160 halloween text messages on 2008/1020

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,791 times that day including 586 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1020

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_20_18:00:27.107   096.024.078.xxx   hello
2008_10_20_18:00:42.807   074.060.079.xxx   good evening everyone
2008_10_20_18:00:57.038   071.052.058.xxx   hello
2008_10_20_18:01:19.366   012.210.207.xxx   this is AMAZING
2008_10_20_18:01:32.222   071.028.073.xxx   Happy Halloween from Landrum, SC
2008_10_20_18:01:41.536   066.227.207.xxx   hi boys
2008_10_20_18:02:26.226   065.073.018.xxx   hulk scary
2008_10_20_18:02:49.282   074.060.079.xxx   you scare me
2008_10_20_18:03:05.698   065.073.018.xxx   me to
2008_10_20_18:03:31.433   071.028.073.xxx   Happy Halloween from Karlee!!!
2008_10_20_18:03:37.012   074.060.079.xxx   this year take your mask off
2008_10_20_18:04:16.596   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Happy Halloween to you Karlee - just starting to rain outside - see cam2 ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_18:04:21.203   024.008.039.xxx   Scooby Doo Where are you
2008_10_20_18:04:41.141   065.073.018.xxx   over here
2008_10_20_18:05:07.852   074.060.079.xxx   over there
2008_10_20_18:05:37.682   065.073.018.xxx   under where
2008_10_20_18:05:58.241   081.104.136.xxx   Alex lights look great !
2008_10_20_18:06:05.348   074.060.079.xxx   send rain the rain to nevada we need it
2008_10_20_18:06:13.507   071.052.058.xxx   ruh-oh rain!
2008_10_20_18:06:32.154   065.073.018.xxx   ahhh now thats scary
2008_10_20_18:06:56.051   074.060.079.xxx   be nice to dance in the rain
2008_10_20_18:07:05.054   065.073.018.xxx   ahhhhhh
2008_10_20_18:07:39.757   081.104.136.xxx   10 past 1 in the morning over hear !
2008_10_20_18:07:44.093   074.060.079.xxx   be little cold but be nice ot dance in the snow
2008_10_20_18:08:21.392   074.060.079.xxx   rain be better to dance in
2008_10_20_18:08:52.125   065.073.018.xxx   i vote for rain
2008_10_20_18:09:17.963   074.060.079.xxx   little it rain hard
2008_10_20_18:09:27.346   070.127.055.xxx   helloo
2008_10_20_18:09:54.768   070.127.055.xxx   ur g**
2008_10_20_18:10:21.102   070.127.055.xxx   f**
2008_10_20_18:10:59.454   074.060.079.xxx   someyone had a bad day at work (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_20_18:11:05.328   070.127.055.xxx   hi there buddy
2008_10_20_18:11:36.158   081.104.136.xxx   hiiii
2008_10_20_18:11:54.838   074.060.079.xxx   hey alex is it another night of stealing stuff from the fig? (11)
2008_10_20_18:12:39.779   074.060.079.xxx   you going to get the lemon juice again? (12)
2008_10_20_18:14:35.970   074.060.079.xxx   hoow was your day today Alex? (13)
2008_10_20_18:15:29.352   071.173.163.xxx   woohoo mustard!!
2008_10_20_18:18:33.462   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good day today ... anybody got some hot dogs? ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_18:19:21.619   078.145.050.xxx   we had hotb dogs for dinner wth ketchup
2008_10_20_18:19:30.071   074.060.079.xxx   ill run to the store and grab some what kind u like? (14)
2008_10_20_18:19:30.640   081.104.136.xxx   ScaRy !=O
2008_10_20_18:20:15.844   071.028.073.xxx   Happy Halloween from Cooper the dog AAAAAARRRRROOOOO!!!!
2008_10_20_18:21:46.099   075.069.068.xxx   Happy Halloween from Vermont!
2008_10_20_18:22:27.720   071.055.207.xxx   hi alek!  good to see you !!
2008_10_20_18:23:33.286   066.227.207.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 217 times (includes 49 overloads) today
2008_10_20_18:23:59.976   066.227.207.xxx   Welcome Windoze IE Surfe
2008_10_20_18:25:33.133   071.052.058.xxx   i hate internet explorer
2008_10_20_18:25:40.396   071.055.207.xxx   is that a giqnt mustard, or perspective?
2008_10_20_18:26:27.645   074.060.079.xxx   it gets dark fast at your place alex (15)
2008_10_20_18:26:49.633   065.073.018.xxx   yah i like ketchup
2008_10_20_18:27:31.124   078.145.050.xxx   ketchup yer i love the red sauce yum yum
2008_10_20_18:28:52.480   068.229.018.xxx   IM A SHARK! IM A SHARK! s*** MY KETCHUP! IM A SHARK
2008_10_20_18:29:38.865   068.229.018.xxx   ive been wanting to do what this guy has done for a while now.
2008_10_20_18:31:49.317   065.073.018.xxx   who lives in a pineapple under the sea
2008_10_20_18:31:52.068   081.104.136.xxx   so y dont u ??
