494 halloween text messages on 2008/1015

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,216 times that day including 2,560 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1015

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_15_17:26:04.921   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning X10 Controls on early per request from Europe and lots of visitors ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_17:26:42.454   074.226.204.xxx   This is the first time hearing about it.  You are doing a great deed.
2008_10_15_17:28:20.004   068.048.020.xxx   Hi
2008_10_15_17:29:13.203   075.030.161.xxx   hello from pahrump nevada
2008_10_15_17:29:22.161   074.226.204.xxx   Im excited!!
2008_10_15_17:30:13.611   068.048.020.xxx   This rocks!
2008_10_15_17:30:38.460   075.030.161.xxx   dakota says your yard rocks
2008_10_15_17:32:29.637   071.052.058.xxx   hi alek!
2008_10_15_17:33:13.952   138.163.128.xxx   fnord
2008_10_15_17:34:31.764   066.183.244.xxx   Great site
2008_10_15_17:35:10.144   068.048.020.xxx   Just sent $25. Good Luck!
2008_10_15_17:38:51.022   156.034.174.xxx   hi
2008_10_15_17:39:35.374   068.032.197.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone
2008_10_15_17:40:20.079   156.034.174.xxx   1
2008_10_15_17:41:49.109   067.191.102.xxx   Hi from the Dodd family in sunny Jacksonville Florida
2008_10_15_17:44:02.712   087.244.115.xxx   Hi from the Uk, Dodd family in Florida
2008_10_15_17:44:22.673   075.030.161.xxx   Hello Dakota
2008_10_15_17:44:26.484   072.051.149.xxx   Hi from KY...Major Geeks ROX!
2008_10_15_17:44:35.772   067.191.102.xxx   Hello Uk  From the Dodds
2008_10_15_17:44:39.581   068.032.197.xxx   Hi from the Lane Family in Pa
2008_10_15_17:44:53.473   128.223.233.xxx   Hello from Oregon!!!!
2008_10_15_17:44:59.151   087.244.115.xxx   Hello world :-)
2008_10_15_17:45:06.211   068.032.197.xxx   Hi UK
2008_10_15_17:45:22.242   128.223.233.xxx   that man with the head looks freaky
2008_10_15_17:45:33.035   076.109.049.xxx   I love you Dori
2008_10_15_17:45:39.513   087.244.115.xxx   downright scary
2008_10_15_17:45:57.572   068.032.197.xxx   that man with the head looks like my hubby lol
2008_10_15_17:46:02.785   076.109.049.xxx   I love dori
2008_10_15_17:46:10.564   024.066.094.xxx   sup homies
2008_10_15_17:46:16.112   087.244.115.xxx   hahahaha
2008_10_15_17:46:41.909   024.066.094.xxx   heavy rules all
2008_10_15_17:46:47.918   067.191.102.xxx   Hi to my Husband Brandon in Sicily
2008_10_15_17:47:32.645   067.191.102.xxx   I miss you come home soon  Be safe Brandon  Go Navy!
2008_10_15_17:48:06.050   067.191.102.xxx   ROLL  TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_15_17:49:07.917   128.223.233.xxx   USC TROJANS!!!!!!!
2008_10_15_17:49:16.211   068.014.168.xxx   Computer Juice says HI
2008_10_15_17:49:40.116   067.191.102.xxx   GO BAMA!!
2008_10_15_17:50:09.101   068.014.168.xxx   Sooners GOOOO
2008_10_15_17:50:13.298   068.032.197.xxx   Hi Computer Juice
2008_10_15_17:50:36.755   067.191.102.xxx   BYE BYE MISSISSIPPI  GO BAMA
2008_10_15_17:51:00.537   068.014.168.xxx   Computer juice says HI
2008_10_15_17:52:18.861   076.186.143.xxx   Spyder says Hello!!!!!
2008_10_15_17:52:33.236   216.237.056.xxx   go to LINK DELETED for some cool music
2008_10_15_17:53:02.452   076.186.143.xxx   GO GATORS!!!
2008_10_15_17:53:16.176   216.237.056.xxx   go to LINK DELETED for some cool free music
2008_10_15_17:53:34.051   067.191.102.xxx   NO TO THE GATORS   GO BAMA
2008_10_15_17:53:37.689   068.014.168.xxx   No spammer bye bye
2008_10_15_17:53:56.683   068.032.197.xxx   I get my music from itunes
2008_10_15_17:54:28.261   068.014.168.xxx   Hulk music rules
2008_10_15_17:54:29.706   216.237.056.xxx   yes but our band is awesome
2008_10_15_17:55:02.775   216.237.056.xxx   love this site, great job
2008_10_15_17:55:08.658   068.032.197.xxx   I only listen to country music
2008_10_15_17:55:10.539   068.014.168.xxx   Not as awesome as this
2008_10_15_17:55:11.541   067.191.102.xxx   Robbin hearts Brandon
2008_10_15_17:55:25.861   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the $25 donation to Celiac Disease 068.048 ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_17:55:40.176   216.237.056.xxx   is that you next to the clock
2008_10_15_17:56:16.653   067.191.102.xxx   Brandon call me when you get that plane turned (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_17:56:48.906   068.032.197.xxx   I think Alek should go on the Oprah Show
2008_10_15_17:56:58.726   216.237.056.xxx   Go Rays beat the Sox
2008_10_15_17:57:10.142   072.081.062.xxx   You're Silly! :D
2008_10_15_17:57:31.212   216.237.056.xxx   silly is as silly does
2008_10_15_17:57:50.701   072.081.062.xxx   That's why we watch the cam...
