269 halloween text messages on 2007/1025

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,237 times that day including 330 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1025

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_25_18:00:31.245   066.227.136.xxx   63 days to cristmass
2007_10_25_18:00:55.118   071.235.168.xxx   GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_18:01:07.605   066.227.136.xxx   Wave
2007_10_25_18:01:08.357   070.244.159.xxx   Dont remind me
2007_10_25_18:01:24.465   071.235.168.xxx   miranda and mark rule!!
2007_10_25_18:01:38.611   066.227.136.xxx   Wave alek
2007_10_25_18:01:44.188   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** GO ROCKIES - gotta bebetter than last night's 13-1 crusing - ouch!!! ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_18:01:46.727   070.244.159.xxx   GO ROCKIES
2007_10_25_18:01:59.573   071.235.168.xxx   yo cool guy plz wave at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_18:03:04.540   071.235.168.xxx   How does the work????????
2007_10_25_18:03:15.544   207.172.231.xxx   This rocks!
2007_10_25_18:03:58.712   071.235.168.xxx   RED SOX RED SOX RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_18:04:42.791   071.235.168.xxx   bumblebees with eyepatches will eat your soul!
2007_10_25_18:06:16.322   064.012.117.xxx   Happy Halloween from Western Ny
2007_10_25_18:06:17.913   071.235.168.xxx   laufanda will you marry me?
2007_10_25_18:07:31.807   071.235.168.xxx   VOTE FOR PEDRO
2007_10_25_18:07:52.865   071.235.168.xxx   MARK MARK MARK
2007_10_25_18:08:12.450   068.162.179.xxx   Hi Evonne
2007_10_25_18:08:47.093   079.065.119.xxx   hi alek
2007_10_25_18:10:09.083   068.194.244.xxx   Alex are you taking a break between the halloween lights and chrismas lights or
2007_10_25_18:13:13.993   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** About 3-4 week break between Halloween and Christmas ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_18:16:16.857   071.204.061.xxx   Hey,Alek is Chris From Atlanta,Ga can you Wave to the CAM PLEASE!
2007_10_25_18:18:52.141   071.204.061.xxx   I guess not
2007_10_25_18:19:25.241   071.204.061.xxx   Happy Halloween to All@
2007_10_25_18:23:25.593   071.238.054.xxx   GO RED SOX
2007_10_25_18:26:18.451   071.238.054.xxx   GO RED SOX!!!!!!! SWEEP THE ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_18:26:20.765   068.194.244.xxx   SOX s***
2007_10_25_18:26:44.245   071.238.054.xxx   SWEEP
2007_10_25_18:26:53.715   068.194.244.xxx   alex wave or im never coming back
2007_10_25_18:27:32.856   071.238.054.xxx   HA
2007_10_25_18:28:24.133   071.238.054.xxx   Welp see you never
2007_10_25_18:29:18.012   071.238.054.xxx   GO B OTOIN
2007_10_25_18:30:19.860   071.238.054.xxx   h
2007_10_25_18:31:12.926   071.238.054.xxx   Hi Nick
2007_10_25_18:34:22.854   071.238.054.xxx   Hey
2007_10_25_18:34:43.708   079.065.119.xxx   DA FUNK BACK TO THE PUNK COME ON !!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_18:36:14.511   079.065.119.xxx   ONE MORE TIME!!!
2007_10_25_18:37:00.774   079.065.119.xxx   Hey From Scotland Happy Halloween
2007_10_25_18:37:08.831   075.064.211.xxx   hi stevers
2007_10_25_18:40:04.673   024.001.192.xxx   Hi Nikkis!
2007_10_25_18:41:59.644   075.081.159.xxx   foshizzle
2007_10_25_18:42:13.558   024.001.192.xxx   Ray is a LOSER
2007_10_25_18:42:51.073   065.087.156.xxx   s*** it trebek
2007_10_25_18:43:27.950   065.087.156.xxx   S U C K it Trebek
2007_10_25_18:43:54.449   075.081.159.xxx   falalalala dot com
2007_10_25_18:45:16.505   071.238.054.xxx   be good 031 alek knows where you live (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_18:46:27.024   024.001.192.xxx   hey big fat belly man, you look like santa
2007_10_25_18:47:01.529   065.087.156.xxx   do you have my package?
