329 halloween text messages on 2008/0930

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,769 times that day including 863 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 0930

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_09_30_18:52:17.474   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning things on a bit early for testing - welcome to Halloween/2008! ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_18:52:39.803   066.235.028.xxx   Woohoo!
2008_09_30_18:53:10.247   068.096.084.xxx   Get out of the way
2008_09_30_18:53:14.755   071.050.084.xxx   whats up alek?
2008_09_30_18:53:24.197   066.235.028.xxx   Hi Alek! - Piobaireachd
2008_09_30_18:53:28.085   075.031.241.xxx   and so begins 3 months of fun!
2008_09_30_18:53:38.567   099.230.192.xxx   HAI
2008_09_30_18:53:44.329   068.096.084.xxx   This is to cool
2008_09_30_18:53:47.270   071.050.084.xxx   wave alek!
2008_09_30_18:54:40.595   075.031.241.xxx   aww, alek's first wave!
2008_09_30_18:55:09.423   071.050.084.xxx   and i made him! WOO-HOO!!!
2008_09_30_18:56:12.169   075.031.241.xxx   there's people on your lawn
2008_09_30_18:56:15.011   066.235.028.xxx   all text messages still pull up **** log ***ALEK*** (Fixed - thanks - alek!) ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_18:57:04.377   068.096.084.xxx   This is the best website ever! WOOT
2008_09_30_18:57:17.089   074.060.079.xxx   no  s***
2008_09_30_18:57:49.638   071.050.084.xxx   no potty-mouthing
2008_09_30_18:58:47.203   074.060.079.xxx   no  dj
2008_09_30_18:58:47.748   066.235.028.xxx   concur!
2008_09_30_18:59:17.749   097.103.224.xxx   awesome
2008_09_30_18:59:24.936   074.060.079.xxx   no dj
2008_09_30_18:59:40.261   071.050.084.xxx   who is in the front lawn alek?
2008_09_30_18:59:43.194   098.209.097.xxx   O_O
2008_09_30_19:00:01.438   076.098.087.xxx   Greetings From Hainesport NJ
2008_09_30_19:00:04.487   097.103.224.xxx   Boo
2008_09_30_19:00:19.242   071.179.095.xxx   Boo Who?
2008_09_30_19:00:23.447   071.050.084.xxx   Grettings ffrom Las Vegas,NV
2008_09_30_19:00:44.302   075.031.241.xxx   And from Chicago, IL
2008_09_30_19:00:51.055   208.001.030.xxx   We up and running!!
2008_09_30_19:01:25.725   074.060.079.xxx   no   rebcca
2008_09_30_19:01:41.105   075.031.241.xxx   Hi kid!
2008_09_30_19:01:56.507   098.209.097.xxx   alek ftw!
2008_09_30_19:02:05.399   071.050.084.xxx   this is chris hi everybody!!
2008_09_30_19:02:34.035   071.179.095.xxx   Hi from Baltimore Maryland!!
2008_09_30_19:03:00.912   074.060.079.xxx   xgcgxzgc gxzg gx gcgcxg
2008_09_30_19:03:10.195   098.209.097.xxx   hey alek just so u know the opera javascript popup gets kinda annoying when the
2008_09_30_19:04:04.429   098.209.097.xxx   ___page refreshes___
2008_09_30_19:04:07.641   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Opera popup should only occur on initial page load ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:04:12.929   068.096.084.xxx   You Rock
2008_09_30_19:04:39.006   098.209.097.xxx   for some reason randomly the page will reload and then i get that popup
2008_09_30_19:05:33.819   076.098.087.xxx   Detky is on the bandwagon
2008_09_30_19:06:26.842   071.050.084.xxx   chris is this just a test?
2008_09_30_19:08:06.080   068.096.084.xxx   You Rock
2008_09_30_19:08:08.244   075.031.241.xxx   thanks for helping set up kiddo!