2008_10_15_17:58:49.591   216.237.056.xxx   How much does your electric bill go up?
2008_10_15_17:59:26.218   068.032.197.xxx   bbl time to pick Cody up ay work
2008_10_15_17:59:29.862   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Per numbers on main page, electric bill is about a BUCK a day! ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_17:59:47.501   216.237.056.xxx   not to bad
2008_10_15_18:00:40.747   071.099.011.xxx   Hello from St. Petersburg FL.
2008_10_15_18:00:41.281   072.024.104.xxx   howdy
2008_10_15_18:01:03.737   071.052.058.xxx   what was that?
2008_10_15_18:01:35.120   216.237.056.xxx   what was what? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:02:01.457   072.081.062.xxx   Happy Halloween to You & The Family!
2008_10_15_18:03:44.717   066.115.098.xxx   hello
2008_10_15_18:03:46.784   071.052.058.xxx   the mickey mouse looking arm
2008_10_15_18:04:24.146   207.189.229.xxx   paintballchat.org
2008_10_15_18:04:24.866   098.225.070.xxx   Hey what up im jessica
2008_10_15_18:04:48.661   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ummmmm ... we have a McCain-BOT electronically stuffing the ballot tonight ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_18:05:19.470   207.189.229.xxx   LINK DELETED
2008_10_15_18:07:22.038   207.189.229.xxx   haharoadkill, you d*****
2008_10_15_18:07:39.276   071.056.049.xxx   BOO!
2008_10_15_18:07:42.563   067.174.045.xxx   obama is the anti-christ
2008_10_15_18:08:08.778   207.189.229.xxx   I'm being held captive in this house, HELP ME!
2008_10_15_18:08:51.090   207.189.229.xxx   haharoadkill wears his sisters panties.
2008_10_15_18:08:53.193   071.075.211.xxx   Hey Ian
2008_10_15_18:09:10.168   071.056.049.xxx   OMG Help Im Constipated!
2008_10_15_18:09:24.940   207.189.229.xxx   haharoadkill wears mantyhose
2008_10_15_18:09:43.963   067.174.045.xxx   i killed someone today, don't snitch
2008_10_15_18:09:55.703   076.247.133.xxx   Vote Republican
2008_10_15_18:10:18.832   071.056.049.xxx   A vote for me is a vote for the FTTC!
2008_10_15_18:10:52.062   071.056.049.xxx   Free the titty committee!
2008_10_15_18:11:41.776   071.056.049.xxx   nobody else can talk?
2008_10_15_18:11:58.096   074.171.216.xxx   oh boy
2008_10_15_18:13:59.629   074.171.216.xxx   scooby doo is on boomerang later
2008_10_15_18:14:16.961   069.137.216.xxx   O and A PARTY ROCK!
2008_10_15_18:14:24.588   205.188.117.xxx   millhouse says hi
2008_10_15_18:14:54.973   069.137.216.xxx   Opie and Anthony FTW
2008_10_15_18:15:56.558   074.195.016.xxx   HI! from pineville louisiana! this thing is cool!
2008_10_15_18:17:19.956   072.081.062.xxx   Hi Lady and Little KID!
2008_10_15_18:17:36.751   074.060.079.xxx   hey someyone is in ur driveway
2008_10_15_18:17:36.956   068.209.240.xxx   Hi Fom Hollywood
2008_10_15_18:17:41.456   074.171.216.xxx   hello from Georgetown,Kentucky
2008_10_15_18:18:11.258   074.060.079.xxx   wounder if she knows she is on the internet
2008_10_15_18:18:22.934   205.188.117.xxx   way cool
2008_10_15_18:18:52.754   205.188.117.xxx   great website
2008_10_15_18:19:11.412   074.060.079.xxx   would s*** if someyone that knows her is on here
2008_10_15_18:19:43.321   068.209.240.xxx   Boo from me to YOU!!!
2008_10_15_18:20:08.522   074.060.079.xxx   watch her phone ring later hey i saw u online looking at halloween stuff
2008_10_15_18:20:13.949   072.081.062.xxx   Whoa! Look at the Pabst!
2008_10_15_18:20:42.828   205.188.117.xxx   needs more vampires
2008_10_15_18:20:50.888   074.060.079.xxx   hey that looks like my car
2008_10_15_18:20:58.930   072.081.062.xxx   Zombies want a drink!
2008_10_15_18:21:36.809   068.224.147.xxx   look a human
2008_10_15_18:21:36.954   074.060.079.xxx   wounder if its a infinti
2008_10_15_18:21:39.742   068.209.240.xxx   got any Good Beer
2008_10_15_18:22:25.643   074.171.216.xxx   yea pabst blue ribbon
2008_10_15_18:22:33.046   074.060.079.xxx   hey alex any way of finding out what kind of car that is?
2008_10_15_18:22:36.499   068.224.147.xxx   zombie party in Vegas
2008_10_15_18:23:02.119   068.014.168.xxx   monster mash     click click
2008_10_15_18:23:08.318   072.081.062.xxx   To each their own but I recommend Yuenling.
2008_10_15_18:23:10.947   098.192.135.xxx   Het T-Bone
2008_10_15_18:23:35.186   068.209.240.xxx   Pabst getting Ugly Girls laid since ****
2008_10_15_18:23:37.716   074.171.216.xxx   hey  Bob
2008_10_15_18:23:42.757   074.060.079.xxx   car looks just like mine but i dont live there
2008_10_15_18:23:50.468   072.081.062.xxx   SEE The Zombies got it already!