2007_10_25_18:47:27.673   075.064.211.xxx   you looka like a santa
2007_10_25_18:48:16.492   065.087.156.xxx   hey hey hey..... What is going on here?
2007_10_25_18:48:21.940   075.064.211.xxx   i've got sand on my body and rocks in my bootie
2007_10_25_18:48:28.880   066.245.193.xxx   Oh no, the pumpkin hat is gone.
2007_10_25_18:49:09.073   071.238.054.xxx   KOOL (11)
2007_10_25_18:49:17.487   065.087.156.xxx   EMMY
2007_10_25_18:49:47.359   065.087.156.xxx   daddy
2007_10_25_18:50:12.647   024.001.192.xxx   smallville rules
2007_10_25_18:50:36.429   075.064.211.xxx   the office in ten minutes
2007_10_25_18:50:53.782   065.087.156.xxx   i have a non s* ual crush on Lex Luthor
2007_10_25_18:51:10.613   024.001.192.xxx   i have a MAJOR crush on lex
2007_10_25_18:51:24.232   075.064.211.xxx   i like the baldy ones
2007_10_25_18:51:46.947   024.001.192.xxx   haha
2007_10_25_18:52:03.542   065.087.156.xxx   the fat is the best part..
2007_10_25_18:52:06.388   024.001.192.xxx   stop censoring yourself
2007_10_25_18:52:30.226   065.087.156.xxx   censor this
2007_10_25_18:52:49.687   024.001.192.xxx   computer nerds rock
2007_10_25_18:52:59.102   075.064.211.xxx   this is an f-ing wagar good time
2007_10_25_18:53:07.363   065.087.156.xxx   oh yeah (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_18:53:56.302   024.001.192.xxx   must be a f***ing wagar thing
2007_10_25_18:55:16.559   065.087.156.xxx   EMMY (11)
2007_10_25_18:55:55.857   024.018.252.xxx   Go Rockies!
2007_10_25_18:56:05.358   071.238.054.xxx   SWEEP FOR THE RED SOX (12)
2007_10_25_18:56:35.159   024.018.252.xxx   Nah, sweeps make the whole thing over too fast.
2007_10_25_18:57:06.704   071.238.054.xxx   FINE BUT THE RED SOX IS GOING TO WIN (13)
2007_10_25_18:57:24.121   024.018.252.xxx   Well, MAYBE.
2007_10_25_18:57:51.565   075.064.211.xxx   poor cubbies
2007_10_25_18:57:52.227   071.238.054.xxx   We will win in Game 5 (14)
2007_10_25_18:58:18.048   024.018.252.xxx   I'd like to see 7 games. :)
2007_10_25_18:58:46.931   071.238.054.xxx   NOt me--- 7 Games to long (15)
2007_10_25_18:59:28.517   024.001.192.xxx   I heart Halloween (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_18:59:57.964   071.238.054.xxx   GOOD FOR YOU (16)
2007_10_25_19:01:09.098   071.238.054.xxx   ITS DARK (17)
2007_10_25_19:01:38.492   207.047.162.xxx   warm night
2007_10_25_19:01:48.589   216.021.188.xxx   Hello From Indiana!!! Where is everyone else from???
2007_10_25_19:02:00.820   066.227.136.xxx   Alek Hi From Alpena MI
2007_10_25_19:02:56.446   071.238.054.xxx   Hi From Flushing MI (18)
2007_10_25_19:04:04.648   071.238.054.xxx   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!  Came on Picter (19)
2007_10_25_19:04:54.638   216.021.188.xxx   Anyone Else From Indiana???
