681 halloween text messages on 2008/1016

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,366 times that day including 2,012 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1016

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_16_17:00:42.002   074.060.079.xxx   yes there on
2008_10_16_17:00:51.301   096.024.078.xxx   first in
2008_10_16_17:00:55.202   086.146.044.xxx   yea
2008_10_16_17:01:07.871   064.012.117.xxx   hi from indy
2008_10_16_17:01:12.957   074.060.079.xxx   lol you where 2nd in
2008_10_16_17:01:39.024   064.012.117.xxx   we need more zombies
2008_10_16_17:01:40.138   096.024.078.xxx   aww haha oh well
2008_10_16_17:01:40.486   074.060.079.xxx   good evening alex
2008_10_16_17:02:48.690   086.146.044.xxx   heya alek how are you today
2008_10_16_17:02:53.188   064.012.117.xxx   we need brownies and ice cream
2008_10_16_17:02:56.456   074.060.079.xxx   your lucky u have not got snow yet we had our first snow afew days ago
2008_10_16_17:03:41.455   086.146.044.xxx   green cap today normally you wear a red one lol :-P
2008_10_16_17:04:18.062   074.060.079.xxx   Green party for president
2008_10_16_17:04:40.077   086.146.044.xxx   YEP
2008_10_16_17:05:01.022   074.060.079.xxx   Green party will smash everything
2008_10_16_17:05:32.702   086.146.044.xxx   i think homer broke
2008_10_16_17:06:08.745   086.146.044.xxx   oh no my mistakje
2008_10_16_17:07:00.566   024.198.021.xxx   D'OH!
2008_10_16_17:07:36.463   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer is working well - Grim Reaper goes up when wife is back at 6 ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:07:58.035   086.146.044.xxx   ARRGH OFFICE CAM NOT AUTO REFRESHING HELP
2008_10_16_17:08:20.953   074.060.079.xxx   put grim out she can park in the driveway
2008_10_16_17:08:35.086   099.241.024.xxx   TEST
2008_10_16_17:09:26.794   068.161.153.xxx   Vote McCain
2008_10_16_17:10:19.718   074.060.079.xxx   think you should put one of the hulks on top of the rooof
2008_10_16_17:10:51.812   074.060.079.xxx   just rope him down realy good
2008_10_16_17:10:53.360   068.161.153.xxx   What an epic website
2008_10_16_17:10:58.960   086.146.044.xxx   vote hulk!!! vote Hulk!! vote hulk!!! or he smash puny human
2008_10_16_17:11:08.328   121.079.033.xxx   Banana bread, what were you thinking!
2008_10_16_17:11:24.338   070.255.042.xxx   hrm
2008_10_16_17:11:56.509   068.161.153.xxx   This site is the reason why the web was invented
2008_10_16_17:12:40.635   074.060.079.xxx   but makes lazy people more lazy (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_17:13:24.183   086.146.044.xxx   lol
2008_10_16_17:14:04.070   070.244.250.xxx   Hey Alek nice hat
2008_10_16_17:14:11.704   085.008.012.xxx   DERP DERP
2008_10_16_17:14:16.656   076.126.157.xxx   doobeeededuum
2008_10_16_17:14:28.361   024.030.082.xxx   What time is it?
2008_10_16_17:14:31.990   074.060.079.xxx   gives the wife more reason to yell at me to get of my b*** (11)
2008_10_16_17:14:35.032   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would like to fill HULK with Helium and float him ABOVE the roof ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:14:45.886   076.126.157.xxx   Entit's 17:14, of course
2008_10_16_17:15:07.866   074.060.079.xxx   hulk flying would be cool (12)
2008_10_16_17:15:26.692   024.030.082.xxx   Rainer beer!!
2008_10_16_17:15:39.528   066.167.065.xxx   Hello Everybody! Dr Nick
2008_10_16_17:15:44.869   070.244.250.xxx   Yeah, it would be so totally awesome!
2008_10_16_17:15:47.227   074.060.079.xxx   cant see laptop that well (13)
2008_10_16_17:16:25.228   074.060.079.xxx   looks like a little to much light on it (14)
2008_10_16_17:16:34.073   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Laptop will be easier to see at it gets darker ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:17:15.511   074.060.079.xxx   cool (15)
2008_10_16_17:17:24.064   024.255.155.xxx   This is awesome. I got here from slashdot. :)
2008_10_16_17:17:29.010   209.184.240.xxx   POTATO
2008_10_16_17:17:38.374   066.167.065.xxx   What...no Blatz???
2008_10_16_17:18:20.180   070.244.250.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
2008_10_16_17:18:58.762   066.191.141.xxx   woo
2008_10_16_17:19:29.658   066.191.141.xxx   squee!
2008_10_16_17:20:11.762   209.184.240.xxx   I BLAME SQUEAK
2008_10_16_17:20:22.121   082.075.189.xxx   lol
2008_10_16_17:20:33.363   070.244.250.xxx   look... people!
2008_10_16_17:21:11.775   129.042.184.xxx   grrrr!
2008_10_16_17:21:26.784   070.244.250.xxx   wow, 162 people here...
2008_10_16_17:21:31.837   086.146.044.xxx   my auto refresh broke im going now seya guy dom (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_17:21:52.619   199.243.240.xxx   Hello
2008_10_16_17:22:08.229   024.215.081.xxx   vote anyone but Harper!
2008_10_16_17:22:31.044   199.243.240.xxx   This is a really neat setup.
2008_10_16_17:22:41.833   070.244.250.xxx   Vote for the Green Party Candidate!!!
2008_10_16_17:22:44.561   068.161.153.xxx   Vote obama
2008_10_16_17:23:00.445   066.167.065.xxx   why?
2008_10_16_17:23:16.581   070.244.250.xxx   HULK SMASH PUNY HUMAN OBAMA
2008_10_16_17:23:53.875   141.152.080.xxx   Office is looking great!!!  :)
2008_10_16_17:24:08.792   024.215.081.xxx   visit Canada...Fall colours in full bloom
2008_10_16_17:24:18.055   200.055.100.xxx   omg omg omg it works
2008_10_16_17:24:46.511   024.255.155.xxx   that backwards red clock is awesome!
2008_10_16_17:24:50.731   199.243.240.xxx   What's the guy looking at?
2008_10_16_17:25:09.624   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk says No Blatz - see picture on blog ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:25:38.524   074.183.052.xxx   stupid honkeys
2008_10_16_17:25:46.946   141.152.080.xxx   Oh noos bad Obama bot... thats terrible   and funny
2008_10_16_17:26:00.560   155.212.030.xxx   Dude, I'm too bored.
2008_10_16_17:26:09.113   012.216.226.xxx   Wuggie Wuggie!
2008_10_16_17:26:09.997   024.215.081.xxx   Enter tehi matthew and alexxt & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2008_10_16_17:26:14.307   074.183.052.xxx   lookit that dumb nerd
2008_10_16_17:26:17.723   200.055.100.xxx   bored is bad
2008_10_16_17:27:13.463   072.072.241.xxx   BOOOOOOO
2008_10_16_17:27:46.616   070.244.250.xxx   oOoOoOoOoOoOooooOOOooo
2008_10_16_17:27:58.614   200.055.100.xxx   wa da fac
2008_10_16_17:28:04.660   141.152.080.xxx   O.O
2008_10_16_17:28:12.514   070.244.250.xxx   that was a ghost
2008_10_16_17:28:37.911   072.072.241.xxx   booooOOOOooo
2008_10_16_17:29:12.988   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I turned up the font color on the laptop IM's - easier to see now? ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:29:17.476   141.152.080.xxx   Muhahahahaaaaa
2008_10_16_17:30:03.118   141.152.080.xxx   much better Alek thx!