2008_10_15_18:24:06.130   205.188.117.xxx   need more zombies
2008_10_15_18:24:22.541   068.014.168.xxx   brains are tasty
2008_10_15_18:24:35.789   072.081.062.xxx   with beer!
2008_10_15_18:24:50.771   068.014.168.xxx   lol nice
2008_10_15_18:24:52.476   012.214.107.xxx   time check cr
2008_10_15_18:24:55.258   074.171.216.xxx   the hulk
2008_10_15_18:25:00.139   205.188.117.xxx   snickers get some nuts fool
2008_10_15_18:25:05.157   024.006.066.xxx   Boo!
2008_10_15_18:25:07.494   072.081.062.xxx   Hulk like beer! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:25:17.584   068.209.240.xxx   coyoto ugly
2008_10_15_18:25:55.210   068.014.168.xxx   whos in the car Alek? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:26:04.613   074.079.075.xxx   Test message
2008_10_15_18:26:20.095   024.006.066.xxx   AcmeHowTo dot com
2008_10_15_18:26:31.938   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** There's a closeup on webcam2 of the black car for 'ya ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_18:26:37.371   068.014.168.xxx   floating head in the back seat lol (11)
2008_10_15_18:26:37.875   072.081.062.xxx   Awwwwwwww (11)
2008_10_15_18:26:41.958   074.060.079.xxx   bummer not the same as my car than you alex
2008_10_15_18:26:59.338   096.224.135.xxx   whos that in the car
2008_10_15_18:27:11.921   068.014.168.xxx   floating head in the back seat lol (12)
2008_10_15_18:27:25.186   074.060.079.xxx   lol (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:27:26.039   024.006.066.xxx   Every one here has a face that is green with pink poka dots!!!!
2008_10_15_18:27:38.625   096.224.135.xxx   word
2008_10_15_18:27:54.809   072.081.062.xxx   zombies want a drink! (12)
2008_10_15_18:27:55.226   024.006.066.xxx   Go Jets
2008_10_15_18:28:01.069   074.060.079.xxx   thank you Alex your the man (11)
2008_10_15_18:28:25.939   024.006.066.xxx   Go Sharks
2008_10_15_18:28:27.243   074.060.079.xxx   looks alot like my car (12)
2008_10_15_18:28:30.080   012.214.107.xxx   xpgh?
2008_10_15_18:28:47.404   072.081.062.xxx   zombies! (13)
2008_10_15_18:29:26.891   024.006.066.xxx   UH OH my brain is coming out?
2008_10_15_18:29:53.532   024.006.066.xxx   Dogerel
2008_10_15_18:30:09.899   074.060.079.xxx   if your brain is coming out then you have had one to many drink (13)
2008_10_15_18:30:12.844   024.062.255.xxx   holler brahhh
2008_10_15_18:30:27.325   072.081.062.xxx   zombies! (14)
2008_10_15_18:30:39.492   024.060.230.xxx   This is great!!
2008_10_15_18:31:10.541   024.126.043.xxx   Hello
2008_10_15_18:31:19.779   074.060.079.xxx   think there are ghost going in front of the haunted office cam (14)
2008_10_15_18:32:03.410   072.081.062.xxx   Better call Most Haunted Crew! (15)
2008_10_15_18:32:38.105   074.060.079.xxx   no need the cams are setup and we are we can be the team (15)
2008_10_15_18:32:40.839   071.205.091.xxx   Kool Looks great!
2008_10_15_18:33:10.612   072.081.062.xxx   I've lost count of the zombies... (16)
2008_10_15_18:33:57.983   074.060.079.xxx   heard there is a ghost by the name of Alex here (16)
2008_10_15_18:34:31.562   072.081.062.xxx   he likes turning on and off the lights (17)
2008_10_15_18:34:43.527   024.006.066.xxx   I don't like ham
2008_10_15_18:35:11.140   072.081.062.xxx   with beer! (18)
2008_10_15_18:35:35.533   074.060.079.xxx   watch cam 3 you might see him (17)
2008_10_15_18:35:37.169   072.081.062.xxx   or SPAM! (19)
2008_10_15_18:36:32.515   074.060.079.xxx   heard he has 2 boys and a wife too (18)
2008_10_15_18:36:37.075   072.081.062.xxx   Spammm Wonderful Spammmm! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:37:01.890   074.060.079.xxx   you like spammmmmmmmmm (19)
2008_10_15_18:37:10.737   072.081.062.xxx   The Mrs. and kids are wayyy cuter than the zombies! (21)
2008_10_15_18:37:36.210   072.081.062.xxx   with Spam. (22)
2008_10_15_18:37:41.467   074.060.079.xxx   kids are i have never seen the wife (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:38:29.501   024.006.066.xxx   Dis is a face! ___o___ ? ___o___
2008_10_15_18:38:38.155   072.081.062.xxx   maybe he'll show us a picutre if we're really nice. (23)
2008_10_15_18:39:11.191   024.006.066.xxx   R-2 D-2! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:39:35.481   074.060.079.xxx   ill buy everyone a drink (21)
2008_10_15_18:39:51.690   072.081.062.xxx   Awww that's too cool! (24)
2008_10_15_18:39:54.871   024.006.066.xxx   SHOW US A PICTURE OF SOMETHIN (11)
2008_10_15_18:40:12.217   074.060.079.xxx   he wont show p*** (22)
2008_10_15_18:40:25.594   075.207.241.xxx   BOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2008_10_15_18:40:41.297   072.081.062.xxx   R2 will the fry the meanies. (25)
2008_10_15_18:40:44.736   071.074.127.xxx   HEY
2008_10_15_18:40:45.610   024.006.066.xxx   DO SOMETHIN INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2008_10_15_18:41:02.180   068.032.197.xxx   Cool pumpkin hat Alek (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:41:22.858   074.060.079.xxx   good evening alex can u wave please (23)
2008_10_15_18:41:40.427   071.074.127.xxx   trhey all died
2008_10_15_18:41:43.473   024.006.066.xxx   SHOW US A PICURE OF SOMETHING! (13)
2008_10_15_18:42:18.731   072.081.062.xxx   Be nice. (26)
2008_10_15_18:42:33.714   071.074.127.xxx   lol
2008_10_15_18:42:52.676   024.006.066.xxx   EVERY ONE DIED BECAUSE THEIRR COMPUTER ELECTRACUTED DEM (14)
2008_10_15_18:43:20.742   024.006.066.xxx   ate them (15)
2008_10_15_18:43:25.720   074.060.079.xxx   we looked at you (24)
2008_10_15_18:44:08.556   072.081.062.xxx   Have a nice night, Alex. :) (27)
2008_10_15_18:44:12.214   024.006.066.xxx   its a HAUNTED OFFICE (16)
2008_10_15_18:44:38.020   074.060.079.xxx   very haunted (25)
2008_10_15_18:44:46.620   024.006.066.xxx   its a HAUNTED OFFICE! (17)
2008_10_15_18:45:31.482   024.006.066.xxx   he has a computer behind th computer look (18)
2008_10_15_18:45:44.423   024.060.087.xxx   Boo!!!!
