240 halloween text messages on 2007/1022

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,682 times that day including 670 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1022

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_22_18:02:15.611   024.181.040.xxx   peps stop
2007_10_22_18:03:19.450   024.181.040.xxx   hi
2007_10_22_18:03:26.888   068.190.236.xxx   Hello
2007_10_22_18:03:56.148   024.181.040.xxx   whats up
2007_10_22_18:04:28.141   068.190.236.xxx   Happy Halloween
2007_10_22_18:05:06.731   068.190.236.xxx   Hello Dina Lynn
2007_10_22_18:05:31.746   024.181.040.xxx   hi
2007_10_22_18:05:44.044   068.190.236.xxx   Oingo Boingo Rocks
2007_10_22_18:06:12.680   024.181.040.xxx   i live in valley alabma
2007_10_22_18:08:18.977   066.245.194.xxx   Hello from smoky Southern California.
2007_10_22_18:09:11.788   024.181.040.xxx   This is neat
2007_10_22_18:09:35.435   071.227.207.xxx   Freddie Lives
2007_10_22_18:10:10.521   024.181.040.xxx   stop
2007_10_22_18:10:52.197   024.181.040.xxx   peace my brothers and sisters
2007_10_22_18:14:59.569   024.181.040.xxx   good bye
2007_10_22_18:15:07.903   076.103.201.xxx   Go Rockies !
2007_10_22_18:15:49.750   076.103.201.xxx   Hello from NAPA, California
2007_10_22_18:17:05.800   076.103.201.xxx   Go Rockies...........From Bob
2007_10_22_18:17:50.303   066.205.114.xxx   I love my angel!!
2007_10_22_18:18:48.882   066.205.114.xxx   Hey noodle brains
2007_10_22_18:19:09.143   076.103.201.xxx   Who Me ?????????
2007_10_22_18:19:29.331   066.205.114.xxx   mhmm
2007_10_22_18:19:53.891   082.011.145.xxx   well hello
2007_10_22_18:20:03.264   066.205.114.xxx   Im bored
2007_10_22_18:20:21.746   082.011.145.xxx   me too
2007_10_22_18:21:01.936   072.066.013.xxx   I like corn chowder
2007_10_22_18:21:21.375   066.205.114.xxx   haha
2007_10_22_18:21:22.878   082.011.145.xxx   wots that?lol
2007_10_22_18:21:31.171   069.177.129.xxx   hi briana
2007_10_22_18:25:01.909   064.012.117.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone
2007_10_22_18:25:07.437   024.068.091.xxx   incredible setup .. cheers man !
2007_10_22_18:25:55.998   069.177.129.xxx   hi briana
2007_10_22_18:26:00.545   076.235.223.xxx   wow! thats awsome!
2007_10_22_18:26:02.732   024.068.091.xxx   Would you like to play a game ?    lol
2007_10_22_18:26:06.805   064.012.117.xxx   Hi Alek
2007_10_22_18:26:15.098   067.185.133.xxx   sup old guy
2007_10_22_18:26:22.975   082.011.145.xxx   yayyyyyyyy
2007_10_22_18:26:37.404   076.235.223.xxx   gosh dont be mean lol
2007_10_22_18:27:16.994   076.235.223.xxx   nice X10 configurations
2007_10_22_18:27:18.868   072.066.013.xxx   corn on the cob is good too
2007_10_22_18:27:36.297   024.068.091.xxx   EHOWA
2007_10_22_18:27:57.370   076.235.223.xxx   what does the hulk do?
2007_10_22_18:27:57.440   072.066.013.xxx   BYOB
2007_10_22_18:28:03.969   082.011.145.xxx   im from scotland,woohoo
2007_10_22_18:28:28.908   076.235.223.xxx   I'm from michigan!!!!
2007_10_22_18:28:48.761   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Hulk SMASHES!!! ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_18:28:51.146   082.011.145.xxx   nice
2007_10_22_18:29:06.218   076.235.223.xxx   what does he smash?
2007_10_22_18:30:11.725   071.008.199.xxx   Happy Birthday Paul
2007_10_22_18:30:17.462   076.235.223.xxx   bye homer...
2007_10_22_18:30:45.149   076.235.223.xxx   hi homer!
