173 halloween text messages on 2008/1017

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,435 times that day including 541 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1017

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_17_18:01:11.326   071.091.039.xxx   woohoo! they're on!
2008_10_17_18:01:20.072   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Two weeks to go before Halloween ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_18:01:51.418   089.242.040.xxx   Mornin all from Welsh Wales UK
2008_10_17_18:02:21.291   096.024.078.xxx   Booo on the ballot stuffers...I wouldn't say un-american though:)...not recentl
2008_10_17_18:02:46.426   071.091.039.xxx   AHHHHH MY HEAD!!!!!
2008_10_17_18:03:42.993   071.091.039.xxx   My head feels like what his looks like hahahha
2008_10_17_18:04:00.706   068.113.197.xxx   This needs some scary hanging Chads!!!!
2008_10_17_18:04:06.704   089.242.040.xxx   Alex, U SCARED ME THEN!!!
2008_10_17_18:07:27.812   075.108.146.xxx   I love you Stephanie!
2008_10_17_18:08:39.133   075.181.175.xxx   AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_17_18:09:03.721   075.108.146.xxx   JPM & SMP
2008_10_17_18:09:22.935   089.242.040.xxx   are you all ready for the Global meltdown i the USA?
2008_10_17_18:11:27.455   072.081.062.xxx   keep it light, c'mon!
2008_10_17_18:13:11.849   089.242.040.xxx   scared are ya? you should be!
2008_10_17_18:14:15.385   072.081.062.xxx   freakin politics are everywhere for hulksakes
2008_10_17_18:17:07.877   072.081.062.xxx   Happy Halloween Everyone!
2008_10_17_18:21:12.887   071.098.106.xxx   Let's go Red Wings!
2008_10_17_18:22:28.448   089.242.040.xxx   Red Wings?
2008_10_17_18:26:34.031   205.188.117.xxx   the bald green guy needs a wig
2008_10_17_18:26:56.768   075.022.132.xxx   Hi Dorrothy
2008_10_17_18:27:04.880   204.119.253.xxx   Hi Megan!!!!!
2008_10_17_18:28:08.901   205.188.117.xxx   Abby Normal
2008_10_17_18:29:54.867   096.224.135.xxx   hellow
2008_10_17_18:32:23.094   071.052.058.xxx   hi
2008_10_17_18:33:40.827   012.159.056.xxx   GO WINGS!!!
2008_10_17_18:34:38.911   089.242.040.xxx   Go Obama
2008_10_17_18:37:41.967   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Go HULK - Green Party Candidate! ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_18:37:59.439   089.242.040.xxx   LOL!
2008_10_17_18:40:03.748   071.052.058.xxx   HULK vs. Alek!!! '08
2008_10_17_18:40:38.424   089.242.040.xxx   Alek outright
2008_10_17_18:40:39.758   071.052.058.xxx   HULK and ALEK! '08
2008_10_17_18:41:01.326   096.224.135.xxx   obama is kicking a s s
2008_10_17_18:41:10.393   070.176.058.xxx   That would be the "HA" ticket.
2008_10_17_18:41:24.290   071.052.058.xxx   HULK and ALEK! '08
2008_10_17_18:42:34.192   067.234.060.xxx   cool site
2008_10_17_18:42:37.535   096.224.135.xxx   hi
2008_10_17_18:42:49.174   070.176.058.xxx   HA ticket rules
2008_10_17_18:43:37.029   070.176.058.xxx   At least you upgraded from PRB tonight!
2008_10_17_18:44:00.568   089.242.040.xxx   Its amazin how quick the sun goes down ovedr there!
2008_10_17_18:44:21.209   070.176.058.xxx   At least you upgraded from PBR!
2008_10_17_18:44:59.141   204.119.253.xxx   I believe we just changed our latitude!!!!
2008_10_17_18:45:10.528   096.224.135.xxx   corona
2008_10_17_18:45:38.531   070.176.058.xxx   Shouldn't you be drinking Red Bridge?