2008_10_15_18:45:59.419   074.060.079.xxx   my son is scared of the office (26)
2008_10_15_18:46:17.181   096.224.135.xxx   no daaaa 2 screens
2008_10_15_18:46:21.530   071.074.127.xxx   hey anyone from computer juice here
2008_10_15_18:46:39.192   074.060.079.xxx   he says there is something moving (27)
2008_10_15_18:46:43.469   096.224.135.xxx   hi
2008_10_15_18:46:53.082   071.074.127.xxx   hi
2008_10_15_18:47:57.546   066.209.248.xxx   i'm new here
2008_10_15_18:48:02.370   071.074.127.xxx   who luvs comuters!!
2008_10_15_18:48:25.461   074.060.079.xxx   i live in my computer (28)
2008_10_15_18:48:27.328   066.209.248.xxx   me
2008_10_15_18:48:43.427   071.074.127.xxx   me too!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_15_18:49:04.126   066.209.248.xxx   say f word
2008_10_15_18:49:09.691   071.074.127.xxx   copmuter juice?
2008_10_15_18:49:19.616   024.006.066.xxx   eye eye captian! We cant hear you OHHHHHHHH (19)
2008_10_15_18:49:39.969   096.020.080.xxx   hello, help me
2008_10_15_18:49:44.916   024.006.066.xxx   WHO lives in apinaple under the sea (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:49:59.210   066.209.248.xxx   say f word
2008_10_15_18:50:07.633   071.074.127.xxx   Enter teuxt & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2008_10_15_18:50:10.621   074.060.079.xxx   under a rock (29)
2008_10_15_18:50:16.269   024.006.066.xxx   SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! (21)
2008_10_15_18:50:32.949   071.074.127.xxx   EnterLOL text & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:51:01.074   071.074.127.xxx   WOA WHAT WAS THAT MOVING!!!!!! (11)
2008_10_15_18:51:17.378   074.060.079.xxx   scary (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:51:28.560   071.074.127.xxx   ya (12)
2008_10_15_18:51:30.101   066.209.248.xxx   ahhhhhhhhh!!!!
2008_10_15_18:51:39.796   069.000.013.xxx   rtd2
2008_10_15_18:51:45.092   074.060.079.xxx   ghost (31)
2008_10_15_18:52:10.858   071.074.127.xxx   thts wat i thought till i saw a hand moving pumpkin hat (13)
2008_10_15_18:52:11.261   066.209.248.xxx   i'm ccard
2008_10_15_18:52:37.010   074.060.079.xxx   baby (32)
2008_10_15_18:52:59.836   066.209.248.xxx   yeah i know i am
2008_10_15_18:53:08.941   074.060.079.xxx   do you need your mommy (33)
2008_10_15_18:53:16.847   024.006.066.xxx   oh (22)
2008_10_15_18:53:44.574   066.209.248.xxx   i'm a stormchaser
2008_10_15_18:54:13.970   074.060.079.xxx   oh better know as a chicken sh it (34)
2008_10_15_18:54:16.224   071.074.127.xxx   cool!!!!!!!!!1 (14)
2008_10_15_18:54:53.894   024.006.066.xxx   ********90 (23)
2008_10_15_18:55:10.451   072.068.090.xxx   This is awesome
2008_10_15_18:55:55.048   024.006.066.xxx   tt (24)
2008_10_15_18:56:47.379   024.006.066.xxx   Alek SHOW US MORE EXITING STUFF! (25)
2008_10_15_18:57:39.611   024.006.066.xxx   OMG IT SOO EXITING! (26)
2008_10_15_18:57:56.488   072.084.235.xxx   pass the milk of magnesia
2008_10_15_18:58:13.879   024.006.066.xxx   SHOW US A PICTURE! (27)
2008_10_15_18:58:15.734   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about some Pepto-Bismol for the Presidential Debate? ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_18:58:56.629   076.109.049.xxx   THIS ROCKS
2008_10_15_18:59:01.089   024.006.066.xxx   WE WANT TO SEE A PICTURE! (28)
2008_10_15_18:59:25.477   076.109.049.xxx   can i get a beer please
2008_10_15_18:59:27.274   024.006.066.xxx   Exciting stuff! (29)
2008_10_15_18:59:53.003   024.006.066.xxx   SHOW US MORE (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_18:59:54.796   076.109.049.xxx   can i get a beer please
2008_10_15_19:00:15.772   067.173.226.xxx   this is pretty cool
2008_10_15_19:00:22.328   068.209.161.xxx   And I'll have a shot with it
2008_10_15_19:00:47.578   024.006.066.xxx   WE WANT A SANDWICH! (31)
2008_10_15_19:01:09.776   024.006.066.xxx   WE WANT A SANDWICH! (32)
2008_10_15_19:01:10.686   076.109.049.xxx   spongebob for president
2008_10_15_19:01:32.681   067.173.226.xxx   hi mom!