2008_10_16_17:30:04.842   082.233.207.xxx   ____o______ quack ! quack !
2008_10_16_17:30:09.130   096.226.193.xxx   Easier to see the laptop, good job!
2008_10_16_17:30:14.281   130.076.032.xxx   boing
2008_10_16_17:30:14.901   068.167.161.xxx   OH!
2008_10_16_17:31:48.655   069.014.159.xxx   hello?
2008_10_16_17:31:56.625   068.194.244.xxx   Alex is it windy out??? the infladables appear to be moving alot
2008_10_16_17:31:57.009   024.255.155.xxx   changing brands?
2008_10_16_17:31:58.479   024.215.081.xxx   why are you changing your cans of water?
2008_10_16_17:32:15.299   069.014.159.xxx   stupid mask
2008_10_16_17:32:40.611   069.014.159.xxx   well, not that stupid
2008_10_16_17:32:41.311   098.195.090.xxx   :-)
2008_10_16_17:32:52.705   096.226.193.xxx   It's not stupid, would scare me if someone jumped out with it!
2008_10_16_17:33:00.599   206.205.114.xxx   carforummisfits . com
2008_10_16_17:33:28.909   069.014.159.xxx   SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM
2008_10_16_17:33:40.245   098.195.090.xxx   spam!
2008_10_16_17:33:59.628   024.255.155.xxx   spam and eggs?___n(formatting?)
2008_10_16_17:34:14.193   220.253.081.xxx   blah blah blah
2008_10_16_17:34:18.677   141.152.080.xxx   spam spam eggs sausage and spam mmmmmm...
2008_10_16_17:34:19.857   024.215.081.xxx   when is the American election?
2008_10_16_17:34:46.879   024.255.155.xxx   first tuesday of November
2008_10_16_17:34:53.877   069.014.159.xxx   Hello there!
2008_10_16_17:35:05.115   096.226.193.xxx   Election is on Nov 4th, GO HULK!  VOTE GREEN!
2008_10_16_17:35:11.587   024.215.081.xxx   right on....I hope everyone votes
2008_10_16_17:35:11.665   075.067.243.xxx   Go Bosox!
2008_10_16_17:35:25.187   068.142.115.xxx   Spooky!
2008_10_16_17:35:34.006   076.237.199.xxx   Hi from Chicago!
2008_10_16_17:35:50.468   068.142.115.xxx   Hi Chicago!
2008_10_16_17:36:14.138   096.024.078.xxx   how much bandwidth does this all use?
2008_10_16_17:36:24.098   074.166.187.xxx   FNNF!
2008_10_16_17:36:32.216   141.152.080.xxx   sorry bout them cubs   :(
2008_10_16_17:36:44.385   075.111.137.xxx   Hey Alek Whats up from texas!!!!!
2008_10_16_17:36:46.620   066.167.065.xxx   so are we
2008_10_16_17:37:29.687   141.152.080.xxx   still a great year for the cubs anyway...
2008_10_16_17:37:36.351   074.166.187.xxx   this is blowing my mind so much, that i think i just shat myself
2008_10_16_17:37:49.811   075.111.137.xxx   texas Long horns whiped the sooners
2008_10_16_17:37:55.349   206.248.160.xxx   nuts
2008_10_16_17:37:58.669   141.152.080.xxx   O.O
2008_10_16_17:37:59.841   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, there is a bit of wind out there moving the inflatables around ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:38:23.397   068.142.115.xxx   Poor Frankenstein
2008_10_16_17:38:25.718   071.007.134.xxx   hi great site
2008_10_16_17:38:42.942   075.111.137.xxx   Alek how are you doing?
2008_10_16_17:38:46.632   024.127.008.xxx   really?
2008_10_16_17:38:53.693   141.152.080.xxx   my sweatheart and I are carving our pumpkins tonight!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_17:38:58.716   070.140.123.xxx   NObama
2008_10_16_17:39:14.945   130.076.032.xxx   fart
2008_10_16_17:39:32.784   206.248.160.xxx   this is the best, must cost a fortune in electricity
2008_10_16_17:39:34.895   075.111.137.xxx   NOBAMA'08 McCain/Palin'08!!!!
2008_10_16_17:39:39.135   072.081.062.xxx   zombie fart?
2008_10_16_17:40:13.910   068.142.115.xxx   So much Javascript!
2008_10_16_17:40:32.763   141.152.080.xxx   I'm ready with Zombie defence station (11)
2008_10_16_17:40:38.464   071.246.149.xxx   lol gfy cfm
2008_10_16_17:40:41.798   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electricity costs about a BUCK/day - see main page ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:41:07.051   068.032.197.xxx   Its windy here also a cold front coming brrrrr
2008_10_16_17:41:11.710   075.111.137.xxx   Wind Powerd Correct?
2008_10_16_17:41:15.451   066.188.114.xxx   asdasd
2008_10_16_17:41:19.314   141.152.080.xxx   4 20 till controls off :) (12)
2008_10_16_17:41:22.778   206.248.160.xxx   that's awesome
2008_10_16_17:41:29.668   024.127.008.xxx   aren't there better ways to use this electricity?
2008_10_16_17:41:43.126   068.142.115.xxx   No
2008_10_16_17:41:43.880   071.246.149.xxx   how long til obamama get shot?
2008_10_16_17:41:51.413   072.081.062.xxx   like fund raising for kids in need...
2008_10_16_17:41:52.548   141.152.080.xxx   no (13)
2008_10_16_17:41:53.277   099.189.255.xxx   Ahhh!!!! the homer and frank that follow the mouse are rediculous
2008_10_16_17:42:29.793   072.081.062.xxx   Corona!!!
2008_10_16_17:42:36.427   024.127.008.xxx   __________****___e___****___"Zn______
2008_10_16_17:42:42.056   068.142.115.xxx   You need a can of PBR, instead of the Corona nonsense!
2008_10_16_17:42:42.078   071.246.149.xxx   MMM BEER
2008_10_16_17:43:12.271   141.152.080.xxx   oooo corona, get me a lime!  yum! gone to the carribian (14)
2008_10_16_17:43:12.621   071.007.134.xxx   where are the bloody hands .. newbie
2008_10_16_17:43:47.858   099.242.034.xxx   WTF is with the giant cursor and the blinkin' lights? MY EYES!
2008_10_16_17:43:49.112   071.246.149.xxx   HAIL TO THE REDSKINS
2008_10_16_17:43:50.299   066.167.065.xxx   ol number 7?
2008_10_16_17:43:57.831   066.219.182.xxx   this is nuts
2008_10_16_17:44:05.036   072.081.062.xxx   Hulks for beer...
2008_10_16_17:44:32.743   071.246.149.xxx   Release Dem t******
2008_10_16_17:44:46.669   066.219.182.xxx   Is this really a website someone made?
2008_10_16_17:44:55.993   068.142.115.xxx   No a robot made it
2008_10_16_17:45:11.318   024.235.135.xxx   Hello from Peterborough, ONT, CANADA !!!!
2008_10_16_17:45:14.720   066.219.182.xxx   robot.
2008_10_16_17:45:16.026   141.152.080.xxx   it's really an everything Alek made! (15)
2008_10_16_17:45:22.273   099.242.034.xxx   WTF is with the giant cursor and the blinkin' lights? MY EYES!
2008_10_16_17:45:23.670   068.142.115.xxx   All costumes require underpants.
2008_10_16_17:45:26.708   066.227.207.xxx   homecomeing tomorrow
2008_10_16_17:45:41.230   072.081.062.xxx   BWAhahaha! Love the hat!