2008_09_30_19:08:29.035   071.050.084.xxx   have your kid and you wave
2008_09_30_19:09:00.895   068.096.084.xxx   This is the best website ever! WOOT
2008_09_30_19:09:12.351   208.001.030.xxx   This is neat!
2008_09_30_19:11:29.147   208.001.030.xxx   Shout out from Lavaca, AR! (n10cities)
2008_09_30_19:12:17.406   068.096.084.xxx   Shout Out From SC, California (San Clemente)
2008_09_30_19:12:47.099   068.096.084.xxx   woot
2008_09_30_19:14:02.576   097.103.224.xxx   Hi Calvin
2008_09_30_19:14:05.521   208.001.030.xxx   Gonna work on the office decorations tomorrow?
2008_09_30_19:14:13.435   071.050.084.xxx   every body turn everything off!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:15:32.708   208.001.030.xxx   Nooooo!! I'm afraid of the dark!!
2008_09_30_19:15:55.146   068.096.084.xxx   HAHAH
2008_09_30_19:16:19.884   097.103.224.xxx   wee!!!
2008_09_30_19:16:24.663   071.050.084.xxx   Chris is cool (11)
2008_09_30_19:16:53.557   097.103.224.xxx   hahaha
2008_09_30_19:17:49.029   071.050.084.xxx   1-702-461-**** (12)
2008_09_30_19:17:51.274   068.096.084.xxx   My computer is going sooooo sloooowwww (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:18:27.616   012.178.230.xxx   alex where did you get skull poles/stakes
2008_09_30_19:18:43.541   071.050.084.xxx   1-702-461-****       **** at the end (13)
2008_09_30_19:18:44.764   097.103.224.xxx   yaaa!!!!!
2008_09_30_19:19:18.320   071.050.084.xxx   **** at the end (14)
2008_09_30_19:19:39.432   097.103.224.xxx   boo hoo
2008_09_30_19:20:02.070   071.050.084.xxx   ****                   at the end (15)
2008_09_30_19:20:09.985   208.001.030.xxx   wot's up in the garage?
2008_09_30_19:20:25.436   097.103.224.xxx   weee!!!!
2008_09_30_19:20:42.226   208.001.030.xxx   we see you, alek!
2008_09_30_19:21:13.038   097.103.224.xxx   no you don't
2008_09_30_19:21:26.675   071.050.084.xxx   this is so fun!!!!! (16)
2008_09_30_19:21:52.109   097.103.224.xxx   weeee!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:22:18.584   012.178.230.xxx   alex where did you get skull poles/giant stakes
2008_09_30_19:22:30.671   208.001.030.xxx   gonna watch a movie...will check in later..
2008_09_30_19:22:47.077   071.050.084.xxx   you put a skeleton in the office thats the spirit (17)
2008_09_30_19:22:53.630   098.209.097.xxx   :) komar.org ftw!
2008_09_30_19:23:32.617   075.031.241.xxx   hi other kid!  and bye i guess...
2008_09_30_19:25:06.375   098.209.097.xxx   :o it's a cmd prompt
2008_09_30_19:25:08.813   066.227.207.xxx   Happy from Halloween  Alpena Michigan United States
2008_09_30_19:25:31.795   071.008.203.xxx   Hi Alek!  So happy you are up and running!  Happy Halloween!
2008_09_30_19:25:32.194   071.050.084.xxx   halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (18)
2008_09_30_19:26:26.663   071.050.084.xxx   fun (19)
2008_09_30_19:26:52.809   071.008.203.xxx   Happy Halloween from Overland, MO
2008_09_30_19:26:54.792   071.050.084.xxx   cool (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:27:10.981   075.031.241.xxx   thanks for starting me on months of procrastination!
2008_09_30_19:27:27.469   071.008.203.xxx   Hi to Christopher David!
2008_09_30_19:27:46.529   098.209.097.xxx   alek u gonna get another winders bsod?