2008_10_15_19:01:47.407   024.006.066.xxx   WE WANT A SANDWICH! (33)
2008_10_15_19:01:47.945   076.109.049.xxx   hi honey
2008_10_15_19:02:00.565   068.209.161.xxx   McCain Milf 08
2008_10_15_19:02:24.228   076.109.049.xxx   when you coming home honey
2008_10_15_19:02:24.295   099.141.205.xxx   Ernie rocks!
2008_10_15_19:02:44.281   024.006.066.xxx   FFFFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD! (35)
2008_10_15_19:02:58.723   076.109.049.xxx   ernie for prez
2008_10_15_19:03:08.714   024.006.066.xxx   FOOD (36)
2008_10_15_19:03:42.150   067.164.166.xxx   BRAAAAIIIINS
2008_10_15_19:03:57.661   024.006.066.xxx   we WANT FOOD! (37)
2008_10_15_19:04:52.614   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK for President - support the Green Party Candidate! ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_19:04:58.939   067.164.166.xxx   NOM NOM NOM NOM
2008_10_15_19:04:59.954   098.213.029.xxx   I am at work and it s****
2008_10_15_19:05:52.519   071.052.058.xxx   Alek for president!
2008_10_15_19:05:52.562   098.213.029.xxx   I work front desk at a hotel
2008_10_15_19:06:08.782   024.006.066.xxx   uuuuuuuuu (38)
2008_10_15_19:06:14.257   067.164.166.xxx   NOM NOM NOM NOM
2008_10_15_19:06:47.345   024.006.066.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________ (39)
2008_10_15_19:07:05.958   099.141.205.xxx   McCain in '08
2008_10_15_19:07:11.106   024.006.066.xxx   LINE! (40 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_19:07:34.365   024.006.066.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________ (41)
2008_10_15_19:07:39.373   098.213.029.xxx   Obama in 08 would be Great.
2008_10_15_19:08:01.734   024.006.066.xxx   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (42)
2008_10_15_19:08:30.981   074.129.097.xxx   Dude...where is my car?
2008_10_15_19:08:53.317   098.213.029.xxx   I call that giving a hand
2008_10_15_19:09:35.534   096.255.051.xxx   This is fun.
2008_10_15_19:09:36.266   099.229.170.xxx   COOL SITE BROTHER!
2008_10_15_19:10:04.100   074.129.097.xxx   I would like to order two bean burritos...
2008_10_15_19:10:26.105   096.255.051.xxx   que?
2008_10_15_19:10:34.399   072.024.146.xxx   chalupas!!!!!
2008_10_15_19:10:41.300   075.070.213.xxx   hi kari
2008_10_15_19:11:40.173   074.129.097.xxx   I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque
2008_10_15_19:14:36.770   066.176.017.xxx   hey franny
2008_10_15_19:15:10.395   066.176.017.xxx   meow meow zombie kitty hi hi hi
2008_10_15_19:17:12.091   071.074.127.xxx   hey does every ones pop up say stuff about evilfantasy and computer juice (15)
2008_10_15_19:17:39.297   071.074.127.xxx   computer juice (16)
2008_10_15_19:17:41.578   069.067.176.xxx   EHOWA
2008_10_15_19:18:50.756   070.176.223.xxx   Canopyfx
2008_10_15_19:19:17.819   070.176.223.xxx   EHOWA
2008_10_15_19:19:26.067   024.013.089.xxx   I eat my own f@rtz
2008_10_15_19:20:11.512   070.176.223.xxx   Mark Ryder is a Little b****
2008_10_15_19:20:41.452   024.013.089.xxx   Mark Ryder eats his own farts
2008_10_15_19:21:51.252   071.091.039.xxx   Hi from Alabama!
2008_10_15_19:21:53.496   070.176.223.xxx   No mark Ryder eats my farts
2008_10_15_19:22:19.381   071.091.039.xxx   Hi from Alabama!
2008_10_15_19:22:44.506   024.013.089.xxx   Mark Ryder is really Farty McFarteater
2008_10_15_19:22:50.229   070.176.223.xxx   arizona up in this mug
2008_10_15_19:26:58.470   069.152.205.xxx   I am an apple. Peace homies!
2008_10_15_19:27:19.335   075.070.213.xxx   collan is p***ing out of his butt.
2008_10_15_19:28:17.846   068.113.238.xxx   lisa luvs tom
2008_10_15_19:28:20.131   069.152.205.xxx   Logan says Hi!
