679 halloween text messages on 2007/1023

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,035 times that day including 1,433 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1023

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_23_17:46:22.911   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning on early for the BoingBoing crowd ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_17:46:59.579   065.030.054.xxx   hahahaha! this is cool
2007_10_23_17:47:01.182   068.058.104.xxx   yo yo yo
2007_10_23_17:47:35.605   068.058.104.xxx   wave for the camera!
2007_10_23_17:47:50.634   067.055.016.xxx   cheese sprinkles
2007_10_23_17:48:21.254   086.129.159.xxx   dude
2007_10_23_17:48:52.744   086.129.159.xxx   how u doing ?
2007_10_23_17:49:10.719   068.058.104.xxx   this isn't real, is it?
2007_10_23_17:49:15.916   079.065.013.xxx   krissy neillie shout out from scotland:)
2007_10_23_17:49:47.983   068.058.104.xxx   ____________ hey look, i'm a dork!
2007_10_23_17:49:52.660   086.129.159.xxx   no and i think its to slow as well ?
2007_10_23_17:50:25.134   079.065.013.xxx   this guy loves his holidays:P
2007_10_23_17:50:31.451   068.058.104.xxx   this is just superimposed text, isn't it?
2007_10_23_17:50:45.983   072.221.079.xxx   Nice work thanks !!
2007_10_23_17:50:46.139   086.129.159.xxx   yer
2007_10_23_17:50:47.044   076.178.104.xxx   whats boing boing?
2007_10_23_17:51:07.991   079.065.013.xxx   daft punk rule the world
2007_10_23_17:51:19.066   076.178.104.xxx   wow 127 vewing- nevermind....
2007_10_23_17:51:39.001   069.221.153.xxx   im here from akron
2007_10_23_17:51:49.162   076.178.104.xxx   135
2007_10_23_17:52:13.165   068.058.104.xxx   hi, alek
2007_10_23_17:52:27.058   079.065.013.xxx   ware r u guys watching from
2007_10_23_17:52:44.860   072.221.079.xxx   Rhode Island
2007_10_23_17:53:03.895   068.058.104.xxx   indiana
2007_10_23_17:53:08.041   024.231.205.xxx   midland michigan
2007_10_23_17:53:10.134   079.065.013.xxx   its 1 oclock in the morning here in united kingdom, scotland
2007_10_23_17:53:29.395   076.017.121.xxx   blahblahblah
2007_10_23_17:53:33.291   024.231.205.xxx   go to bed
2007_10_23_17:53:43.244   069.221.153.xxx   wow you even have people from UK watching
2007_10_23_17:53:47.893   072.221.079.xxx   7:52 PM in the us RHODE ISLAND
2007_10_23_17:54:13.816   086.129.159.xxx   yer its 00.53am in the mornig in london
2007_10_23_17:54:17.353   079.065.013.xxx   yeah this site looked pretty kool so i thought id stay up and watch lol
2007_10_23_17:54:19.502   088.104.145.xxx   UK, 1AM. This is funny sh___t
2007_10_23_17:54:50.490   076.178.104.xxx   which ded?
2007_10_23_17:54:54.873   072.221.079.xxx   I think I like this more than the Kids ___)
2007_10_23_17:54:55.915   079.065.013.xxx   u think the dude can see us, hey man give us a wave
2007_10_23_17:55:18.645   076.178.104.xxx   yyaayy
2007_10_23_17:55:26.479   079.065.013.xxx   u rock :P:P
2007_10_23_17:55:28.986   072.221.079.xxx   lol
2007_10_23_17:55:28.836   071.184.214.xxx   Mattapoisett Ma
2007_10_23_17:55:29.584   086.129.159.xxx   yer i think he nows we are here
2007_10_23_17:55:35.030   069.221.153.xxx   I think he can see you... he just gave a high five
2007_10_23_17:55:40.749   072.090.097.xxx   This is farking crazy. Thank you Boing Boing!
2007_10_23_17:55:41.104   024.231.205.xxx   lets see what it looks like all light up
2007_10_23_17:55:44.480   076.017.121.xxx   PBR rocks.
2007_10_23_17:55:46.918   076.178.104.xxx   share some with me!!!!
2007_10_23_17:55:55.234   079.065.013.xxx   a nice chilling beer
2007_10_23_17:56:03.330   072.221.079.xxx   his taste in beer is wrong
2007_10_23_17:56:26.162   146.115.030.xxx   has cheezburger?
2007_10_23_17:56:27.882   079.065.013.xxx   budweiser all the way (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_17:56:27.951   072.221.079.xxx   lol
2007_10_23_17:56:35.987   086.129.159.xxx   yer
2007_10_23_17:57:10.510   146.115.030.xxx   lol catz
2007_10_23_17:57:13.289   069.221.153.xxx   who is in front of the garage? Are they controllable too?
2007_10_23_17:57:16.243   079.065.013.xxx   any of u guys love daft punk, you americans are so lucky they are touring :( (11)
2007_10_23_17:57:40.247   072.221.079.xxx   lol no cant control the people
2007_10_23_17:57:44.425   086.129.159.xxx   theres is about 154 pepple on this website cool dam
2007_10_23_17:57:56.485   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife and a friend are chatting in front of garage - could be a while! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_17:58:15.633   079.065.013.xxx   hey dude, u should leave us a message for your viewers (12)
2007_10_23_17:58:19.853   076.178.104.xxx   is the witch dead?
2007_10_23_17:58:39.514   086.129.159.xxx   get them to do someing
2007_10_23_17:58:44.476   069.221.153.xxx   hi ray
2007_10_23_17:58:52.129   072.090.097.xxx   What does all of this do to your electric bill???
2007_10_23_17:59:01.099   076.178.104.xxx   nice hat alek
2007_10_23_17:59:06.177   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Closeup on webcam1 of the chatting ladies ... don't tell my wife I did this! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_17:59:08.223   024.147.239.xxx   hello!
2007_10_23_17:59:11.994   065.005.214.xxx   VERY NEAT Web site!!!!
2007_10_23_17:59:15.488   086.129.159.xxx   it must cost a lot (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_17:59:21.166   069.221.153.xxx   good night alek and ty
2007_10_23_17:59:39.292   079.065.013.xxx   the cameras itself must cost a lot (13)
2007_10_23_17:59:40.063   209.189.246.xxx   awsome house
2007_10_23_18:00:26.936   079.065.013.xxx   i cant wait for your christmas decorations (14)
2007_10_23_18:01:11.336   076.178.104.xxx   approaching 170 captain!
2007_10_23_18:01:15.584   072.221.079.xxx   i feeling sick looking at that beer can
2007_10_23_18:01:34.836   079.065.013.xxx   i could go a good beer (15)
2007_10_23_18:01:52.400   072.221.079.xxx   getting sicker (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_18:02:01.022   064.040.216.xxx   Did you get my email?
2007_10_23_18:02:50.639   075.036.185.xxx   I love it! Thanks!
2007_10_23_18:03:14.685   024.231.205.xxx   Alek i love this site change the music tho
2007_10_23_18:03:22.782   072.226.238.xxx   Hi from western NY. Thanks for this.
2007_10_23_18:03:38.401   074.222.153.xxx   What music?
2007_10_23_18:04:04.136   079.065.013.xxx   the adams family (16)
2007_10_23_18:04:44.532   079.065.013.xxx   lol u just refreshed the site:O (17)
2007_10_23_18:04:52.252   065.005.214.xxx   Too Cool, Thanks for the web site.... Good luck to your family
2007_10_23_18:05:33.729   074.222.153.xxx   This really is amazing!