2008_09_30_19:27:52.633   071.050.084.xxx   christopher is my name (21)
2008_09_30_19:28:39.645   098.209.097.xxx   switches for firefox
2008_09_30_19:29:24.079   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** FYI: Almost done fixing the giant skull for the front yard ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:29:24.597   098.209.097.xxx   :) firefox (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:29:34.816   071.050.084.xxx   HULK FOR PRESIDENT!!! HHULK SMASH!! (22)
2008_09_30_19:29:57.402   012.178.230.xxx   anyone want bon jovis autograph e-mailme LINK DELETED
2008_09_30_19:30:19.268   098.209.097.xxx   heh it don't matter if hulk wants to win that bad he can smash his way to vicory (11)
2008_09_30_19:32:38.816   071.050.084.xxx   alek if you like chris pirillo smile at the camera!!!! (23)
2008_09_30_19:33:21.844   098.209.097.xxx   o_o (12)
2008_09_30_19:33:54.921   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Chris Pirillo is cool ... ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:33:58.393   071.050.084.xxx   thank-you!! (24)
2008_09_30_19:34:16.781   098.209.097.xxx   _______ alek is cooler though (13)
2008_09_30_19:34:25.477   012.178.230.xxx   A wonderful job as usual!!
2008_09_30_19:35:24.240   098.209.097.xxx   i wonder what he does with that cmd prompt. (14)
2008_09_30_19:35:25.211   065.171.160.xxx   Great isn't it Paul !!
2008_09_30_19:36:07.644   098.209.097.xxx   :( i wish i was aleks kids that would be fun! (15)
2008_09_30_19:36:13.604   012.178.230.xxx   I hate lee feinstein love frank harrington
2008_09_30_19:36:41.306   071.050.084.xxx   i told chris to go on to your website (25)
2008_09_30_19:36:51.159   098.209.097.xxx   lets don't be haters now plz (16)
2008_09_30_19:37:02.605   065.174.028.xxx   trick or treat smell my feet give me some more oats to eat
2008_09_30_19:37:49.111   071.050.084.xxx   i have to eat bye bye!!! (26)
2008_09_30_19:37:51.518   076.098.087.xxx   Phillies Banwagon starts here  your driver Steve Detky
2008_09_30_19:37:58.900   012.178.230.xxx   Bye Bye
2008_09_30_19:38:49.176   098.209.097.xxx   alek hasn't aged a bit cough :p (17)
2008_09_30_19:38:51.417   069.250.055.xxx   how do you turn on the pumkins in the front yard
2008_09_30_19:39:02.366   012.178.230.xxx   Only the wealthy can afford to see division clinching games
2008_09_30_19:39:33.956   012.178.230.xxx   Lmao @ wealthy, good one Paul
2008_09_30_19:39:36.203   076.098.087.xxx   Hainesport NJ The Elitist Capital of the World
2008_09_30_19:40:15.674   098.209.097.xxx   umm... pumpkin controls have disspeared fix plz? (18)
2008_09_30_19:40:20.489   012.178.230.xxx   Those Elitists let the women hold the loot
2008_09_30_19:40:27.907   069.076.004.xxx   Hey everyone!
2008_09_30_19:40:50.946   071.008.203.xxx   Hello to everyone from GP!
2008_09_30_19:40:56.175   076.098.087.xxx   Were better  because our wives make the money
2008_09_30_19:41:21.816   098.209.097.xxx   yay pumpkins are alive!!!!!!!1 (19)
2008_09_30_19:43:09.061   097.103.224.xxx   Boo!!! (11)
2008_09_30_19:43:24.714   098.209.097.xxx   alex looks deep in thought (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:45:07.010   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just fixing up a few minor code boo-boo's ... this is testing night! ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:45:09.383   069.250.055.xxx   hi amber
2008_09_30_19:45:18.794   012.178.230.xxx   Greetings from Al's corner Deli (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:45:44.541   012.178.230.xxx   I live in philly cheap city to live in. I still have no money (11)
2008_09_30_19:45:51.334   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Al, can you send me a Pastrami on gluten-free bread? ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:46:01.270   097.103.224.xxx   what's with the halloween decorations with the christmas ones? (12)
2008_09_30_19:46:51.613   076.098.087.xxx   Greeting from Kimbacam!!!
