224 halloween text messages on 2008/1005

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,417 times that day including 400 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1005

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_05_17:00:22.922   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cloudy/Rainy day ... so I turned things on early ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_17:02:10.502   068.062.022.xxx   it's lights ___.___
2008_10_05_17:02:41.530   071.091.039.xxx   Hey there!
2008_10_05_17:03:15.562   071.091.039.xxx   Hello from Alabama!
2008_10_05_17:03:26.595   069.076.004.xxx   Hi everyone
2008_10_05_17:04:03.944   069.076.004.xxx   Looks good on a 22" mmonitor
2008_10_05_17:04:47.132   071.091.039.xxx   I'm amazed at how this all works
2008_10_05_17:06:38.742   081.103.018.xxx   hi all
2008_10_05_17:07:52.876   071.091.039.xxx   be careful up there!
2008_10_05_17:08:43.787   071.091.039.xxx   HAHA! i love the thing that takes off his head. is that controllable?
2008_10_05_17:10:54.685   071.091.039.xxx   you have some of the coolest decorations!
2008_10_05_17:17:03.520   071.091.039.xxx   somebody's home!
2008_10_05_17:18:29.163   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is home with the boys from baseball ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_17:18:58.512   071.091.039.xxx   those boys are just adorable
2008_10_05_17:20:45.904   090.200.154.xxx   Out comes Grim
2008_10_05_17:21:02.899   071.091.039.xxx   neato!
2008_10_05_17:23:16.476   071.091.039.xxx   can't wait to see everything at dark. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_17:28:18.761   071.091.039.xxx   my neighbors have that inflatable pumpkin too. he's cute (11)
2008_10_05_17:29:35.188   071.091.039.xxx   i bet the boys are well known at school (12)
2008_10_05_17:30:55.962   071.091.039.xxx   looks like the pumpkin on the roof needs a lil help (13)
2008_10_05_17:31:51.527   066.168.201.xxx   hello
2008_10_05_17:34:33.495   068.062.022.xxx   :-)
2008_10_05_17:39:19.688   090.200.154.xxx   Boo
2008_10_05_17:40:21.129   068.062.022.xxx   ::D
2008_10_05_17:43:31.651   090.200.154.xxx   Was some one under desk?
2008_10_05_17:44:14.198   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Inflatables are a bit damp from the rain - they will dry out ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_17:46:02.529   069.000.015.xxx   hi
2008_10_05_17:47:39.842   069.133.203.xxx   Must be Dinner Time
2008_10_05_17:52:16.308   069.133.203.xxx   Who is at the door???
2008_10_05_17:56:42.588   098.100.184.xxx   Glad to see this back again this year!
2008_10_05_18:09:45.062   067.080.254.xxx   Hello Again from Bergen County, New Jersey
2008_10_05_18:13:57.661   071.052.058.xxx   whats up everybody!!1
2008_10_05_18:14:42.815   067.080.254.xxx   Hi
2008_10_05_18:18:12.714   071.052.058.xxx   hi whats up?
2008_10_05_18:35:04.226   071.052.058.xxx   anyone here?
2008_10_05_18:39:41.979   128.211.237.xxx   ya
2008_10_05_18:41:26.394   071.052.058.xxx   say something!
2008_10_05_18:41:38.077   128.211.237.xxx   yo
2008_10_05_18:44:34.966   071.052.058.xxx   something more!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_05_18:44:49.338   128.211.237.xxx   i really wish Alek would change the halloween music
2008_10_05_18:45:13.579   071.052.058.xxx   i doesnt come on for me
2008_10_05_18:46:00.122   128.211.237.xxx   well the addams family theme is getting kind of old...
2008_10_05_18:47:40.269   128.211.237.xxx   anyone here a professional pilot?
