151 halloween text messages on 2007/1030

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,756 times that day including 507 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1030

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_10_30_18:00:53.171   084.059.113.xxx   hi
2007_10_30_18:01:36.068   084.059.113.xxx   is today halloween in colorado???or at 31
2007_10_30_18:01:38.443   068.038.039.xxx   Hello From New Jersey
2007_10_30_18:02:11.932   066.066.091.xxx   Go Bills!
2007_10_30_18:02:33.465   079.065.124.xxx   hiya
2007_10_30_18:02:48.311   066.066.091.xxx   I Love Lisa & Megan
2007_10_30_18:02:58.582   084.059.113.xxx   is today halloween or at 31???Alek
2007_10_30_18:03:09.797   079.065.124.xxx   GIVE US A WAVE ALEK
2007_10_30_18:03:42.518   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Today is 30th ... tomorrow is Halloween! ***ALEK***
2007_10_30_18:03:50.791   084.059.113.xxx   in germany is today halloween,but here is nos to much halloween festivals
2007_10_30_18:04:48.171   079.065.124.xxx   its halloween in united kingdom 4 minutes in to it:)
2007_10_30_18:04:57.994   068.053.131.xxx   susan and chris in tn's watching
2007_10_30_18:05:42.817   068.053.131.xxx   great idea
2007_10_30_18:06:44.264   072.191.054.xxx   hello from San Antonio Tx.
2007_10_30_18:06:51.039   068.053.131.xxx   halloween is 2moro next to the best day of the year
2007_10_30_18:07:02.620   066.066.091.xxx   I feel your kids' pain. I too suffer from Celiacs
2007_10_30_18:09:13.176   068.053.131.xxx   hope that you are able to raise the money
2007_10_30_18:10:14.302   068.053.131.xxx   what's everybody dressing up as for halloween?
2007_10_30_18:12:51.482   083.180.106.xxx   lalalalalalalalalalala
2007_10_30_18:15:47.368   083.180.106.xxx   VIRUS VIRUS!!!
2007_10_30_18:17:11.598   071.238.054.xxx   sure good luck with that
2007_10_30_18:18:02.362   083.180.106.xxx   lol
2007_10_30_18:19:22.213   083.180.106.xxx   :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::HELLO::::::::::::::::::::::::
2007_10_30_18:20:38.375   083.180.106.xxx   sale n___gre
2007_10_30_18:22:38.535   083.180.106.xxx   hej man?
2007_10_30_18:24:03.213   072.066.140.xxx   happy halloween from barb horsehead
2007_10_30_18:24:31.547   083.180.106.xxx   you too thank
2007_10_30_18:25:26.422   087.244.081.xxx   Evening everyone,
2007_10_30_18:37:11.072   075.132.180.xxx   Happy Early Halloween
2007_10_30_18:37:33.999   071.238.054.xxx   with lights going on and off people are going to think your house is haunted
2007_10_30_18:37:52.913   087.244.081.xxx   wow all off, instant darkness
2007_10_30_18:38:00.303   075.132.180.xxx   Whoever thought about this, this is so cool.
2007_10_30_18:38:44.943   087.244.081.xxx   its great isnt it, just wait til xmas
2007_10_30_18:39:29.129   087.244.081.xxx   let there be light
2007_10_30_18:40:53.225   071.238.054.xxx   ALL OFF
2007_10_30_18:42:19.953   071.238.054.xxx   what happened to skull
2007_10_30_18:54:18.878   071.238.054.xxx   To windy for them
2007_10_30_18:54:57.420   071.238.054.xxx   It is in the Halloween Blog
2007_10_30_18:57:19.651   195.093.021.xxx   hello
2007_10_30_19:00:39.313   074.079.055.xxx   Howdy from Cicero, NY  :)
2007_10_30_19:00:48.969   074.032.020.xxx   Great Cams!
2007_10_30_19:02:26.946   071.238.054.xxx   HELLO
2007_10_30_19:03:52.407   070.073.040.xxx   woot?
2007_10_30_19:05:31.597   076.212.157.xxx   its all together spooky
2007_10_30_19:06:35.051   071.238.054.xxx   HELLO
2007_10_30_19:06:38.621   070.073.040.xxx   Quoth the server - 404.
2007_10_30_19:07:34.752   071.238.054.xxx   stop error: 0x****05
2007_10_30_19:09:11.692   071.238.054.xxx   HAHAHA (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_30_19:09:19.552   070.073.040.xxx   An illegal operation has occurred in kernel32.dll - The application will now cl
2007_10_30_19:11:22.222   071.238.054.xxx   Kool Lights (11)
2007_10_30_19:13:02.420   082.013.254.xxx   yo p**ps!