2008_10_15_19:29:11.995   069.152.205.xxx   mplkonb*ivuhycgxftrdzsewaloganyo
2008_10_15_19:29:35.170   068.113.238.xxx   lisa wants tom
2008_10_15_19:30:08.171   068.113.238.xxx   lisa communicates with tom
2008_10_15_19:30:09.745   069.152.205.xxx   im so cool thats my storei
2008_10_15_19:30:56.480   070.176.223.xxx   double tripin
2008_10_15_19:31:06.121   075.109.019.xxx   joe the plumber!
2008_10_15_19:31:10.688   068.113.238.xxx   lisa wants to communicate with chris
2008_10_15_19:31:29.080   070.176.223.xxx   sign me up lisa
2008_10_15_19:31:54.674   070.176.223.xxx   diss chris
2008_10_15_19:33:56.985   074.076.062.xxx   have a happy halloween
2008_10_15_19:38:19.637   071.223.226.xxx   I Love Jen
2008_10_15_19:41:54.299   076.250.117.xxx   Jen loves you
2008_10_15_19:42:35.756   076.250.117.xxx   I hope so for your sake
2008_10_15_19:42:50.451   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm watching Obama and McCain go at - where is the HULK - he can SMASH! ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_19:43:11.706   071.223.226.xxx   I would vote for hulk.
2008_10_15_19:43:32.527   076.250.117.xxx   this is cool
2008_10_15_19:43:51.744   074.129.180.xxx   Hi!!! Thank you for this website
2008_10_15_19:44:03.145   068.231.251.xxx   this is a test...test....test.....
2008_10_15_19:44:16.944   076.250.117.xxx   where did that guy go?
2008_10_15_19:45:34.644   076.250.117.xxx   pepto is scary
2008_10_15_19:47:16.427   076.250.117.xxx   to much fun
2008_10_15_19:47:26.773   076.075.125.xxx   Up with midget p***!
2008_10_15_19:48:10.702   076.250.117.xxx   please vote
2008_10_15_19:50:47.441   076.250.117.xxx   Peace be with you
2008_10_15_19:59:45.266   024.023.106.xxx   Hi Jacob!
2008_10_15_20:10:35.381   024.034.036.xxx   i am joh mccain
2008_10_15_20:10:52.081   067.173.226.xxx   go mccain
2008_10_15_20:12:17.751   067.173.226.xxx   my message was up for SO long! woo hoo!
2008_10_15_20:12:42.153   065.026.213.xxx   this is such a great idea! i love it
2008_10_15_20:17:45.964   074.060.079.xxx   whats with the peptobisnol (35)
2008_10_15_20:18:14.262   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I support the HULK and I approve this message! ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_20:19:37.561   074.060.079.xxx   im voting for hulk this time around (36)
2008_10_15_20:20:07.171   076.097.198.xxx   Hulk Hogan for President. Hulkamania 08
2008_10_15_20:20:14.429   074.060.079.xxx   i cnat stand ether one of this clowns (37)
2008_10_15_20:20:38.834   071.194.021.xxx   quit reading my message!
2008_10_15_20:20:50.033   076.097.198.xxx   its sad. both have socialist elements
2008_10_15_20:21:23.095   072.200.147.xxx   ask not what obamma can do for you when he redistributes your wealth
2008_10_15_20:21:38.217   076.097.198.xxx   exatlly bro. A toke in your honor
2008_10_15_20:21:57.380   074.060.079.xxx   we are in trouble ether way (38)
2008_10_15_20:23:07.897   076.097.198.xxx   lets just toke and hope for the best
2008_10_15_20:23:42.128   074.060.079.xxx   for the best i dont think there is such a thing (39)
2008_10_15_20:24:03.931   076.097.198.xxx   i dont either really, but one must maintain some element of hope
2008_10_15_20:24:29.213   076.097.198.xxx   hope i suppose
2008_10_15_20:25:25.626   076.097.198.xxx   this page is crazy
2008_10_15_20:25:42.084   074.060.079.xxx   we are f___cked with bush we will be f___ck after he leaves (40 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_20:26:11.702   074.060.079.xxx   vote bush back in (41)
2008_10_15_20:26:24.315   076.097.198.xxx   It's time to stock up on bongs
2008_10_15_20:27:02.681   068.058.122.xxx   testes testes 1...2...3?
2008_10_15_20:27:11.004   074.060.079.xxx   better smoke them fast before china takes over (42)
2008_10_15_20:27:34.419   068.058.122.xxx   or paints them with lead paint
2008_10_15_20:27:34.885   076.097.198.xxx   maybe they will bring their cheap hash
2008_10_15_20:28:05.281   074.060.079.xxx   they will be smoking your crack (43)
2008_10_15_20:28:06.722   076.097.198.xxx   anyway hope this dudes kids get better, im out (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_20:30:05.458   074.060.079.xxx   sso sick of hearing this clowns (44)
2008_10_15_20:31:12.689   024.159.187.xxx   Go Obama Go........
2008_10_15_20:31:27.568   072.197.129.xxx   GO PHILLIES
2008_10_15_20:31:39.438   068.058.122.xxx   NOBAMA!!!
2008_10_15_20:31:40.371   074.060.079.xxx   jan,09 i hope u all well (45)
2008_10_15_20:31:48.317   024.159.187.xxx   Go cubs!...next year...maybe
2008_10_15_20:32:14.884   068.058.122.xxx   NOBAMA!!!
2008_10_15_20:32:34.771   024.159.187.xxx   McCain and his nurse...what a ticket!
2008_10_15_20:32:55.754   068.058.122.xxx   Yeah they s*** too
2008_10_15_20:33:23.402   074.060.079.xxx   mccain is going to be pulling the cigars out (46)
2008_10_15_20:33:29.057   024.159.187.xxx   McCain is so old. his HS yearbook...cavedrawings!