2008_09_30_19:47:39.638   012.178.230.xxx   Kimbacam ocks hard! (12)
2008_09_30_19:47:58.317   098.209.097.xxx   i still remember that big b*** code burp that took out the site :/ (21)
2008_09_30_19:48:00.646   071.190.015.xxx   i like to shag
2008_09_30_19:48:07.425   076.098.087.xxx   juan2 put me on hiatus
2008_09_30_19:48:13.948   012.178.230.xxx   Kimba no longer loves paul (13)
2008_09_30_19:48:31.565   071.190.015.xxx   oo s***
2008_09_30_19:48:32.421   097.103.224.xxx   lol (13)
2008_09_30_19:48:38.417   098.209.097.xxx   -_- alek u just scared the crap outa me (22)
2008_09_30_19:48:48.520   065.174.028.xxx   Al made Paul poopy in his drawers
2008_09_30_19:48:59.178   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heads-Up Harry is taking over the office ... ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:49:10.491   098.209.097.xxx   heh (23)
2008_09_30_19:49:22.107   076.098.087.xxx   give harry a goetee and he would be considerd g**
2008_09_30_19:49:29.806   097.103.224.xxx   it's Dr. Jekel (14)
2008_09_30_19:49:29.951   071.071.199.xxx   can we control Harry's head?
2008_09_30_19:49:32.060   012.178.230.xxx   I cashed in some copper today Paul... all legit this time ! (14)
2008_09_30_19:50:06.353   097.103.224.xxx   Dr. jekel and Mr. Hyde (15)
2008_09_30_19:50:11.589   098.209.097.xxx   i wanna control hulk though (24)
2008_09_30_19:50:14.727   076.098.087.xxx   im sure chic's ghost is happy about that
2008_09_30_19:50:25.354   071.071.199.xxx   Trader Joes gluten free ginger snaps FTW!
2008_09_30_19:51:13.345   076.098.087.xxx   Steve can you get a webcam in your wife's office so we can watch her make all t (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:51:14.545   098.209.097.xxx   i've never tried anything gluton free so yeah idk how it tastes. flavor lose? (25)
2008_09_30_19:51:35.938   071.050.084.xxx   Heads up harry!! (27)
2008_09_30_19:51:39.942   076.098.087.xxx   make all the money (11)
2008_09_30_19:52:15.850   071.071.199.xxx   more s***e flavor and less sweet yum
2008_09_30_19:52:21.401   076.098.087.xxx   LMAS (12)
2008_09_30_19:52:35.069   098.209.097.xxx   oh no hulk took over my screen (26)
2008_09_30_19:53:13.802   071.050.084.xxx   woo-hoo (28)
2008_09_30_19:53:44.047   071.050.084.xxx   this is cool (29)
2008_09_30_19:53:53.657   074.060.079.xxx   to cool
2008_09_30_19:54:05.493   098.209.097.xxx   i wonder if his neighbors go on this site (27)
2008_09_30_19:54:14.995   071.050.084.xxx   realy realy cool (30 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:54:22.749   075.031.241.xxx   the removable head thing freaked me out
2008_09_30_19:54:25.429   074.060.079.xxx   im sure they do to turn them off
2008_09_30_19:54:45.271   098.209.097.xxx   lol probably do (28)
2008_09_30_19:55:16.693   012.178.230.xxx   I'm trying to invent the Gluten-Free OAT (15)
2008_09_30_19:55:30.576   098.209.097.xxx   if i lived by him i'd get a x10 remove then use it to shut them off from the st (29)
2008_09_30_19:55:39.372   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks all for your efforts on gluten-free stuff ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:56:01.827   071.050.084.xxx   heads up harry is blocking your face alek (31)
2008_09_30_19:56:02.490   098.209.097.xxx   alek to u come gluton free? (30 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:56:07.656   012.178.230.xxx   yOU'RE DOING YOUR PART aLEK, WE MIGHT AS WELL DO OURS! (16)
2008_09_30_19:56:16.766   208.001.030.xxx   ok, the headless guy is creeping me out!