2008_10_05_18:52:45.479   071.052.058.xxx   yes
2008_10_05_18:52:52.956   068.062.022.xxx   ur mom is
2008_10_05_18:53:16.639   068.158.192.xxx   your mom
2008_10_05_18:54:58.896   068.062.022.xxx   0.0
2008_10_05_18:55:05.963   066.227.207.xxx   your Dad
2008_10_05_18:58:42.262   151.204.079.xxx   This is so kool from  STEPHEN
2008_10_05_19:00:33.804   066.227.207.xxx   keep up good work
2008_10_05_19:02:03.327   075.031.241.xxx   the bar of the visit numbers makes me pathetic
2008_10_05_19:02:14.040   071.052.058.xxx   yeah!
2008_10_05_19:02:33.907   066.227.207.xxx   happy day
2008_10_05_19:04:00.529   075.031.241.xxx   what's with the single dangling rope light strand?
2008_10_05_19:05:59.260   071.052.058.xxx   its a rope   alek must be escaping
2008_10_05_19:07:54.407   151.204.079.xxx   I think his kids escaped out the window
2008_10_05_19:09:42.307   071.052.058.xxx   they probably did! LOL (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_19:12:15.925   068.158.192.xxx   gmvgames . com
2008_10_05_19:12:57.335   151.204.079.xxx   this is so awesome
2008_10_05_19:12:59.335   071.052.058.xxx   no more GMV games any more! (11)
2008_10_05_19:13:36.164   151.204.079.xxx   this is so awesome
2008_10_05_19:13:57.131   068.158.192.xxx   come on i love gmv
2008_10_05_19:14:44.980   071.052.058.xxx   put it every 5 minutes okay? (12)
2008_10_05_19:15:11.898   068.158.192.xxx   what? idk
2008_10_05_19:15:53.617   071.052.058.xxx   idc (13)
2008_10_05_19:16:46.918   068.158.192.xxx   gmv is awesome ok.
2008_10_05_19:17:40.483   071.052.058.xxx   you have to register thats why i dont like it (14)
2008_10_05_19:18:24.919   068.158.192.xxx   oh i thought that was off sorry hold on.
2008_10_05_19:19:59.800   068.158.192.xxx   ok all good
2008_10_05_19:20:14.361   128.211.237.xxx   boo
2008_10_05_19:21:42.184   071.052.058.xxx   ahhh you scared me! (15)
2008_10_05_19:27:15.684   128.211.237.xxx   so where is the windmill that powers these lights?
2008_10_05_19:28:01.570   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heads-Up Harry powers the lights! ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_19:28:21.020   128.211.237.xxx   who?
2008_10_05_19:28:41.924   071.052.058.xxx   thanks alek (16)
2008_10_05_19:29:30.447   071.052.058.xxx   i was just about to say put beer on the camera (17)
2008_10_05_19:31:04.045   128.211.237.xxx   u should get a portable nuclear reactor to power those lights.
2008_10_05_19:38:37.897   098.215.105.xxx   cool
2008_10_05_19:40:04.129   098.215.105.xxx   hi josh
2008_10_05_19:41:44.034   128.211.237.xxx   noobs IM'ing on a webcam. lol (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_19:42:03.342   098.215.105.xxx   Your a Noob
2008_10_05_19:42:32.090   128.211.237.xxx   lol (11)
2008_10_05_19:43:04.067   128.211.237.xxx   don't u mean "you're"? (12)
2008_10_05_19:44:04.128   071.042.153.xxx   Support the Green Party Candidate!!!
2008_10_05_19:44:57.493   128.211.237.xxx   how about supporting john mccain (13)
2008_10_05_19:46:17.577   098.215.105.xxx   sharon!
2008_10_05_19:47:03.431   071.042.153.xxx   How can you not vote for a guy who says HULK SMASH?
2008_10_05_19:48:03.392   071.042.153.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!
2008_10_05_19:49:19.283   071.042.153.xxx   ___gasp___ Anyone out there?
2008_10_05_19:49:43.712   098.215.105.xxx   shaba
2008_10_05_19:51:22.299   098.215.105.xxx   sharon...the dog took a crap on the carpet!
2008_10_05_19:52:11.664   071.042.153.xxx   C'mon, outta 58 people, only 1 person is talking?