2007_10_23_18:05:59.821   065.005.214.xxx   You have been bOING bOING'ed
2007_10_23_18:06:01.272   068.054.145.xxx   this is cool
2007_10_23_18:06:17.073   079.065.013.xxx   well guys im off to bed it was great seeing this (18)
2007_10_23_18:06:40.500   064.040.216.xxx   server errors
2007_10_23_18:06:56.030   024.231.205.xxx   yea adams family it gets annoying aftr awiel
2007_10_23_18:07:10.206   074.132.203.xxx   Hey man
2007_10_23_18:07:41.383   074.193.034.xxx   hulk will crush
2007_10_23_18:07:53.108   074.132.203.xxx   Hello from West Lafayette, Indiana!
2007_10_23_18:08:16.432   074.193.034.xxx   riding the boing boing gravy train
2007_10_23_18:08:36.625   024.231.205.xxx   I have vistied 221 times me and my friends love it
2007_10_23_18:08:44.173   064.040.216.xxx   Rise from the dead Homer   DOH!
2007_10_23_18:10:49.188   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for bringing Homer back to life - now Frankenstein! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_18:12:25.500   064.040.216.xxx   Frankie looks like he has the bends
2007_10_23_18:16:18.188   066.227.136.xxx   Hi wave Alke
2007_10_23_18:16:50.657   064.040.216.xxx   lol
2007_10_23_18:16:55.418   066.227.136.xxx   Marry cristmass
2007_10_23_18:17:13.895   067.190.029.xxx   Wooo scary
2007_10_23_18:18:25.297   024.222.013.xxx   helloa1
2007_10_23_18:19:12.321   071.244.039.xxx   jashin-sama
2007_10_23_18:20:53.480   068.100.202.xxx   I hate the Rockies.
2007_10_23_18:21:16.759   071.244.039.xxx   I love the Rockies.
2007_10_23_18:21:40.978   139.130.036.xxx   Hello from Sydney Australia
2007_10_23_18:22:07.797   099.250.006.xxx   j00 momma wuz here
2007_10_23_18:22:12.216   066.227.136.xxx   Marry cristmass
2007_10_23_18:22:32.796   071.244.039.xxx   ___christmas
2007_10_23_18:24:51.771   071.244.039.xxx   uryuu
2007_10_23_18:25:26.751   068.058.104.xxx   hi corey and ashley
2007_10_23_18:25:43.512   064.236.243.xxx   corey and ashley are nerds!
2007_10_23_18:25:53.427   059.101.117.xxx   greetings from australia
2007_10_23_18:26:20.161   064.236.243.xxx   australia needs sun screen!
2007_10_23_18:26:56.958   059.101.117.xxx   it's cloudy today in wollongong, my town, anyway.
2007_10_23_18:27:03.808   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Down Under Surfers! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_18:27:19.593   068.058.104.xxx   whoever wrote that message is a nerd too!
2007_10_23_18:27:45.818   059.101.117.xxx   you say "nerd" like it's a bad thing.
2007_10_23_18:28:15.723   070.169.172.xxx   Greetings from Junction City, Kansas :)
2007_10_23_18:28:20.663   075.003.249.xxx   I like Cheese!
2007_10_23_18:28:35.897   064.236.243.xxx   corey and ashley love cheese!
2007_10_23_18:28:59.002   074.139.096.xxx   Hi, from Green Valley, Illinois
2007_10_23_18:29:17.838   075.003.249.xxx   I can't wait until Cheese Friday!
2007_10_23_18:29:30.257   091.022.097.xxx   hulk sez browser not crash, hulk likes
2007_10_23_18:30:08.856   091.022.097.xxx   hulk sez sql injection more mighty than puny website '___"
2007_10_23_18:30:09.967   068.058.104.xxx   jhhbfdwqssefgh (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_18:31:01.184   075.030.122.xxx   hulk smash
2007_10_23_18:31:17.817   068.058.104.xxx   boo (11)
2007_10_23_18:31:48.141   068.058.104.xxx   ashley says boo (12)
2007_10_23_18:31:52.804   091.022.097.xxx   Hulk angry Google Blogoscoped is red not green
2007_10_23_18:32:10.546   099.250.006.xxx   ITS TOO DARK I'M SCARED
2007_10_23_18:32:11.873   066.084.115.xxx   A**, the ultimat "I'm Bored Site" has returned
2007_10_23_18:32:43.852   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Blogoscoped is SMASHING site in Hulk's opinion! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_18:32:44.659   066.084.115.xxx   that was supposed to be ahh, not a______
2007_10_23_18:33:01.213   068.058.104.xxx   b***ooboov (13)
2007_10_23_18:33:34.732   091.022.097.xxx   Hulk feels like drinking Corona now
2007_10_23_18:33:46.222   068.058.104.xxx   wave to the camera! (14)
2007_10_23_18:34:14.039   064.236.243.xxx   hulk want s*  change
2007_10_23_18:35:00.299   064.236.243.xxx   hulk getting sick of adams family song
2007_10_23_18:35:42.141   091.022.097.xxx   hulk smash puny speakers
2007_10_23_18:36:33.831   064.236.243.xxx   HULK HATE MIDI
2007_10_23_18:37:11.192   064.236.243.xxx   HULK DO NOT SPEAK IN SERIF FONT!
2007_10_23_18:37:14.827   071.237.140.xxx   Hi there!
2007_10_23_18:37:30.455   068.058.104.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (15)
2007_10_23_18:37:55.288   024.008.177.xxx   crazy widgets
2007_10_23_18:39:02.593   024.136.020.xxx   great site!
2007_10_23_18:39:04.064   068.033.223.xxx   hola
2007_10_23_18:39:24.258   156.034.080.xxx   This hurts my eyes :)
2007_10_23_18:39:29.731   138.089.064.xxx   hello world
2007_10_23_18:40:30.335   071.237.140.xxx   I Love Ame
2007_10_23_18:40:36.377   142.103.044.xxx   matt wuz here
2007_10_23_18:41:33.703   066.244.111.xxx   Hello world
2007_10_23_18:42:28.043   068.220.251.xxx   hi from anniston, alabama
2007_10_23_18:42:47.983   066.244.111.xxx   Happy Halloween
2007_10_23_18:44:13.996   067.060.159.xxx   Happy Halloween from Roswell, NM !
2007_10_23_18:44:58.907   024.022.098.xxx   zoobomb.net
2007_10_23_18:45:31.743   064.012.117.xxx   Happy Halloween from Pa :)
2007_10_23_18:46:38.977   024.022.098.xxx   satan
2007_10_23_18:46:53.502   071.246.079.xxx   Happy Halloween from Baltimore, MD HON!
2007_10_23_18:47:05.378   024.022.098.xxx   f***
2007_10_23_18:47:28.408   131.215.220.xxx   Hi
2007_10_23_18:47:50.989   203.113.017.xxx   hi fern and jenny!
2007_10_23_18:48:02.004   024.022.098.xxx   404 PAGE CAN NOT BE DISPLAYED
2007_10_23_18:49:20.040   068.058.104.xxx   poop (16)
2007_10_23_18:49:26.194   076.204.088.xxx   Happy Halloween!!
2007_10_23_18:51:23.301   203.113.017.xxx   Beer me Marge
2007_10_23_18:53:54.669   066.227.136.xxx   63 dAYS TILL cIRSTMAS
2007_10_23_18:56:21.123   076.168.244.xxx   Does this work?