2008_10_15_20:33:36.743   068.058.122.xxx   make your choice between a giant d***** and a turd sandwich
2008_10_15_20:34:23.997   024.159.187.xxx   MCCain voted for Halloween!
2008_10_15_20:34:38.194   074.060.079.xxx   get ready to grab ur akles (47)
2008_10_15_20:34:54.505   024.159.187.xxx   Mccain was there on the 8th day
2008_10_15_20:35:31.747   024.159.187.xxx   Mccain is as old as chuck norris is tough
2008_10_15_20:36:21.971   072.145.121.xxx   mccain is going to die and thenn palin will become president!!!
2008_10_15_20:36:22.523   074.060.079.xxx   we wont be any better off (48)
2008_10_15_20:36:23.120   068.158.203.xxx   LINK DELETED
2008_10_15_20:37:20.723   074.060.079.xxx   enjoy being free now (49)
2008_10_15_20:38:28.467   074.060.079.xxx   beep beep beep there backing up (50 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_20:39:04.433   072.145.121.xxx   obama is friends with osama binladen
2008_10_15_20:39:37.744   068.150.179.xxx   Take that back
2008_10_15_20:39:42.195   074.060.079.xxx   obamma drink with him (51)
2008_10_15_20:40:12.456   098.165.212.xxx   knock knock
2008_10_15_20:40:19.041   072.145.121.xxx   so rue
2008_10_15_20:40:23.437   074.060.079.xxx   whs there (52)
2008_10_15_20:40:30.454   068.150.179.xxx   Obama is just as American as you are!
2008_10_15_20:40:57.920   074.060.079.xxx   american? (53)
2008_10_15_20:41:10.102   068.150.179.xxx   YES
2008_10_15_20:42:14.556   074.060.079.xxx   not after obama gets in (54)
2008_10_15_20:42:50.497   068.150.179.xxx   You can wish all you want, but Obama will win on Nov 4th
2008_10_15_20:43:32.747   074.060.079.xxx   obama is a baby killer (55)
2008_10_15_20:43:36.536   198.166.061.xxx   Hubba Hubba ... from Edmonton, Canada
2008_10_15_20:43:47.790   098.165.212.xxx   grim reaper mccain
2008_10_15_20:44:05.081   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The debate is over - who else needs a beer after that? ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_20:44:12.661   074.060.079.xxx   i dont like ether one (56)
2008_10_15_20:44:50.405   074.060.079.xxx   Alex for president (57)
2008_10_15_20:45:32.756   068.014.168.xxx   Hulk for prez (13)
2008_10_15_20:46:29.433   074.060.079.xxx   Alex for president (58)
2008_10_15_20:47:07.543   074.060.079.xxx   USA USA USA USA USA USA USA (59)
2008_10_15_20:48:05.723   074.060.079.xxx   ALEX ALEX ALEX ALEX ALEX for presodent (60 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_20:48:59.678   074.060.079.xxx   beer after that debate i was drunk before it started (61)
2008_10_15_20:49:29.132   071.215.052.xxx   poodoooo
2008_10_15_20:50:04.254   071.215.052.xxx   maxgasm
2008_10_15_20:50:43.617   072.081.062.xxx   Hulk for Pres. Alex for VP!!! (28)
2008_10_15_20:51:05.505   074.060.079.xxx   ill go for that (62)
2008_10_15_20:51:14.983   072.081.062.xxx   Oooooh Corona! (29)
2008_10_15_20:51:32.006   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dodgers are starting a rally in the 7th ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_20:51:49.655   074.060.079.xxx   Alex for president (63)
2008_10_15_20:51:58.838   071.215.052.xxx   I dug Wall Drug
2008_10_15_20:54:16.521   074.060.079.xxx   smoke b*** crack (64)
2008_10_15_20:54:50.993   024.056.061.xxx   McCain Choked!!
2008_10_15_20:55:23.153   074.060.079.xxx   nto hard to do when your that old (65)
2008_10_15_20:55:39.171   070.018.231.xxx   oh no, here we go.
2008_10_15_20:56:05.069   074.060.079.xxx   where you been its been going (66)
2008_10_15_20:56:25.711   070.018.231.xxx   interception commensing!
2008_10_15_20:57:02.065   070.018.231.xxx   one will make due with lesser mucous in their stools.
2008_10_15_20:57:33.244   070.018.231.xxx   thus permitting a jolly good time, eat right.
2008_10_15_20:58:09.474   074.060.079.xxx   we wont be any better off than we are now (67)
2008_10_15_20:58:10.250   070.018.231.xxx   say no to processed foods.   :D
2008_10_15_20:59:00.284   070.178.173.xxx   Git-R-Dun
2008_10_15_20:59:02.911   074.060.079.xxx   We need Alex as President (68)
2008_10_15_21:01:01.882   070.018.231.xxx   ain' got no trubble in my life ain' got no....
2008_10_15_21:02:04.135   070.018.231.xxx   fewish dreams to make me cri
2008_10_15_21:02:25.193   074.060.079.xxx   USA USA USA USA USA USA USA (69)
2008_10_15_21:02:36.822   070.018.231.xxx   eye got da musik in me eye got the...
2008_10_15_21:02:40.242   024.022.105.xxx   USC TROJANS
2008_10_15_21:03:07.609   070.018.231.xxx   nope,  WHS owls.