2007_10_22_18:30:46.183   082.011.145.xxx   hi homer lol
2007_10_22_18:31:19.935   068.238.035.xxx   ring ding diddly doo!
2007_10_22_18:31:27.129   066.227.136.xxx   Inflatables are bouncing around all over the place in the wind
2007_10_22_18:31:59.467   076.235.223.xxx   that cant be good, especially since they are on the side walk
2007_10_22_18:32:00.820   076.178.104.xxx   but there is barley any wind
2007_10_22_18:32:04.639   209.033.063.xxx   Happy Birthday Paul!
2007_10_22_18:32:32.340   072.066.013.xxx   CORN BREAD HOT FROM THE OVEN
2007_10_22_18:32:36.114   068.238.035.xxx   would you like to play a game?
2007_10_22_18:32:37.225   076.178.104.xxx   hey look there was an arm to the lower right
2007_10_22_18:32:45.017   082.011.145.xxx   how cool are these decorations guys,wot a man alek!!,well done x
2007_10_22_18:32:53.100   068.223.027.xxx   alex where can i get a firecraker for X10 controls?
2007_10_22_18:33:17.257   068.238.035.xxx   stop looking at me little boy
2007_10_22_18:33:31.658   082.011.145.xxx   lol
2007_10_22_18:33:35.081   076.088.097.xxx   Rocktober
2007_10_22_18:33:38.520   068.223.027.xxx   that was mean!!
2007_10_22_18:33:56.820   068.238.035.xxx   no, it was funny
2007_10_22_18:34:18.382   076.088.097.xxx   Where are my Rockies tickets?
2007_10_22_18:34:21.190   068.223.027.xxx   no it wasnt say your sorry
2007_10_22_18:34:57.298   068.238.035.xxx   who am I apologizing to?
2007_10_22_18:35:19.040   068.223.027.xxx   where is the boy?
2007_10_22_18:35:45.698   068.238.035.xxx   I'm so sorry...love, your computer
2007_10_22_18:35:52.180   082.011.145.xxx   there he is lol (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_22_18:35:54.189   068.223.027.xxx   There You Are
2007_10_22_18:36:40.561   066.227.136.xxx   Happy New Year Mary Cristmass Alek
2007_10_22_18:36:54.128   068.223.027.xxx   Hey Wheres Dirk
2007_10_22_18:38:07.518   068.238.035.xxx   I just saw a ghost dressed as a little boy!
2007_10_22_18:38:09.500   068.223.027.xxx   your son is Cute!!!
2007_10_22_18:38:11.355   068.037.214.xxx   there's some crud on the lens
2007_10_22_18:38:39.436   068.223.027.xxx   your son is cute
2007_10_22_18:39:03.983   082.011.145.xxx   such a cheeky smile lol (11)
2007_10_22_18:40:12.473   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I got skunked on Rockies tickets also today - major fubar! ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_18:40:52.632   082.011.145.xxx   well guys im off to my bed now,its late here x (12)
2007_10_22_18:45:31.167   068.194.244.xxx   THIS ALEX HAVING SOME DIFFICULTY WITH THE  Controls
2007_10_22_18:46:28.160   068.037.214.xxx   laptop out?
2007_10_22_18:46:59.137   068.037.214.xxx   ah, just sleeping
2007_10_22_18:47:04.150   068.194.244.xxx   alex high
2007_10_22_18:48:47.655   024.231.205.xxx   hi from midland michigan
2007_10_22_18:53:16.942   024.231.205.xxx   hi from midland michigan
2007_10_22_18:53:46.701   024.231.205.xxx   this is very kool
2007_10_22_18:55:06.591   024.231.205.xxx   do you do this at christman time as well
2007_10_22_18:55:40.296   024.231.205.xxx   lol
2007_10_22_18:56:48.255   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** This is the warmup for Christmas - D'OH!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_18:57:20.571   024.231.205.xxx   lol wooww
2007_10_22_18:57:59.745   024.231.205.xxx   tell me why you let people do this to your lights
2007_10_22_18:58:43.170   067.035.015.xxx   cuz he's cool like that
2007_10_22_18:58:58.922   024.231.205.xxx   lol
2007_10_22_18:59:07.108   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Have fun ... and raise awareness/money for Celiac Disease - my kids have this ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_19:00:03.872   024.231.205.xxx   what is  that
2007_10_22_19:00:49.917   067.035.015.xxx   OMG WHAT IS THAT!!??!??