2008_10_16_17:45:48.118   024.127.008.xxx   "homecoming" retard
2008_10_16_17:45:54.237   068.032.197.xxx   Hey Alek where is the lime for the Corona?
2008_10_16_17:46:07.707   024.235.135.xxx   Brooke and Abbie RULE from PTBO
2008_10_16_17:46:21.049   066.219.182.xxx   Hi emma
2008_10_16_17:46:22.153   072.081.062.xxx   Hulk smashed lime
2008_10_16_17:46:32.443   068.032.197.xxx   Nice hat
2008_10_16_17:46:48.592   066.219.182.xxx   hi emma
2008_10_16_17:46:57.339   141.152.080.xxx   mmmm cold corona blue water wht sand beach paradice!!! (16)
2008_10_16_17:47:38.044   072.081.062.xxx   Heya Ed, are you watching yet?
2008_10_16_17:48:06.957   068.033.060.xxx   Warez!
2008_10_16_17:48:08.987   141.152.080.xxx   pair a dice  paradise  :) (17)
2008_10_16_17:48:25.904   068.142.115.xxx   lol, a lemon
2008_10_16_17:48:31.155   072.081.062.xxx   Ask and you shall receive! LOL!
2008_10_16_17:48:32.492   066.219.182.xxx   Hello Erin
2008_10_16_17:48:37.769   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I could not find a lime for the Corona - how about a lemon? ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:48:40.599   068.032.197.xxx   Hey thats a lemon nat a lime lol
2008_10_16_17:48:52.529   068.142.115.xxx   I guess it'l have to do, eh?
2008_10_16_17:48:58.341   141.152.080.xxx   lemon or orange for wheat beer good yum (18)
2008_10_16_17:49:06.362   066.227.207.xxx   Alpena High School Home Comeing Tomorrw
2008_10_16_17:49:15.989   068.032.197.xxx   I lemon will do gesh......lol
2008_10_16_17:49:25.580   024.060.230.xxx   hello from lakeville mass
2008_10_16_17:49:42.535   141.152.080.xxx   hey alpina near kalamazo? (19)
2008_10_16_17:49:53.961   130.076.032.xxx   frist post lolololololololzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2008_10_16_17:50:07.140   071.196.209.xxx   LOL, this is ridiculous and hilarious
2008_10_16_17:50:31.568   141.152.080.xxx   halloween night is gonna be busy this year!! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_17:50:59.228   130.076.032.xxx   how about controls for the garage doors?
2008_10_16_17:51:00.058   071.246.149.xxx   LOL GFY CFM
2008_10_16_17:51:24.634   141.152.080.xxx   Alek gets lots of trick o treaters   too fun!! (21)
2008_10_16_17:52:32.119   012.159.056.xxx   hmm lemon juice
2008_10_16_17:52:41.658   074.060.079.xxx   think alex was down in the wife kitchen (16)
2008_10_16_17:53:09.464   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, there are hundreds of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night - FUN! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:53:51.155   064.012.117.xxx   hot brownies are great
2008_10_16_17:53:52.248   024.127.008.xxx   a')___ DROP TABLE ___ posts
2008_10_16_17:53:54.421   074.060.079.xxx   hey alex you better put the lemon juice back before the wife needs it (17)
2008_10_16_17:54:00.932   141.152.080.xxx   yeah, lots of good costumes fun for all and a good cause (22)
2008_10_16_17:54:16.735   024.235.135.xxx   Hi from Abbie in Peterborough
2008_10_16_17:54:23.028   024.127.008.xxx   a')___ DROP TABLE ___ posts
2008_10_16_17:54:41.405   141.152.080.xxx   Remember the bast nation is DOnation (23)
2008_10_16_17:55:10.974   064.012.117.xxx   Hi Im Abby Normal from Romania
2008_10_16_17:55:18.125   067.240.084.xxx   hi
2008_10_16_17:55:26.423   069.029.007.xxx   Lemon Juice!!!
2008_10_16_17:55:37.454   141.152.080.xxx   lol awesome abby normal  love that film (24)
2008_10_16_17:56:00.255   074.060.079.xxx   yea alex is going to get yelled at by the wife for the lemon juice (18)
2008_10_16_17:56:01.035   064.012.117.xxx   Young Frankenstien
2008_10_16_17:56:07.139   024.235.135.xxx   Cat in the hat hats rock!
2008_10_16_17:56:23.473   096.024.078.xxx   frank and homer go behind music bar, but mouse cursor does not.
2008_10_16_17:56:33.753   068.194.244.xxx   what do the neibors think of all the lights alex
2008_10_16_17:56:41.235   024.235.135.xxx   Thanks for fixing the angle on your display.
2008_10_16_17:57:22.820   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it - visitors every night! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:58:05.960   064.012.117.xxx   one of the inflatable spooks is missing
2008_10_16_17:58:09.878   066.167.065.xxx   Shout out to Ben W
2008_10_16_17:58:53.738   074.060.079.xxx   northern nevada in the house (19)
2008_10_16_17:59:01.108   096.226.193.xxx   I would love to be your neighbor, could watch this all nite!
2008_10_16_17:59:02.272   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife due home shortly - lemon juice has to go - Grim Reaper up soon ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_17:59:24.886   068.194.244.xxx   why does the lemon juice have to go????
2008_10_16_17:59:50.383   012.159.056.xxx   noo
2008_10_16_17:59:58.693   068.194.244.xxx   what does the juice have to do with your wife??
2008_10_16_18:00:04.618   074.060.079.xxx   wife is due home she will yell (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:00:14.001   069.029.007.xxx   hammer time?
2008_10_16_18:00:34.060   071.198.077.xxx   Haunted time!
2008_10_16_18:00:38.671   068.194.244.xxx   why will she yell over lemon juice? im so confused
2008_10_16_18:00:48.584   141.152.080.xxx   is there a max # of viewers? (25)
2008_10_16_18:00:56.770   074.060.079.xxx   he was in the kitchen (21)
2008_10_16_18:01:00.995   069.029.007.xxx   lemon juice equals haunted house?
2008_10_16_18:01:07.139   071.198.077.xxx   ever get lemon juice in your eye?  you'd yell too
2008_10_16_18:01:32.565   068.194.244.xxx   yea but why can he leave the bottle out????
2008_10_16_18:02:07.055   066.167.065.xxx   What'z upppppp!???
2008_10_16_18:02:17.577   074.060.079.xxx   he cant be in the kitchen its hers (22)
2008_10_16_18:02:33.837   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Watch webcam 1 and 2 for the blue minivan - any minute now ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_18:02:45.889   071.198.077.xxx   I SEE YOU!
2008_10_16_18:02:58.564   213.112.015.xxx   is this for real?
2008_10_16_18:03:16.402   217.162.166.xxx   holy cow!
2008_10_16_18:03:20.233   012.159.056.xxx   no
2008_10_16_18:03:26.117   074.060.079.xxx   not realy (23)
2008_10_16_18:03:28.621   071.198.077.xxx   !woc yloh
2008_10_16_18:03:58.547   213.112.015.xxx   its the hulk!
2008_10_16_18:03:58.910   067.084.197.xxx   Hello from New Jersey!
2008_10_16_18:04:01.967   074.060.079.xxx   awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (24)
2008_10_16_18:04:04.446   217.162.166.xxx   in soviet russia, this message types you
2008_10_16_18:04:29.669   067.084.197.xxx   Hello from New Jersey!
2008_10_16_18:04:32.236   012.159.056.xxx   it's was hulk
2008_10_16_18:04:34.731   074.060.079.xxx   little hulk will smash you (25)
2008_10_16_18:04:37.651   068.194.244.xxx   wheres the wife coming from alex?women dont work
2008_10_16_18:04:40.344   068.231.096.xxx   Doh hello from phoenix
2008_10_16_18:04:46.478   071.198.077.xxx   CAKEBREAD CASTLE FOREVER!
