216 halloween text messages on 2008/1018

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,865 times that day including 753 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1018

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_18_17:36:24.985   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turned things on early since we have a big group of neighborhood kids here ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_17:37:32.171   066.068.191.xxx   Looks like the kids have more fun then us
2008_10_18_17:38:26.314   069.179.012.xxx   blessed Samhain
2008_10_18_17:38:53.570   069.151.235.xxx   Hey Kaci I love you - Bubba
2008_10_18_17:39:16.277   066.068.191.xxx   whats buzz doing in here??
2008_10_18_17:39:41.931   069.151.235.xxx   Blogging About This - LINK DELETED
2008_10_18_17:40:18.584   069.151.235.xxx   Blogging about this - WhatILikeOnTheWeb DOT Com
2008_10_18_17:40:26.889   066.068.191.xxx   does he move the head with the headache???
2008_10_18_17:41:07.890   069.179.012.xxx   Happy...Spooky....Halloween
2008_10_18_17:41:11.429   066.068.191.xxx   Question: Y is there Braile on drive-thru ATMS?
2008_10_18_17:41:25.884   068.229.018.xxx   LAEinc. Creations
2008_10_18_17:42:04.844   066.068.191.xxx   y do they offer healthy options when you oder a double big mac?
2008_10_18_17:44:41.389   066.068.191.xxx   Y is it that you drive on a prkway and park in a drive way?
2008_10_18_17:45:18.015   069.151.235.xxx   whatilikeontheweb dot com
2008_10_18_17:45:45.913   066.068.191.xxx   Austin, texas
2008_10_18_17:46:57.435   069.151.235.xxx   Houston, Texas
2008_10_18_17:49:20.907   069.151.235.xxx   Mike Hamm is a fairy
2008_10_18_17:49:38.528   066.068.191.xxx   Tinkerbell is a fairy
2008_10_18_17:49:56.394   069.151.235.xxx   agreed
2008_10_18_17:50:40.825   066.068.191.xxx   is the fairy godmother and the tooth fairy the same person?
2008_10_18_17:54:35.454   066.068.191.xxx   If you can read this your too close to the monitor (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_18:01:45.069   075.111.137.xxx   Hey Alek whats up?!
2008_10_18_18:02:15.941   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Not much - time for dinner! ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_18:02:37.029   075.111.137.xxx   Whats for Dinner?
2008_10_18_18:03:01.556   067.191.102.xxx   BAMA 24 OLE MISS 20  ROLL TIDE
2008_10_18_18:04:15.082   067.191.102.xxx   BAMA/TENN Next week
2008_10_18_18:05:17.640   074.060.079.xxx   cam 2 broken
2008_10_18_18:05:51.751   067.191.102.xxx   Roll Tide
2008_10_18_18:06:27.422   074.060.079.xxx   cam 2 not working from me
2008_10_18_18:07:11.199   074.060.079.xxx   where is alex he needs to fix cam 2
2008_10_18_18:07:44.613   074.060.079.xxx   think cam 2 is having a brain frat
2008_10_18_18:08:59.536   074.060.079.xxx   we need a buzzer to buzz him when something is done
2008_10_18_18:10:36.578   069.151.235.xxx   hey!! what happened to cam 2?
2008_10_18_18:10:52.411   074.060.079.xxx   59 people veiwing thats outa control
2008_10_18_18:11:40.794   074.060.079.xxx   odwn right crazy
2008_10_18_18:15:51.464   075.111.137.xxx   555-****
2008_10_18_18:16:38.550   064.012.117.xxx   hello to all from gunter and sabrina
2008_10_18_18:20:32.588   072.208.165.xxx   hello G man
2008_10_18_18:23:16.964   069.124.251.xxx   boo
2008_10_18_18:26:19.064   066.167.176.xxx   Happy Saturday to you all
2008_10_18_18:29:16.940   066.068.191.xxx   UT s going to win 2nite!!! (11)
2008_10_18_18:29:53.255   066.068.191.xxx   That Corona looks really good right about now! (12)
2008_10_18_18:30:39.722   071.117.253.xxx   russaki vezde
2008_10_18_18:32:31.202   066.068.191.xxx   hey dont scare me like that! (13)
2008_10_18_18:32:54.439   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cam 2 fixed - sorry! ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_18:33:28.123   066.068.191.xxx   is that an extra lrge Corona or is that a prop? (14)
2008_10_18_18:34:10.998   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Corona is for web surfers on Sat night - would you like a PBR? ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_18:34:47.791   066.068.191.xxx   good ol' Blue to make the saturday nite better! (15)
2008_10_18_18:35:04.738   012.205.097.xxx   hey, how about a Marguarita??
