117 halloween text messages on 2008/1012

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,354 times that day including 419 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1012

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_12_18:00:40.241   096.024.078.xxx   first in!
2008_10_12_18:00:47.831   076.027.038.xxx   Me First
2008_10_12_18:01:08.813   012.157.134.xxx   Lets get this party started!!
2008_10_12_18:01:20.655   096.024.078.xxx   your first after me:)
2008_10_12_18:01:26.690   076.027.038.xxx   Inflate
2008_10_12_18:02:09.641   067.080.254.xxx   Hello from Bergen County NJ
2008_10_12_18:02:12.286   071.042.153.xxx   wow, 82 people here...
2008_10_12_18:07:10.426   071.052.058.xxx   hi
2008_10_12_18:08:20.018   071.052.058.xxx   s****
2008_10_12_18:08:51.280   071.052.058.xxx   is bad
2008_10_12_18:12:01.155   012.205.097.xxx   Arizona WIN'S
2008_10_12_18:12:29.497   071.052.058.xxx   yes!
2008_10_12_18:12:31.520   074.060.079.xxx   azizona s****
2008_10_12_18:12:59.825   012.205.097.xxx   shine's, yeah your right!
2008_10_12_18:15:50.163   012.205.097.xxx   wow, what a comeback
2008_10_12_18:17:12.473   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Another rainy evening - would be snow if a bit colder! ***ALEK***
2008_10_12_18:21:39.304   067.191.102.xxx   Hi I love this   It is so cool   wow
2008_10_12_18:22:19.298   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you like it - Grim Reaper is back up, but a bit soggy ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_12_18:22:25.821   012.157.134.xxx   awesome, huh?
2008_10_12_18:23:09.523   012.157.134.xxx   i cant control the monster in the office!!!  hee hee hee
2008_10_12_18:23:33.584   067.191.102.xxx   Hi from Jacksonville Florida  Robbin Dodd and Family
2008_10_12_18:27:29.532   064.012.117.xxx   Hi from Camp Hill, Pa I live about 15 mins from Hershey
2008_10_12_18:28:29.697   067.191.102.xxx   My husband is deployed and watching this too   I love it GO NAVY
2008_10_12_18:32:22.190   096.224.135.xxx   wow 86 people
2008_10_12_18:32:48.288   096.224.135.xxx   87
2008_10_12_18:32:51.339   067.191.102.xxx   wow  87
2008_10_12_18:33:41.896   068.038.037.xxx   hi
2008_10_12_18:34:23.473   099.242.223.xxx   Hey guy that runs this thing,Show your face!
2008_10_12_18:36:58.149   099.242.223.xxx   Hey guy that runs this thing,Show your face!
2008_10_12_18:39:23.616   069.209.050.xxx   hey what up
2008_10_12_18:39:31.095   012.205.097.xxx   he was in the room about 10 minutes ago
2008_10_12_18:41:49.789   066.227.207.xxx   83 people viewing Halloween Decorations - OUTA CONTROL!___
2008_10_12_18:42:45.365   069.209.050.xxx   hi
2008_10_12_18:47:04.886   074.060.079.xxx   89
2008_10_12_18:47:50.033   068.038.037.xxx   That's All Folks
2008_10_12_18:48:45.740   068.110.079.xxx   My cat is happy
2008_10_12_18:55:24.309   096.224.135.xxx   83
2008_10_12_18:57:09.736   072.081.062.xxx   Neat...Sweet...Petite!
2008_10_12_19:01:35.769   068.038.037.xxx   this is awesome
2008_10_12_19:03:57.496   075.179.023.xxx   cool
2008_10_12_19:04:57.399   068.038.037.xxx   I am bored
2008_10_12_19:05:54.222   068.038.037.xxx   His neighbors might be p***ed
2008_10_12_19:07:57.598   098.110.022.xxx   Hey, Alice 105.9...Don't be jerks, ANTE UP!
2008_10_12_19:08:01.232   068.038.037.xxx   Muahahahahahahahaha!
2008_10_12_19:10:35.960   068.038.037.xxx   Yea but his neighbors might be f***ing mad at him :)
2008_10_12_19:11:31.332   068.038.037.xxx   Welcome back Windoze Firefox Surfer
2008_10_12_19:12:29.988   068.038.037.xxx   This is Cool
2008_10_12_19:13:13.317   068.038.037.xxx   You have visited 10 times, last at ****_10_12_18:29:55.711 - kinda fun, 'eh?!?  (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_12_19:13:54.203   068.038.037.xxx   i Wonna do this at my house! (11)
2008_10_12_19:14:42.906   098.110.022.xxx   Dems and Repubs hate middle class
2008_10_12_19:15:13.331   072.081.062.xxx   politics make the grim reaper cry!!!
2008_10_12_19:15:20.406   068.038.037.xxx   yea i wanna spilt from us (12)
2008_10_12_19:15:44.884   068.038.037.xxx   a (13)
2008_10_12_19:15:47.940   072.081.062.xxx   poltics make the grim reaper cry!!!
2008_10_12_19:16:44.387   072.081.062.xxx   poltics make the grim reaper cry!!!
2008_10_12_19:17:10.520   068.038.037.xxx   boo McCain (14)
2008_10_12_19:17:19.810   072.081.062.xxx   so do typos! hee!
