15.202   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Rockies/DBacks 1-1 after 3 ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_12_21:25:21.376   072.185.224.xxx   :)
2007_10_12_21:40:43.126   069.153.191.xxx   Whats up from texas
2007_10_12_21:49:29.380   067.149.168.xxx   below
2007_10_12_21:49:56.293   067.053.144.xxx   anyone else form wisconsin here
2007_10_12_21:50:13.484   067.149.168.xxx   form?
2007_10_12_21:50:24.542   072.130.028.xxx   Hey you
2007_10_12_21:50:42.435   067.053.144.xxx   shout out to Ghost hunters!
2007_10_12_21:50:58.428   072.130.028.xxx   hello for CA
2007_10_12_21:51:27.499   072.130.028.xxx   Listen up
2007_10_12_21:51:37.967   067.053.144.xxx   Hi ca
2007_10_12_21:52:51.218   067.053.144.xxx   I wonder what the neighbors think of the decor
2007_10_12_21:52:56.547   072.130.028.xxx   This site is nutty!
2007_10_12_21:53:49.945   067.053.144.xxx   you are nutty!

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