2008_10_05_19:52:56.781   098.215.105.xxx   lol cause its lame
2008_10_05_19:53:25.685   071.042.153.xxx   It's not lame!
2008_10_05_19:53:28.783   098.215.105.xxx   hulk smash you!
2008_10_05_19:53:55.184   098.215.105.xxx   XD
2008_10_05_19:54:11.206   071.042.153.xxx   HULK SMASH is more like it
2008_10_05_19:54:39.825   098.215.105.xxx   SHARON!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_19:54:44.113   068.158.192.xxx   gmvgames . com
2008_10_05_19:55:07.257   071.042.153.xxx   Who's Sharon?
2008_10_05_19:55:39.358   098.215.105.xxx   sharon osbourne (11)
2008_10_05_19:56:19.379   098.215.105.xxx   SHARON!!!!OZY!!! (12)
2008_10_05_19:57:03.916   071.042.153.xxx   Name doesn't ring a bell
2008_10_05_19:57:21.964   067.040.035.xxx   anyone there? boo!
2008_10_05_19:57:44.874   098.215.105.xxx   WOOT!! (13)
2008_10_05_19:57:46.092   071.042.153.xxx   aah you scared me! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_19:57:59.897   067.040.035.xxx   this is so weird
2008_10_05_19:58:31.408   071.042.153.xxx   and yet so uberly awesome (11)
2008_10_05_19:58:40.819   098.215.105.xxx   WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!! (14)
2008_10_05_20:00:10.411   071.042.153.xxx   I think the pumpkin on the roof is a tad askew (12)
2008_10_05_20:01:16.325   098.215.105.xxx   lol hey dude no sitting at the computer (15)
2008_10_05_20:01:29.923   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** A bit dark right now to climb out on the roof ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_20:04:19.321   190.189.102.xxx   whose out there
2008_10_05_20:04:42.284   128.211.237.xxx   yo (14)
2008_10_05_20:05:25.039   190.189.102.xxx   alguien que hable espa___ol??
2008_10_05_20:05:26.180   098.215.105.xxx   i seen him (16)
2008_10_05_20:05:56.587   071.052.058.xxx   seen who? (18)
2008_10_05_20:06:39.931   098.215.105.xxx   the guy (17)
2008_10_05_20:07:01.121   068.062.022.xxx   o.o
2008_10_05_20:07:42.823   067.040.035.xxx   ann totally s****
2008_10_05_20:07:49.673   076.103.182.xxx   Hi Napa
2008_10_05_20:08:54.365   067.040.035.xxx   ann loves stacey
2008_10_05_20:09:36.680   098.215.105.xxx   SHARON! (18)
2008_10_05_20:10:08.728   071.052.058.xxx   the guy who? (19)
2008_10_05_20:10:36.122   098.215.105.xxx   he fixed the pumpkin (19)
2008_10_05_20:10:47.704   071.052.058.xxx   OZZY! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_20:11:22.057   071.052.058.xxx   who fixed the pumpkin? (21)
2008_10_05_20:11:28.092   098.215.105.xxx   SHARON!!! the dog took a crap on the carpet!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_20:12:00.320   098.215.105.xxx   the guy fixed the pumpkin (21)
2008_10_05_20:12:17.655   071.052.058.xxx   OZZY!! im on the computer i'll clean up the poopies later! (22)
2008_10_05_20:12:58.785   098.215.105.xxx   lol (22)
2008_10_05_20:13:16.229   075.031.241.xxx   I'm really into Christmas movies lately...
