273 halloween text messages on 2008/1027

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,462 times that day including 532 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1027

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_27_18:01:16.371   066.090.104.xxx   boo
2008_10_27_18:01:47.293   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Some lights were out in Homer and Frank - should be brighter tonight ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_18:02:52.387   068.194.244.xxx   alex where are dirk and kyle tonight????
2008_10_27_18:03:12.658   066.090.104.xxx   Happy Halloween
2008_10_27_18:07:43.112   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kids are turning on the World Series! ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_18:09:26.148   068.194.244.xxx   Yea im gona watch a little of that my self why dont you join them?
2008_10_27_18:10:38.229   071.070.250.xxx   hello from holly springs nc
2008_10_27_18:17:48.667   066.090.104.xxx   Alek the Earl of Eerie
2008_10_27_18:18:24.796   071.070.250.xxx   hello alek
2008_10_27_18:19:59.673   068.017.153.xxx   Frankenstein is losing air
2008_10_27_18:20:16.600   071.070.250.xxx   maybe he has gas
2008_10_27_18:21:35.789   099.006.232.xxx   badumbadum
2008_10_27_18:21:56.236   066.090.104.xxx   Alek is the The Prince of Paranormal
2008_10_27_18:22:16.636   071.070.250.xxx   the king of inflatables
2008_10_27_18:22:59.527   066.090.104.xxx   Lord of Lights
2008_10_27_18:23:27.055   071.070.250.xxx   king of the lava lamp
2008_10_27_18:23:49.280   068.017.153.xxx   Shout-out from Hokes Bluff,Alabama
2008_10_27_18:24:01.537   066.090.104.xxx   x10 man of the year
2008_10_27_18:24:26.591   071.070.250.xxx   president of halloween decorations
2008_10_27_18:25:47.540   071.070.250.xxx   has anyone already voted
2008_10_27_18:26:25.911   066.090.104.xxx   Is David Banner running
2008_10_27_18:27:57.057   068.194.244.xxx   cool pic
2008_10_27_18:28:38.347   068.194.244.xxx   its back
2008_10_27_18:28:38.575   068.062.022.xxx   o.o
2008_10_27_18:29:03.313   068.017.153.xxx   Peace Around The World!
2008_10_27_18:29:39.266   068.194.244.xxx   4 DAYS TILL THE BIG NIGHT!!! GET READT GET SET
2008_10_27_18:30:18.412   069.228.211.xxx   HELLO MORTALS!
2008_10_27_18:31:50.129   068.194.244.xxx   alex you got a spectator in a car on the street!!!!!!
2008_10_27_18:35:29.165   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, visitors are picking up - I just tossed a Hulk/McCain/Obama image on the webcam ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_18:35:55.918   066.090.104.xxx   Just 4 more days to Halloween and the Big Seance
2008_10_27_18:36:58.058   071.070.250.xxx   4 more days to candy day
2008_10_27_18:38:56.597   066.090.104.xxx   always have your candy xrayed
2008_10_27_18:40:05.510   071.070.250.xxx   maybe you should have your candy cat scanned
2008_10_27_18:40:43.066   071.070.250.xxx   i have cats that would can it for free (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_18:40:51.404   066.090.104.xxx   MRI perhaps (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_18:41:02.135   068.150.179.xxx   What happened to all of McCains votes?
2008_10_27_18:41:33.204   066.090.104.xxx   they are old they went to bed (11)
2008_10_27_18:42:12.687   068.150.179.xxx   I guess over 15,000 votes were illegal
2008_10_27_18:43:08.570   066.090.104.xxx   Chad did it (12)
2008_10_27_18:44:16.658   068.150.179.xxx   McCain has a huge defecit to over come
2008_10_27_18:46:53.362   066.090.104.xxx   and a week to do it (13)
2008_10_27_18:48:05.249   068.150.179.xxx   Alex better fix it or else it'll be wrong
2008_10_27_18:48:22.206   208.251.185.xxx   If McCain does not win this, I fear for us.
2008_10_27_18:48:44.405   068.150.179.xxx   oh go blow a balloon up!
2008_10_27_18:49:21.673   068.150.179.xxx   why are you afraid of Obama being President?
