159 halloween text messages on 2007/1101

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,155 times that day including 421 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1101

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2007_11_01_18:00:30.089   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Last night for Controlling Halloween Stuff - have fun! ***ALEK***
2007_11_01_18:00:51.918   086.012.211.xxx   woohoo
2007_11_01_18:01:06.972   076.226.059.xxx   hi ryan love mom liz
2007_11_01_18:02:26.736   071.238.054.xxx   nice head thing alek
2007_11_01_18:02:51.630   212.032.120.xxx   That looks like Bobby Ewing in the Haunted office!! :-) @UK
2007_11_01_18:03:51.141   081.103.143.xxx   hi !!!!!!!!!!
2007_11_01_18:03:56.591   071.238.054.xxx   ello alek
2007_11_01_18:04:18.616   081.103.143.xxx   salt
2007_11_01_18:04:54.762   207.215.172.xxx   I love Denver!
2007_11_01_18:05:04.278   070.127.054.xxx   wow is there anyone else here
2007_11_01_18:05:20.069   071.238.054.xxx   why is cam so zoomed out?
2007_11_01_18:05:29.527   076.226.059.xxx   Wisconson rules ryan antholt!!
2007_11_01_18:05:31.221   212.032.120.xxx   help I'm stuck inside the TV
2007_11_01_18:05:46.655   081.103.143.xxx   Heyah !!! Dis Is Jenifer from Belfast- Gr8 house!!
2007_11_01_18:06:11.825   212.032.120.xxx   hi jenifer from manchester
2007_11_01_18:06:14.300   076.226.059.xxx   Wisconsin rules so does ryan antholt!!
2007_11_01_18:06:31.975   081.103.143.xxx   hi this is andrew jennifers brother hi!!!
2007_11_01_18:07:49.273   212.032.120.xxx   hi belfast from manchester
2007_11_01_18:07:50.640   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** So what do you guys think of "Heads-Up Harry" - new addition - 50% off! ***ALEK***
2007_11_01_18:08:13.971   081.103.143.xxx   hi!!!!!! great lk
2007_11_01_18:08:35.646   212.032.120.xxx   jenifer I love you :-)
2007_11_01_18:08:36.566   068.248.150.xxx   hi mitch
2007_11_01_18:11:17.495   195.093.021.xxx   hello
2007_11_01_18:11:49.497   086.012.211.xxx   howdy from england
2007_11_01_18:12:00.729   195.093.021.xxx   er its not halloween now
2007_11_01_18:12:14.381   086.012.211.xxx   someones home
2007_11_01_18:12:23.684   078.054.212.xxx   BOO!
2007_11_01_18:12:41.521   086.012.211.xxx   someones home
2007_11_01_18:13:49.849   066.227.136.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone
2007_11_01_18:13:52.494   195.093.021.xxx   why is this site still up?
2007_11_01_18:14:16.966   086.012.211.xxx   tonights the last night
2007_11_01_18:14:39.571   195.093.021.xxx   thanx alek
2007_11_01_18:14:41.934   066.227.136.xxx   Good job When are the cristmas ligths going up
2007_11_01_18:16:20.647   195.093.021.xxx   BOO
2007_11_01_18:16:41.288   066.227.136.xxx   Boo
2007_11_01_18:17:24.663   081.103.143.xxx   hello, when do u keep ur christmas lights up 2???
2007_11_01_18:17:26.916   195.093.021.xxx   AAAHHHHHH
2007_11_01_18:17:28.231   066.227.136.xxx   i WILL MISS THE HOLLWEN LIGTRHS
2007_11_01_18:17:45.533   068.226.080.xxx   pizza?
2007_11_01_18:17:50.399   081.103.143.xxx   hi!!!
2007_11_01_18:19:40.315   081.103.143.xxx   my mum loves christmas toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_11_01_18:20:09.999   081.103.143.xxx   so do i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007_11_01_18:20:39.532   068.226.080.xxx   its too early for christmas.. what next xmas in may?
2007_11_01_18:21:21.244   195.093.021.xxx   70 PEOPLE
2007_11_01_18:21:56.792   195.093.021.xxx   71 PEOPLE
2007_11_01_18:24:08.885   207.047.162.xxx   are they all live people?