2008_10_17_18:46:10.539   089.242.040.xxx   or is it bush tryin  to save a few last DOLLAR_________ (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_18:46:19.897   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Mean Green Machine Ale would probably be my choice ... ___-) ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_18:46:49.523   204.119.253.xxx   Where is the Jack-O-Lime???
2008_10_17_18:47:14.038   070.176.058.xxx   Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold is ok too.
2008_10_17_18:49:56.977   069.114.095.xxx   Hi Alek
2008_10_17_18:50:49.110   069.114.095.xxx   whats up
2008_10_17_18:51:59.139   096.224.135.xxx   suckey suckey
2008_10_17_18:52:16.903   070.176.058.xxx   Are you getting kicback from PBR for that?
2008_10_17_18:52:36.870   089.242.040.xxx   YOU BOYS DRINK SOME ODD STUFF!!! (11)
2008_10_17_18:53:53.697   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** PBR is cheap and often on sale! ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_18:54:23.996   070.176.058.xxx   PBR is great to boil brats in before you grill 'em
2008_10_17_18:55:36.533   089.242.040.xxx   brats as in sausage or bad children? (12)
2008_10_17_18:56:02.035   070.176.058.xxx   Depends on how the kids behaved, but usually sausage
2008_10_17_18:56:09.356   203.214.080.xxx   Wow Great Display and i can see it all the way from Australia
2008_10_17_18:57:06.200   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, but can the astronauts in the International Space Station see it?!? ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_18:58:09.443   203.214.080.xxx   And its Great that you are raising money for celiac My Family has a histor of it
2008_10_17_18:59:39.909   070.176.058.xxx   My daughter (5) has it and husband&self are gluten intolerant (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_18:59:42.081   203.214.080.xxx   the best Gluten Free meal i like is Roast Lamb
2008_10_17_19:00:21.024   067.191.102.xxx   Hey from the Dodd's at NAS JAX Navy Base FL. ROLL TIDE
2008_10_17_19:00:27.725   070.176.058.xxx   I make a great gluten free baked ziti (11)
2008_10_17_19:00:47.580   203.214.080.xxx   nice
2008_10_17_19:01:39.887   203.214.080.xxx   Home Made Gluten Free Gravy is the BEST
2008_10_17_19:01:59.820   070.176.058.xxx   Do you make the gravy with corn starch? (12)
2008_10_17_19:02:39.946   203.214.080.xxx   yes we call it corn flour her in Australia
2008_10_17_19:03:22.033   070.176.058.xxx   So you also call it "coeliac disease" down under? (13)
2008_10_17_19:03:47.142   203.214.080.xxx   yes it Sure is
2008_10_17_19:04:51.959   203.214.080.xxx   a lot of people that have it Down Under are also Lactose Intolerant Too
2008_10_17_19:04:52.874   070.176.058.xxx   Here in Arizona we do the "celiac" spelling. (14)
2008_10_17_19:05:48.133   203.214.080.xxx   yea its the same here i think well thats the way i spell it
2008_10_17_19:05:59.750   070.017.125.xxx   well, woooop-deee doo.
2008_10_17_19:06:58.632   070.176.058.xxx   Any good GF beer in Australia? (15)
2008_10_17_19:07:48.746   070.017.125.xxx   you've got to be kidding.
2008_10_17_19:08:00.289   203.214.080.xxx   yes but it is expencive my brother drinks it but i dont because i am not actuly (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_19:08:15.090   070.017.125.xxx   it's crap.
2008_10_17_19:08:29.564   067.191.102.xxx   BAMA/Mississippi Saturday. GO BAMA!!!!!!
2008_10_17_19:08:41.416   070.017.125.xxx   independant!
2008_10_17_19:08:53.333   067.234.060.xxx   cool site
2008_10_17_19:08:57.678   070.176.058.xxx   Bard's Tale Dragon's Gold is good___ but USA. (16)
2008_10_17_19:09:05.665   203.214.080.xxx   Jesus Loves You (11)
2008_10_17_19:09:15.439   070.017.125.xxx   SAKE BOMB!
2008_10_17_19:09:26.820   089.242.040.xxx   is he related to Obama? (13)
2008_10_17_19:09:43.881   070.017.125.xxx   g** jesus.