2007_10_30_19:14:04.127   071.238.054.xxx   Hi PPL (12)
2007_10_30_19:14:30.890   076.212.157.xxx   aleks not here... lets steal stuff
2007_10_30_19:15:51.535   070.065.130.xxx   i like cheese
2007_10_30_19:15:56.786   082.013.254.xxx   daniel will you marry me?
2007_10_30_19:16:05.265   076.212.157.xxx   i like pie
2007_10_30_19:16:20.894   070.065.130.xxx   Tyler s****
2007_10_30_19:17:14.031   070.073.040.xxx   Mock is a commie
2007_10_30_19:17:19.537   071.238.054.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN (13)
2007_10_30_19:18:02.416   070.065.130.xxx   happy hanukkah
2007_10_30_19:18:23.416   071.179.251.xxx   Loose flaps are no good
2007_10_30_19:18:31.337   071.238.054.xxx   GO RED SOX!!!!!!!! (14)
2007_10_30_19:18:56.442   070.065.130.xxx   red sox are over rated!!
2007_10_30_19:19:09.247   082.013.254.xxx   daniel has a small winky
2007_10_30_19:19:35.375   071.179.251.xxx   small winky's are not good
2007_10_30_19:19:49.715   082.013.254.xxx   and rubbish hair
2007_10_30_19:19:55.714   068.194.244.xxx   Halloween s****
2007_10_30_19:20:25.715   070.065.130.xxx   Buzz Light year is my hero
2007_10_30_19:20:35.903   071.238.054.xxx   GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THERE GOING ALL THE WAY NEXT SEASON (15)
2007_10_30_19:20:53.608   070.065.130.xxx   Awesome guy ------------------------___
2007_10_30_19:20:57.132   082.013.254.xxx   its they're you mong
2007_10_30_19:21:21.037   205.188.117.xxx   Go Dallas Cowboys....woooooohoooo
2007_10_30_19:22:16.146   071.238.054.xxx   GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!! (16)
2007_10_30_19:22:26.273   082.013.254.xxx   bum juice
2007_10_30_19:24:22.394   220.233.206.xxx   hello world from glenbrook australia
2007_10_30_19:25:13.949   205.188.117.xxx   Hello from Camp Hill, Pa
2007_10_30_19:25:31.899   071.238.054.xxx   Hello From cold Micigan (17)
2007_10_30_19:26:28.905   205.188.117.xxx   Its in the 50s here Pa
2007_10_30_19:30:49.524   070.073.040.xxx   Hello from Alberta, Canada
2007_10_30_19:31:36.188   071.250.041.xxx   Hi Lights Are in Good Hands
2007_10_30_19:33:53.618   071.250.041.xxx   Hello From SADDLE BROOKS
2007_10_30_19:35:51.336   071.188.109.xxx   Hello from Tom4 in Trenton
2007_10_30_19:36:19.910   071.250.041.xxx   Momma Mia What Gorgeous LIGHTS
2007_10_30_19:37:24.233   071.250.041.xxx   HELLooooooooo Sponge Bob
2007_10_30_19:40:27.920   071.250.041.xxx   Trick or Treat
2007_10_30_19:40:33.504   071.238.054.xxx   Hellooooooooo homer (18)
2007_10_30_19:40:41.660   070.244.102.xxx   HELLO!
2007_10_30_19:41:07.064   071.238.054.xxx   he still has not fixed skull!!! (19)
2007_10_30_19:44:09.877   071.188.109.xxx   Kayla
2007_10_30_19:51:35.214   206.124.006.xxx   Hulk smash puny human laptop!
2007_10_30_19:51:43.953   096.002.038.xxx   Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2007_10_30_19:52:36.162   096.002.038.xxx   what does a cow say with no lips?  ooo ooo
2007_10_30_19:53:08.154   096.002.038.xxx   jerk
2007_10_30_19:53:53.689   096.002.038.xxx   u heard me  r u deaf
2007_10_30_19:54:53.420   096.002.038.xxx   make me, ya spineless wimp
2007_10_30_19:56:40.427   096.002.038.xxx   wheeeeeee, this is fun
2007_10_30_19:57:18.062   072.081.242.xxx   Hello All!!!! World GOOD
2007_10_30_19:57:23.105   096.002.038.xxx   ahhh, the mental midgets are out tonite
2007_10_30_19:58:24.209   068.099.185.xxx   Why don't you go be miserable somewhere else!