2007_10_22_19:01:42.135   067.035.015.xxx   Hi, I'm laptop.
2007_10_22_19:01:46.533   070.238.202.xxx   What are you doing the the laptop alek??
2007_10_22_19:02:56.127   024.231.205.xxx   HI !!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_22_19:02:58.306   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Old laptop kept going black - lets try this one! ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_19:03:00.519   068.037.214.xxx   looks like a different laptop
2007_10_22_19:03:56.028   070.238.202.xxx   What brand/make is this one?
2007_10_22_19:07:00.314   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** IBM Thinkpad Laptop ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_19:08:13.647   024.181.040.xxx   hi dude (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_22_19:10:30.195   066.227.136.xxx   wave
2007_10_22_19:12:45.213   066.041.251.xxx   ahhhhhh
2007_10_22_19:13:10.892   066.041.251.xxx   jessica cox is hot
2007_10_22_19:13:19.217   070.049.137.xxx   wtf?
2007_10_22_19:13:37.893   066.041.251.xxx   jessica cox is hot
2007_10_22_19:13:51.819   070.049.137.xxx   No she isn't
2007_10_22_19:14:43.050   066.041.251.xxx   i love u jessica
2007_10_22_19:15:14.050   024.146.001.xxx   space.
2007_10_22_19:15:59.996   024.146.001.xxx   space.
2007_10_22_19:16:11.427   066.041.251.xxx   i love u Jessica!
2007_10_22_19:17:20.666   012.192.114.xxx   i love you matty!!!
2007_10_22_19:17:49.267   066.041.251.xxx   ___kisses___
2007_10_22_19:18:21.017   066.041.251.xxx   hehe, lets =p
2007_10_22_19:19:00.985   012.192.114.xxx   hey bay bay
2007_10_22_19:20:42.609   012.192.114.xxx   pj'pdoajfpkosjdfpoasdfpkasdjf___laksdfpoakwe___lfka'wpokef'l___mwd'fopak'edlf__
2007_10_22_19:20:58.306   066.041.251.xxx   corona s****
2007_10_22_19:27:07.703   024.231.205.xxx   lmao (11)
2007_10_22_19:31:41.146   024.231.205.xxx   lmao again (12)
2007_10_22_19:32:50.087   070.049.137.xxx   way cool
2007_10_22_19:33:13.381   024.231.205.xxx   such dirty people (13)
2007_10_22_19:33:14.520   024.164.184.xxx   ha, now its coors light
2007_10_22_19:35:21.205   024.164.184.xxx   aahhh, relaxation
2007_10_22_19:36:58.679   024.164.184.xxx   see ya everyone
2007_10_22_19:37:03.287   067.049.072.xxx   pop
2007_10_22_19:46:35.127   075.177.013.xxx   howdy
2007_10_22_19:49:13.966   200.122.087.xxx   alek, halloween map shows my IP 200Km far away
2007_10_22_19:49:38.105   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Anybody else try to buy Rockies tickets today - major bummer! :-( ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_19:50:40.773   024.231.205.xxx   no lol so i was wondering what that celiac disease is (14)
2007_10_22_19:51:45.209   070.021.158.xxx   wow neat..black house
2007_10_22_19:53:16.310   024.231.205.xxx   leave the lights on (15)
2007_10_22_19:54:23.075   072.066.013.xxx   how do you control the guy in the picture?