2008_10_12_19:17:59.960   072.081.062.xxx   politics make the grim reaper cry!!!
2008_10_12_19:18:33.302   072.081.062.xxx   politics make the grim reaper cry!!!
2008_10_12_19:19:34.444   072.081.062.xxx   hulk smash competition!
2008_10_12_19:21:01.699   072.175.104.xxx   Hi from Jim, Lori, erin and Kyle
2008_10_12_19:22:07.839   072.175.104.xxx   Hello from Jim, Lori, Erin and Kyle
2008_10_12_19:23:25.146   072.175.104.xxx   Sp**d Racer
2008_10_12_19:25:58.065   068.038.037.xxx   boo McCain (15)
2008_10_12_19:27:10.917   072.175.104.xxx   NObama
2008_10_12_19:27:18.680   074.060.079.xxx   Green party 08
2008_10_12_19:27:47.296   068.038.037.xxx   McCain is a Horse's ***, Obama Rocks (16)
2008_10_12_19:28:02.487   072.175.104.xxx   no Sponge Bob
2008_10_12_19:28:16.110   074.060.079.xxx   there both horses ***
2008_10_12_19:28:48.728   072.175.104.xxx   McCain for President
2008_10_12_19:29:08.062   074.060.079.xxx   they both talk out there ***es
2008_10_12_19:29:38.322   071.218.046.xxx   This is AWESOME!!!!
2008_10_12_19:30:20.275   068.038.037.xxx   WORD TO ALL OF YAS (17)
2008_10_12_19:30:31.193   072.175.104.xxx   Vote for McCain-Palin
2008_10_12_19:30:57.704   074.060.079.xxx   he ll NO
2008_10_12_19:31:21.081   072.175.104.xxx   Hi Erin and Kyle
2008_10_12_19:31:51.594   074.060.079.xxx   im voting for santa
2008_10_12_19:32:29.595   072.081.062.xxx   Hulk smash santa!
2008_10_12_19:32:41.721   074.060.079.xxx   mccain is a hole
2008_10_12_19:33:10.568   072.081.062.xxx   politics make Hulk maaaaaad!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_12_19:33:24.941   072.175.104.xxx   So is NObama
2008_10_12_19:33:41.782   072.081.062.xxx   politics make Hulk maaaaaad!!! (11)
2008_10_12_19:34:03.084   074.060.079.xxx   thats why im not voting this year nether one of them are worth a d***
2008_10_12_19:34:20.351   072.081.062.xxx   Cheeca Lodge Pool (12)
2008_10_12_19:35:35.542   072.175.104.xxx   Hi Billings, MT (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_12_19:36:24.459   074.060.079.xxx   think we are going to have world war 3 soon (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_12_19:36:31.416   072.175.104.xxx   Barbie Rocks (11)
2008_10_12_19:36:35.899   072.081.062.xxx   Leave your politics at home please. (13)
2008_10_12_19:37:21.255   072.175.104.xxx   Hi Meadowlark School (12)
2008_10_12_19:37:56.279   074.060.079.xxx   school (11)
2008_10_12_19:38:16.569   072.175.104.xxx   go Sp**d Racer go !!!!!! (13)
2008_10_12_19:38:59.318   074.060.079.xxx   sp**d racer is cool (12)
2008_10_12_19:39:42.524   074.060.079.xxx   i look up to sp**d racer (13)
2008_10_12_19:41:22.928   072.081.062.xxx   Hey that green guy's lookin at me! (14)
2008_10_12_19:42:21.975   071.091.039.xxx   Hi from Alabama!
2008_10_12_19:43:41.064   012.157.134.xxx   Happy October / Halloween from Battle Creek Michigan!!!
2008_10_12_19:55:32.611   072.175.104.xxx   Anyone out there from Montana (14)
2008_10_12_20:00:30.585   068.062.022.xxx   I am
2008_10_12_20:05:01.835   066.075.249.xxx   sss
2008_10_12_20:06:30.039   012.157.134.xxx   Nice.  I have my kids watching the decorations...
2008_10_12_20:08:10.739   068.062.022.xxx   YEA CLEAN WORDS ONLY
2008_10_12_20:09:11.463   068.062.022.xxx   HI ALL
2008_10_12_20:10:01.983   068.062.022.xxx   Hi, From Flushing,mi
2008_10_12_20:24:12.470   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK for President - he'll keep it clean! ***ALEK***
2008_10_12_20:24:43.030   071.113.209.xxx   Posting from College Station, TX, home of Texas A&M University
2008_10_12_20:43:05.157   058.161.040.xxx   AUSTRALIA :)
2008_10_12_20:45:59.164   072.004.032.xxx   Hi from Tennessee
2008_10_12_20:55:40.741   216.021.158.xxx   I Love Tea
2008_10_12_20:56:25.916   216.021.158.xxx   Mike and Luke rule!!!
2008_10_12_21:10:43.501   012.157.134.xxx   Im voting for Hulk and censorship.  HH from Encino, CA
2008_10_12_21:23:49.950   069.120.133.xxx   hi from Connecticut
2008_10_12_21:26:29.134   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the HULK Support! ***ALEK***
2008_10_12_21:35:26.139   071.052.058.xxx   HULK SMASH!
2008_10_12_21:51:11.881   071.052.058.xxx   wave alek!
2008_10_12_21:56:54.302   071.052.058.xxx   i went to the docter yesterday and...
2008_10_12_21:57:40.529   071.052.058.xxx   he said i have Chicken Pox! NOooo!
2008_10_12_21:59:53.375   071.052.058.xxx   so no school!

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