2008_10_27_18:49:32.073   208.251.185.xxx   Obama s****
2008_10_27_18:49:42.444   066.090.104.xxx   hulk might be the best choice (14)
2008_10_27_18:50:17.570   208.251.185.xxx   Obama will do to the US what Daisy did to Dallas
2008_10_27_18:50:18.111   068.150.179.xxx   Obama needs to win in order for your country to rebound
2008_10_27_18:51:46.187   068.194.244.xxx   are you from another country since you said "your country"
2008_10_27_18:51:49.803   066.090.104.xxx   sounds like we are a basketball (15)
2008_10_27_18:52:04.742   068.150.179.xxx   why yes I am!  I'm not from the USA
2008_10_27_18:52:08.639   075.090.051.xxx   Hai
2008_10_27_18:52:17.072   068.194.244.xxx   where are you from
2008_10_27_18:52:30.048   068.150.179.xxx   Canada
2008_10_27_18:52:59.698   068.194.244.xxx   wow dont even get me started about that country
2008_10_27_18:53:02.030   066.090.104.xxx   our brothers to the north (16)
2008_10_27_18:53:24.795   068.150.179.xxx   considering this is a site with children, you better not (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_18:53:33.367   075.090.051.xxx   Canada is actually pretty cool
2008_10_27_18:54:08.630   066.090.104.xxx   like i said our brothers to the north (17)
2008_10_27_18:54:29.677   068.150.179.xxx   Obama is going to win.  the polls and experts all predict t (11)
2008_10_27_18:55:10.797   075.090.051.xxx   Yet I would still vote for McCain
2008_10_27_18:55:14.352   066.090.104.xxx   I hope everyone agrees on the outcome (18)
2008_10_27_18:55:38.129   068.150.179.xxx   unfortunately, the evangelist states in the south won't (12)
2008_10_27_18:56:22.091   066.090.104.xxx   who can forget chad (19)
2008_10_27_18:56:55.544   068.150.179.xxx   im curious to where all of the votes for McCain went? (13)
2008_10_27_18:58:16.928   066.090.104.xxx   maybe nowhere poll press opinion (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:02:22.554   066.090.104.xxx   Alek is the The Sheik of Shock (21)
2008_10_27_19:04:49.890   075.090.051.xxx   yay black
2008_10_27_19:05:53.432   076.020.168.xxx   hey guys
2008_10_27_19:06:31.984   076.020.168.xxx   THIS LIGHT CONTROL STUFF IS FAKE
2008_10_27_19:06:49.006   075.090.051.xxx   umm
2008_10_27_19:07:04.014   076.020.168.xxx   Sweet website
2008_10_27_19:07:18.707   075.090.051.xxx   These lights are not fake
2008_10_27_19:07:35.436   076.020.168.xxx   how do you know
2008_10_27_19:07:57.601   075.090.051.xxx   You cannot simulate something like this
2008_10_27_19:08:20.518   076.020.168.xxx   shure what ever still kinda cool
2008_10_27_19:08:37.025   075.090.051.xxx   This rocks
2008_10_27_19:08:39.804   066.090.104.xxx   Alek did (22)
2008_10_27_19:08:56.690   076.020.168.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2008_10_27_19:09:20.077   075.090.051.xxx   yay black
2008_10_27_19:09:20.859   066.090.104.xxx   but now it is real (23)
2008_10_27_19:09:28.648   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Programming bug dropped previous day's McCain votes - fixed! ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_19:09:44.131   076.020.168.xxx   WARNING COMPUTER ERROR!