2007_10_25_19:05:01.719   071.238.054.xxx   BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!  Came on Picter (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_19:05:25.204   207.234.209.xxx   I like pie
2007_10_25_19:06:02.440   071.238.054.xxx   Me too Pie is good (21)
2007_10_25_19:06:58.232   216.021.188.xxx   So Who Did All Of You Want To Make It To The World Series Out Of All Teams
2007_10_25_19:07:20.375   071.238.054.xxx   RED SOX (22)
2007_10_25_19:07:55.880   071.238.054.xxx   Me too Pie is good (23)
2007_10_25_19:09:05.106   071.238.054.xxx   OR Clubs.... lol (24)
2007_10_25_19:09:33.768   193.200.150.xxx   Go clolorado
2007_10_25_19:09:59.176   071.238.054.xxx   GO RED s* (25)
2007_10_25_19:10:19.728   071.238.054.xxx   GO RED SOX (26)
2007_10_25_19:10:28.480   193.200.150.xxx   Must kill homer
2007_10_25_19:14:24.658   071.238.054.xxx   NOOOOOOOOOO I WON'T LET YOU KILL HIN (27)
2007_10_25_19:18:03.324   148.166.073.xxx   Rockies are up 1-0, Go Rockies!!! Go Rockies!!!! :)
2007_10_25_19:19:30.704   071.238.054.xxx   NO GO RED ROX (28)
2007_10_25_19:20:01.472   148.166.073.xxx   Loose Red Sox, Loose Red Sox
2007_10_25_19:20:36.372   071.238.054.xxx   RED SOX IS GOING TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES (29)
2007_10_25_19:20:54.554   148.166.073.xxx   hopefully not
2007_10_25_19:21:00.203   065.185.201.xxx   Washington St. sure was dark in Shelby huh?
2007_10_25_19:21:25.893   148.166.073.xxx   Go Yankees and A-Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_19:21:34.920   071.238.054.xxx   YEP!! (30 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_19:21:53.885   065.185.201.xxx   Uh...Yankees are out you know?
2007_10_25_19:22:22.228   071.238.054.xxx   I GLAD THERE ARE OUT (31)
2007_10_25_19:22:32.553   148.166.073.xxx   yea, Bad luck, Red Sox got lucky they didn't have flies!!!
2007_10_25_19:23:12.894   071.238.054.xxx   BLA BLA BLA (32)
2007_10_25_19:23:46.194   071.238.054.xxx   GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!! (33)
2007_10_25_19:36:09.889   024.086.008.xxx   GMAIL IMAP FTW!
2007_10_25_19:37:56.995   071.238.054.xxx   WHY (34)
2007_10_25_19:41:35.615   071.238.054.xxx   Add your own spooky halloweeny comment now! (35)
2007_10_25_19:42:56.427   072.066.013.xxx   Look out for the Bunnyman
2007_10_25_19:43:57.671   193.200.150.xxx   must kill pumpkin
2007_10_25_19:44:18.895   071.238.054.xxx   HERE WE GO RED SOX HERE WE GO!!!! (36)
2007_10_25_19:44:19.829   024.110.180.xxx   turn off all the lights!
2007_10_25_19:44:35.519   072.066.013.xxx   red sox smell
2007_10_25_19:44:38.708   193.200.150.xxx   ok
2007_10_25_19:44:51.578   097.097.223.xxx   pick up cheep hooker
2007_10_25_19:45:03.984   024.110.180.xxx   XD
2007_10_25_19:45:26.261   072.066.013.xxx   wine is fine but whisky's quicker
2007_10_25_19:45:27.853   193.200.150.xxx   darn kids have x10 remote
2007_10_25_19:45:37.697   071.238.054.xxx   YEA RED SOX Score 1-1 NOW!!!!!!!!! (37)
2007_10_25_19:45:59.057   024.110.180.xxx   I was wondering how they were moving stuff :P
2007_10_25_19:46:39.896   193.200.150.xxx   no shut em all off
2007_10_25_19:47:04.514   071.238.054.xxx   ok (38)
2007_10_25_19:47:19.902   072.066.013.xxx   how do you control the kids in front of the house?
2007_10_25_19:47:25.871   193.200.150.xxx   this is some funny crap
2007_10_25_19:47:38.324   097.097.223.xxx   where's the free p***?