2008_09_30_19:56:38.033   012.178.230.xxx   Headless dude is awesome (17)
2008_09_30_19:56:46.205   074.060.079.xxx   headless guy is cool
2008_09_30_19:56:48.423   098.209.097.xxx   hmm... everything u see here is gluton free!! :) (31)
2008_09_30_19:56:55.142   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Anybody watching Sox vs. Twins - great baseball game! ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_19:57:15.013   076.098.087.xxx   headless guy is a gotee away from you know what (13)
2008_09_30_19:57:50.574   071.050.084.xxx   no what? (32)
2008_09_30_19:58:16.360   012.178.230.xxx   Sometimes I want to rip my head off too with all this Gluten in the world ! (18)
2008_09_30_19:58:37.103   098.209.097.xxx   lol (32)
2008_09_30_19:58:46.921   012.178.230.xxx   Gluten is for losers!! (19)
2008_09_30_19:58:56.196   074.060.079.xxx   i do all the time
2008_09_30_19:58:57.684   208.001.030.xxx   watching dancing with the stars.. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:59:11.573   098.209.097.xxx   LETS GO SOX! (33)
2008_09_30_19:59:23.860   012.178.230.xxx   I'm watching the great display put together by Alek (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_19:59:49.189   076.098.087.xxx   Alex does put up a great display (14)
2008_09_30_20:00:08.060   098.209.097.xxx   christmas is better maybe we will have a homer run over again (34)
2008_09_30_20:00:08.335   074.060.079.xxx   i could do better (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:00:26.304   076.098.087.xxx   Alex is probably the coolest guy in the colorado area (15)
2008_09_30_20:00:28.619   074.065.063.xxx   arggghhhh
2008_09_30_20:00:40.506   012.178.230.xxx   greetings from germany someones wife should get a job (21)
2008_09_30_20:00:45.819   074.060.079.xxx   but i wont (11)
2008_09_30_20:01:31.533   076.098.087.xxx   Greeting From Patriot Way the bonus check capital of NJ! (16)
2008_09_30_20:01:37.603   065.171.160.xxx   i wear the pants. i demand the money
2008_09_30_20:02:42.104   074.060.079.xxx   u want money then bend over (12)
2008_09_30_20:02:44.483   012.178.230.xxx   I can't wait to see what animal he photographs next ! (22)
2008_09_30_20:03:11.680   076.098.087.xxx   Alek is a pro with the camera!! (17)
2008_09_30_20:03:47.585   074.060.079.xxx   he is good at taking pics (13)
2008_09_30_20:03:54.822   076.098.087.xxx   Greeting Alek  from the Bluejay that ate the Finches! (18)
2008_09_30_20:04:05.243   012.178.230.xxx   He certainly is skilled with the lens (23)
2008_09_30_20:04:24.384   071.050.084.xxx   alek you look like heads up herry because he's right in front of you (33)
2008_09_30_20:04:25.167   076.098.087.xxx   mmmm They were tasty!!! (19)
2008_09_30_20:04:32.490   074.060.079.xxx   and at halloween setups (14)
2008_09_30_20:05:07.022   012.178.230.xxx   That was mean  076.098.087.xxx (24)
2008_09_30_20:05:15.591   074.060.079.xxx   wounder if anyone eles does this (15)
2008_09_30_20:05:15.723   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Skull going outside - watch webcam2 near driveway ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_20:05:57.720   071.050.084.xxx   have your kid wave (34)
2008_09_30_20:06:47.058   069.250.055.xxx   hi rick in ellicott city md tommy u s***
2008_09_30_20:07:08.380   012.178.230.xxx   Vista St   The street for  Chief Executive Officers (25)
2008_09_30_20:07:22.634   076.098.087.xxx   wish we could have these displays in the Ghetto (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:07:49.513   012.178.230.xxx   I had a dog named SKULL when I was a biker (26)
2008_09_30_20:08:00.558   074.060.079.xxx   for u could steel them for money (16)
2008_09_30_20:08:32.849   208.001.030.xxx   hmmm....skull don't look so good... (11)
2008_09_30_20:08:33.754   076.098.087.xxx   its halloween everynight in the mean streets of Mayfair (21)
2008_09_30_20:09:09.213   071.050.084.xxx   green skull!! (35)
2008_09_30_20:09:38.947   012.178.230.xxx   Paul will never move now just to spite Steve ! (27)
2008_09_30_20:09:42.400   208.001.030.xxx   skullz in da howse! (12)
2008_09_30_20:10:06.957   074.060.079.xxx   hello whos the ladie (17)
2008_09_30_20:10:16.613   074.065.063.xxx   i heart jessi r.!