2007_10_22_19:54:23.737   148.166.073.xxx   Hopefully they beat the sox
2007_10_22_19:55:01.515   024.231.205.xxx   the guy in the pcitures is real dumb dumb (16)
2007_10_22_19:55:38.643   024.231.205.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa***s (17)
2007_10_22_19:59:47.175   068.092.100.xxx   ooOoOOoOOOooOOo
2007_10_22_20:00:27.739   072.066.013.xxx   lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllw
2007_10_22_20:00:34.359   148.166.073.xxx   where are you guys from? _______________
2007_10_22_20:00:53.476   024.231.205.xxx   ALEK: leave franeinstien alone (18)
2007_10_22_20:00:54.309   072.066.013.xxx   mars
2007_10_22_20:01:24.775   148.166.073.xxx   cool :)
2007_10_22_20:01:32.305   024.231.205.xxx   Frankenstein (19)
2007_10_22_20:02:00.984   024.231.205.xxx   ALEK: thank you (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_22_20:02:12.673   072.066.013.xxx   thats steen
2007_10_22_20:03:10.253   024.231.205.xxx   ALEK: alright michigan see ya in three minutes Sorry but x10 controls off for t (21)
2007_10_22_20:03:44.938   024.231.205.xxx   NNNNOOOOOOOO im from midland michigan (22)
2007_10_22_20:05:37.070   024.231.205.xxx   Please leave Frankenstein ALONE ! ! ! ! too much time on ground (23)
2007_10_22_20:15:24.668   024.231.205.xxx   alek Frankenstein leans to the right alot (24)
2007_10_22_20:18:36.899   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, he's a little lopsided - too much beer! ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_20:19:07.181   024.231.205.xxx   lmbo (25)
2007_10_22_20:22:48.098   058.104.137.xxx   hello :)
2007_10_22_20:23:46.460   024.231.205.xxx   alek is christams a go for this year (26)
2007_10_22_20:32:54.499   072.038.238.xxx   sarah kicks a**
2007_10_22_20:33:42.046   071.028.211.xxx   I'm going to live in your driveway
2007_10_22_20:34:13.133   067.160.092.xxx   this is pretty cool!  Can't wait for Christmas!
2007_10_22_20:35:03.331   072.038.238.xxx   sarah kicks a**
2007_10_22_20:35:32.835   072.038.238.xxx   all hail the great pumpkinQ
2007_10_22_20:36:25.761   071.028.211.xxx   I bow to the uber nerd.
2007_10_22_20:37:58.044   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll take uber nerd a compliment - thanks!  (Christmas is a GO for this year) ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_20:38:58.889   071.028.211.xxx   nice Pic on FM btw
2007_10_22_20:39:43.369   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - there's a tight time-window when the light is just right ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_20:41:57.246   071.195.218.xxx   Feeling honored that Alek speaking to us...
2007_10_22_20:43:54.673   071.109.219.xxx   Is that Alek in the background?
2007_10_22_20:44:10.043   068.252.244.xxx   Will the Rockie ball setup be recorded for a time-lapse?
2007_10_22_20:44:55.038   071.028.211.xxx   you need to tie the location coordinates into Google Earth
2007_10_22_20:46:25.070   074.126.066.xxx   greg stinks
2007_10_22_20:46:59.717   071.109.219.xxx   Well if thats Alek, he is handsome
2007_10_22_20:47:45.830   071.195.218.xxx   LOL, I know you saw that Alek.
2007_10_22_20:47:49.419   071.109.219.xxx   GO Rockies!
2007_10_22_20:48:33.270   071.028.211.xxx   what do i press to transform your house into robot
2007_10_22_20:48:37.111   071.109.219.xxx   Darned Cubs
2007_10_22_20:50:10.282   024.018.252.xxx   My Noah just discovered the joy of overloading his own command. :)
2007_10_22_20:51:07.578   071.028.211.xxx   How do i make house transform into giant robot?
2007_10_22_20:51:17.717   071.109.219.xxx   168 people viewing this site? wow!
2007_10_22_20:53:36.162   071.109.219.xxx   Captain Morgan sitting by the clock
2007_10_22_20:54:50.885   071.109.219.xxx   Well thanks for a really cool site!