2008_10_16_18:05:00.264   096.226.193.xxx   Hulk for President!!!!!
2008_10_16_18:05:22.187   074.060.079.xxx   Green party 08 (26)
2008_10_16_18:06:10.587   060.241.244.xxx   hehehe
2008_10_16_18:06:13.035   141.152.080.xxx   Hi from Blacksburg Virginia!!! (26)
2008_10_16_18:06:36.515   074.060.079.xxx   hey alex thought you said wife was going to be home at 6 (27)
2008_10_16_18:06:52.416   068.194.244.xxx   ALEX WHERES THE WIFE
2008_10_16_18:07:02.550   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Soccer is over at 6:00 - it's 5 minutes away - keep watching ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_18:07:07.695   141.152.080.xxx   ooooo some IPs getting banned tonight baaad boys (27)
2008_10_16_18:07:30.349   066.209.248.xxx   huh?
2008_10_16_18:07:38.589   012.159.056.xxx   is he taking a picture of me?
2008_10_16_18:07:44.411   096.226.193.xxx   Hey Alek how u like your Nikon D40?
2008_10_16_18:07:59.009   074.060.079.xxx   you might break the cam (28)
2008_10_16_18:08:18.962   066.209.248.xxx   why he taking pics off me
2008_10_16_18:08:40.897   074.060.079.xxx   why would he do that u will break it (29)
2008_10_16_18:08:44.201   141.152.080.xxx   bad language = ban right Alek?  your IP is linked to comment (28)
2008_10_16_18:09:15.831   066.209.248.xxx   what?
2008_10_16_18:09:33.500   074.060.079.xxx   i had that happen couple of years ago (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:09:48.362   075.120.123.xxx   Hi from southern Alabama!!
2008_10_16_18:09:51.718   066.209.248.xxx   what?
2008_10_16_18:09:57.286   068.194.244.xxx   alex your wife is late you might want to call to make sure she is ok
2008_10_16_18:10:12.106   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Canon 40D ... wife is running late - bet she is chatting!!! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_18:10:32.873   096.226.193.xxx   MINIVAN!!!
2008_10_16_18:10:33.093   066.209.248.xxx   hhhh he's right
2008_10_16_18:10:33.455   074.060.079.xxx   there she is (31)
2008_10_16_18:10:45.312   068.194.244.xxx   HERE SHE IS HERE SHE IS HERE SHE IS HERE SHE IS (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:10:48.345   074.012.013.xxx   ha nice!
2008_10_16_18:11:03.917   066.167.065.xxx   run for it!!!!!
2008_10_16_18:11:09.593   074.060.079.xxx   grim reaper time (32)
2008_10_16_18:11:11.538   066.209.248.xxx   car driveing up
2008_10_16_18:11:14.336   096.226.193.xxx   Wifey go out front and wave at the cam!  ___-)
2008_10_16_18:11:32.794   068.194.244.xxx   yo everyone here say there age. im 15 (11)
2008_10_16_18:11:48.129   066.167.065.xxx   :-)
2008_10_16_18:11:50.410   074.060.079.xxx   im 92 (33)
2008_10_16_18:12:07.143   074.012.013.xxx   68
2008_10_16_18:12:07.797   066.209.248.xxx   im ************0
2008_10_16_18:12:28.893   066.167.065.xxx   I act 12 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:12:41.544   192.211.024.xxx   Hello from Olympia, WA
2008_10_16_18:13:27.354   068.194.244.xxx   Hello from my bedroom? Where the h*** is Olympia anyway (13)
2008_10_16_18:13:34.741   074.060.079.xxx   time for the grim reaper yea (34)
2008_10_16_18:13:55.275   192.211.024.xxx   Olympia is south of Seatle, WA!
2008_10_16_18:14:22.244   074.060.079.xxx   olympia is in ur bed (35)
2008_10_16_18:15:02.936   209.098.139.xxx   dasm flasm
2008_10_16_18:15:06.910   192.211.024.xxx   gee, some people.  Bless ya'll
2008_10_16_18:15:21.677   074.060.079.xxx   i need help i know (36)
2008_10_16_18:15:29.068   068.194.244.xxx   I bet olympia is so small town with a population of like 10 (14)
2008_10_16_18:15:38.429   066.167.065.xxx   ___:-) coooooooooooool!!!!!!!! (11)
2008_10_16_18:16:03.690   068.194.244.xxx   olympia (15)
2008_10_16_18:16:11.933   067.080.254.xxx   Hello from Bergen County New Jersey
2008_10_16_18:16:18.622   209.098.139.xxx   have you tried head and shoulders?
2008_10_16_18:16:21.617   074.060.079.xxx   so alex does the wife know about the lemon juice yet? (37)
2008_10_16_18:16:22.550   074.182.161.xxx   happy halloween lexy
2008_10_16_18:16:25.076   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Grim Reaper is up ... and note Rainier Beer sign for Mr. Olympia ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_18:16:38.502   066.167.065.xxx   XD (12)
2008_10_16_18:16:53.535   068.032.197.xxx   Happy Halloweennnnnnnnnnnnn
2008_10_16_18:17:05.639   192.211.024.xxx   hehe, I wish they still made Rainier here - it's a coffee roaster now - Tully's
2008_10_16_18:17:12.027   074.182.161.xxx   Change the channel
2008_10_16_18:17:13.676   068.194.244.xxx   hello from the north pole im waiting for alexs chrismas lights (16)
2008_10_16_18:17:42.773   066.167.065.xxx   lil oly for Olympia...close enough (13)
2008_10_16_18:17:47.145   192.211.024.xxx   Thanks for your work, Komar!
2008_10_16_18:17:47.263   069.129.041.xxx   Obama ****!!!
2008_10_16_18:17:50.563   070.167.105.xxx   BOOOO!
2008_10_16_18:17:56.471   074.060.079.xxx   alex has been a bad boy (38)
2008_10_16_18:18:46.813   067.080.254.xxx   Go McCain!!
2008_10_16_18:18:52.129   068.194.244.xxx   alex do you ever leave your house your always hom (17)
2008_10_16_18:18:56.608   069.129.041.xxx   Obama for President!!
2008_10_16_18:19:32.009   064.198.204.xxx   Iowa!
2008_10_16_18:19:39.424   074.060.079.xxx   hulk for president (39)
2008_10_16_18:19:47.491   067.080.254.xxx   hi
2008_10_16_18:19:58.291   068.194.244.xxx   DOW UP 200+ POINTS TODAY(Take that mccain) (18)
2008_10_16_18:20:18.687   076.187.067.xxx   bleep blop
2008_10_16_18:20:30.115   070.167.105.xxx   made u look
2008_10_16_18:20:30.525   074.060.079.xxx   hulk is smashing the dow (40 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:20:49.763   068.194.244.xxx   does anyone else think mccain looks like a frog???? (19)
2008_10_16_18:21:11.479   074.060.079.xxx   think he look like a old f art (41)
2008_10_16_18:21:23.118   065.060.215.xxx   CRAP!
2008_10_16_18:21:50.133   074.060.079.xxx   he looks like that too (42)
2008_10_16_18:21:58.285   066.167.065.xxx   D'oh (14)
2008_10_16_18:22:06.764   065.060.215.xxx   sudo crap
2008_10_16_18:22:36.925   066.167.065.xxx   :D (15)
2008_10_16_18:23:11.674   065.060.215.xxx   ___w/
2008_10_16_18:23:22.519   068.106.221.xxx   BOO!