2007_10_25_19:47:41.325   071.238.054.xxx   HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH (39)
2007_10_25_19:48:22.065   072.066.013.xxx   hey your b***  are showing
2007_10_25_19:48:34.977   193.200.150.xxx   well them with remote runs fun
2007_10_25_19:49:06.473   216.191.251.xxx   m,nb
2007_10_25_19:49:17.601   193.200.150.xxx   oh alek is out there now
2007_10_25_19:51:13.948   071.238.054.xxx   FREE TACOS TOMORROW (40 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_19:51:25.942   089.243.023.xxx   good evening or i should say good morning
2007_10_25_19:52:26.240   071.238.054.xxx   STEAL BASE FREE TACOS FORM TACOS BALL TOMORROW (41)
2007_10_25_19:54:40.703   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 1-1 after 4 innings ... we got a ballgame tonight! ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_19:55:41.508   071.238.054.xxx   GO RED SOX (42)
2007_10_25_19:57:39.029   071.042.153.xxx   i just saw Alek
2007_10_25_19:58:33.336   071.238.054.xxx   ME TOO (43)
2007_10_25_19:59:08.420   069.138.216.xxx   Melanie is a geek
2007_10_25_20:00:38.726   071.238.054.xxx   good for you (44)
2007_10_25_20:02:17.318   071.042.153.xxx   who's melanie???????
2007_10_25_20:04:20.894   071.238.054.xxx   IDK (45)
2007_10_25_20:07:11.875   071.238.054.xxx   good night alex (46)
2007_10_25_20:09:37.113   068.164.200.xxx   hi pumpkin
2007_10_25_20:10:34.960   071.238.054.xxx   That was my brother for all who care (47)
2007_10_25_20:11:23.875   069.146.132.xxx   Hello
2007_10_25_20:17:14.036   071.042.153.xxx   goodnight Alek, im goin 2 bed, hope the rockies win!!!
2007_10_25_20:26:06.994   071.118.095.xxx   GO BOSTON!
2007_10_25_20:27:33.016   075.179.184.xxx   we carved pumpkins!!!
2007_10_25_20:27:48.862   068.042.159.xxx   hAPPY
2007_10_25_20:28:36.773   075.179.184.xxx   happy to you too
2007_10_25_20:28:38.022   071.118.095.xxx   GO BOSTON!!! GO BOSTON!!! GO BOSTON!
2007_10_25_20:29:28.359   071.042.153.xxx   i thought there were 2 skull stick things
2007_10_25_20:31:25.667   071.118.095.xxx   Rockies are gonna LOSE...LOL
2007_10_25_20:32:36.961   068.159.162.xxx   Greetings from Alabama
2007_10_25_20:35:24.426   068.159.162.xxx   Go Rockies!
2007_10_25_20:35:41.947   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam2 moved to see Rockies balls  - so you can't see other skull ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_20:36:03.492   068.159.162.xxx   Roll Tide
2007_10_25_20:36:26.952   068.151.200.xxx   Hi Jesse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_20:37:36.545   068.151.200.xxx   tacds  ..................///////////////////////////////////////////////
2007_10_25_20:37:44.904   068.159.162.xxx   This is way cool!
2007_10_25_20:37:59.117   071.238.054.xxx   I love komar.org (48)
2007_10_25_20:38:06.683   076.097.227.xxx   hi world
2007_10_25_20:38:56.850   068.151.200.xxx   you are cooi
2007_10_25_20:41:51.248   068.151.200.xxx   arghhhh matey
2007_10_25_20:44:03.737   068.151.200.xxx   myjesse
2007_10_25_20:44:51.142   071.252.155.xxx   Boo!!
2007_10_25_20:47:15.986   071.238.054.xxx   homer go bye bye (49)
2007_10_25_20:49:37.439   075.038.244.xxx   I think the Boston fans here gloating are both rude and extremely overconfident.
2007_10_25_20:50:07.761   067.163.227.xxx   Halloween Is The Perfect Time To Steal Children's Candy Cause Your Too Lazy
2007_10_25_20:50:10.203   066.245.193.xxx   Who is winning?
2007_10_25_20:50:36.043   067.163.227.xxx   Yer Mama Is
2007_10_25_20:51:46.217   066.245.193.xxx   What? I'm talking about the baseball game.
2007_10_25_20:52:17.793   067.163.227.xxx   Laziness Is An Excuse To Steal Children's Candy
2007_10_25_20:52:18.420   075.038.244.xxx   This is an inappropriate place.  All I'm saying.