2008_10_20_18:32:01.608   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey, more crazy controllable holiday displays, the better! ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_18:35:37.458   065.073.018.xxx   control_circuits threatning to overload captian (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_20_18:36:41.280   081.104.136.xxx   bannana_1
2008_10_20_18:37:39.055   065.073.018.xxx   look that clock goe backwards (11)
2008_10_20_18:38:14.672   074.060.079.xxx   wish time could go backwards (16)
2008_10_20_18:40:00.275   065.073.018.xxx   Hey Steve!! (12)
2008_10_20_18:41:14.115   065.073.018.xxx   I love Halloween!! (13)
2008_10_20_18:41:51.888   081.104.136.xxx   i lv xmas
2008_10_20_18:47:56.908   081.104.136.xxx   scary face :-o
2008_10_20_18:48:21.614   065.073.018.xxx   :-() (14)
2008_10_20_18:48:32.172   071.055.207.xxx   aaaaaaaaahhhhhh scary!!!!
2008_10_20_18:48:54.751   065.073.018.xxx   oh's no's (15)
2008_10_20_18:49:41.991   081.104.136.xxx   scary in night glass lare effects
2008_10_20_18:50:27.474   081.104.136.xxx   Really scary office (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_20_18:51:50.970   065.073.018.xxx   that creature with the gla**** is realy scary (16)
2008_10_20_18:53:04.240   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I agree! ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_18:58:17.396   065.073.018.xxx   nite all, time to watch WWE (17)
2008_10_20_19:00:26.561   091.084.015.xxx   Hello Izzy
2008_10_20_19:03:52.022   081.104.136.xxx   helllllloooooooooooooo (11)
2008_10_20_19:07:36.555   076.188.211.xxx   Madison
2008_10_20_19:08:26.027   075.185.157.xxx   Obama/Biden '08! YES WE CAN!
2008_10_20_19:09:05.492   071.142.240.xxx   Nobama
2008_10_20_19:10:06.790   076.188.211.xxx   Me no like A-1 sauce
2008_10_20_19:10:39.145   075.055.036.xxx   for some strange reason i want a steak
2008_10_20_19:11:03.155   076.188.211.xxx   with baked potatoe
2008_10_20_19:11:32.092   075.185.157.xxx   Is that you, Mr. Quayle?
2008_10_20_19:11:38.871   075.055.036.xxx   and a pbr
2008_10_20_19:11:49.297   076.188.211.xxx   Hi I'm Dan Qualyle
2008_10_20_19:12:26.412   070.017.067.xxx   hey... what's with the product placement?
2008_10_20_19:12:29.030   076.188.211.xxx   Spelling not one of my forte's
2008_10_20_19:13:04.566   070.017.067.xxx   yew tawlk tew much.
2008_10_20_19:13:34.020   070.017.067.xxx   i'd love to know why i'm having bad karma with gemmy
2008_10_20_19:13:34.125   075.071.094.xxx   hi kyle! from, jack esrey. we like the lights!!!!!!
2008_10_20_19:14:05.456   076.188.211.xxx   Very cool lights
2008_10_20_19:15:02.338   076.188.211.xxx   Big giant help!!
2008_10_20_19:15:04.815   070.017.067.xxx   not as good.
2008_10_20_19:15:36.979   070.017.067.xxx   my power supplies have gone kaput on my gemmys.
2008_10_20_19:18:07.320   075.071.094.xxx   Kyle? Is that you? from Jack
2008_10_20_19:19:43.337   075.071.094.xxx   Boo night! Hope to see you soon
2008_10_20_19:22:42.869   152.135.235.xxx   Hello from Oregon
2008_10_20_19:25:11.113   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle is helping me with pictures from the rocket launch yesterday! ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_19:26:02.862   070.176.057.xxx   Is A1 gluten free???
2008_10_20_19:31:51.551   070.017.067.xxx   no.
2008_10_20_19:32:21.769   070.017.067.xxx   most of your processed foods have that and more.
2008_10_20_19:36:36.762   070.176.057.xxx   Most resources I've just found on the 'net say yes it is.
2008_10_20_19:37:13.521   070.017.067.xxx   like i said..  most of your processed foods have that.
2008_10_20_19:37:34.220   070.176.057.xxx   Have what?
2008_10_20_19:37:46.505   070.017.067.xxx   oh i love malfunctioning pdf files.
2008_10_20_19:39:13.203   070.176.057.xxx   Have what?
2008_10_20_19:43:32.997   070.017.067.xxx   processed food bad,  eat whole food. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_20_19:45:04.592   069.004.137.xxx   Hello Everyone From Orangevale California!!!
2008_10_20_19:49:02.301   070.017.067.xxx   er!  the gemmy site was useless. (11)
2008_10_20_19:53:47.546   099.146.252.xxx   just blogged about this @ whatilikeontheweb dot com
2008_10_20_19:56:03.923   099.150.161.xxx   boo!
2008_10_20_20:04:35.250   096.024.078.xxx   is harry doing home alone 4: lost in the afterlife?