2008_10_27_19:10:00.069   075.090.051.xxx   Alek: are these lights controlled through a linux server? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:10:07.179   066.090.104.xxx   I bet McCain is happy (24)
2008_10_27_19:11:16.138   075.090.051.xxx   Alek: are these lights controlled through a linux server? (11)
2008_10_27_19:11:20.620   076.020.168.xxx   McCAIN SHOULD NOT BE PRESEDENT
2008_10_27_19:12:41.119   076.020.168.xxx   So popped any fuses alek? lol
2008_10_27_19:13:05.418   075.090.051.xxx   Alek: does this run through a linux server? (12)
2008_10_27_19:13:20.911   076.020.168.xxx   Nope Windows. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:13:22.980   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - Linux using an X10 Firecracker via the serial interface ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_19:13:36.956   075.090.051.xxx   ah (13)
2008_10_27_19:13:59.145   076.020.168.xxx   hey alek whats a firecracker? (11)
2008_10_27_19:14:07.185   075.090.051.xxx   I am currently on Linux, Fedora actually (14)
2008_10_27_19:14:23.398   066.090.104.xxx   no but he popped a few corks (25)
2008_10_27_19:14:57.435   076.020.168.xxx   sorry alek you light control is fake your youtube explains nothing (12)
2008_10_27_19:15:20.233   075.090.051.xxx   Is the X10 interface coded through javascript, alek? (15)
2008_10_27_19:15:54.175   076.020.168.xxx   Nope (13)
2008_10_27_19:16:28.497   066.090.104.xxx   foot control (26)
2008_10_27_19:16:30.097   076.020.168.xxx   sun microsystems (14)
2008_10_27_19:17:02.043   066.090.104.xxx   nintendo wii (27)
2008_10_27_19:17:28.625   076.020.168.xxx   SERVER CLOSED! NO TALKING! (15)
2008_10_27_19:17:43.859   075.090.051.xxx   Alek: If you ever end up needing a* istance with this, you can contact me :) (16)
2008_10_27_19:18:11.211   076.020.168.xxx   w (16)
2008_10_27_19:18:19.963   075.090.051.xxx   I know much in the linux area (17)
2008_10_27_19:18:47.173   076.020.168.xxx   EVERYONE THAT JUST TALKED ARE NOW BANNED FOR LIFE!!!!!! (17)
2008_10_27_19:19:09.493   075.090.051.xxx   umm, get a life? (18)
2008_10_27_19:19:18.160   066.090.104.xxx   I think Alek forgot more then you know (28)
2008_10_27_19:19:44.403   076.020.168.xxx   . (18)
2008_10_27_19:19:45.648   075.090.051.xxx   lol (19)
2008_10_27_19:20:47.246   076.020.168.xxx   hello (19)
2008_10_27_19:22:08.158   076.020.168.xxx   076.020.168.xxx you have been banned. (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:22:47.156   076.020.168.xxx   just joking (21)
2008_10_27_19:23:06.779   075.090.051.xxx   ...thats you (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:24:34.610   076.020.168.xxx   My name is blarg (22)
2008_10_27_19:24:56.992   075.090.051.xxx   And I like pie? (21)
2008_10_27_19:25:08.176   076.020.168.xxx   Server scan running.... (23)
2008_10_27_19:25:34.326   076.020.168.xxx   You are runnning firefox and comcast ISP (24)
2008_10_27_19:25:59.777   075.090.051.xxx   I really wouldnt be doing that unless you want to tick off his isp (22)
2008_10_27_19:26:35.708   076.020.168.xxx   Ok what ever how would that tick them off (25)
2008_10_27_19:27:06.470   075.090.051.xxx   Anything like that could be considered a offensive action aginst the server (23)
2008_10_27_19:27:22.542   076.020.168.xxx   I did not scan his system I just know that stuff from his youtube (26)
2008_10_27_19:27:52.011   075.090.051.xxx   oh, I was about to say... (24)
2008_10_27_19:28:38.924   066.090.104.xxx   Boo (29)
2008_10_27_19:28:40.622   076.020.168.xxx   What? (27)
2008_10_27_19:30:39.835   068.222.004.xxx   WOULYALL PLZ STOP WITH THE LITGHTSFOR TO MIN.
2008_10_27_19:31:02.294   076.020.168.xxx   HELLO PEOPLE FROM EARTH! (28)
2008_10_27_19:31:15.922   068.017.153.xxx   No.
2008_10_27_19:31:48.441   076.020.168.xxx   Move your b*** lol (29)
2008_10_27_19:32:01.273   068.017.153.xxx   Hi Alek
2008_10_27_19:32:13.931   068.222.004.xxx   f***
2008_10_27_19:32:42.199   068.222.004.xxx   SHIUT
2008_10_27_19:32:43.723   068.017.153.xxx   Stop The Potty Mouthing!
2008_10_27_19:33:53.160   024.122.079.xxx   Joyeuse Halloween
2008_10_27_19:34:38.493   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** If you guys want PBR, lets keep is clean please ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_19:35:34.274   024.122.079.xxx   allo tout le monde
2008_10_27_19:37:02.703   208.001.030.xxx   First frost 2nite in Arkansas!  Brrrrrrr!!!!!