2008_10_15_21:03:34.122   074.060.079.xxx   Green party **** (70 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_21:03:40.713   070.018.231.xxx   hum, it's eyeballs moved.... (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_21:04:02.766   074.060.079.xxx   Green party 08 (71)
2008_10_15_21:04:15.629   070.018.231.xxx   still, that heady dude looks like my neighbor. (11)
2008_10_15_21:04:24.169   068.078.138.xxx   Hi Mom!
2008_10_15_21:04:25.811   076.109.049.xxx   Ernie rocks (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_21:04:50.161   070.018.231.xxx   i.q. of a wetnap presents.... (12)
2008_10_15_21:05:37.955   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Heads-Up Harry still have some life in him as he rolls his eyes ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_21:06:11.791   024.250.121.xxx   Alek___ How about that debate?
2008_10_15_21:06:24.549   070.018.231.xxx   they claim the brain can respond..... (13)
2008_10_15_21:07:09.632   069.243.193.xxx   Tennessee Titans Rule !
2008_10_15_21:07:17.711   074.060.079.xxx   debate was like any other sh___t talking (72)
2008_10_15_21:07:32.834   076.120.042.xxx   Hulk hate Addams Family music.  Crush!
2008_10_15_21:07:55.156   070.018.231.xxx   lmfao!  where's the banjo? (14)
2008_10_15_21:08:02.705   069.243.193.xxx   Vote your conscience.
2008_10_15_21:08:22.810   070.018.231.xxx   heh,    g.f.y. (15)
2008_10_15_21:08:53.971   069.243.193.xxx   g f y ?
2008_10_15_21:09:25.580   070.018.231.xxx   heh.     g.f.y.  dude.    conservative... (16)
2008_10_15_21:10:03.815   074.060.079.xxx   USA USA USA USA USA USA USA (73)
2008_10_15_21:10:08.784   069.243.193.xxx   I guess none of the above is out of the question
2008_10_15_21:11:07.182   075.034.029.xxx   Happy Halloween everyone!! Remember to donate to charity!
2008_10_15_21:11:26.840   070.018.231.xxx   what's soft,   white and has wings? (17)
2008_10_15_21:11:43.027   074.060.079.xxx   good night everyone (74)
2008_10_15_21:11:54.300   069.243.193.xxx   something stay free ? ? ?
2008_10_15_21:12:18.978   070.018.231.xxx   lmfao! dam. (18)
2008_10_15_21:13:05.711   069.243.193.xxx   all you have to do is think pink!
2008_10_15_21:13:21.903   070.018.231.xxx   no thanks on mccain,  our country is already f- (19)
2008_10_15_21:13:48.911   075.034.029.xxx   Hulk for President! HULK SMASH!
2008_10_15_21:14:05.280   069.243.193.xxx   obamalamadingdong is the answer either
2008_10_15_21:14:33.899   069.243.193.xxx   isn't the answer
2008_10_15_21:15:52.659   075.034.029.xxx   Hulk for President!
2008_10_15_21:17:08.210   070.224.032.xxx   Hi from Elkhart, Indiana
2008_10_15_21:17:28.992   070.018.231.xxx   inbred country! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_21:18:01.377   070.224.032.xxx   I am Joe the Plumber and I approve this message.
2008_10_15_21:18:06.035   069.243.193.xxx   Tennessee Titans Rule !
2008_10_15_21:18:17.768   092.040.080.xxx   sometimes I do it anyway, knowing it's so wrong
2008_10_15_21:18:19.123   074.015.060.xxx   hello one and all
2008_10_15_21:18:27.430   070.224.032.xxx   Joe the Plumber and I approve this message.
2008_10_15_21:18:41.676   075.034.029.xxx   Thanks for the awesome, Alek!
2008_10_15_21:18:55.405   074.015.060.xxx   Go Cowboys
2008_10_15_21:19:10.272   064.110.247.xxx   Very cool
2008_10_15_21:19:20.487   070.224.032.xxx   Go McCain
2008_10_15_21:19:23.970   069.243.193.xxx   Titans Rule....Cowturds drool (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_15_21:21:28.223   092.040.080.xxx   I am cool, and you're a fool!!
2008_10_15_21:21:37.933   068.061.110.xxx   Boo!
2008_10_15_21:21:45.847   070.018.231.xxx   this is proof again. (21)
2008_10_15_21:28:29.379   067.160.019.xxx   Boo I scared you
2008_10_15_21:32:35.285   075.034.029.xxx   Hulk Smash!
2008_10_15_21:37:44.775   068.188.163.xxx   what's going on???
2008_10_15_21:38:53.055   024.008.156.xxx   Go Gators!
2008_10_15_21:41:20.027   096.248.214.xxx   Go Eagles
2008_10_15_21:42:06.729   208.053.056.xxx   Obama s****
2008_10_15_21:42:34.423   096.248.214.xxx   who you voting for
2008_10_15_21:43:23.208   208.053.056.xxx   anybody but obama
2008_10_15_21:43:37.211   096.248.214.xxx   thank god
2008_10_15_21:49:49.203   098.203.183.xxx   THe Die -****
2008_10_15_21:53:56.069   131.191.024.xxx   Have a Shay Day
2008_10_15_21:58:00.369   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights out in a few minutes ... but will be back tomorrow for more fun ***ALEK***
2008_10_15_21:58:28.917   076.118.070.xxx   rawr!!!
2008_10_15_21:58:51.219   070.092.170.xxx   Love the office decorations!
2008_10_15_21:59:26.973   076.118.070.xxx   my mom smells
2008_10_15_21:59:55.809   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Talk nice about your Momma! ***ALEK***

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