2007_10_23_18:58:34.736   076.168.244.xxx   I guess so!
2007_10_23_19:01:12.608   032.097.110.xxx   cool
2007_10_23_19:02:02.125   075.061.118.xxx   shoooo
2007_10_23_19:02:15.839   068.014.165.xxx   hi komar
2007_10_23_19:03:28.721   068.104.149.xxx   hey everyone
2007_10_23_19:03:47.211   075.072.191.xxx   LAWL
2007_10_23_19:04:31.090   068.104.149.xxx   happy happy happy
2007_10_23_19:05:15.373   075.072.191.xxx   Hello Sir!
2007_10_23_19:05:22.201   068.014.165.xxx   Turned on the webcams and X10 controls yesterday and as expected, there were a 
2007_10_23_19:05:38.058   068.104.149.xxx   on ice
2007_10_23_19:05:42.975   075.072.191.xxx   XD
2007_10_23_19:06:19.162   068.014.165.xxx   White Russian
2007_10_23_19:06:32.813   068.104.149.xxx   creamy and nICE
2007_10_23_19:07:33.803   150.253.091.xxx   hi jared!
2007_10_23_19:07:51.628   075.072.191.xxx   Hello Bethy!
2007_10_23_19:08:52.609   075.072.191.xxx   Please ignore the man behind the curtain
2007_10_23_19:09:14.913   068.104.149.xxx   he's on kahlua
2007_10_23_19:09:27.508   067.071.049.xxx   Bono, Is that You??
2007_10_23_19:09:33.805   068.211.129.xxx   where are the kids??
2007_10_23_19:10:43.391   075.072.191.xxx   HULK SMASH!
2007_10_23_19:11:10.121   071.113.153.xxx   OMG AWESUM!
2007_10_23_19:11:28.494   068.211.129.xxx   I love KYLE!!!
2007_10_23_19:12:25.621   068.104.149.xxx   HULK LOVE LITTLE BUDDIES!!!
2007_10_23_19:12:41.427   076.178.104.xxx   mmmmmm kahlua..... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_19:12:53.079   068.104.149.xxx   GRRRRRRR!!!!!
2007_10_23_19:13:06.193   204.156.157.xxx   hi hulk
2007_10_23_19:13:19.410   068.211.129.xxx   I love WENDY!!!
2007_10_23_19:13:25.428   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Black Russian with a splash of Bailer's is also good! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_19:13:31.432   074.226.075.xxx   merry christmas
2007_10_23_19:13:39.773   075.072.191.xxx   I can has Kaluah?!
2007_10_23_19:13:57.246   068.104.149.xxx   GOOD!!!
2007_10_23_19:15:01.485   065.121.015.xxx   sweet!!!
2007_10_23_19:15:25.177   066.227.136.xxx   aLEK 63 dAYS TILL CRISTMASS
2007_10_23_19:15:29.078   068.122.011.xxx   Wow!
2007_10_23_19:15:43.415   150.253.091.xxx   you should probably ask me out
2007_10_23_19:16:03.949   076.178.104.xxx   wow 200 + veiwers.... (11)
2007_10_23_19:16:22.360   065.121.015.xxx   Beats work
2007_10_23_19:16:56.815   075.072.191.xxx   i m in yr machine txting yr haloween
2007_10_23_19:17:04.613   066.082.009.xxx   This is neat
2007_10_23_19:17:23.708   068.122.011.xxx   Hello
2007_10_23_19:17:29.627   066.227.136.xxx   E****_10_23_19:15:43.**** text & return to see real-time o
2007_10_23_19:17:52.770   076.178.104.xxx   alek why do you put stuff to block your monitors? (12)
2007_10_23_19:17:57.669   066.082.009.xxx   BOO
2007_10_23_19:18:24.940   068.122.011.xxx   Hello everyone!
2007_10_23_19:18:35.558   074.128.085.xxx   this is one of the awesomest things ever.
2007_10_23_19:18:42.117   068.104.149.xxx   HEY!!!
2007_10_23_19:19:05.786   065.121.015.xxx   Why is this so amusing?  I'm transfixed
2007_10_23_19:19:06.280   071.113.153.xxx   I ___3 David _______
2007_10_23_19:19:30.095   148.061.222.xxx   BEWARE OF THE AUGER!
2007_10_23_19:19:40.415   074.226.075.xxx   ILOVE WENDY!!!
2007_10_23_19:19:45.594   065.121.015.xxx   I'm transfixed...
2007_10_23_19:20:52.903   207.072.177.xxx   my mind is being blown.
2007_10_23_19:21:25.113   065.121.015.xxx   Behold the promise of the internet!
2007_10_23_19:21:31.656   064.012.117.xxx   Good Night everyone from Camp Hill Pa
2007_10_23_19:22:19.490   065.121.015.xxx   One dancing hamster from perfection.
2007_10_23_19:23:03.244   065.121.015.xxx   Back to boingboing, keep it up.
2007_10_23_19:23:20.118   067.166.153.xxx   greetings from the rubicon
2007_10_23_19:25:28.695   208.065.091.xxx   for it is a human number...
2007_10_23_19:25:45.391   148.061.222.xxx   Vote Colbert ****!!!!!111!!
2007_10_23_19:27:17.046   024.247.149.xxx   COW
2007_10_23_19:27:54.599   024.247.149.xxx   This is insane
2007_10_23_19:28:31.984   069.143.086.xxx   lol b***ie
2007_10_23_19:28:58.158   069.143.086.xxx   Woah, thats crazy
2007_10_23_19:29:09.892   024.247.149.xxx   Nice job on the decorations
2007_10_23_19:29:40.669   069.143.086.xxx   lol b***ie
2007_10_23_19:30:37.792   069.143.086.xxx   Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your ears
2007_10_23_19:31:31.470   069.143.086.xxx   (This shakespear quote brought to you coutesy of  coffee, wake up early!)
2007_10_23_19:31:37.273   068.104.149.xxx   9 and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie..... (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_19:31:49.420   063.249.110.xxx   pingy pingy
2007_10_23_19:31:53.843   024.247.149.xxx   gross
2007_10_23_19:32:12.995   069.143.086.xxx   Queer as Folk (UK) Watch it!
2007_10_23_19:32:47.927   069.143.086.xxx   Can you see these Mr. Computer man?
2007_10_23_19:33:26.228   069.143.086.xxx   Give us a thumbs up if you can! ___3
2007_10_23_19:33:55.894   024.210.124.xxx   ahhh
2007_10_23_19:33:58.314   069.143.086.xxx   Don't pick your nose =(
2007_10_23_19:34:24.292   068.104.149.xxx   thumbs      are          weak (11)
2007_10_23_19:34:45.000   069.143.086.xxx   THUMBS ARE MIGHTY FOOL (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_19:34:47.681   024.210.124.xxx   hi mom
2007_10_23_19:35:03.472   068.104.149.xxx   mom says hi (12)
2007_10_23_19:35:21.689   024.210.124.xxx   lvoe you mom
2007_10_23_19:35:31.035   069.143.086.xxx   Hey from westminster, MD =) (11)
2007_10_23_19:35:36.582   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I wasn't picking my nose - just had an itch!    ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_19:35:41.386   068.104.149.xxx   lvoe you too (13)
2007_10_23_19:35:57.966   069.143.086.xxx   Oh, I see. (12)
2007_10_23_19:36:07.384   216.205.234.xxx   Vote for Billary!