2008_09_30_20:10:28.345   012.178.230.xxx   Paul will never move now just to spite Steve ! (28)
2008_09_30_20:10:32.511   071.050.084.xxx   its his wife (36)
2008_09_30_20:10:44.063   076.098.087.xxx   Alek wife is hott (22)
2008_09_30_20:10:51.860   074.060.079.xxx   lucky guy (18)
2008_09_30_20:11:06.030   012.178.230.xxx   I'am thinking of buying up the block on vista street (29)
2008_09_30_20:11:35.563   076.098.087.xxx   yeah it's like Baltic Ave in Monopoly (23)
2008_09_30_20:11:39.927   012.178.230.xxx   I will raise the rent on all crackers (30 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:12:09.062   012.178.230.xxx   welcome chinese (31)
2008_09_30_20:12:37.787   012.178.230.xxx   Shouldn't cost you much Steve (32)
2008_09_30_20:13:03.923   076.098.087.xxx   or cost your wife much (24)
2008_09_30_20:14:13.849   076.098.087.xxx   kid is goin to phillies game tommorow (25)
2008_09_30_20:14:38.262   074.060.079.xxx   women cost to much (19)
2008_09_30_20:15:29.129   074.060.079.xxx   now thats a big b*** (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:15:38.870   075.031.241.xxx   Headless Harry is WAY too freaky! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:15:39.982   208.001.030.xxx   oh oh! spooky head in the globe is here! (13)
2008_09_30_20:15:46.669   069.250.055.xxx   night time
2008_09_30_20:15:59.453   012.178.230.xxx   Sure, more abuse of the PAL funding huh (33)
2008_09_30_20:16:12.086   074.060.079.xxx   thats sick (21)
2008_09_30_20:16:26.714   069.250.055.xxx   butttt shot
2008_09_30_20:16:46.577   076.098.087.xxx   thats how the low incomed roll (26)
2008_09_30_20:17:16.478   012.178.230.xxx   Roll on playa (34)
2008_09_30_20:17:36.536   069.250.055.xxx   duh
2008_09_30_20:17:39.115   075.031.241.xxx   ahh!  camera offline!! (11)
2008_09_30_20:18:01.483   074.060.079.xxx   what the heck (22)
2008_09_30_20:18:03.048   069.250.055.xxx   camera down
2008_09_30_20:18:11.115   012.178.230.xxx   your choice to be low income (35)
2008_09_30_20:18:11.937   075.031.241.xxx   come back cam 1! (12)
2008_09_30_20:19:10.669   074.060.079.xxx   think it had a fart (23)
2008_09_30_20:24:52.770   075.031.241.xxx   This site makes me ridiculously happy.  Thanks Alek! (13)
2008_09_30_20:24:53.170   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Zone 5 will trigger the headless dude in the ball ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_20:25:08.800   067.159.044.xxx   Its all about making sound judement calls in life or being reckless you have a 
2008_09_30_20:25:38.855   067.159.044.xxx   choice
2008_09_30_20:27:18.789   071.050.084.xxx   woahhh radical!!! (37)