2008_10_27_19:38:04.274   066.227.207.xxx   fgfg
2008_10_27_19:41:22.976   068.017.153.xxx   Alek and son ****___
2008_10_27_19:42:20.848   068.017.153.xxx   I Was Not Potty Mouthing
2008_10_27_19:42:52.611   068.017.153.xxx   Hi Kids!
2008_10_27_19:43:38.981   068.017.153.xxx   I'm on a ThinkPad! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:43:59.961   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kids stopped in to say hi - back to World Series - Philiies up 2-1 in the 4th . ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_19:44:38.307   068.017.153.xxx   Go Philies! (11)
2008_10_27_19:46:14.961   076.020.168.xxx   SUP HOMMIE G'S (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_19:47:04.473   068.017.153.xxx   Nutin' Much! (12)
2008_10_27_19:47:18.342   068.100.227.xxx   Alek..what are your boys going to be for Halloween?
2008_10_27_19:48:56.251   076.020.168.xxx   hi (31)
2008_10_27_19:49:29.472   068.100.227.xxx   Hello from Virginia
2008_10_27_19:50:25.693   068.017.153.xxx   will turning the inflatables on/off so much not mess them up? (13)
2008_10_27_19:52:18.140   099.149.111.xxx   theres something strange in the neighborhood
2008_10_27_19:52:54.611   099.149.111.xxx   who ya gonna call??
2008_10_27_19:52:56.801   065.093.128.xxx   ca marche pour vrai
2008_10_27_19:54:58.539   068.017.153.xxx   Shout-out From Hokes Bluff, Alabama! (14)
2008_10_27_19:55:49.340   068.017.153.xxx   D'Oh? (15)
2008_10_27_19:55:56.988   076.020.168.xxx   ALERT POWER OVER RIDE ALERT (33)
2008_10_27_19:56:26.918   076.020.168.xxx   b*** (34)
2008_10_27_19:56:29.205   068.017.153.xxx   Shure............ (16)
2008_10_27_19:57:08.554   098.134.005.xxx   Happy Halloween!!!!!
2008_10_27_19:57:10.200   068.017.153.xxx   Stop Potty Mouthing!!!!!!!!! (17)
2008_10_27_20:00:19.827   068.017.153.xxx   Click Here! (18)
2008_10_27_20:00:55.278   068.017.153.xxx   8:00 ___ (19)
2008_10_27_20:01:53.805   098.134.005.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
2008_10_27_20:04:17.427   099.149.111.xxx   its a dead mans party
2008_10_27_20:04:46.728   068.017.153.xxx   I'm A Goofy Goober! (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_20:04:52.679   099.149.111.xxx   who could ask for more
2008_10_27_20:05:30.499   099.149.111.xxx   everybodys coming
2008_10_27_20:05:37.579   068.017.153.xxx   I'm A Goofy Goober! (21)
2008_10_27_20:06:01.872   099.149.111.xxx   leave your body at the door
2008_10_27_20:06:43.855   099.149.111.xxx   leave your body and soul at the door
2008_10_27_20:06:52.636   068.017.153.xxx   Weird......................... (22)
2008_10_27_20:07:18.530   099.149.111.xxx   dont be afraid, its only me
2008_10_27_20:07:46.614   068.017.153.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 1,063 times (includes 441 overloads) today (23)
2008_10_27_20:08:06.482   099.149.111.xxx   dont be afraid of what you cannot see
2008_10_27_20:09:01.907   068.017.153.xxx   On Or Off. Notv At The Same Time People!!!!!!!!! (24)
2008_10_27_20:09:52.170   099.149.111.xxx   ok OFF (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_20:10:26.328   068.017.153.xxx   I Says ON!?!?!?!?!?.... (25)
2008_10_27_20:10:56.345   099.149.111.xxx   ok ON (11)
2008_10_27_20:11:35.973   070.245.222.xxx   Support the Green Party candidate!!!
2008_10_27_20:12:11.270   068.017.153.xxx   Go Hulk!!! Hulkin Good!!!! (26)
2008_10_27_20:13:23.206   070.245.222.xxx   ___gasp___ It's Alek himself!!!
2008_10_27_20:14:01.063   068.017.153.xxx   On The Phone____Gasp Agian!!! (27)
2008_10_27_20:14:36.242   070.245.222.xxx   nooooooooooooo he left!
2008_10_27_20:15:08.495   070.245.222.xxx   wonder who he's talkin' to...