2007_10_23_19:36:34.511   024.210.124.xxx   d'oh
2007_10_23_19:37:02.038   069.143.086.xxx   COLBERT 08' (13)
2007_10_23_19:37:15.930   068.104.149.xxx   duhhhh (14)
2007_10_23_19:37:21.483   216.205.234.xxx   Rosoff Down!
2007_10_23_19:37:57.874   069.143.086.xxx   COLBERT 08' (14)
2007_10_23_19:38:28.574   216.205.234.xxx   Rosoff Down!!!!!!
2007_10_23_19:38:42.942   069.143.086.xxx   Well, this was fun, I think I may have a drive by sometime to see how crazy you (15)
2007_10_23_19:38:52.812   024.210.124.xxx   Hello
2007_10_23_19:39:05.306   076.193.183.xxx   I Love You!
2007_10_23_19:39:29.342   024.210.124.xxx   Zach Martin at Fairmont State loves men
2007_10_23_19:39:50.257   068.104.149.xxx   knew that (15)
2007_10_23_19:40:16.490   216.205.234.xxx   ROSOFF DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_23_19:41:12.937   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK for President!!! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_19:41:24.196   024.210.124.xxx   Colby Loves men
2007_10_23_19:41:45.419   068.107.108.xxx   Hulk can have hallowwen?
2007_10_23_19:42:09.334   024.210.124.xxx   304-368-****
2007_10_23_19:42:20.789   068.107.108.xxx   i saw that dude!
2007_10_23_19:42:22.055   068.104.149.xxx   time for a change (16)
2007_10_23_19:42:39.266   024.210.124.xxx   368-****
2007_10_23_19:43:01.133   216.205.234.xxx   f***
2007_10_23_19:43:05.199   068.104.149.xxx   what's next or are you cutting us off (17)
2007_10_23_19:43:29.074   216.205.234.xxx   ROSOFF SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_23_19:43:40.977   024.210.124.xxx   i___3you (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_19:44:10.228   068.104.149.xxx   GODZILLA!!!!! (18)
2007_10_23_19:44:22.618   216.205.234.xxx   HI SNACKS
2007_10_23_19:44:38.765   068.104.149.xxx   HI (19)
2007_10_23_19:45:02.341   070.189.240.xxx   Magic Screen! Connect the dots!
2007_10_23_19:45:04.880   024.013.228.xxx   chhese
2007_10_23_19:45:46.710   128.122.180.xxx   boring
2007_10_23_19:46:03.503   024.210.124.xxx   mollymcc87 (11)
2007_10_23_19:46:20.235   068.164.202.xxx   YAY!
2007_10_23_19:46:57.000   068.107.108.xxx   hulk destroy SD fires
2007_10_23_19:46:58.056   070.189.240.xxx   Double your Hulk Double your Smash!
2007_10_23_19:47:25.279   068.011.135.xxx   AWESOME SITE!!!
2007_10_23_19:47:32.550   068.092.100.xxx   Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
2007_10_23_19:47:51.138   068.122.011.xxx   Move the hat please :o)
2007_10_23_19:48:54.455   068.122.011.xxx   Thank you!
2007_10_23_19:49:12.691   068.092.100.xxx   Buzz didn't stay long...
2007_10_23_19:49:15.703   068.107.108.xxx   this is the coolest ever
2007_10_23_19:49:48.952   068.092.100.xxx   Less Buzz, more Optimus Prime!
2007_10_23_19:51:42.580   068.062.141.xxx   Roll Tide!
2007_10_23_19:51:56.655   071.173.081.xxx   Red Sox.  Ooooo!   Scary!
2007_10_23_19:54:26.825   024.215.162.xxx   Hi Hi! thanks!
2007_10_23_19:54:42.080   068.011.135.xxx   Hello to the Forum and Stile
2007_10_23_19:56:46.786   024.019.234.xxx   Happy Halloween from Seattle!
2007_10_23_19:56:51.075   068.107.108.xxx   Homeland Security is watching.
2007_10_23_19:57:24.959   066.234.220.xxx   D'oH!
2007_10_23_19:57:31.594   068.104.149.xxx   :::::::::----- EYES (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_19:59:15.882   024.099.085.xxx   hamstercam
2007_10_23_19:59:46.762   068.104.149.xxx   guineapig cam (21)
2007_10_23_20:00:06.067   024.099.085.xxx   im trapped in an internet
2007_10_23_20:00:24.383   068.104.149.xxx   go towards the light (22)
2007_10_23_20:00:28.487   069.157.028.xxx   cool stuff!
2007_10_23_20:01:53.126   189.192.169.xxx   Wasup bros
2007_10_23_20:02:03.093   024.099.085.xxx   im here to find a wife
2007_10_23_20:02:30.161   068.104.149.xxx   goodluck (23)
2007_10_23_20:02:44.996   071.170.205.xxx   I'm here to find a beer
2007_10_23_20:03:31.696   024.099.085.xxx   hey mister lemme outta here
2007_10_23_20:04:08.878   071.170.205.xxx   To infinity and...oh to hell with it
2007_10_23_20:04:53.117   068.104.149.xxx   whatever (24)
2007_10_23_20:05:35.981   068.248.150.xxx   huh?
2007_10_23_20:05:55.101   068.104.149.xxx   what's with the lights (25)
2007_10_23_20:06:05.327   071.170.205.xxx   Hulk smashed!   Needs 12-step program.
2007_10_23_20:06:21.896   068.186.051.xxx   ZOMG THE PANTS
2007_10_23_20:06:38.977   024.099.085.xxx   looks like im trapped in a tv with a bunch of idiots again
2007_10_23_20:06:42.004   071.170.205.xxx   Wave if you love Jeebus.
2007_10_23_20:07:08.456   068.248.150.xxx   wave
2007_10_23_20:07:25.181   172.141.144.xxx   WombRaider says GTFO
2007_10_23_20:07:25.462   068.104.149.xxx   NO (26)
2007_10_23_20:07:37.881   068.248.150.xxx   whoa
2007_10_23_20:07:56.230   024.099.085.xxx   this tv is one one place where jesus cannot hear your prayers
2007_10_23_20:08:43.966   068.104.149.xxx   so talk louder (27)
2007_10_23_20:08:48.695   024.063.026.xxx   chigger chigger chigger chigger s*  nuts wallaby
2007_10_23_20:09:27.570   024.063.026.xxx   barts is a h***
2007_10_23_20:09:29.792   071.170.205.xxx   Go Rockies!
2007_10_23_20:10:40.300   068.252.244.xxx   Alek, you get Rockies tickets today?
2007_10_23_20:11:09.616   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I got skunked on Rockies tickets yesterday AND today!  :-( ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_20:11:20.698   068.248.150.xxx   satan loves you!
2007_10_23_20:11:20.884   076.175.233.xxx   i am iron man!!!!
2007_10_23_20:12:02.110   070.119.047.xxx   miss carson is hot
2007_10_23_20:12:28.172   075.064.211.xxx   i love ian cohoon
2007_10_23_20:12:31.379   068.248.150.xxx   MISSY TO YOU
2007_10_23_20:13:05.270   068.252.244.xxx   Buzz is blocking the laptop screen...
2007_10_23_20:13:28.601   075.064.211.xxx   i love you ian
2007_10_23_20:13:40.975   130.212.214.xxx   Boo!
2007_10_23_20:13:43.874   068.248.150.xxx   SATAN LOVES IAN
2007_10_23_20:14:10.930   075.064.211.xxx   want to go to argo?