2008_09_30_20:27:20.909   075.031.241.xxx   How is McCain so far ahead?  Boo!  Go Hulk! (14)
2008_09_30_20:27:24.885   067.159.044.xxx   please visit me Paster gninnam at God     LINK DELETED
2008_09_30_20:29:02.254   067.159.044.xxx   SARAH PALIN ROCKS AGAIST CELIAC DISEASE
2008_09_30_20:29:31.330   071.050.084.xxx   how do you turn on harry (38)
2008_09_30_20:29:33.270   075.031.241.xxx   Was that Kyle or Dirk? (15)
2008_09_30_20:29:57.336   067.159.044.xxx   MCCAIN ROCKS AMERICA
2008_09_30_20:30:18.058   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Superman Kyle - he wanted to see what the skull looked like ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_20:30:18.542   067.159.044.xxx   MCCAIN FOR PRESIDENT 08
2008_09_30_20:31:22.169   075.031.241.xxx   no, thank you.  Hulk SMASH Puny McCain! (16)
2008_09_30_20:35:49.536   067.159.044.xxx   OBAMA MAKE MILLIONS FROM FANNIE MA
2008_09_30_20:36:22.533   067.159.044.xxx   OBAMA = HIGHER TAXES
2008_09_30_20:36:53.103   067.159.044.xxx   COLORADO WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU (10 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:37:21.191   075.031.241.xxx   Sweet! Hey Superman! You and your dad are pretty cool! (17)
2008_09_30_20:38:03.361   076.098.087.xxx   KIMBACAM ROCKS FOR OBAMA (27)
2008_09_30_20:38:16.698   067.159.044.xxx   obama is a arrogant racist read his books (11)
2008_09_30_20:38:38.712   076.098.087.xxx   MAYFAIR LOVES OBAMA (28)
2008_09_30_20:40:15.785   067.159.044.xxx   (Sure) all low class people do (12)
2008_09_30_20:41:04.517   067.159.044.xxx   lol (13)
2008_09_30_20:41:27.440   076.098.087.xxx   at least i got class (29)
2008_09_30_20:41:54.366   067.159.044.xxx   Paul we know your part of mayfair is still good (14)
2008_09_30_20:43:02.292   067.159.044.xxx   dont get your p****** in a bunch (15)
2008_09_30_20:43:25.486   076.098.087.xxx   lol  come on  im not you (30 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:43:54.557   067.159.044.xxx   you would'nt know even if it  hit you in the face' (16)
2008_09_30_20:44:02.080   076.098.087.xxx   i dont get red in the face and ready to fight (31)
2008_09_30_20:44:31.521   076.098.087.xxx   all b/c your on the bandwagon (32)
2008_09_30_20:44:35.953   067.159.044.xxx   you would'nt know class if it hit you in the face (17)
2008_09_30_20:45:02.650   076.098.087.xxx   i know cause my wife make minimum wage (33)
2008_09_30_20:46:46.898   068.238.142.xxx   Hello from Oregon
2008_09_30_20:46:53.676   075.031.241.xxx   let your toggles speak for themselves. family friendly! (18)
2008_09_30_20:47:35.554   075.031.241.xxx   Hi Oregon! (19)
2008_09_30_20:49:26.562   068.238.142.xxx   Great place!