2007_10_30_19:58:40.220   096.002.038.xxx   I can spell it any way I want, midget
2007_10_30_19:59:55.985   096.002.038.xxx   awwww, is wittle boy mad???  awwwww
2007_10_30_20:00:38.268   096.002.038.xxx   you are soooo cute when you are mad (10 IM's so far today)
2007_10_30_20:02:28.369   096.002.038.xxx   overkill this, moron  (_!_) (11)
2007_10_30_20:03:54.098   096.002.038.xxx   lol (12)
2007_10_30_20:07:58.792   071.179.251.xxx   oh my
2007_10_30_20:09:32.279   075.110.148.xxx   Matt and Lisa love the setup New Bern NC
2007_10_30_20:10:06.942   071.179.251.xxx   Wait till you see the Christmas lights!
2007_10_30_20:10:41.254   075.110.148.xxx   Yes we will be back to check those out
2007_10_30_20:11:51.261   075.110.148.xxx   Maybe next year we will have some x10 stuff setup also
2007_10_30_20:12:33.843   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Go for it - X10 stuff! ***ALEK***
2007_10_30_20:12:35.109   071.056.173.xxx   nice display
2007_10_30_20:12:42.309   071.179.251.xxx   Insteon is a more reliable Home automation
2007_10_30_20:14:10.135   075.110.148.xxx   thanks we will have to check it out
2007_10_30_20:15:15.519   068.015.042.xxx   Nelson DeSousa was here
2007_10_30_20:15:20.990   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would cost a lot to replace my X10 stuff with Insteon ... ***ALEK***
2007_10_30_20:15:57.301   071.179.251.xxx   True, but if you start fresh, go with Insteon.
2007_10_30_20:23:57.101   068.032.215.xxx   Hello from the Flaxs'!!! Tucson, AZ
2007_10_30_20:28:01.763   068.159.162.xxx   Greetings from Birmingham
2007_10_30_20:32:43.473   068.032.215.xxx   hi
2007_10_30_20:34:02.251   068.032.215.xxx   hello happy early halloween tucson az!!!!!!!!
2007_10_30_20:35:59.804   068.032.215.xxx   cool website
2007_10_30_20:36:19.491   099.227.200.xxx   iLike
2007_10_30_20:36:20.780   067.163.024.xxx   this is the best thing ever
2007_10_30_20:36:30.959   068.032.215.xxx   hulk get mad lol
2007_10_30_20:38:48.681   069.145.078.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2007_10_30_20:40:03.117   099.227.200.xxx   Happy L'halloween every1
2007_10_30_20:46:38.121   069.145.078.xxx   Hi  Erin & Kyle
2007_10_30_20:50:18.138   068.204.106.xxx   Hi Samantha
2007_10_30_20:55:11.808   076.083.103.xxx   halloweeen!!!!!!!
2007_10_30_20:55:44.173   069.145.078.xxx   Hi  Erin & Kyle in Billings!!!!!
2007_10_30_20:56:32.745   024.096.177.xxx   Hi Love you Matt
2007_10_30_20:57:44.954   024.096.177.xxx   Aflaaaaaac!!!!
2007_10_30_20:57:58.552   068.037.214.xxx   booze!
2007_10_30_20:59:07.885   024.096.177.xxx   Aflac...Aflac...AFLAAAAAC!
2007_10_30_20:59:39.881   069.145.078.xxx   Hi Lori in Billings!!!!!!!
2007_10_30_21:04:04.076   065.080.247.xxx   happy halloween from jax beach fl
2007_10_30_21:06:19.503   065.185.201.xxx   where did october go?
2007_10_30_21:10:09.468   065.080.247.xxx   Alek,great site! Joan (Jax Bch Fl)
2007_10_30_21:11:35.672   069.145.078.xxx   Only 56 days till Xmas!!!!!!!
2007_10_30_21:13:01.629   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the compliments IM'ers! ***ALEK***
2007_10_30_21:18:30.344   074.160.002.xxx   Happy Haloween from Buford GA
2007_10_30_21:24:07.139   024.107.090.xxx   Happy Halloween - Jamie - St.Louis
2007_10_30_21:26:39.627   076.175.178.xxx   hi
2007_10_30_21:27:22.929   076.175.178.xxx   papi rocks!
2007_10_30_21:32:05.164   075.039.057.xxx   i'll stop stabbing when you stop screaming!
2007_10_30_21:35:58.598   070.113.126.xxx   D'oh!
2007_10_30_21:37:04.385   071.108.002.xxx   nothing's more suspicious than frog's breath!
2007_10_30_21:49:32.439   205.188.117.xxx   Happy Halloween!!!
2007_10_30_21:49:50.635   071.195.218.xxx   Have a Happy Halloween Alek!!!!!
2007_10_30_21:51:11.792   205.188.117.xxx   Hi All!
2007_10_30_21:59:24.571   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will have a few extra things out for Halloween Night itself - stay tuned!!! ***ALEK***

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