2007_10_23_20:14:30.975   070.119.047.xxx   i just had tea, no thanks
2007_10_23_20:16:39.272   070.119.047.xxx   thank you
2007_10_23_20:16:44.725   130.212.214.xxx   Boo!
2007_10_23_20:17:39.436   067.162.208.xxx   JUU.ST
2007_10_23_20:18:13.456   075.064.211.xxx   here comes kelly
2007_10_23_20:18:36.336   067.162.208.xxx   MOO
2007_10_23_20:19:10.858   075.064.211.xxx   hi kelly g
2007_10_23_20:20:32.968   024.181.040.xxx   hi all
2007_10_23_20:20:51.796   075.081.159.xxx   foshizzle!
2007_10_23_20:20:52.671   067.162.208.xxx   MY NAME IS
2007_10_23_20:21:47.182   067.162.208.xxx   last.fm FTW
2007_10_23_20:21:58.715   071.231.074.xxx   Howdy, Aidan
2007_10_23_20:22:46.427   067.162.208.xxx   HI AIDAN
2007_10_23_20:23:54.523   069.086.089.xxx   hello
2007_10_23_20:24:34.541   067.162.208.xxx   MEHOLLA
2007_10_23_20:25:56.228   067.162.208.xxx   juu.st
2007_10_23_20:26:16.545   069.086.089.xxx   X10: ALL YOUR CIRCUITS ARE BELONG TO US
2007_10_23_20:28:27.851   067.162.208.xxx   s* Y BACK
2007_10_23_20:28:58.095   067.162.208.xxx   down with censorship!
2007_10_23_20:31:20.088   067.162.208.xxx   down with censorship! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_20:31:41.806   066.234.220.xxx   My baloney has a first name...
2007_10_23_20:31:57.336   067.162.208.xxx   IT's HOMER (11)
2007_10_23_20:32:56.206   086.018.062.xxx   so
2007_10_23_20:33:04.275   069.212.032.xxx   This is very cool!!!
2007_10_23_20:35:04.191   069.112.162.xxx   GO YOSEPH
2007_10_23_20:35:49.199   067.162.208.xxx   WTF FTW (12)
2007_10_23_20:36:25.362   069.112.162.xxx   this is awesome
2007_10_23_20:37:19.218   076.020.004.xxx   WIN
2007_10_23_20:37:57.023   069.112.162.xxx   this guy is awesome
2007_10_23_20:37:57.658   066.031.075.xxx   yay
2007_10_23_20:38:14.904   076.020.004.xxx   Y HALO THAR
2007_10_23_20:38:35.127   069.112.162.xxx   sup dude
2007_10_23_20:38:37.843   066.031.075.xxx   i like turtles
2007_10_23_20:38:43.083   091.138.021.xxx   d'oh
2007_10_23_20:39:22.867   066.031.075.xxx   i like turtles
2007_10_23_20:39:40.721   074.197.054.xxx   Send up the bomb!!
2007_10_23_20:39:43.137   067.162.208.xxx   I have a pet tortoise (13)
2007_10_23_20:39:47.165   067.055.016.xxx   turtles and cheese
2007_10_23_20:39:53.789   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK and HOMER are awesome too!!! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_20:40:04.633   069.112.162.xxx   how do you donate
2007_10_23_20:40:33.603   067.055.016.xxx   "click here to donate now"?
2007_10_23_20:40:50.134   024.045.026.xxx   i have a dog
2007_10_23_20:40:59.517   069.112.162.xxx   oh lol i didnt see that my bad
2007_10_23_20:41:51.309   129.219.181.xxx   this is so cool!
2007_10_23_20:42:29.591   067.162.208.xxx   HULK SMASH (14)
2007_10_23_20:42:35.545   129.219.181.xxx   where is this room located?
2007_10_23_20:43:09.240   072.198.007.xxx   all your base are belong to meee
2007_10_23_20:44:09.340   069.181.080.xxx   blah
2007_10_23_20:44:33.180   072.074.123.xxx   boinged!
2007_10_23_20:45:09.700   067.162.208.xxx   juu.st (15)
2007_10_23_20:46:40.105   024.181.040.xxx   hi al from valley alabama
2007_10_23_20:47:20.036   024.181.040.xxx   ___all
2007_10_23_20:47:33.567   072.198.007.xxx   hi shannon!!!
2007_10_23_20:48:30.723   072.198.007.xxx   salad
2007_10_23_20:49:22.315   066.234.220.xxx   what?
2007_10_23_20:50:12.754   024.000.178.xxx   yooooo.
2007_10_23_20:51:23.015   071.195.218.xxx   Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah - Everyone!!!
2007_10_23_20:52:41.714   066.234.220.xxx   Aloha! ... from concord, california
2007_10_23_20:52:44.985   200.168.169.xxx   Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil
2007_10_23_20:53:06.565   096.002.038.xxx   hello
2007_10_23_20:53:11.390   067.173.153.xxx   I love you, d***!
2007_10_23_20:54:49.970   067.173.153.xxx   I love you, Rich!
2007_10_23_20:55:20.591   024.193.188.xxx   Howdy, Seaniepants
2007_10_23_20:55:39.068   071.102.212.xxx   redrum is here
2007_10_23_20:55:50.130   066.234.220.xxx   There once was a man from nantucket...
2007_10_23_20:55:55.115   096.002.038.xxx   BOOOOOOOO
2007_10_23_20:56:25.706   071.102.212.xxx   whats up joe!
2007_10_23_20:57:08.562   096.002.038.xxx   not much fred
2007_10_23_20:57:10.298   071.102.212.xxx   king frederik was here
2007_10_23_20:58:15.911   071.037.097.xxx   Hello, b****es!
2007_10_23_20:58:45.177   071.037.097.xxx   I Love the internet!
2007_10_23_21:01:01.657   071.102.212.xxx   246 rules!!! terry is g**!
2007_10_23_21:03:21.338   067.187.149.xxx   hi there
2007_10_23_21:03:38.127   071.181.179.xxx   MasterShake will eats ur babies!1
2007_10_23_21:05:17.440   067.187.149.xxx   can you see this?
2007_10_23_21:05:46.651   067.187.149.xxx   can you see this?
2007_10_23_21:06:26.536   068.174.124.xxx   witz.org from new york city supports youse
2007_10_23_21:07:41.720   066.234.220.xxx   testing 1-2-3
2007_10_23_21:08:28.318   065.006.182.xxx   Buzz
2007_10_23_21:09:40.694   206.124.152.xxx   Thats alek!
2007_10_23_21:09:46.631   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's Mr. Lightyear to you 065.006.182.xxx ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_21:09:52.507   024.003.174.xxx   Acefire was here. (__________)___
2007_10_23_21:10:09.966   065.006.182.xxx   It looks like a human
2007_10_23_21:10:17.851   024.003.174.xxx   p****es. Lawlz.
2007_10_23_21:10:18.873   156.034.217.xxx   hello
2007_10_23_21:10:35.162   065.006.182.xxx   hi
2007_10_23_21:10:59.804   141.156.166.xxx   Howdy from Takoma Park, MD
2007_10_23_21:16:10.629   075.166.062.xxx   whats your carbon footprint?
2007_10_23_21:17:01.207   075.166.062.xxx   how much coal was burned for this mess?!