2008_10_18_18:35:46.787   066.068.191.xxx   yea make sure to use Cabo Wabo Tequila...or cuervo (16)
2008_10_18_18:37:44.915   066.068.191.xxx   G'nite every1 heading to 6th to celebrate UT win here in Austin (17)
2008_10_18_18:38:11.644   066.167.176.xxx   go UT!!!
2008_10_18_18:39:15.144   067.040.150.xxx   beastie boys coming to denver!
2008_10_18_18:41:58.344   069.120.133.xxx   GO PATRIOTSSSSSSSSSSs
2008_10_18_18:42:20.091   066.167.176.xxx   Hulk has my vote!!!
2008_10_18_18:42:32.937   069.120.133.xxx   GO PATRIOTSSS
2008_10_18_18:42:56.730   066.167.176.xxx   Hulk will fix US problems
2008_10_18_18:43:05.167   069.151.235.xxx   hi there
2008_10_18_18:43:12.805   069.120.133.xxx   shut up!!!!!!!
2008_10_18_18:43:30.727   066.167.176.xxx   Squash puny Humans!!!
2008_10_18_18:43:49.449   069.120.133.xxx   GO PATRIOTSSS
2008_10_18_18:44:17.964   066.167.176.xxx   and take the Yankees with you!!!
2008_10_18_18:44:50.524   069.120.133.xxx   GO PATRIOTSS yankees s*** hehe
2008_10_18_18:45:05.529   066.167.176.xxx   heeheehee
2008_10_18_18:45:18.795   069.151.235.xxx   booooobooooooboooooo (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_18:45:18.969   069.120.133.xxx   GO PATRIOTSSSSSSSS
2008_10_18_18:45:49.324   069.120.133.xxx   broncos going down monday nightttttttttt
2008_10_18_18:46:19.789   069.151.235.xxx   vampires rule (11)
2008_10_18_18:47:39.080   066.227.207.xxx   Tak Pan tak tak tak Panie Panie
2008_10_18_18:48:12.097   066.167.176.xxx   whaaaa???
2008_10_18_18:49:14.156   066.227.207.xxx   Yes Lord yes Lord yes yes Lord ___
2008_10_18_18:50:31.848   066.227.207.xxx   hi
2008_10_18_18:51:14.720   066.227.207.xxx   18:51:04.112 - Zone #3 lights & Pumpkins turned OFF!
2008_10_18_18:52:01.442   066.227.207.xxx   Alek's Controllable Halloween Decorations for Celiac Disease
2008_10_18_18:56:41.214   066.227.207.xxx   Alek's beheersbaar Halloween decoraties voor coeliakie
2008_10_18_19:05:43.626   070.244.250.xxx   hi Alek!
2008_10_18_19:08:30.290   070.244.250.xxx   ooo I feel special, he waved
2008_10_18_19:08:30.404   067.181.192.xxx   Hola from California !
2008_10_18_19:15:47.681   082.019.190.xxx   Hi all.!
2008_10_18_19:25:34.370   075.148.034.xxx   hello :0
2008_10_18_19:26:11.133   075.148.034.xxx   shoot, is that my ip? lol
2008_10_18_19:27:09.157   071.091.039.xxx   OOWWWWW MY HEAD!
2008_10_18_19:27:41.022   075.148.034.xxx   this is funny :)
2008_10_18_19:27:45.654   071.091.039.xxx   too much egg nog!
2008_10_18_19:28:16.235   075.148.034.xxx   its not christmas, howd u get egg nog?