2008_09_30_20:50:37.320   067.159.044.xxx   bandwagon, I have followed the phillies since **** when you were s*** out. went (18)
2008_09_30_20:50:48.893   075.031.241.xxx   Oregon? I'm looking to move there. In Chicago now. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:51:27.692   071.050.084.xxx   yayyyyyyyyyyy (39)
2008_09_30_20:51:44.018   076.098.087.xxx   uh huh  and it took u 4 years to see the new stadium (34)
2008_09_30_20:52:13.109   071.050.084.xxx   huh (40 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:53:26.877   067.159.044.xxx   Its the appeal of citizens bank park (19)
2008_09_30_20:53:57.032   067.159.044.xxx   great place to have fun (20 IM's so far today)
2008_09_30_20:54:17.160   076.098.087.xxx   ok (35)
2008_09_30_20:54:28.790   067.159.044.xxx   when your wife is rich!!that is (21)
2008_09_30_20:54:51.030   067.159.044.xxx   not abusing pal funding (22)
2008_09_30_20:56:48.655   067.159.044.xxx   YOU what paul what the f  ck do you care (23)
2008_09_30_20:58:42.745   071.142.245.xxx   loser
2008_09_30_20:59:47.658   067.159.044.xxx   i waited until my kid was older to go. now we all have a good time (24)
2008_09_30_21:06:30.455   075.031.241.xxx   Yayy! No more freaky Headless Harry! (21)
2008_09_30_21:08:42.994   075.031.241.xxx   How long has everyone been a Komar viewer? (22)
2008_09_30_21:09:26.604   071.050.084.xxx   3 years (41)
2008_09_30_21:10:01.586   075.031.241.xxx   This is my third year (23)
2008_09_30_21:12:18.151   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welcome back 3-year folks - third time is a charm! ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_21:13:01.841   075.031.241.xxx   What's the charm!? (24)
2008_09_30_21:13:17.338   071.050.084.xxx   48 mins (42)
2008_09_30_21:14:41.942   012.178.230.xxx   Must be nice to use PAL as ur own ticket master (36)
2008_09_30_21:16:02.246   012.178.230.xxx   Getting late folks (37)
2008_09_30_21:17:05.121   075.031.241.xxx   10:17 where I am! (25)
2008_09_30_21:18:35.965   071.050.084.xxx   this was so much fun (43)
2008_09_30_21:19:07.911   208.001.030.xxx   what?  did everyone quit?  All the lights were off! (14)
2008_09_30_21:21:03.868   208.001.030.xxx   the pumpkin & skull take a bit longer to inflate than home/frankie.. (15)
2008_09_30_21:25:01.370   012.192.082.xxx   intelous background check really got you upset
2008_09_30_21:25:27.099   012.192.082.xxx   you have been p***y eversince
2008_09_30_21:25:55.819   012.192.082.xxx   mr chairmen of the board
2008_09_30_21:26:47.691   208.001.030.xxx   gettin' late...gotta get up at 4:30 a.m.! (16)
2008_09_30_21:27:05.072   012.192.082.xxx   Iam also the block captain for vista street
2008_09_30_21:27:16.075   208.001.030.xxx   nite all! (17)
2008_09_30_21:27:23.796   071.050.084.xxx   im baack-harry (44)
2008_09_30_21:27:40.741   012.192.082.xxx   enrolled in human resource program
2008_09_30_21:29:07.308   012.192.082.xxx   belong to the Anti-ALS Deli Bigade
2008_09_30_21:30:57.672   071.050.084.xxx   goodbye!!!!!!!!11 (45)
2008_09_30_21:49:51.633   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hope everyone enjoyed the show - more stuff tomorrow! ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_21:51:22.671   012.178.230.xxx   Thanks Alek, have a nice rest (38)
2008_09_30_21:53:59.713   096.024.028.xxx   How is Hulk last in the runnings? Sad.
2008_09_30_21:54:31.401   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk not worried about Puny Human votes ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_21:55:14.942   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk says whole month of October to catch up in voting ***ALEK***
2008_09_30_21:55:15.539   096.024.028.xxx   As he shouldn't be! Hulk Smash!
2008_09_30_21:55:45.360   075.031.241.xxx   More like Hulk SMASH! (26)
2008_09_30_21:56:31.318   096.024.028.xxx   Are these the same cams as last year?
2008_09_30_21:56:34.044   075.031.241.xxx   Hulk make big SMASH!  Scare Puny humans! (27)
2008_09_30_21:58:42.933   075.031.241.xxx   Thanks for getting things going Alek! Made my night! (28)
2008_09_30_21:59:99.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - glad you had fun with it - system worked pretty well ***ALEK***

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