2007_10_23_21:17:26.920   065.006.182.xxx   all nuclear
2007_10_23_21:18:08.007   067.164.216.xxx   Uber Pwnage
2007_10_23_21:18:30.237   067.183.087.xxx   Louise
2007_10_23_21:19:01.110   075.166.062.xxx   embarassed neighbor - we arent all like this!
2007_10_23_21:19:12.653   075.024.077.xxx   wow!  This is great!   Thanks & happy Halloween
2007_10_23_21:19:37.513   069.117.188.xxx   greets from LI, NY
2007_10_23_21:19:44.594   067.164.216.xxx   f** fap f**
2007_10_23_21:19:55.145   067.183.087.xxx   Louise
2007_10_23_21:20:00.049   075.166.062.xxx   excess is best  - more US waste
2007_10_23_21:20:08.981   069.117.188.xxx   F Stile
2007_10_23_21:20:11.772   069.138.202.xxx   happy halloween
2007_10_23_21:20:45.899   067.164.216.xxx   Sacramento, CA
2007_10_23_21:20:53.733   075.166.062.xxx   think he is compensating for something?!
2007_10_23_21:24:19.084   024.219.122.xxx   for your bad attitude?!
2007_10_23_21:24:45.774   071.204.183.xxx   best wishes to your family
2007_10_23_21:24:54.907   208.120.014.xxx   Rockin'
2007_10_23_21:25:42.031   075.166.062.xxx   energy waste! turn it off
2007_10_23_21:26:31.795   076.215.081.xxx   Jackie Smash
2007_10_23_21:26:53.908   024.219.122.xxx   he is using wind generated electricity
2007_10_23_21:27:05.489   076.215.081.xxx   Donate money to Celiac Research please!
2007_10_23_21:27:12.624   075.166.062.xxx   white trash with too much money
2007_10_23_21:28:32.493   076.215.081.xxx   Be nice to Alek you big jerk
2007_10_23_21:28:57.297   024.219.122.xxx   i second that
2007_10_23_21:29:04.315   067.164.216.xxx   homer stays asleep
2007_10_23_21:29:11.475   068.043.077.xxx   Good idea, but I wouldn't be able to stand it all.
2007_10_23_21:29:53.025   075.166.062.xxx   please move you are embarasing!
2007_10_23_21:33:57.715   071.132.197.xxx   hiiiiiii
2007_10_23_21:34:18.189   072.210.064.xxx   the cake is a lie
2007_10_23_21:34:29.307   074.246.127.xxx   GO GATORS!
2007_10_23_21:34:41.100   075.166.062.xxx   turn off the lights we are trying to sleep!
2007_10_23_21:34:43.440   071.132.197.xxx   the cake is alive
2007_10_23_21:34:46.160   074.134.238.xxx   redrum!
2007_10_23_21:34:46.907   072.210.064.xxx   Go DAWGS!
2007_10_23_21:35:20.590   071.132.197.xxx   meerkat manor!!
2007_10_23_21:35:21.443   075.166.062.xxx   OFFF (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_21:35:48.487   074.246.127.xxx   Dawgs will feel pain again Saturday!!
2007_10_23_21:36:56.346   075.166.062.xxx   turn this crap off (11)
2007_10_23_21:37:50.389   071.132.197.xxx   let homer live
2007_10_23_21:38:53.440   024.031.019.xxx   YOUR HULKS ARE AMAZING!
2007_10_23_21:39:02.305   075.166.062.xxx   this guy should live in a trailer park! (12)
2007_10_23_21:39:21.896   024.031.019.xxx   NO HE SHOULDNT
2007_10_23_21:39:26.058   071.132.197.xxx   nope
2007_10_23_21:39:41.796   075.166.062.xxx   right they would kick him out (13)
2007_10_23_21:39:55.221   066.108.042.xxx   Excellent work!
2007_10_23_21:40:06.004   024.031.019.xxx   YES RIGHT ON MAN
2007_10_23_21:40:51.406   075.166.062.xxx   tacky (14)
2007_10_23_21:41:52.783   071.132.197.xxx   awesome
2007_10_23_21:42:11.740   075.166.062.xxx   remember when he lied about all this? (15)
2007_10_23_21:42:51.182   069.122.087.xxx   haha
2007_10_23_21:44:20.620   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You guys want me to leave it on an extra hour tonight? ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_21:44:48.901   075.166.062.xxx   yeah really annoy your neighbors (16)
2007_10_23_21:45:03.063   076.101.119.xxx   hah yea! if ya wanna
2007_10_23_21:45:42.747   075.166.062.xxx   making up for the year of the lie? (17)
2007_10_23_21:47:03.742   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** neighbors think it is a hoot ... and their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_21:47:27.193   075.166.062.xxx   I am a nighbor.. we hate it (18)
2007_10_23_21:48:34.905   099.249.041.xxx   sometimes I eat dogs
2007_10_23_21:50:29.767   075.166.062.xxx   rest of blue heron has taste (19)
2007_10_23_21:53:00.524   071.240.178.xxx   BOO... FROM TEXAS
2007_10_23_21:55:16.967   075.166.062.xxx   hulk 1, good taste 0 (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_21:55:18.084   099.249.041.xxx   YAY...From Canada
2007_10_23_21:56:15.530   075.166.062.xxx   finally (21)
2007_10_23_21:56:22.201   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Leaving it on an extra hour tonight ... have fun!   ___-) ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_21:57:12.589   075.166.062.xxx   how to deflate alek's head? (22)
2007_10_23_21:58:35.904   071.238.054.xxx   to stop his inconjestion
2007_10_23_21:58:46.852   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Mr. Grumpy 075.166.062.xxx, see 'ya at the neighborhood halloween party on Wednesday - say HI!  ;-) **ALEK***
2007_10_23_21:59:20.389   075.166.062.xxx   I will wave (23)
2007_10_23_22:00:26.289   099.249.041.xxx   I'm waving right now.  Can you see me?  Oh wait, cameras only go one way. :(
2007_10_23_22:01:42.437   071.240.178.xxx   this room is really clustered
2007_10_23_22:01:45.239   071.238.054.xxx   who is grumpy?
2007_10_23_22:02:04.967   068.011.135.xxx   BART S IS A h***
2007_10_23_22:02:12.111   099.249.041.xxx   I saw no hard on
2007_10_23_22:02:19.972   075.166.062.xxx   his wife? (24)
2007_10_23_22:02:35.254   071.240.178.xxx   i guess he likes halloween
2007_10_23_22:02:55.159   071.238.054.xxx   is it you 031
2007_10_23_22:03:17.732   068.011.135.xxx   BART S IS A H0M0
2007_10_23_22:03:27.673   075.166.062.xxx   or attention (25)
2007_10_23_22:03:50.183   071.240.178.xxx   i guess he likes this time of year
2007_10_23_22:04:28.432   099.249.041.xxx   Booo
2007_10_23_22:04:37.212   207.047.162.xxx   Hello it is 10:04
2007_10_23_22:04:49.575   069.113.215.xxx   barts is g**
2007_10_23_22:05:48.199   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Stop by Halloween night 075.166.062.xxx - I pass out shots of Port to the adults ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_22:05:55.853   207.171.191.xxx   hi
2007_10_23_22:06:03.503   071.238.054.xxx   what happened to office cam
2007_10_23_22:07:31.115   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Haunted Office Cam fixed - forget to reset for an extra hour - thanks! ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_22:07:51.827   072.191.015.xxx   Hello :)
2007_10_23_22:07:56.958   071.112.051.xxx   This is bizarre!