2008_10_17_19:09:48.319   070.176.058.xxx   Who? (17)
2008_10_17_19:09:55.117   203.214.080.xxx   some think so (12)
2008_10_17_19:10:17.871   070.017.125.xxx   bring it on bring it on SAKE BOMB!
2008_10_17_19:10:29.006   070.176.058.xxx   Heh heh heh. (18)
2008_10_17_19:10:33.158   089.242.040.xxx   can we swap him for gorden brown?? PLEASE!!!!! (14)
2008_10_17_19:11:01.621   070.017.125.xxx   es&d!
2008_10_17_19:11:12.738   070.176.058.xxx   Stephen Colbert for President! (19)
2008_10_17_19:11:15.208   203.214.080.xxx   Damm its Hot time to turn the Air Con On (13)
2008_10_17_19:11:37.276   070.017.125.xxx   cystinati!
2008_10_17_19:11:42.300   067.191.102.xxx   no potty mouths please
2008_10_17_19:12:11.974   203.214.080.xxx   not Townsville Qld Australia (14)
2008_10_17_19:12:22.557   070.017.125.xxx   g-f-y-e-s-d   cystan-at-teee! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_19:12:59.832   070.176.058.xxx   Joel in Aust: G'night, we're going to pop out for dinner. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_19:13:12.825   070.017.125.xxx   tgfm! (11)
2008_10_17_19:13:16.870   203.214.080.xxx   I Love Living here in Aust Summer all Year Round (15)
2008_10_17_19:13:43.661   070.017.125.xxx   yeh,   yeh.    wtfe! (12)
2008_10_17_19:13:50.889   067.191.102.xxx   Goodnight y'all from ROLL TIDE country
2008_10_17_19:13:55.511   203.214.080.xxx   have a nice dinner (16)
2008_10_17_19:14:21.255   067.191.102.xxx   Goodnight Bama
2008_10_17_19:14:21.356   070.017.125.xxx   g.a.c.      cystinati! (13)
2008_10_17_19:14:30.175   203.214.080.xxx   i better have some Lunch too (17)
2008_10_17_19:15:03.704   070.017.125.xxx   here's to p*** movements. (14)
2008_10_17_19:15:40.089   067.234.060.xxx   cool site
2008_10_17_19:16:13.057   070.017.125.xxx   impaction can lead to improbability! (15)
2008_10_17_19:16:26.824   089.242.040.xxx   Its not a site, its a comunity (15)
2008_10_17_19:16:43.838   070.017.125.xxx   that's community. (16)
2008_10_17_19:17:18.442   089.242.040.xxx   worldwide at that!!!! (16)
2008_10_17_19:17:33.829   070.017.125.xxx   yeh,  ooooooooooookay. (17)
2008_10_17_19:18:27.173   089.242.040.xxx   soz, just tryin to be wanky yank (17)
2008_10_17_19:18:47.601   070.017.125.xxx   ah, their  faculties are cleft. (18)
2008_10_17_19:22:25.436   089.242.040.xxx   and their spines are hunched? (18)
2008_10_17_19:22:32.250   069.142.183.xxx   Hello from South Jersey love the decorations!
2008_10_17_19:24:07.931   070.017.125.xxx   WOOT (19)
2008_10_17_19:28:22.379   074.060.079.xxx   word
2008_10_17_19:31:17.178   203.214.080.xxx   Whats Black and White and Red All Over (18)
2008_10_17_19:31:49.656   070.017.125.xxx   t***** on a highway. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_19:32:00.482   067.080.254.xxx   a newspaper
2008_10_17_19:32:11.736   203.214.080.xxx   The NewsPaper (19)
2008_10_17_19:32:42.628   070.017.125.xxx   what has wings but can't fly?      a kotex. (21)
2008_10_17_19:32:58.018   067.080.254.xxx   Hello From New Jersey
2008_10_17_19:33:28.005   070.017.125.xxx   clef faculties. (22)
2008_10_17_19:33:55.135   203.214.080.xxx   an emu (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_19:37:00.945   070.017.125.xxx   elvis lives! (23)
2008_10_17_19:38:17.902   203.214.080.xxx   G'Day From Down Under (21)
2008_10_17_19:38:36.493   070.017.125.xxx   argh. (24)
2008_10_17_19:40:22.255   203.214.080.xxx   You Light Up The Night (22)
2008_10_17_19:42:30.203   070.017.125.xxx   incredible detection you have there. (25)
2008_10_17_19:46:54.076   203.214.080.xxx   Boo Yah (23)
2008_10_17_19:48:53.478   070.017.125.xxx   room temp i.q.   yooooop! (26)
2008_10_17_19:49:51.253   070.140.123.xxx   NObama...Vote McCain-Palin
2008_10_17_19:51:26.993   070.017.125.xxx   stop that. (27)
2008_10_17_19:51:54.274   070.017.125.xxx   no to mcpain and impalin. (28)
2008_10_17_20:02:39.252   066.068.191.xxx   its 8:02 do you know where your at?