2008_10_18_19:30:39.586   071.091.039.xxx   i love the random ob*ect that sometimes appear (like egg nog)
2008_10_18_19:31:16.646   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Whisky Egg Nog is for the adult trick-or-treaters on Oct 31st. ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_19:31:48.823   071.091.039.xxx   i need to come trick or treating there then!
2008_10_18_19:32:38.903   071.091.039.xxx   I bet you have a ton of trick or treaters come to your house
2008_10_18_19:34:29.553   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hundreds of trick-or-treaters ... fun time ... surf by on Halloween night! ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_19:35:27.841   071.091.039.xxx   I hope to remember to tune in that night!
2008_10_18_19:37:45.875   064.012.117.xxx   we need mustard
2008_10_18_19:38:25.930   071.091.039.xxx   did i just see a ghost in the haunted office?
2008_10_18_19:38:37.771   066.209.248.xxx   im back!!!
2008_10_18_19:39:23.437   064.012.117.xxx   Here___s Johnny!!!!!!!!
2008_10_18_19:40:35.076   071.091.039.xxx   how do the inflatables handle all the in/deflation?
2008_10_18_19:41:18.646   064.012.117.xxx   they get a bail out loan from congress
2008_10_18_19:41:54.940   071.091.039.xxx   lol
2008_10_18_19:42:36.428   071.091.039.xxx   in terms of the motors and stuff on them though. i figured it'd break them (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_19:43:06.833   064.012.117.xxx   These messages brought to you by Abby Normal
2008_10_18_19:51:54.811   066.209.248.xxx   alek you live in dallas
2008_10_18_20:17:37.019   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Tampa Rays's HOMER ties the ball-game 2-2 - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_20:21:33.465   075.181.126.xxx   casey here
2008_10_18_20:22:49.006   097.118.156.xxx   Alek,
2008_10_18_20:23:32.305   097.118.156.xxx   alek - rockets tomorrow - bring ur launcher
2008_10_18_20:24:27.588   075.181.126.xxx   awesome! when does the christmas dispay start?
2008_10_18_20:26:12.979   066.227.207.xxx   Alek's beheersbaar Halloween decoraties voor coeliakie
2008_10_18_20:26:36.894   066.227.207.xxx   You have visited 153 times
2008_10_18_20:27:21.959   066.227.207.xxx   You have visited 153 times
2008_10_18_20:30:50.917   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Roger on the Cub Scout Rocket Launches tomorrow 097 - will be fun! ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_20:32:34.632   099.146.252.xxx   follow me on twitter @wilotw
2008_10_18_20:34:17.936   099.146.252.xxx   follow me on twitter @4four1ones to talk about komar!
2008_10_18_20:34:41.158   075.181.126.xxx   casey taylor was here
2008_10_18_20:35:43.605   075.181.126.xxx   no potty mouthing
2008_10_18_20:40:58.887   075.181.126.xxx   madi, hit the off button to cut zone1 off
2008_10_18_20:42:28.538   075.181.126.xxx   hey anna
2008_10_18_20:42:55.399   075.181.126.xxx   calm down
2008_10_18_20:43:30.840   075.181.126.xxx   hey
2008_10_18_20:45:45.830   075.181.126.xxx   ___ is a cool symbol
2008_10_18_20:46:30.815   075.181.126.xxx   it's ten o clock on the east side of america (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_20:47:20.609   209.173.064.xxx   hello from Texas
2008_10_18_20:50:49.310   075.181.126.xxx   hello from NC Go panthers!!! (11)
2008_10_18_20:50:51.656   075.111.137.xxx   Hello texas from texas ( go redraiders )
2008_10_18_20:51:29.545   075.181.126.xxx   hello from North CAROLINA_________!!! (12)
2008_10_18_20:52:10.346   199.222.136.xxx   hello from south carolina
2008_10_18_20:52:36.682   075.181.126.xxx   CAROLINA PANTHERS!!!! (13)
2008_10_18_20:53:04.580   075.111.137.xxx   TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS WRECK'EM TECH!!!