2007_10_23_22:08:43.544   071.240.178.xxx   i bet this costs out the b***
2007_10_23_22:09:02.686   076.101.121.xxx   if you wanna scream, scream with meeeeeeee
2007_10_23_22:09:18.729   071.238.054.xxx   lets annoy 075.166.062.xxx further
2007_10_23_22:09:25.941   071.240.178.xxx   do you just sit there and read them all
2007_10_23_22:10:25.355   071.240.178.xxx   i know i would _______
2007_10_23_22:11:08.177   076.101.121.xxx   jen house is pretty
2007_10_23_22:11:19.866   067.071.040.xxx   funny, eh?
2007_10_23_22:11:28.350   071.240.178.xxx   what does your wife think of this??
2007_10_23_22:11:32.680   099.249.041.xxx   you should make a valentines day version of this with inflated wangs and n**** 
2007_10_23_22:11:39.063   075.166.062.xxx   my friend has celiac. sorry about your kids (26)
2007_10_23_22:11:57.141   071.238.054.xxx   I love pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_23_22:12:58.430   071.193.143.xxx   kim says hi
2007_10_23_22:13:42.893   071.238.054.xxx   wow suprised 031 has not said anything yet
2007_10_23_22:13:45.109   076.101.121.xxx   i love halloween
2007_10_23_22:13:54.249   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I look at the IM's periodically and chime in ... plus deal with profanity - grumpy opinions are OK. ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_22:14:28.014   067.161.114.xxx   BoingBoing rulez
2007_10_23_22:15:01.110   071.238.054.xxx   hey alek every once in a while my i'm says i posted but i did not why?
2007_10_23_22:16:14.055   071.240.178.xxx   whooo texas___!
2007_10_23_22:16:35.894   067.161.114.xxx   Hello from Washington State USA
2007_10_23_22:16:52.037   071.240.178.xxx   hello from mars (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:17:00.449   072.160.116.xxx   Boo from Oregon!
2007_10_23_22:17:09.556   099.249.041.xxx   THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE
2007_10_23_22:17:29.162   071.240.178.xxx   second planet from the sun (11)
2007_10_23_22:18:02.901   075.166.062.xxx   first house on the corner (27)
2007_10_23_22:18:07.885   067.161.114.xxx   I like tater tots!
2007_10_23_22:18:28.832   071.240.178.xxx   they call me tater tot (12)
2007_10_23_22:18:42.103   071.238.054.xxx   wow when did all the random comments begin?
2007_10_23_22:18:54.021   207.206.151.xxx   tater salad!!!1
2007_10_23_22:19:12.598   099.249.041.xxx   The internet is made of random comments
2007_10_23_22:19:14.880   067.161.114.xxx   Random? What tater tots?
2007_10_23_22:19:21.015   071.240.178.xxx   you should, you know, wave at us! (13)
2007_10_23_22:19:22.089   071.238.054.xxx   Tater pie (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:19:38.942   099.249.041.xxx   Master tater
2007_10_23_22:19:49.166   071.240.178.xxx   tater USA (14)
2007_10_23_22:19:56.123   067.161.114.xxx   Later taters!
2007_10_23_22:20:14.334   071.240.178.xxx   sir tots a lot (15)
2007_10_23_22:20:18.240   071.238.054.xxx   If i was your neighbor i would complain to the police (11)
2007_10_23_22:20:40.488   071.240.178.xxx   i would too (16)
2007_10_23_22:20:40.675   072.160.116.xxx   god bless you
2007_10_23_22:21:07.126   075.166.062.xxx   complaining doesnt help (28)
2007_10_23_22:21:17.225   099.249.041.xxx   If I was your neighbour I'd pay you for enteraining the neighbourhood (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:21:19.789   072.160.116.xxx   now go rest up!
2007_10_23_22:21:25.901   071.240.178.xxx   wheres your ghostly spirit?! (17)
2007_10_23_22:22:10.660   071.238.054.xxx   Then if that did not work sabatoge (12)
2007_10_23_22:22:12.858   071.240.178.xxx   i still think you should wave at us (18)
2007_10_23_22:22:41.413   071.238.054.xxx   Then if that did not work sabatoge (13)
2007_10_23_22:22:45.240   099.249.041.xxx   Yeah I'll donate 3 billion dollars if you wave. (11)
2007_10_23_22:23:16.460   071.240.178.xxx   do it, you know you want to (19)
2007_10_23_22:23:39.983   071.238.054.xxx   yeah last year some one started the shoe on head on did not work out (14)
2007_10_23_22:23:47.883   071.240.178.xxx   it only takes the small flick of the wrist (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:23:51.677   071.087.037.xxx   Hola Children
2007_10_23_22:24:21.421   071.238.054.xxx   But that was kinda funny though (15)
2007_10_23_22:24:23.147   071.240.178.xxx   WAVE (21)
2007_10_23_22:25:06.015   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Talk is cheap - send me the receipt from a $100 donation to UofM and I'll wave ***ALEK***
2007_10_23_22:25:08.072   071.240.178.xxx   good luck with that (22)
2007_10_23_22:25:23.125   099.249.041.xxx   Fine, I'm giving my 3 billions dollars to someone else (12)
2007_10_23_22:25:41.751   071.240.178.xxx   you can give it to me (23)
2007_10_23_22:26:00.931   076.022.033.xxx   classy
2007_10_23_22:26:10.544   099.249.041.xxx   Receipt? But that's only for REAL money (13)
2007_10_23_22:26:52.738   071.240.178.xxx   whachu talken bout willis?! (24)
2007_10_23_22:27:06.649   071.238.054.xxx   how bout a free mcdonald's coupon (16)
2007_10_23_22:27:42.818   071.195.218.xxx   Children children
2007_10_23_22:28:02.506   071.238.054.xxx   well there is a new ip on the ban list (17)
2007_10_23_22:28:35.948   099.249.041.xxx   I think that's in the Christmas display (14)
2007_10_23_22:28:39.332   071.238.054.xxx   well that confirms it (18)
2007_10_23_22:28:43.318   071.195.218.xxx   Naughty chiddlers gets eaten by the Hulk.
2007_10_23_22:29:17.579   071.238.054.xxx   exactly plus banned by alek (19)
2007_10_23_22:30:02.154   099.249.041.xxx   He's gone! Someone say a dirty word! (15)
2007_10_23_22:30:28.926   071.195.218.xxx   Nom nom nom.  I eated them.
2007_10_23_22:30:41.614   071.240.178.xxx   CHEESE (25)
2007_10_23_22:30:43.401   069.254.220.xxx   hello hulk smashy!
2007_10_23_22:30:45.897   099.249.041.xxx   OMG he photographed me. (16)
2007_10_23_22:30:58.328   071.195.218.xxx   Cheeeeessszzzeeee
2007_10_23_22:31:12.968   076.178.150.xxx   go cougars!
2007_10_23_22:31:30.277   071.240.178.xxx   ___ : D oh my, a picture! (26)
2007_10_23_22:31:53.066   075.166.062.xxx   he spent hours in his yard photographing it (29)
2007_10_23_22:33:17.361   071.195.218.xxx   Listening to Alek's smooth s* y voice on YouTube.
2007_10_23_22:33:45.721   071.238.054.xxx   hes on youtube?!? (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:34:17.613   071.195.218.xxx   Aye.  That he is.  **** I believe.
2007_10_23_22:35:07.997   074.135.124.xxx   TECHNOVIKING  APPROVES!!!