2008_10_17_20:20:54.569   203.214.080.xxx   its 8:20pm your time 12:20pm my time (24)
2008_10_17_20:21:47.137   203.214.080.xxx   your are in my past (25)
2008_10_17_20:22:42.198   203.214.080.xxx   I Am in your Future (26)
2008_10_17_20:26:23.835   066.227.207.xxx   Alpena Wildcats
2008_10_17_20:34:22.344   203.214.080.xxx   Ginger Bread Man (27)
2008_10_17_20:35:25.479   069.119.075.xxx   MOMY, I'M SCARED :(
2008_10_17_20:35:55.868   069.119.075.xxx   MOMMY, I'M SCARED
2008_10_17_20:37:21.498   203.214.080.xxx   D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh!D'oh! (28)
2008_10_17_20:38:13.831   066.227.207.xxx   Click the ON/OFF buttons to make things happen!
2008_10_17_20:38:17.058   203.214.080.xxx   Roger RAmjet (29)
2008_10_17_20:38:47.365   066.227.207.xxx   1 hour, 22 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MDT
2008_10_17_20:39:05.484   203.214.080.xxx   AHHHHHH The Hulk Is COMMING (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_17_20:39:17.953   066.227.207.xxx   X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MDT
2008_10_17_20:41:22.004   203.214.080.xxx   BOOO HOOO (31)
2008_10_17_20:45:25.346   203.214.080.xxx   X10 Controls off @ 10pm mst (32)
2008_10_17_20:50:31.665   071.052.058.xxx   Click the ON/OFF buttons to make things happen!  101 people viewing Halloween D
2008_10_17_20:50:35.508   203.214.080.xxx   Well done Oll Chap (33)
2008_10_17_20:58:34.611   207.200.116.xxx   Looks great as always!!!
2008_10_17_21:02:56.306   098.223.149.xxx   Happy Halloween Jack!
2008_10_17_21:16:03.715   067.142.130.xxx   HELLO FROM GALENA ALASKA
2008_10_17_21:16:05.249   071.052.058.xxx   bye
2008_10_17_21:20:03.397   216.110.246.xxx   hey
2008_10_17_21:28:08.503   098.164.198.xxx   Let's see some monster mash dancing
2008_10_17_21:38:33.486   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm not much of a monster mash dancer - sorry ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_21:46:25.338   208.001.030.xxx   I love turning everything off at once....
2008_10_17_21:46:50.706   208.001.030.xxx   ....and then turning them back on...!
2008_10_17_21:49:41.271   208.001.030.xxx   txt chat sure is slow 2nite.... :/
2008_10_17_21:50:47.241   074.060.079.xxx   good evening everyone
2008_10_17_21:51:20.241   208.001.030.xxx   'nite all...
2008_10_17_21:54:56.186   075.185.232.xxx   Nite, Nite
2008_10_17_21:57:16.671   071.052.058.xxx   bye
2008_10_17_21:57:25.606   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, time to hit the sack - have a nice weekend everyone! ***ALEK***
2008_10_17_21:57:46.174   075.185.232.xxx   good night
2008_10_17_21:58:25.039   071.052.058.xxx   bye alek
2008_10_17_21:59:08.244   070.092.170.xxx   Thanks, Alek.

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