2008_10_18_20:54:45.821   075.181.126.xxx   hahahaha (14)
2008_10_18_20:55:48.235   099.140.190.xxx   Go Chicago FIRE!!! This site is awesome!
2008_10_18_20:56:40.362   075.181.126.xxx   068.222.160.xxx (15)
2008_10_18_20:57:23.601   072.216.014.xxx   super job!
2008_10_18_20:57:31.773   075.181.126.xxx   ahhhhh!!! (16)
2008_10_18_20:57:42.158   075.111.137.xxx   Screaaaaaaaaaaammmmm!!!
2008_10_18_21:00:16.145   075.181.126.xxx   how does he do it? (17)
2008_10_18_21:00:43.319   072.216.014.xxx   can't wait for christmas!
2008_10_18_21:02:24.622   099.140.190.xxx   The Fed CONTROLS ALL!!! BWAHAHAH
2008_10_18_21:02:37.986   099.146.252.xxx   ****ilikeontheweb dot com likes komar.org
2008_10_18_21:02:55.355   099.140.190.xxx   Get a Mac.
2008_10_18_21:03:36.571   099.146.252.xxx   ****ilikeontheweb dot com likes komar.org
2008_10_18_21:03:39.141   099.140.190.xxx   I'm a Mac
2008_10_18_21:03:48.658   075.181.126.xxx   i want a mac (18)
2008_10_18_21:04:17.663   099.140.190.xxx   I have 3 MacBooks to sell, I'm buying three new ones
2008_10_18_21:04:44.090   099.146.252.xxx   ****ilikeontheweb dot com likes komar.org
2008_10_18_21:04:58.820   099.140.190.xxx   8====D______
2008_10_18_21:05:50.306   099.140.190.xxx   ______D ______ ______V______ ______D ______ _______________
2008_10_18_21:08:51.616   075.181.126.xxx   you are annoying (19)
2008_10_18_21:09:30.163   099.140.190.xxx   this is your neighbor turn your s*** off
2008_10_18_21:09:31.815   075.181.126.xxx   How do you do it? my friends dont think it's real (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_21:10:35.298   099.140.190.xxx   NYRB -heart- GNC
2008_10_18_21:11:38.918   075.181.126.xxx   How do you do it? my friends dont think it's real , but I do (21)
2008_10_18_21:12:04.448   066.209.248.xxx   u need to turn your lights off alek
2008_10_18_21:12:30.044   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey 099, you live in Illinois ... 1,000 miles away - close neighbor?!? ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_21:12:43.539   066.209.248.xxx   its ****
2008_10_18_21:13:08.739   075.181.126.xxx   hey no bad language (22)
2008_10_18_21:13:36.954   075.181.126.xxx   How do you do it? my friends dont think it's real , but I do (23)
2008_10_18_21:13:39.783   066.209.248.xxx   i didint say bad lag just leters
2008_10_18_21:14:26.071   075.181.126.xxx   How do you do it? my friends dont think it's real , but I do (24)
2008_10_18_21:14:39.955   066.209.248.xxx   its past ten turn your lights off alek
2008_10_18_21:15:16.219   075.181.126.xxx   MDT!!!!! (25)
2008_10_18_21:15:36.297   066.209.248.xxx   o sorry
2008_10_18_21:15:55.104   075.181.126.xxx   hahaha (26)
2008_10_18_21:16:18.652   066.209.248.xxx   here its way past ten
2008_10_18_21:18:40.231   075.181.126.xxx   eastern standard time? (27)
2008_10_18_21:19:20.245   075.181.126.xxx   est it's 11:20 (28)
2008_10_18_21:23:48.727   098.220.253.xxx   BOO!
2008_10_18_21:26:32.210   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ummmmm ... Colorado is Mountain Time ... neighbor!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_21:26:33.588   066.209.248.xxx   im back
2008_10_18_21:26:48.806   098.220.253.xxx   Could you wave, please?
2008_10_18_21:27:05.312   066.209.248.xxx   wave (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_21:27:23.926   098.220.253.xxx   COOL!