2007_10_23_22:35:22.980   071.238.054.xxx   you people have sick minds (21)
2007_10_23_22:35:50.393   071.238.054.xxx   guess he is (22)
2007_10_23_22:37:19.823   071.238.054.xxx   alek you should find infalatables of the simpsons familt (23)
2007_10_23_22:37:32.468   071.195.218.xxx   The Addams fa-mily .click.click
2007_10_23_22:37:59.273   075.166.062.xxx   appropriate song isnt it! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:38:00.223   071.238.054.xxx   1+1=2 (24)
2007_10_23_22:38:23.381   071.195.218.xxx   Don't make Hulk eats ya.
2007_10_23_22:38:49.433   071.238.054.xxx   who me??? (25)
2007_10_23_22:39:07.496   075.166.062.xxx   ohhh did I get banned?! (31)
2007_10_23_22:39:30.416   071.195.218.xxx   All chiddlers are equally tasty. Nom nom nom (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:39:45.445   075.058.032.xxx   wow this rules
2007_10_23_22:39:55.985   071.238.054.xxx   hulks gone mad!!! (26)
2007_10_23_22:41:59.623   071.238.054.xxx   031 you should do this too with alek's help of course (27)
2007_10_23_22:42:10.272   075.166.062.xxx   no lights in iraq (32)
2007_10_23_22:43:06.079   071.238.054.xxx   Where boing-boing sign alek? (28)
2007_10_23_22:43:08.584   071.195.218.xxx   Is Technoviking = Alek? (11)
2007_10_23_22:43:28.707   074.135.124.xxx   NO!!!
2007_10_23_22:43:48.056   071.195.218.xxx   Ah.  My mistake. (12)
2007_10_23_22:43:55.341   074.135.124.xxx   f*** U
2007_10_23_22:44:12.867   076.101.121.xxx   no profanity, hes a nice guy
2007_10_23_22:44:30.869   071.238.054.xxx   and a another new one yay!!! (29)
2007_10_23_22:44:39.200   071.195.218.xxx   Very true.  Stop it already guys. (13)
2007_10_23_22:44:40.220   074.135.124.xxx   TECHNOVIKING HATES U
2007_10_23_22:45:05.236   075.166.062.xxx   remember turn off the light if dont need it (33)
2007_10_23_22:45:16.375   076.101.121.xxx   what are you watching all day?
2007_10_23_22:46:10.092   071.238.054.xxx   Actually i would pay big bucks to live by him (30 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:46:39.841   071.195.218.xxx   Colorado.  It is the 3rd known paradise. (14)
2007_10_23_22:46:43.674   075.166.062.xxx   your right, expensive neighborhood (34)
2007_10_23_22:47:05.783   076.101.121.xxx   hes in his pjs!
2007_10_23_22:47:35.583   076.101.121.xxx   turn on the lava lamp
2007_10_23_22:47:38.664   071.238.054.xxx   no i meant i would spend big ___ just to live near him i love display (31)
2007_10_23_22:48:18.382   071.238.054.xxx   ok then (32)
2007_10_23_22:48:56.959   071.195.218.xxx   Attention seeker.   Just ignore the fool. (15)
2007_10_23_22:49:24.092   071.238.054.xxx   quit spamming or hulk will smash u (33)
2007_10_23_22:50:02.168   074.135.124.xxx   TECHNOVIKING WOULD DESTROY HULK
2007_10_23_22:50:09.085   075.166.062.xxx   hard to ignore when you have to drive by it (35)
2007_10_23_22:50:15.720   071.238.054.xxx   Bye bye... I see shadow of something on roof (34)
2007_10_23_22:50:15.922   076.101.121.xxx   turn on the lava lamp already
2007_10_23_22:50:53.763   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA
2007_10_23_22:51:03.575   076.101.121.xxx   awesome, thanks
2007_10_23_22:51:10.522   071.238.054.xxx   I see a shadow of something on the roof (35)
2007_10_23_22:51:42.714   071.195.218.xxx   I think you're right.  There it is again! (16)
2007_10_23_22:52:08.998   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA
2007_10_23_22:52:09.815   071.238.054.xxx   It's a stalker or 031 (36)
2007_10_23_22:52:20.089   074.135.124.xxx   IT"S TECHNOVIKING
2007_10_23_22:52:26.458   075.041.220.xxx   Fire!
2007_10_23_22:52:49.675   075.058.032.xxx   Halo 3 !!!!!!
2007_10_23_22:52:56.195   203.026.177.xxx   Hello mum.
2007_10_23_22:53:02.212   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA
2007_10_23_22:53:13.632   074.135.124.xxx   Alex has teh a***
2007_10_23_22:53:16.419   075.166.062.xxx   almost done.. community can rest! (36)
2007_10_23_22:53:49.700   071.238.054.xxx   so you can confirm it's real 031 (37)
2007_10_23_22:53:52.902   066.214.005.xxx   Wat ___
2007_10_23_22:54:19.677   071.195.218.xxx   6 minutes.  Good night Neverland! (17)
2007_10_23_22:54:19.708   071.238.054.xxx   so you can confirm it's real 031 (38)
2007_10_23_22:54:41.387   075.041.220.xxx   5 more minutes til off!
2007_10_23_22:54:42.636   066.214.005.xxx   hey look it's on the screen cool
2007_10_23_22:54:55.153   069.089.045.xxx   I'm baaack 8
2007_10_23_22:55:06.616   075.166.062.xxx   confirm what? this mess?! (37)
2007_10_23_22:55:10.300   069.001.035.xxx   EHOWA
2007_10_23_22:55:19.633   066.214.005.xxx   R U sleepy?
2007_10_23_22:55:30.698   069.089.045.xxx   8=======D
2007_10_23_22:55:35.798   071.238.054.xxx   yes (39)
2007_10_23_22:55:50.416   066.214.005.xxx   i could see
2007_10_23_22:56:17.358   066.214.005.xxx   Can You wave at The Camera
2007_10_23_22:56:21.031   069.089.045.xxx   banned again?
2007_10_23_22:56:36.491   071.195.218.xxx   Jazz won guys.  Shall we celebrate? (18)
2007_10_23_22:56:44.299   066.214.005.xxx   Wat!!
2007_10_23_22:57:10.827   069.089.045.xxx   TECHNOVIKING owns Jazz
2007_10_23_22:57:22.331   071.238.054.xxx   can you confirm this "mess" is real (40 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:57:22.885   075.166.062.xxx   kids dont do this at home! (38)
2007_10_23_22:57:47.689   069.089.045.xxx   yeah, instead...m********e
2007_10_23_22:57:52.693   066.214.005.xxx   OMG Only 3 more Minutes People
2007_10_23_22:58:12.407   071.240.178.xxx   good night (27)
2007_10_23_22:58:35.768   066.214.005.xxx   No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_23_22:58:37.013   075.166.062.xxx   finally some peace (39)
2007_10_23_22:58:40.549   071.195.218.xxx   Halloween is next week everyone! (19)
2007_10_23_22:58:53.159   069.089.045.xxx   8====D ___splurt___
2007_10_23_22:59:09.869   066.214.005.xxx   No!!!
2007_10_23_22:59:19.536   075.166.062.xxx   dont forget it gets worse @ xmas (40 IM's so far today)
2007_10_23_22:59:27.757   075.058.032.xxx   ahhh!!!
2007_10_23_22:59:31.331   069.089.045.xxx   muahahahah 8======D - - -
2007_10_23_22:59:34.947   066.214.005.xxx   What was our Homework (10 IM's so far today)

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