2008_10_05_20:13:36.687   098.215.105.xxx   PS3 is AWESO (23)
2008_10_05_20:14:05.236   098.215.105.xxx   PS3 is AWESOME (24)
2008_10_05_20:14:39.547   071.052.058.xxx   me too! (23)
2008_10_05_20:17:19.378   098.215.105.xxx   FINA HEY (25)
2008_10_05_20:19:35.310   098.215.105.xxx   hey man whats up (26)
2008_10_05_20:20:02.425   098.215.105.xxx   look at the cam (27)
2008_10_05_20:20:25.718   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wazzzup up?!? ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_20:20:49.257   098.215.105.xxx   dude he didnt look at the cam (28)
2008_10_05_20:21:12.672   071.052.058.xxx   ask him to wave he will (24)
2008_10_05_20:21:34.164   098.215.105.xxx   lol why has he done it? (29)
2008_10_05_20:22:18.357   098.215.105.xxx   whats up on his computer? (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_20:22:46.761   071.052.058.xxx   alek wave! (25)
2008_10_05_20:22:49.010   098.215.105.xxx   hey man can you wave? (31)
2008_10_05_20:23:16.856   071.052.058.xxx   see? (26)
2008_10_05_20:23:36.960   098.215.105.xxx   sweet thats funny (32)
2008_10_05_20:24:22.383   085.025.151.xxx   how about a corona
2008_10_05_20:24:31.780   098.215.105.xxx   is there something wrong...or is he adding on? (33)
2008_10_05_20:25:06.250   071.052.058.xxx   turn everything off! (27)
2008_10_05_20:25:13.188   085.025.151.xxx   time to switch out that Miller can to Corona
2008_10_05_20:25:14.612   024.250.121.xxx   Can you wave again?
2008_10_05_20:26:02.087   071.052.058.xxx   corona! (28)
2008_10_05_20:26:04.913   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Corona coming up ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_20:26:19.569   098.215.105.xxx   reveal yourself! (34)
2008_10_05_20:26:33.237   071.052.058.xxx   drink the miller alek! (29)
2008_10_05_20:27:00.190   085.025.151.xxx   OK, lets try a Yingling
2008_10_05_20:28:04.286   024.250.121.xxx   We like Sam Adams
2008_10_05_20:28:34.428   098.215.105.xxx   samuel adams...always a good decision (35)
2008_10_05_20:30:50.620   098.215.105.xxx   can you play rock,paper,scizzors with me? (36)
2008_10_05_20:31:45.664   076.192.083.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone
2008_10_05_20:32:08.813   098.215.105.xxx   haha i beat you I had rock! (37)
2008_10_05_20:32:43.351   098.215.105.xxx   lol fine you win (38)
2008_10_05_20:33:39.299   075.031.241.xxx   Nice specs Alek!
2008_10_05_20:33:41.183   076.192.083.xxx   I like your clock
2008_10_05_20:34:28.751   098.215.105.xxx   Actually thats Yuengling (39)
2008_10_05_20:34:44.134   075.031.241.xxx   You totally have a Clark Kent thing going with the specs
2008_10_05_20:37:44.261   098.215.105.xxx   hey the corona is gone (40 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_20:38:23.745   098.215.105.xxx   Where's the Yuengling (41)
2008_10_05_20:41:16.515   096.234.051.xxx   i don't think they sell yuengling there
2008_10_05_20:42:21.272   098.215.105.xxx   finally...i got everything to turn off (42)
2008_10_05_20:44:08.279   071.052.058.xxx   me too (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_20:44:16.035   098.215.105.xxx   how can you get stuff to turn on and off through the puters? (43)
2008_10_05_20:44:47.469   071.052.058.xxx   the whaters? (31)
2008_10_05_20:45:04.449   096.234.051.xxx   X10 remote control
2008_10_05_20:45:16.413   098.215.105.xxx   oh ok (44)
2008_10_05_20:45:40.055   071.052.058.xxx   more beer! (32)
2008_10_05_20:46:10.201   098.215.105.xxx   alright lets go at rock paper sizzors again! (45)
2008_10_05_20:46:40.133   071.052.058.xxx   wheres the lava lamp? (33)
2008_10_05_20:47:44.165   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lava Lamp is coming - still need to work on Haunted Office ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_20:48:09.277   098.215.105.xxx   Rock,paper,sizzors again (46)
2008_10_05_20:48:34.839   071.052.058.xxx   .241 see where it says ON OFF? (34)
2008_10_05_20:49:11.747   098.215.105.xxx   yeah (47)
2008_10_05_20:49:43.368   151.202.061.xxx   Greeting, I am the headless web surfer!!