2007_11_01_18:24:39.180   195.093.021.xxx   YEAH
2007_11_01_18:25:44.135   195.093.021.xxx   WHERE'S ALEK? (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_01_18:25:47.780   071.238.054.xxx   I am sad last day :-)
2007_11_01_18:27:04.798   195.093.021.xxx   YOU ARE SAD FULL STOP LOL (11)
2007_11_01_18:28:57.383   195.093.021.xxx   Alek IS COOL (12)
2007_11_01_18:29:53.915   081.103.143.xxx   doing this is soooooo cool!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_01_18:30:21.264   081.103.143.xxx   and fun (11)
2007_11_01_18:31:11.264   195.093.021.xxx   YOU NEED TO GET OUT MORE (13)
2007_11_01_18:35:43.156   066.227.136.xxx   OFF
2007_11_01_18:36:27.052   066.227.136.xxx   OFF                            ON                              OFF             
2007_11_01_18:38:21.489   066.227.136.xxx   OFF                            ON                              OFF             
2007_11_01_18:38:50.880   066.227.136.xxx   HOW MEAy day till cristmass
2007_11_01_18:40:03.040   070.174.139.xxx   hi
2007_11_01_18:40:56.850   195.093.021.xxx   HELLO (14)
2007_11_01_18:41:34.051   070.174.139.xxx   bye
2007_11_01_18:42:18.500   195.093.021.xxx   WHY HAS IT GONE DARK? (15)
2007_11_01_18:47:40.662   195.093.021.xxx   HELLO ANYONE THERE? (16)
2007_11_01_18:47:52.103   190.189.089.xxx   homer is dead
2007_11_01_18:49:52.637   195.093.021.xxx   HOMER'S ALIVE (17)
2007_11_01_18:54:10.783   024.164.184.xxx   cool statue at the computer
2007_11_01_18:57:26.623   071.147.049.xxx   Hello Cydnie
2007_11_01_19:02:07.024   067.040.051.xxx   Ha!
2007_11_01_19:02:49.992   068.194.244.xxx   guys turn all the lights off I never seen it like that
2007_11_01_19:05:38.855   068.194.244.xxx   whats wrong with alex
2007_11_01_19:06:32.847   068.194.244.xxx   That Monster has taken Alex
2007_11_01_19:07:10.994   068.194.244.xxx   yo Alex where did the monster come from
2007_11_01_19:08:01.721   195.093.021.xxx   WAL MART (18)
2007_11_01_19:08:03.533   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I just lost my head!!! ***ALEK***
2007_11_01_19:11:22.776   065.189.237.xxx   happy november
2007_11_01_19:17:06.246   024.110.146.xxx   how long is this awesome site going to be up?
2007_11_01_19:17:58.028   089.241.169.xxx   for a while as alek changes to christmas
2007_11_01_19:18:47.913   089.241.169.xxx   hello from Wolverhampton England
2007_11_01_19:19:04.588   071.070.250.xxx   this is the last day i think,  he has a christmas site he has to prepare for
2007_11_01_19:22:00.064   024.110.146.xxx   Homework or funstuff.... i cant choose
2007_11_01_19:32:32.911   142.068.165.xxx   bye
2007_11_01_19:34:03.183   024.110.146.xxx   bye...
2007_11_01_19:35:23.075   024.110.146.xxx   Add your own spooky halloweeny comment now!
2007_11_01_19:35:56.027   070.238.202.xxx   Happy Belated Halloween
2007_11_01_19:49:08.982   076.178.104.xxx   time to put the blower back in elmo?
2007_11_01_19:52:10.669   121.001.053.xxx   Happy Holloween!!! From The Philippines...
2007_11_01_20:01:16.188   068.063.017.xxx   My Kids love this!
2007_11_01_20:10:42.202   071.195.218.xxx   I don't have any kids, but I love this too!
2007_11_01_20:20:14.227   195.093.021.xxx   hi from u.k (19)
2007_11_01_20:20:36.521   068.104.149.xxx   IS HE REAL?!?!?!!!
2007_11_01_20:21:00.506   195.093.021.xxx   who (20 IM's so far today)
2007_11_01_20:21:30.126   068.104.149.xxx   HEADS UP HARRY?!?!?!!!
2007_11_01_20:22:24.417   068.104.149.xxx   GOODNIGHT
2007_11_01_20:23:10.491   195.093.021.xxx   Denver radio station s**** a** (21)
2007_11_01_20:24:08.814   195.093.021.xxx   Denver radio station s.u.c.k.s  a.s.s (22)
2007_11_01_20:31:32.025   195.093.021.xxx   i like this site (23)
2007_11_01_20:32:11.947   195.093.021.xxx   SAY SOMETHING SOMEONE (24)
2007_11_01_20:38:31.435   195.093.021.xxx   ELLO (25)
2007_11_01_20:43:23.871   195.093.021.xxx   hi alek (26)
2007_11_01_20:45:28.377   071.238.054.xxx   yay for walmart!
2007_11_01_20:46:44.441   195.093.021.xxx   WHY? (27)
2007_11_01_20:48:22.254   071.195.218.xxx   See you in Christmas Alek!
2007_11_01_20:49:22.599   071.238.054.xxx   yay for walmart!
2007_11_01_20:54:11.045   071.238.054.xxx   Bye buzz i'l miss you
2007_11_01_20:55:06.495   096.226.028.xxx   Happy All Saints Day!
2007_11_01_20:58:10.102   071.238.054.xxx   is headless harry controllable?
2007_11_01_20:58:44.724   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Headless Harry is not controllable ... THIS year ... have to hack 'em up for 2008!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2007_11_01_20:59:13.426   071.238.054.xxx   oh well
2007_11_01_21:01:21.181   068.072.045.xxx   hello
2007_11_01_21:02:36.330   071.195.218.xxx   See you in Christmas Alek!