2008_10_20_20:08:05.453   070.017.067.xxx   arf arf arf (12)
2008_10_20_20:09:24.219   070.017.067.xxx   oh oh more product placement? (13)
2008_10_20_20:11:44.122   076.250.117.xxx   Austin Texas here
2008_10_20_20:11:54.895   071.052.058.xxx   go hulk!!!
2008_10_20_20:13:46.253   076.250.117.xxx   chime in. Austin Texas here.
2008_10_20_20:16:35.298   068.100.227.xxx   Fairfax, VA here
2008_10_20_20:17:37.623   024.022.105.xxx   oregon
2008_10_20_20:19:39.858   076.250.117.xxx   Have a nice one Y___all
2008_10_20_20:19:45.351   070.017.067.xxx   hum i think i see his house on another site older image (14)
2008_10_20_20:20:19.142   076.250.117.xxx   where?
2008_10_20_20:21:00.083   024.022.105.xxx   Hulk SMasHHHHHHHHHHHH
2008_10_20_20:23:53.134   070.017.067.xxx   interesting...  find.     ummm.. (15)
2008_10_20_20:24:36.883   076.250.117.xxx   it pretty cool
2008_10_20_20:26:51.186   070.017.067.xxx   it says hulk smash but well i can't describe the drawing. (16)
2008_10_20_20:27:21.471   070.017.067.xxx   i mean yiff!   yargh!   barf. (17)
2008_10_20_20:28:28.278   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ummmmm ... we have an Obama Ballot Stuffer tonight ... AGAIN! ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_20:30:52.584   070.017.067.xxx   welcome to the net... eh? (18)
2008_10_20_20:42:23.357   068.102.241.xxx   Boo!!! i see you
2008_10_20_20:42:42.114   071.052.058.xxx   Alek rules! hey put on the scream mask! mr. halloween
2008_10_20_20:43:42.938   071.052.058.xxx   Alek rules! hey put on the scream mask! mr. halloween
2008_10_20_20:44:36.088   024.022.105.xxx   the little gremlin man is scary
2008_10_20_20:44:42.722   071.052.058.xxx   Alek "King of Halloween" Komarnitsky
2008_10_20_20:44:56.445   068.102.241.xxx   You are awesome! how do you deal with the changing lights?
2008_10_20_20:45:15.380   024.022.105.xxx   I vote for a change of the song to mike meyers halloween
2008_10_20_20:45:18.387   072.066.139.xxx   Great stuff again!  Keep it up!
2008_10_20_20:46:12.261   070.017.067.xxx   i am zlaxton from the planet orkmiuh,  behold my essence! (19)
2008_10_20_20:46:21.348   075.031.241.xxx   I'm trying to nominate you on TODAY-it's not going through
2008_10_20_20:48:02.840   070.017.067.xxx   zontar,  how fought with pride now world is at end. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_20_20:50:11.369   074.060.079.xxx   i need some lemon juice (17)
2008_10_20_20:52:00.261   074.060.079.xxx   some pepto be better obama votes tonight making me sick (18)
2008_10_20_20:54:01.430   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Maybe try again on the TODAY show nomination - thanks for trying ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_20:54:46.359   074.060.079.xxx   need the big green guy in as president (19)
2008_10_20_20:55:58.070   074.060.079.xxx   im voting for santa clause or the hulk (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_20_20:56:50.739   074.060.079.xxx   alex did you put some more lights out today? (21)
2008_10_20_20:57:13.518   070.017.067.xxx   i'm dreaming of a....  insert politically correct color, xmas. (21)
2008_10_20_21:02:52.942   075.031.241.xxx   How about, "I'm dreaming of a Komar Christmas"?  : )
2008_10_20_21:04:37.239   074.060.079.xxx   hulk for president (22)
2008_10_20_21:04:54.801   070.017.067.xxx   heh,  nah. (22)
2008_10_20_21:07:24.969   075.031.241.xxx   I think Harry should at least have a Santa hat on
2008_10_20_21:11:52.590   075.031.241.xxx   I literally just laughed out loud.  Looking good Harry!
2008_10_20_21:13:06.049   070.017.067.xxx   poor harry, pushing the seasons. (23)
2008_10_20_21:13:21.742   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heads-Up Harry is just getting ready for Christmas early ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_20_21:13:39.926   070.017.067.xxx   should be a rock, paper, scissors xmas game display. (24)
2008_10_20_21:20:51.545   071.091.039.xxx   merry christmas heads up harry!
2008_10_20_21:22:47.633   070.017.067.xxx   good thing he didn't have antlers. (25)
2008_10_20_21:37:58.711   216.105.211.xxx   Hi Alek, my 3rd yr stopping by to see your lights WI
2008_10_20_21:38:38.138   216.105.211.xxx   Nice Show
2008_10_20_21:45:45.047   068.194.244.xxx   IM SO TIRED ITS 11:45 IN NY!!! I SHOULD BE ASLEEP
2008_10_20_21:48:21.114   070.017.067.xxx   well, then sleep. (26)
2008_10_20_21:58:13.728   068.194.244.xxx   I cant I have to finsh my hw

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