2008_10_16_18:23:42.465   074.182.161.xxx   Change the channel
2008_10_16_18:24:01.843   068.106.221.xxx   I need to take a poo
2008_10_16_18:24:24.122   066.167.065.xxx   :-( (16)
2008_10_16_18:24:24.961   065.060.215.xxx   when is max coming on?
2008_10_16_18:24:26.317   074.060.079.xxx   hope it comes out ok (43)
2008_10_16_18:24:31.305   068.106.221.xxx   later
2008_10_16_18:24:55.096   065.060.215.xxx   bye
2008_10_16_18:25:05.926   089.146.186.xxx   Hello beautiful!
2008_10_16_18:25:20.547   066.167.065.xxx   ___) (17)
2008_10_16_18:25:28.892   066.209.248.xxx   this is sweet
2008_10_16_18:25:33.072   065.060.215.xxx   BoB?
2008_10_16_18:25:45.966   074.060.079.xxx   this is g** (44)
2008_10_16_18:26:17.297   066.167.065.xxx   :-) (18)
2008_10_16_18:26:17.714   208.000.110.xxx   i for one welcome our new slashdot overlords
2008_10_16_18:26:38.960   074.060.079.xxx   well goodnight all have fun (45)
2008_10_16_18:26:46.970   068.032.197.xxx   Is everyone having a good evening
2008_10_16_18:27:07.277   066.167.065.xxx   why? (19)
2008_10_16_18:27:23.654   068.032.197.xxx   just asking
2008_10_16_18:27:46.059   066.167.065.xxx   cool (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:28:29.062   068.032.197.xxx   looks like the neighbors are looking at the lights
2008_10_16_18:28:30.558   066.167.065.xxx   good times but what happened to all the beer??? (21)
2008_10_16_18:28:39.142   071.185.053.xxx   Ba Ba Booey!
2008_10_16_18:29:09.900   066.167.065.xxx   aaaahhhhhh!!!! (22)
2008_10_16_18:29:15.056   068.032.197.xxx   I think Alek is drinking the beer (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:29:51.605   066.167.065.xxx   Hopefully not the lemon juice (23)
2008_10_16_18:30:14.427   066.209.248.xxx   booooooooo
2008_10_16_18:30:15.681   068.032.197.xxx   lol (11)
2008_10_16_18:30:28.527   207.207.127.xxx   HEHE!
2008_10_16_18:30:52.946   068.032.197.xxx   bbl time to take my daughters boyfriend home (12)
2008_10_16_18:30:59.495   066.167.065.xxx   how cool (24)
2008_10_16_18:31:08.447   065.060.215.xxx   run away
2008_10_16_18:31:28.548   066.209.248.xxx   boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:31:47.194   070.015.082.xxx   roooooaaaaaaarrrrrrr!
2008_10_16_18:32:22.037   066.209.248.xxx   bubi whgi (11)
2008_10_16_18:32:27.178   070.015.082.xxx   cant believe it isn't slashdotted yet.. :/
2008_10_16_18:33:07.045   066.167.065.xxx   Poor Homer looks like he's had too much beer (25)
2008_10_16_18:33:15.975   069.129.041.xxx   I just came from slashdot :0
2008_10_16_18:33:30.821   070.185.115.xxx   Find the WALL DRUG!!!
2008_10_16_18:33:31.571   070.015.082.xxx   we all did dips***..
2008_10_16_18:34:11.768   071.052.058.xxx   whats up everybody?
2008_10_16_18:34:23.857   069.129.041.xxx   slashdot is teh roxors
2008_10_16_18:34:31.568   070.015.082.xxx   man we need to get lives..
2008_10_16_18:34:38.209   071.196.112.xxx   hello?
2008_10_16_18:34:59.985   070.015.082.xxx   what are you wearing?
2008_10_16_18:35:03.863   066.167.065.xxx   1,000,000,000 :-) (26)
2008_10_16_18:35:33.341   066.167.065.xxx   how you doin'?? (27)
2008_10_16_18:35:54.236   070.015.082.xxx   GAH POPUPS!!!
2008_10_16_18:36:19.169   067.191.102.xxx   hey from NAS JAX Florida.. The Dodd family Go Navy!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_16_18:36:49.395   066.167.065.xxx   Homer for President!!!!! (28)
2008_10_16_18:37:01.320   070.015.082.xxx   back to /.
2008_10_16_18:37:28.406   068.062.022.xxx   thanx alek for the email reminder :)
2008_10_16_18:37:59.081   067.191.102.xxx   Vote ME for President
2008_10_16_18:38:27.829   066.167.065.xxx   thanks Hilary (29)
2008_10_16_18:39:05.773   024.186.129.xxx   Awesome
2008_10_16_18:39:15.630   072.081.062.xxx   Alex is taking pictures!
2008_10_16_18:39:21.372   199.243.240.xxx   (416) 555-****
2008_10_16_18:40:03.425   066.167.065.xxx   Welcome Back! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_18:41:17.206   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - yea, going to be taking some pictures shortly ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_18:58:13.115   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - sorry for the delay - X10 control returned back the Internet! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_18:58:46.843   066.209.248.xxx   control back (12)
2008_10_16_19:00:05.859   066.209.248.xxx   zoom out alek (13)
2008_10_16_19:00:38.921   067.191.102.xxx   hey BRANDI DODD in Bham Alabama
2008_10_16_19:01:59.847   066.209.248.xxx   zoom out alek!!!! (14)
2008_10_16_19:02:27.556   067.191.102.xxx   BRANDI DODD ROCKS
2008_10_16_19:02:40.996   068.194.244.xxx   Alex, what the most # of people that have viewed your lights at once (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:02:43.369   024.178.191.xxx   hey tuesday
2008_10_16_19:02:57.480   067.191.102.xxx   hey boone
2008_10_16_19:03:11.588   066.209.248.xxx   zoom out alek on cam1 (15)
2008_10_16_19:03:18.041   068.194.244.xxx   406 people viewing Halloween Decorations - HOLY MOLEY! (21)
2008_10_16_19:03:34.489   024.178.191.xxx   hey 406 other people
2008_10_16_19:03:50.372   067.191.102.xxx   Brie Tuesday and Boone BFFs
2008_10_16_19:04:06.846   066.209.248.xxx   zoom out on cam1 plz alek!!!!!! (16)
2008_10_16_19:04:16.466   024.178.191.xxx   hey i lost u on i.m.
2008_10_16_19:04:16.758   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** cam1 is centered and zoomed IN - gives best image quality of the lights ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_19:04:57.499   067.191.102.xxx   I LOVE BRANDON DODD Go Navy
2008_10_16_19:05:00.347   066.209.248.xxx   okok what ever (17)
2008_10_16_19:05:10.828   068.194.244.xxx   you should swich your laptop to where harry is so we can see you alex (22)
2008_10_16_19:05:14.292   024.178.191.xxx   girl ur a fool
2008_10_16_19:05:45.595   067.191.102.xxx   i know boone
2008_10_16_19:05:46.621   066.209.248.xxx   what cam u useing earthcam? (18)
2008_10_16_19:06:31.080   067.191.102.xxx   whooo hooo coors light
2008_10_16_19:06:57.764   024.178.191.xxx   what do the neighbors think
2008_10_16_19:07:10.056   066.209.248.xxx   what cam u useing earthcam? alek (19)
2008_10_16_19:08:20.949   066.209.248.xxx   alek what cam u useing earthcam? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:08:24.239   208.107.062.xxx   cant wait til the christmas cams! -Kynitekia
2008_10_16_19:09:29.308   066.209.248.xxx   alek what cam u useing earthcam? (21)
2008_10_16_19:09:53.877   070.230.196.xxx   ohi thur
2008_10_16_19:10:34.351   074.060.079.xxx   is alex in his office (46)
2008_10_16_19:11:23.047   066.190.012.xxx   chumbly man.