2007_10_25_20:53:37.919   067.163.227.xxx   Laziness Is An Excuse To Steal Children's Candy
2007_10_25_20:56:46.943   067.163.227.xxx   Dog Poo Can Cause Blindness
2007_10_25_20:57:23.753   024.008.172.xxx   Just don't step in dog poo!
2007_10_25_20:58:29.753   067.163.227.xxx   ...Or Smear It In Your Face
2007_10_25_21:00:27.714   122.057.022.xxx   This is so cool!
2007_10_25_21:00:39.513   067.163.227.xxx   ...Boredom Can Sometimes Hurt You!
2007_10_25_21:01:58.521   122.057.022.xxx   f***ing s*
2007_10_25_21:02:30.500   122.057.022.xxx   s.e.x me tim
2007_10_25_21:03:47.330   075.085.232.xxx   hey everyone!
2007_10_25_21:05:16.785   075.085.232.xxx   im retarded
2007_10_25_21:06:17.858   068.104.149.xxx   that is an ugly word
2007_10_25_21:08:09.159   068.104.149.xxx   imagine if we could deflate the b***
2007_10_25_21:08:46.106   068.104.149.xxx   B_A_L_L_S
2007_10_25_21:08:56.315   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 2-1 SOX with yet another Rockies pitcher coming in ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_21:09:51.156   068.104.149.xxx   HUH!!!
2007_10_25_21:10:17.574   068.104.149.xxx   game back on
2007_10_25_21:12:18.833   068.104.149.xxx   love some jalopenos with chedder baked
2007_10_25_21:17:08.358   067.163.227.xxx   ...jalopenos with cheese,hot sause, hot salt, and turkey
2007_10_25_21:17:36.732   067.163.227.xxx   sauce___
2007_10_25_21:18:17.777   068.104.149.xxx   i don't know about the turkey but OK
2007_10_25_21:18:29.292   067.163.227.xxx   ...i though frankenstein died...lol XD (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:19:15.616   067.163.227.xxx   cause he wasnt standin up (11)
2007_10_25_21:20:26.492   067.163.227.xxx   Laziness Is An Excuse To Steal Children's Candy (12)
2007_10_25_21:22:05.840   068.104.149.xxx   do children ea jalapenos???
2007_10_25_21:22:29.715   068.104.149.xxx   eat
2007_10_25_21:22:39.083   067.163.227.xxx   lol i only just noticed the lite bright ___------------------------ (13)
2007_10_25_21:23:34.905   068.079.208.xxx   Happy Halloween Amanda - Scott from Chicago.
2007_10_25_21:25:25.982   067.163.227.xxx   35 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MDT! (14)
2007_10_25_21:25:46.911   068.104.149.xxx   party pooper (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:26:14.422   067.163.227.xxx   if u got here from LINK DELETED say happy halloween (15)
2007_10_25_21:26:41.267   067.163.227.xxx   phoneburnia (16)
2007_10_25_21:27:00.823   068.104.149.xxx   what???? (11)
2007_10_25_21:27:22.384   067.163.227.xxx   howd u find out about this? (17)
2007_10_25_21:27:33.060   068.104.149.xxx   ok (12)
2007_10_25_21:28:21.493   067.163.227.xxx   talkin on someone elses computer is fun XD (18)
2007_10_25_21:29:34.321   024.195.177.xxx   i love holloween
2007_10_25_21:29:41.797   067.163.227.xxx   i wonder if this will happen during christmas too (19)
2007_10_25_21:30:27.126   071.235.168.xxx   Don't Taze Me Man!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:30:43.501   024.195.177.xxx   maybe it will christmas time
2007_10_25_21:30:47.535   068.104.149.xxx   i think it was dude (13)
2007_10_25_21:30:53.659   067.163.227.xxx   lol...u killed him! (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:31:11.864   071.235.168.xxx   The HULK is rootin' for the SOX!!! (11)
2007_10_25_21:31:17.057   068.104.149.xxx   whatever (14)
2007_10_25_21:31:37.455   067.163.227.xxx   go rockies! (21)
2007_10_25_21:31:46.967   068.079.208.xxx   Where is the GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN
2007_10_25_21:32:07.542   068.104.149.xxx   at the game (15)
2007_10_25_21:32:16.724   068.079.208.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2007_10_25_21:33:06.895   068.079.208.xxx   AAR is hot!   SMR
2007_10_25_21:33:17.340   067.163.227.xxx   Laziness Is An Excuse To Steal Children's Candy (22)
2007_10_25_21:33:24.541   068.104.149.xxx   bathroom break (16)
2007_10_25_21:33:52.279   068.079.208.xxx   Happy Halloween Amanda.