2007_11_01_21:02:48.572   076.068.131.xxx   stumpy
2007_11_01_21:03:15.714   068.072.045.xxx   Love the show
2007_11_01_21:03:17.996   076.068.131.xxx   stumpy likes men
2007_11_01_21:03:59.711   076.068.131.xxx   eat a bowl of d i c k s
2007_11_01_21:04:40.570   076.068.131.xxx   no bad language please
2007_11_01_21:04:57.381   068.072.045.xxx   hey get up and look at that screen
2007_11_01_21:05:32.362   068.072.045.xxx   kick that bad man
2007_11_01_21:06:15.188   068.072.045.xxx   This is great. How about for Hanukah?
2007_11_01_21:06:51.414   068.072.045.xxx   We could turn the minora lights on and off
2007_11_01_21:07:28.996   076.068.131.xxx   When is it time for the feats of strength
2007_11_01_21:08:34.755   068.072.045.xxx   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Hulk likes the dradle
2007_11_01_21:09:33.277   068.072.045.xxx   David Banner is Jewish so that means so is the Hulk
2007_11_01_21:10:13.197   068.072.045.xxx   Or was that Bruce Banner?
2007_11_01_21:10:37.711   071.195.218.xxx   David Bruce Banner
2007_11_01_21:11:27.348   068.072.045.xxx   Stumpy come back (10 IM's so far today)
2007_11_01_21:11:54.819   068.072.045.xxx   Free Stumpy (11)
2007_11_01_21:14:51.727   195.093.021.xxx   lights are on but nobody's home (28)
2007_11_01_21:15:09.831   076.068.131.xxx   halloween is for heathens
2007_11_01_21:16:02.720   195.093.021.xxx   AAAAHHHHH (29)
2007_11_01_21:16:42.566   076.068.131.xxx   P E N I S
2007_11_01_21:18:10.908   076.068.131.xxx   d*** bowl of
2007_11_01_21:18:13.017   069.105.084.xxx   Awesome display, grats on the hard work and effort
2007_11_01_21:19:16.241   195.093.021.xxx   HEY CUT OUT THE BAD LANGUAGE THERE ARE KIDS HERE (30 IM's so far today)
2007_11_01_21:20:21.550   195.093.021.xxx   Alek NO BAILEY'S TONIGHT? (31)
2007_11_01_21:22:01.693   195.093.021.xxx   ANYONE FROM U.K HERE? (32)
2007_11_01_21:24:25.939   195.093.021.xxx   WHATS THE PLAN FOR XMAS? (33)
2007_11_01_21:25:58.693   195.093.021.xxx   BOO (34)
2007_11_01_21:28:41.303   195.093.021.xxx   NOT DRINKING TONIGHT AL? (35)
2007_11_01_21:31:21.654   068.237.228.xxx   ?
2007_11_01_21:31:33.766   195.093.021.xxx   HEY WAKE UP LOL (36)
2007_11_01_21:32:51.985   068.237.228.xxx   This site is pretty crazy. Good luck raising your funds!
2007_11_01_21:34:19.579   195.093.021.xxx   WHAT ARE OVERLOADS? (37)
2007_11_01_21:35:06.438   149.043.022.xxx   happy all saints' day!
2007_11_01_21:35:34.287   195.093.021.xxx   THANX (38)
2007_11_01_21:37:05.573   195.093.021.xxx   HI JOSH (39)
2007_11_01_21:38:47.387   071.195.218.xxx   Wow 200+ Trick or Treaters last night!
2007_11_01_21:40:02.030   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, weather was decent and a fun crowd! ***ALEK***
2007_11_01_21:40:15.348   195.093.021.xxx   AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (40 IM's so far today)
2007_11_01_21:40:54.552   071.204.061.xxx   Tonight is the last nigh NOOOO!!1
2007_11_01_21:41:01.228   195.093.021.xxx   HOW MUCH CANDY DID U GET THROUGH? (41)
2007_11_01_21:49:09.778   071.204.061.xxx   Hey Happy NovChristmas To all!! HEHEHE
2007_11_01_21:50:07.157   071.204.061.xxx   Greetings from Atlanta,Georgia
2007_11_01_21:50:24.603   070.111.215.xxx   Yeh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
2007_11_01_21:51:46.486   070.111.215.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR
2007_11_01_21:55:19.551   070.111.215.xxx   Trick or Eaters
2007_11_01_21:56:43.627   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Couple of minutes to the end of Halloween/2007 ***ALEK***
2007_11_01_21:58:21.622   071.204.061.xxx   nooooooo!!!!!
2007_11_01_21:59:26.916   071.204.061.xxx   2 Minutes More!! nooo I will miss it!
2007_11_01_22:00:00.000   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Halloween/2007 is OVER ... but Christmas/2007 should be online after Thanksgiving - see everyone then! ;-) ***ALEK***

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