2008_10_16_19:11:23.850   074.060.079.xxx   wounder how much trouble he got into for the lemon juice (47)
2008_10_16_19:12:01.793   067.191.102.xxx   ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:12:11.200   074.060.079.xxx   oh no not the pam (48)
2008_10_16_19:12:28.065   067.191.102.xxx   GO BAMA (11)
2008_10_16_19:12:35.080   066.209.248.xxx   ahhhhhh scary!!! cam1 (22)
2008_10_16_19:12:47.982   074.060.079.xxx   someyone is asking for trouble (49)
2008_10_16_19:13:01.795   012.159.056.xxx   Are you stealing from the kitchen again?
2008_10_16_19:13:23.477   066.209.248.xxx   im scared of cam1 (23)
2008_10_16_19:13:27.412   067.191.102.xxx   BAMA'S BACK!!!! (12)
2008_10_16_19:13:34.349   074.060.079.xxx   alex is being a bad boy (50 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:13:54.707   068.032.197.xxx   Hey Alek your wifeis calling you she wants her Pam back (13)
2008_10_16_19:14:17.463   066.209.248.xxx   yeah zoom out what cam u useing alek? (24)
2008_10_16_19:14:24.213   067.191.102.xxx   PAM makes great decor (13)
2008_10_16_19:14:32.413   066.190.012.xxx   tigger.
2008_10_16_19:14:33.389   074.060.079.xxx   she needs it to cook your dinner (51)
2008_10_16_19:14:55.258   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** D-Link DCS-6620G wireless webcam - see the FAQ for more details ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_19:15:27.463   066.209.248.xxx   what cam u useing earthcam? (25)
2008_10_16_19:15:36.245   067.191.102.xxx   Rama Jama give em H@#L Bama (14)
2008_10_16_19:15:58.502   066.209.248.xxx   what cam u useing earthcam? (26)
2008_10_16_19:17:00.994   074.060.079.xxx   Alex this is your wife get my pam back to the kitchen (52)
2008_10_16_19:17:50.240   141.152.080.xxx   Pam it does a body good (29)
2008_10_16_19:18:02.282   074.060.079.xxx   j/k lol (53)
2008_10_16_19:18:21.791   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oh Crap - gotta get the PAM back to the kitchen! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_19:18:25.992   141.152.080.xxx   O.0 (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:18:30.999   199.243.074.xxx   Thank you, come again
2008_10_16_19:18:42.909   067.191.102.xxx   Hey ALEX from NAS JAX Navy base Florida The DODD'S (15)
2008_10_16_19:18:43.124   074.060.079.xxx   lol (54)
2008_10_16_19:18:57.871   012.159.056.xxx   hehe
2008_10_16_19:19:14.402   068.032.197.xxx   I wonder what Alek will show us next (14)
2008_10_16_19:19:30.696   067.191.102.xxx   NAS JAX navy base Florida The Dodd Family says Hi ALEX (16)
2008_10_16_19:20:06.089   074.060.079.xxx   hope to a bud light (55)
2008_10_16_19:20:06.509   141.152.080.xxx   How bout the bailies for after halloween (31)
2008_10_16_19:21:19.366   074.060.079.xxx   something hard to drink i hope for halloween (56)
2008_10_16_19:21:55.507   098.210.146.xxx   spooky!
2008_10_16_19:22:01.487   216.008.174.xxx   hello everyone
2008_10_16_19:22:11.725   141.152.080.xxx   last year Alek n friends did bailies shots with us (32)
2008_10_16_19:22:18.054   074.060.079.xxx   lol not the ketchup (57)
2008_10_16_19:22:18.123   012.159.056.xxx   lol I should have known
2008_10_16_19:22:19.585   068.032.197.xxx   WOW (15)
2008_10_16_19:22:37.891   216.008.174.xxx   b52?
2008_10_16_19:22:53.425   068.032.197.xxx   KETCHUP cool (16)
2008_10_16_19:22:58.269   141.152.080.xxx   ooo those are yummy (33)
2008_10_16_19:23:03.124   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I pass out shot of Bailey's and Port to "big kids" on Halloween - was fun! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_19:23:10.745   074.060.079.xxx   alex what you going to do with the ketchup (58)
2008_10_16_19:23:43.947   216.008.174.xxx   let's see alek squirt ketchup in his mouth LOL
2008_10_16_19:23:49.865   068.032.197.xxx   Alek your boys want the ketchup back (17)
2008_10_16_19:24:02.125   072.081.062.xxx   He's out of Corona!___) (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:24:26.319   068.032.197.xxx   thats cause Alek drank all the Corona (18)
2008_10_16_19:24:34.511   072.081.062.xxx   Even severed head guy is upset! (11)
2008_10_16_19:25:04.754   072.081.062.xxx   No No NO!!! (12)
2008_10_16_19:25:11.045   096.224.135.xxx   wtf is that??
2008_10_16_19:25:16.899   216.008.174.xxx   pepto
2008_10_16_19:25:39.338   096.224.135.xxx   noo ur mom
2008_10_16_19:26:06.874   216.008.174.xxx   he will need it after the corona
2008_10_16_19:26:14.949   072.081.062.xxx   I'll bet he finds the limes now. (13)
2008_10_16_19:26:38.766   012.159.056.xxx   Mustard is next
2008_10_16_19:26:57.393   216.008.174.xxx   corn relish
2008_10_16_19:27:07.140   072.081.062.xxx   Pardon me but do you have any... (14)
2008_10_16_19:27:08.786   068.032.197.xxx   or Mayo (19)
2008_10_16_19:27:11.937   096.224.135.xxx   nooo bbq sauace
2008_10_16_19:27:33.173   066.209.248.xxx   im going to try to control all of them u guys can't (27)
2008_10_16_19:27:38.546   072.081.062.xxx   Grey Poupon! (15)
2008_10_16_19:27:41.232   190.189.118.xxx   Hi! everybody
2008_10_16_19:27:49.564   216.008.174.xxx   frank's red hot
2008_10_16_19:27:52.366   068.039.142.xxx   aseaffgaffa?___
2008_10_16_19:27:58.483   066.209.248.xxx   ok? (28)
2008_10_16_19:28:29.996   068.032.197.xxx   A1 sauce is next (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:28:42.711   074.060.079.xxx   i want yellow Poupon (59)
2008_10_16_19:28:50.417   072.081.062.xxx   I want to see some fries. (16)
2008_10_16_19:29:16.524   068.032.197.xxx   how about beer mustard I do have some (21)
2008_10_16_19:29:21.664   072.081.062.xxx   s***y brown mustard yeah! (17)
2008_10_16_19:29:23.268   066.209.248.xxx   gosh i can't (29)
2008_10_16_19:29:24.186   074.060.079.xxx   big hamburger (60 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:29:29.739   096.224.135.xxx   ur moma is next
2008_10_16_19:29:46.269   216.008.174.xxx   who's head is in the way
2008_10_16_19:29:48.240   072.081.062.xxx   curly fries (18)
2008_10_16_19:29:58.696   066.209.248.xxx   im goin to try agen (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:30:20.850   216.008.174.xxx   how about sweet potato fries yummy
2008_10_16_19:30:22.148   072.081.062.xxx   You have the Corona??? (19)
2008_10_16_19:31:08.736   074.060.079.xxx   i got the vodka (61)
2008_10_16_19:31:19.897   066.209.248.xxx   bye (31)
2008_10_16_19:31:23.068   068.032.197.xxx   Im drinking a Sprite (22)
2008_10_16_19:31:24.518   012.159.056.xxx   no (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:31:48.914   074.060.079.xxx   out of the bottle vodka (62)
2008_10_16_19:31:59.757   076.248.230.xxx   sup kyle?