2008_10_18_21:28:18.153   066.209.248.xxx   alek lives in dallas tx (11)
2008_10_18_21:30:41.103   066.209.248.xxx   right? (12)
2008_10_18_21:32:36.045   067.142.130.xxx   wrong
2008_10_18_21:34:46.012   066.209.248.xxx   but i traced hes ip (13)
2008_10_18_21:35:35.888   067.142.130.xxx   Colorado
2008_10_18_21:36:05.646   066.209.248.xxx   hold on i do not beleave that (14)
2008_10_18_21:37:42.468   067.142.130.xxx   Denver
2008_10_18_21:40:23.045   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2008_10_18_21:40:43.617   099.146.252.xxx   Palin is a moron
2008_10_18_21:41:19.207   067.142.130.xxx   But a good lookin one
2008_10_18_21:41:36.542   099.146.252.xxx   indeed
2008_10_18_21:42:25.448   099.146.252.xxx   palinaspresident dot com
2008_10_18_21:42:54.623   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Komar.Org is hosted in Dallas, Texas - I live in Republic of Boulder, Colorado ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_21:44:44.960   066.209.248.xxx   oh ok (15)
2008_10_18_21:44:58.037   067.142.130.xxx   Hello Alek!
2008_10_18_21:48:04.474   068.194.244.xxx   Alex where are Dirk and Kyle tonight? Partying,clubing lol
2008_10_18_21:49:16.334   066.209.248.xxx   ___alek___ somewhere___alek___ (16)
2008_10_18_21:49:57.474   068.194.244.xxx   HALLOWEEN IS SOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!___
2008_10_18_21:50:14.213   066.209.248.xxx   ___ALEK___somewhere___ALEK___ (17)
2008_10_18_21:50:45.464   068.194.244.xxx   Alex have the neibors ever complained about the lights being on to late?
2008_10_18_21:51:11.438   066.209.248.xxx   ten more minets and lights turn off (18)
2008_10_18_21:51:56.017   066.209.248.xxx   nine more crycry boohoo (19)
2008_10_18_21:52:34.578   066.209.248.xxx   8 more (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_21:53:09.930   066.209.248.xxx   7 (21)
2008_10_18_21:53:56.897   067.142.130.xxx   six
2008_10_18_21:54:03.654   066.209.248.xxx   6 (22)
2008_10_18_21:54:19.407   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Looks like we have a countdown Houston!   ___-) ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_21:54:29.865   068.194.244.xxx   Alex can you extend the time since its saturday till 11????
2008_10_18_21:54:46.018   067.142.130.xxx   five
2008_10_18_21:55:03.607   066.209.248.xxx   5 (23)
2008_10_18_21:55:28.822   068.194.244.xxx   you even have spectators on webcam 2 extend the time
2008_10_18_21:55:56.976   067.142.130.xxx   four
2008_10_18_21:56:09.987   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No extension tonight - sorry - but maybe as we get closer to Halloween. ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_21:56:11.758   068.194.244.xxx   did you see the two cars that stopped in front of your house alex
2008_10_18_21:56:16.951   066.209.248.xxx   321 (24)
2008_10_18_21:56:49.535   067.142.130.xxx   three (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_18_21:57:03.111   066.209.248.xxx   bye lights (25)
2008_10_18_21:57:46.258   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks - there's a LOT of cars that stop by during the course of the evening! ***ALEK***
2008_10_18_21:57:49.421   067.142.130.xxx   two (11)
2008_10_18_21:57:52.778   068.194.244.xxx   what happens with the lights at 10? do they go off
2008_10_18_21:57:55.042   066.209.248.xxx   2 (26)
2008_10_18_21:58:47.189   066.209.248.xxx   byebye light no!!!1!!! (27)
2008_10_18_21:58:49.256   067.142.130.xxx   one (12)
2008_10_18_21:58:59.218   099.151.138.xxx   hi
2008_10_18_21:59:33.404   099.151.138.xxx   hey get cho booty ova har
2008_10_18_21:59:53.573   066.209.248.xxx   i'm a stormchaser (28)

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