2007_10_22_20:57:33.795   024.181.040.xxx   hi (11)
2007_10_22_20:58:13.285   024.181.040.xxx   why is their beer right there (12)
2007_10_22_20:58:20.789   069.043.065.xxx   geisheck is god
2007_10_22_20:59:19.529   024.181.040.xxx   is you see this right back or laugh or somithing (13)
2007_10_22_21:00:00.161   024.181.040.xxx   laugh (14)
2007_10_22_21:00:14.990   071.238.054.xxx   ello people
2007_10_22_21:00:38.417   024.181.040.xxx   alek laugh (15)
2007_10_22_21:01:13.242   024.181.040.xxx   wave alek (16)
2007_10_22_21:03:18.387   024.181.040.xxx   hello (17)
2007_10_22_21:03:39.882   071.238.054.xxx   what button turn off laprop
2007_10_22_21:04:21.586   024.181.040.xxx   why do you want the labtop of (18)
2007_10_22_21:04:24.184   071.238.054.xxx   what button turn off laptop - better spelling
2007_10_22_21:05:09.690   024.181.040.xxx   why do you want the labtop off (19)
2007_10_22_21:05:54.943   071.238.054.xxx   for the fun  of it
2007_10_22_21:06:06.038   024.181.040.xxx   lol (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_22_21:07:24.778   024.181.040.xxx   lo lol lol lol lol lol (21)
2007_10_22_21:09:56.768   024.181.040.xxx   alek needs to change the music (22)
2007_10_22_21:11:11.108   208.027.031.xxx   Good bye
2007_10_22_21:14:04.182   074.202.044.xxx   This is so cool
2007_10_22_21:14:48.164   074.202.044.xxx   good job!
2007_10_22_21:16:45.537   071.238.054.xxx   nice new color and fix on im thing... Need deflate homer button
2007_10_22_21:17:30.995   071.238.054.xxx   woopsie mean deflate hulk
2007_10_22_21:24:58.447   075.086.241.xxx   I deflated Homer. Sorry about that.
2007_10_22_21:27:03.862   075.086.241.xxx   Unhandled Exception 0xC********
2007_10_22_21:31:11.879   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK not deflatable!!!  (thanks for compliment on new colors) ***ALEK***
2007_10_22_21:36:40.614   074.014.066.xxx   i love shuk
2007_10_22_21:37:01.855   068.253.051.xxx   I love you all
2007_10_22_21:37:26.742   075.086.241.xxx   WOOWOOWO****02___
2007_10_22_21:38:07.874   074.014.066.xxx   herman is g**
2007_10_22_21:38:40.134   068.253.051.xxx   Stumpy loves the c_________
2007_10_22_21:39:11.652   068.253.051.xxx   christmas that is
2007_10_22_21:39:49.791   074.014.066.xxx   w*****
2007_10_22_21:39:55.431   068.253.051.xxx   Call Duke at 1-800-WOOD
2007_10_22_21:40:40.902   068.253.051.xxx   Call Duke at XXX-XXX-XXXX
2007_10_22_21:41:02.936   074.014.066.xxx   w*****
2007_10_22_21:41:10.893   068.253.051.xxx   Merry Halloween
2007_10_22_21:41:48.679   068.253.051.xxx   Is this BIG enough for you?
2007_10_22_21:42:15.858   068.252.244.xxx   Come on people, this is a family site...
2007_10_22_21:43:06.887   068.253.051.xxx   Booooooooooo
2007_10_22_21:44:00.062   068.252.244.xxx   Hulk doesn't like disrespectful people
2007_10_22_21:45:01.939   068.253.051.xxx   Sorry Hulk
2007_10_22_21:45:11.045   074.014.066.xxx   hulkcan suk it
2007_10_22_21:45:27.898   068.253.051.xxx   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_22_21:45:54.640   074.014.066.xxx   sorry Hulk
2007_10_22_21:46:58.050   068.253.051.xxx   (======== (11)
2007_10_22_21:47:28.461   074.014.066.xxx   8-
2007_10_22_21:47:57.958   074.014.066.xxx   8-----
2007_10_22_21:49:39.056   068.252.244.xxx   Hulk will stomp on you puny humans
2007_10_22_21:50:07.525   069.212.039.xxx   ronpaul hope for america!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_22_21:51:49.471   069.212.039.xxx   I hope those people in california are ok !
2007_10_22_21:52:15.762   098.204.014.xxx   Alek, This is SOO awesome
2007_10_22_21:53:54.932   216.021.188.xxx   Hello From Indiana
2007_10_22_21:54:18.398   098.204.014.xxx   -pop-
2007_10_22_21:54:19.733   069.212.039.xxx   hello indiana
2007_10_22_21:54:38.006   216.021.188.xxx   where are you from?
2007_10_22_21:55:02.276   098.204.014.xxx   NOrthern VA
2007_10_22_21:55:44.031   216.021.188.xxx   Cool!!! Hope you had a great day!

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