2008_10_16_19:32:03.468   216.008.174.xxx   there's buzz lightyear (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:32:43.620   074.060.079.xxx   hey little guy WAVE please (63)
2008_10_16_19:32:55.394   072.081.062.xxx   Mustard YES! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:33:03.641   012.159.056.xxx   Yes (11)
2008_10_16_19:33:20.580   068.032.197.xxx   Well I want beer mustard (23)
2008_10_16_19:33:31.866   074.060.079.xxx   i cant see out of cam 3 (64)
2008_10_16_19:33:32.812   216.008.174.xxx   whoa ketchup (11)
2008_10_16_19:33:35.096   072.081.062.xxx   monster ketchup (21)
2008_10_16_19:33:39.765   068.062.022.xxx   ketchup :)
2008_10_16_19:34:06.791   216.008.174.xxx   wave please (12)
2008_10_16_19:34:11.655   074.060.079.xxx   are they BBQing in the office? (65)
2008_10_16_19:35:00.859   012.159.056.xxx   ZOOOM OUT!! (12)
2008_10_16_19:35:04.680   068.032.197.xxx   Where is the bbq grill at? (24)
2008_10_16_19:35:06.082   074.060.079.xxx   etchu ?? (66)
2008_10_16_19:35:14.067   216.008.174.xxx   what's going eh? (13)
2008_10_16_19:35:30.233   068.062.022.xxx   Enter telolxt & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2008_10_16_19:35:51.486   074.060.079.xxx   what up with the kids playing in front of the cam for (67)
2008_10_16_19:36:07.366   068.062.022.xxx   :( stupid firefox
2008_10_16_19:36:18.364   072.081.062.xxx   it's their house... (22)
2008_10_16_19:36:29.700   216.008.174.xxx   firefox rules!!! (14)
2008_10_16_19:36:35.610   074.060.079.xxx   so (68)
2008_10_16_19:36:46.720   068.062.022.xxx   heads up seven up harry
2008_10_16_19:37:12.563   072.081.062.xxx   COOL, Artwork! (23)
2008_10_16_19:37:13.494   012.159.056.xxx   Get some tape (13)
2008_10_16_19:37:43.671   072.081.062.xxx   Yay Artwork!!! (24)
2008_10_16_19:37:56.237   068.062.022.xxx   TAP3
2008_10_16_19:38:31.514   074.060.079.xxx   wave please (69)
2008_10_16_19:39:01.515   072.081.062.xxx   teamiquad . com (25)
2008_10_16_19:39:26.141   074.060.079.xxx   wave please or your brother will put u in the trash can (70 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:39:50.731   086.144.249.xxx   Cheese
2008_10_16_19:40:47.793   086.144.249.xxx   This is bizarre and scary, let me out
2008_10_16_19:40:50.946   068.194.244.xxx   DIRK DO A DANCE!!!!! (23)
2008_10_16_19:41:05.817   074.060.079.xxx   wave please (71)
2008_10_16_19:41:06.974   024.019.212.xxx   MADDDDDDDDDD
2008_10_16_19:41:25.751   068.032.197.xxx   Good Night everyone from Pa (25)
2008_10_16_19:41:27.768   086.144.249.xxx   Nicole I loves you :D
2008_10_16_19:41:44.526   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE PUT YOUR FACE CLOSE TO THE WEBCAM!!!! (24)
2008_10_16_19:42:09.831   024.019.212.xxx   SHOW YOUR STUFF
2008_10_16_19:42:31.320   068.194.244.xxx   HAHA LOL!!! (25)
2008_10_16_19:42:39.100   086.144.249.xxx   Realtime slashdotting
2008_10_16_19:42:48.217   074.060.079.xxx   show of your dance moves (72)
2008_10_16_19:43:31.286   074.060.079.xxx   guess he is out of here (73)
2008_10_16_19:43:45.045   096.024.078.xxx   hurray for R2
2008_10_16_19:43:48.819   024.019.212.xxx   RACH-O LOVES SCARY
2008_10_16_19:44:12.518   074.060.079.xxx   and there goes alex to the kitchen again (74)
2008_10_16_19:44:43.652   074.060.079.xxx   wounder what he is after now (75)
2008_10_16_19:45:11.926   074.060.079.xxx   mmaybe the milk? (76)
2008_10_16_19:45:39.109   086.144.249.xxx   Its like a weird sort of ghetto instant messenger
2008_10_16_19:46:30.852   074.060.079.xxx   not what your mom said (77)
2008_10_16_19:47:14.110   086.144.249.xxx   Ba dum tish
2008_10_16_19:48:45.621   207.030.169.xxx   TOO MUCH JAVASCRIPT
2008_10_16_19:48:46.795   074.060.079.xxx   boring (78)
2008_10_16_19:49:37.374   074.060.079.xxx   we need obama as president (79)
2008_10_16_19:49:53.799   207.030.169.xxx   Voting is for s*****s
2008_10_16_19:50:30.110   012.208.193.xxx   I don't get it.....
2008_10_16_19:50:32.877   074.060.079.xxx   obama for president (80 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_19:51:08.805   074.015.043.xxx   I love Sarah Jacques
2008_10_16_19:51:32.313   074.060.079.xxx   she is b*** ugley (81)
2008_10_16_19:51:40.341   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK for President - Green Party Candidate! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_19:52:02.179   074.060.079.xxx   hulk might hurt me (82)
2008_10_16_19:53:05.347   024.078.042.xxx   Put the banshee in the freezer, it really works!
2008_10_16_19:53:35.811   068.062.022.xxx   THE HULK IS COMING TO DVD :)
2008_10_16_19:54:03.037   068.062.022.xxx   hey it's r2
2008_10_16_19:54:07.867   074.060.079.xxx   so (83)
2008_10_16_19:54:15.928   066.209.248.xxx   383 people viewing Halloween Decorations - HOLY MOLEY! (32)
2008_10_16_19:54:33.477   074.060.079.xxx   so cares about the hulk being on DVD (84)
2008_10_16_19:54:56.731   066.209.248.xxx   me gosh (33)
2008_10_16_19:54:59.281   068.062.022.xxx   dvd is awesome
2008_10_16_19:55:04.677   074.060.079.xxx   i dont care (85)
2008_10_16_19:55:30.851   066.209.248.xxx   i do gosh (34)
2008_10_16_19:55:39.204   074.060.079.xxx   heard hulk might like guys (86)
2008_10_16_19:57:10.538   074.060.079.xxx   poop packer (87)
2008_10_16_19:58:04.995   074.060.079.xxx   uses women as a cover up (88)
2008_10_16_19:59:41.887   074.060.079.xxx   Alex for president (89)
2008_10_16_20:01:44.878   074.060.079.xxx   would the hulk make sure we have health care? (90 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_20:02:11.116   071.052.058.xxx   370 people viewing Halloween Decorations - HOLY MOLEY!
2008_10_16_20:02:25.849   074.060.079.xxx   371 (91)
2008_10_16_20:03:12.273   074.060.079.xxx   alex most have a very high sp**d internet (92)
2008_10_16_20:03:49.656   074.060.079.xxx   hope he does not have dail-up (93)
2008_10_16_20:04:03.070   071.244.015.xxx   hello from dallas, texas
2008_10_16_20:05:01.265   074.060.079.xxx   we need some oil from texas (94)
2008_10_16_20:05:33.290   071.244.015.xxx   natural gas/wind/solar
2008_10_16_20:05:42.683   069.133.081.xxx   are you working alex? or just watching lights go on and off
2008_10_16_20:05:52.017   074.060.079.xxx   people down there need to get pumping faster (95)
2008_10_16_20:06:20.069   071.244.015.xxx   we need to get off oil
2008_10_16_20:06:33.953   074.060.079.xxx   he is turning them on and off making us think we are (96)
2008_10_16_20:08:15.069   074.060.079.xxx   see there not doing nothing now (97)
2008_10_16_20:08:56.562   074.060.079.xxx   so alex whats next from the kitchen? (98)
2008_10_16_20:08:58.103   012.214.107.xxx   see what I say?