2008_10_05_20:50:05.173   071.052.058.xxx   click on those and it will turn things on/off okay? (35)
2008_10_05_20:50:22.437   151.202.061.xxx   I have come to wish u a Happy Halloween!!
2008_10_05_20:50:41.672   098.215.105.xxx   yeah i know that ive been doing it (48)
2008_10_05_20:51:02.374   071.052.058.xxx   oh okay (36)
2008_10_05_20:51:02.930   024.250.121.xxx   Does anyone else find this weird?
2008_10_05_20:51:17.910   151.202.061.xxx   not me
2008_10_05_20:51:21.838   075.031.241.xxx   I find it awesome
2008_10_05_20:51:47.052   098.215.105.xxx   it needs a giant spongebob (49)
2008_10_05_20:52:22.372   151.202.061.xxx   This is the kind of stuff i see in my mind all the time. Especially when my med
2008_10_05_20:52:23.450   075.031.241.xxx   And a witch
2008_10_05_20:53:01.860   098.215.105.xxx   turn everything off (50 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_20:53:03.134   151.202.061.xxx   ...especially when my medication wears off
2008_10_05_20:53:40.805   151.202.061.xxx   this is what i see in my mind all the time
2008_10_05_20:53:53.814   024.250.121.xxx   Isn't that Spongebob near Homer?
2008_10_05_20:54:05.715   098.215.105.xxx   everything off and deflated (51)
2008_10_05_20:54:38.212   151.202.061.xxx   yay! my favorite site in the world!!!
2008_10_05_20:54:40.554   098.215.105.xxx   lol I think it might be spongebob...or dracula (52)
2008_10_05_20:55:57.491   071.052.058.xxx   its spongedracula or something (37)
2008_10_05_20:56:20.086   098.215.105.xxx   lol yeah (53)
2008_10_05_20:56:54.189   024.250.121.xxx   Does the conversation get crazier the closer to HALLOWEEN WE GET?
2008_10_05_20:57:17.907   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep, that is SpongeBob - SpongeDracula - LOL! ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_20:57:49.606   098.215.105.xxx   LOL YAY!!! (54)
2008_10_05_20:58:20.275   098.215.105.xxx   well...Ill see you all tomorrow (55)
2008_10_05_20:58:53.094   098.215.105.xxx   Alek I choose paper! (56)
2008_10_05_20:59:15.962   024.250.121.xxx   nIGHT nIGHT!!
2008_10_05_21:00:13.208   098.215.105.xxx   lol I can see hes getting tired of it (57)
2008_10_05_21:00:52.731   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** McCain and Obama are tied for First in voting - vote HULK! ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_21:01:05.339   098.215.105.xxx   cya yall (58)
2008_10_05_21:09:24.848   071.052.058.xxx   cya (38)
2008_10_05_21:14:12.244   071.052.058.xxx   im getting the same blue rope lights as alek there pretty! (39)
2008_10_05_21:16:27.022   071.052.058.xxx   all lights off! (40 IM's so far today)
2008_10_05_21:25:54.809   071.052.058.xxx   people talk! (41)
2008_10_05_21:26:24.017   071.052.058.xxx   hi alek! (42)
2008_10_05_21:27:31.693   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi 0.71 and people .... ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_21:31:15.787   071.052.058.xxx   bye alek im going to bed (a bit to persinol yes?) (43)
2008_10_05_21:37:52.166   075.031.241.xxx   Why no Fat Tire when you set up beers? CO after all...
2008_10_05_21:40:50.220   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm all out of Fat Tire ... but yea, good local brew ***ALEK***
2008_10_05_21:41:42.215   075.031.241.xxx   Just making sure you support the locals!
2008_10_05_21:56:35.026   068.194.244.xxx   can you keep the lights on a little extra tonight alex its the weekend
2008_10_05_21:59:47.135   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry - lights out shortly - school day tomorrow! ***ALEK***

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