2007_10_25_21:35:27.602   068.104.149.xxx   alek is singing right now (17)
2007_10_25_21:35:50.647   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sox up 2-1 as top of Rockies order comes up in 8th ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_21:35:52.063   068.104.149.xxx   take me out to the ball game (18)
2007_10_25_21:36:21.471   067.163.227.xxx   take me out to the crowd (23)
2007_10_25_21:36:41.852   068.104.149.xxx   buy me some peanuts and (19)
2007_10_25_21:37:09.904   067.163.227.xxx   cracker jack...i dont care if i ever get back (24)
2007_10_25_21:37:16.862   068.104.149.xxx   crackerjacks (20 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:37:34.203   148.166.073.xxx   take me out to da ball game...
2007_10_25_21:37:46.229   068.104.149.xxx   right on (21)
2007_10_25_21:38:20.844   148.166.073.xxx   hope-fully the sox loose, if they don't its a shame
2007_10_25_21:38:25.893   067.163.227.xxx   the rockies better win i got 300 bucks on them (25)
2007_10_25_21:39:04.379   148.166.073.xxx   the red sox have better odds at 1:7
2007_10_25_21:39:33.648   067.163.227.xxx   dang...im gonna lose 300 buck then :-( (26)
2007_10_25_21:39:58.415   068.104.149.xxx   :-( (22)
2007_10_25_21:39:58.800   148.166.073.xxx   i want the sox to loose, but yea
2007_10_25_21:40:40.088   067.163.227.xxx   i wish he's move buzz's arm its like blocking the screen a lil bit (27)
2007_10_25_21:40:41.928   148.166.073.xxx   Go yankees!!!!!!! :) (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:41:03.906   068.104.149.xxx   go yanks (23)
2007_10_25_21:41:12.176   067.163.227.xxx   i wish he's move buzz's arm its like blocking the screen a lil bit (28)
2007_10_25_21:41:32.455   148.166.073.xxx   true (11)
2007_10_25_21:41:44.579   067.163.227.xxx   same thing with the stupid eye (29)
2007_10_25_21:41:53.477   148.166.073.xxx   where are ya from? (12)
2007_10_25_21:42:15.524   067.163.227.xxx   pittsburgh p.a. (30 IM's so far today)
2007_10_25_21:42:24.018   024.195.177.xxx   who me?
2007_10_25_21:42:36.564   148.166.073.xxx   connecticut (13)
2007_10_25_21:43:58.206   148.166.073.xxx   peace out guys im tired (14)
2007_10_25_21:44:53.603   067.163.227.xxx   ahh its teh hulk in the top-right-hand corner! (31)
2007_10_25_21:47:55.739   068.104.149.xxx   jalapeno need met!!!! (24)
2007_10_25_21:48:27.837   068.104.149.xxx   goodnight all (25)
2007_10_25_21:48:57.599   024.195.177.xxx   goodnight
2007_10_25_21:49:14.135   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will leave things running until end of game tonight ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_21:51:19.650   075.063.005.xxx   Finch and barts C2C 4 EVA!!!
2007_10_25_21:55:51.220   076.178.104.xxx   yay extra time!!!! GO ROCKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_10_25_21:56:40.233   075.063.005.xxx   ROCKIES R teh Suk
2007_10_25_22:00:26.945   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Last chance for the Rockies ... top of 9th ... down 2-1 ***ALEK***
2007_10_25_22:11:00.832   066.090.167.xxx   Hello Austin Texas
2007_10_25_22:11:54.411   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Rockies lose - dang - next game at home Saturday - X10 going off ... ***ALEK***

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