2008_10_16_20:09:33.121   075.121.013.xxx   Hi Dorothy, See me type!!!
2008_10_16_20:10:36.066   012.216.215.xxx   hey all
2008_10_16_20:11:05.307   012.216.215.xxx   hi cagle
2008_10_16_20:11:09.973   012.216.108.xxx   I have no idea what I'm looking at
2008_10_16_20:11:55.215   075.121.013.xxx   Hi Alek!! Wave for us!!
2008_10_16_20:11:56.531   096.224.135.xxx   alex what u doing
2008_10_16_20:13:17.217   075.121.013.xxx   what'
2008_10_16_20:14:11.663   075.121.013.xxx   what's the pepto for?
2008_10_16_20:14:12.947   074.060.079.xxx   who is sick? (99)
2008_10_16_20:14:20.651   012.216.215.xxx   awesome site, love it
2008_10_16_20:15:04.726   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pepto for the guy with no idea what he is looking at - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_20:15:09.521   069.133.081.xxx   does that mean dinner was bad??
2008_10_16_20:15:47.260   071.052.058.xxx   PEPTO-BISMO!
2008_10_16_20:17:58.676   066.068.191.xxx   get me the pepto thats cherry flavor!
2008_10_16_20:18:36.238   066.068.191.xxx   were watching you all the way from Austin Texas
2008_10_16_20:19:22.100   066.068.191.xxx   yes we are watching all you puny humans
2008_10_16_20:20:58.081   203.009.200.xxx   all your bases are belong to us
2008_10_16_20:21:03.632   071.246.149.xxx   LOL GFY CFM
2008_10_16_20:21:34.284   066.068.191.xxx   this is really cool!!!
2008_10_16_20:23:02.205   070.071.003.xxx   Boo
2008_10_16_20:23:37.777   203.009.200.xxx   hello
2008_10_16_20:24:26.387   066.068.191.xxx   yes how can we help you?
2008_10_16_20:25:58.778   071.052.058.xxx   four six one four three two
2008_10_16_20:27:29.245   066.068.191.xxx   five seven eight ten nine one
2008_10_16_20:28:26.202   066.068.191.xxx   Austin, Texas
2008_10_16_20:29:41.108   071.052.058.xxx   ten hundre
2008_10_16_20:32:23.353   097.113.068.xxx   Hello World
2008_10_16_20:32:46.207   200.126.209.xxx   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
2008_10_16_20:34:32.822   098.111.002.xxx   D'oh!
2008_10_16_20:35:52.446   066.068.191.xxx   I love this place, cant wait for Christmas controls!
2008_10_16_20:42:35.324   024.239.253.xxx   THIS IS TO AWESOME!
2008_10_16_20:43:13.106   024.006.155.xxx   woohoo!!
2008_10_16_20:43:38.609   024.239.253.xxx   OBAMA!
2008_10_16_20:45:09.404   066.167.065.xxx   NoBama (31)
2008_10_16_20:45:12.518   024.006.155.xxx   I love you Julia!
2008_10_16_20:45:21.030   024.239.253.xxx   I bet your neighbors hate this thing! lol.
2008_10_16_20:45:58.777   216.198.106.xxx   I love you Kristy
2008_10_16_20:46:19.939   066.167.065.xxx   I love you too Kristy (32)
2008_10_16_20:46:54.603   216.198.106.xxx   Shes only got room for one..Its real tight
2008_10_16_20:46:58.081   072.136.096.xxx   Your neighbors are probably going to burst everythin
2008_10_16_20:47:51.511   024.239.253.xxx   HI!
2008_10_16_20:49:36.091   072.136.096.xxx   I love you all!
2008_10_16_20:49:52.434   076.210.108.xxx   Hi from Austin! Great site Alek!
2008_10_16_20:50:09.463   066.167.065.xxx   Party at your house!!! :-) (33)
2008_10_16_20:54:40.976   199.243.240.xxx   Must be a real scream at Halloween
2008_10_16_20:56:12.735   070.045.091.xxx   Hi baby
2008_10_16_20:56:42.029   070.045.091.xxx   Te amo Olga
2008_10_16_20:57:13.035   070.045.091.xxx   BOO
2008_10_16_20:57:28.558   146.115.228.xxx   cool x10 setup
2008_10_16_20:58:02.326   146.115.228.xxx   stop looking at the clock
2008_10_16_20:58:39.301   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it - visitors every night! ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_21:00:34.450   096.024.078.xxx   alex, how did you make your title bar spell out controllable? I have been picki
2008_10_16_21:02:35.073   069.145.204.xxx   use JS to change ___title___ tag
2008_10_16_21:03:49.622   075.045.252.xxx   hello garrett
2008_10_16_21:10:08.240   075.045.252.xxx   hello lauren
2008_10_16_21:10:22.911   070.176.058.xxx   Who on Earth in your house drinks PBR?!?!??
2008_10_16_21:10:46.253   075.045.252.xxx   yr diply is awesome
2008_10_16_21:11:59.532   075.045.252.xxx   display
2008_10_16_21:12:32.609   070.018.230.xxx   dispray.
2008_10_16_21:17:04.244   070.176.058.xxx   What cheaper, the PBR or the clock it's in front of?
2008_10_16_21:17:39.078   070.176.058.xxx   What's cheaper, the PBR or the clock it's in front of?
2008_10_16_21:18:12.332   072.191.145.xxx   its the adams family
2008_10_16_21:18:30.481   070.018.230.xxx   lmfao...    just sits.
2008_10_16_21:26:19.271   096.226.193.xxx   Hahaha, this is too much fun!
2008_10_16_21:28:36.875   070.176.058.xxx   Off to watch the Colbert Report. G'night!
2008_10_16_21:32:55.062   068.018.198.xxx   Hi Lisa
2008_10_16_21:36:21.492   065.094.128.xxx   really nifty. i'm very impressed
2008_10_16_21:37:06.793   068.018.198.xxx   I see you
2008_10_16_21:38:10.965   096.226.193.xxx   So what zone is Heads-Up Harry in? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_16_21:43:39.053   070.092.170.xxx   does heads-up harry work?
2008_10_16_21:44:15.819   096.226.193.xxx   He works, but I think it's random, not controllable (11)
2008_10_16_21:44:49.772   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heads-Up Harry lights up, but doesn't move - bummer, 'eh. ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_21:45:33.327   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OOPS ... his arms don't move - his eyes do - triggered by sound from all zones ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_21:45:34.817   096.226.193.xxx   Too bad he doesn't move his head up and down! (12)
2008_10_16_21:49:03.638   096.226.193.xxx   Wow, Tampa Bay Chokers! (13)
2008_10_16_21:51:03.041   069.133.081.xxx   how many donations tonight?
2008_10_16_21:52:20.754   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Unknown how many donations - they go direct to UofM, so I have to ask them ***ALEK***
2008_10_16_21:58:33.861   096.226.193.xxx   Oh no, final minutes of the night! (14)
2008_10_16_21:59:59.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** YEP ... fun's over for tonight ... but starts up again tomorrow!  ;-) ***ALEK***

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