2008_10_27_20:15:31.154   099.149.111.xxx   Hes calling Ghostbusters (12)
2008_10_27_20:15:34.986   068.017.153.xxx   Is It Color or Colour? (28)
2008_10_27_20:16:16.555   070.245.222.xxx   Is it armor or armour?
2008_10_27_20:16:51.817   068.017.153.xxx   ............................................................................... (29)
2008_10_27_20:17:58.432   068.017.153.xxx   I am Wal-Mart!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_20:18:00.259   070.245.222.xxx   Help! A giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man walked by!
2008_10_27_20:19:01.383   068.017.153.xxx   What  ?!?!?!? (31)
2008_10_27_20:19:41.304   070.245.222.xxx   I need the Ghostbusters right away!!!
2008_10_27_20:20:41.590   068.017.153.xxx   Insanity!!! (32)
2008_10_27_20:21:17.443   070.245.222.xxx   It's a requirement to join my club.
2008_10_27_20:24:16.598   068.017.153.xxx   Runing up the phone bill! (33)
2008_10_27_20:24:25.863   070.245.222.xxx   I think theres a bug with the obama vote-counter...
2008_10_27_20:26:23.071   068.017.153.xxx   Runing up the phone bill!! (34)
2008_10_27_20:26:49.162   070.245.222.xxx   I bet it's long distance (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_20:29:11.063   070.245.222.xxx   My friend just called you Cosmo, Alek. (11)
2008_10_27_20:29:44.599   068.017.153.xxx   Bye People of earth. off to mars!!!! (35)
2008_10_27_20:30:10.025   070.245.222.xxx   ... drive safely (12)
2008_10_27_20:30:34.043   070.017.125.xxx   i say chap,  feel sporting for some vampire teabags?
2008_10_27_20:31:13.662   070.245.222.xxx   Pardon? (13)
2008_10_27_20:31:25.110   075.111.137.xxx   Good evening Alek how is it going?
2008_10_27_20:31:27.174   070.017.125.xxx   lmfao!
2008_10_27_20:31:57.253   070.017.125.xxx   vampire teabags by playtex.
2008_10_27_20:32:27.641   070.245.222.xxx   which is...? (14)
2008_10_27_20:32:38.030   070.017.125.xxx   cross your fart bra.
2008_10_27_20:33:21.223   070.245.222.xxx   ... (15)
2008_10_27_20:33:42.482   070.017.125.xxx   clues are affordable at any local franchise.
2008_10_27_20:34:24.673   070.245.222.xxx   clues for what? (16)
2008_10_27_20:34:39.729   070.017.125.xxx   oh brother!   HOOOOT!
2008_10_27_20:35:08.409   070.245.222.xxx   I believe it's "WHOOOOO WHOOOOOO" (17)
2008_10_27_20:35:17.027   070.017.125.xxx   anyways..what did the campsight say to the fire?
2008_10_27_20:35:50.985   070.017.125.xxx   wooowoo?   lmfao!    no,    sorry i meant WOOT!
2008_10_27_20:36:20.577   070.245.222.xxx   w00t (18)
2008_10_27_20:36:39.791   070.017.125.xxx   in applicable circumstances...   clues are free.
2008_10_27_20:37:16.368   070.017.125.xxx   say chap!  in for a flatuation? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_20:37:44.468   038.102.083.xxx   AH BIEN CALIS
2008_10_27_20:37:55.497   070.245.222.xxx   whats a flatuation? (19)
2008_10_27_20:38:25.739   038.102.083.xxx   SUCE MA BITE
2008_10_27_20:40:36.075   074.056.202.xxx   j'vait te planter un clou dans le bout dbite connard
2008_10_27_20:43:57.850   074.056.202.xxx   joyeux halloween
2008_10_27_20:45:09.249   070.017.125.xxx   super samples clue special sold with luncheon package. (11)
2008_10_27_20:47:47.783   068.017.153.xxx   Mars is awsome! (36)
2008_10_27_20:50:09.033   068.017.153.xxx   Still on the phone! (37)
2008_10_27_20:54:04.048   024.022.109.xxx   sleeeeeepy
2008_10_27_20:54:07.406   070.140.123.xxx   I just saw a ghost!!!
2008_10_27_20:55:07.477   070.017.125.xxx   with the most toast on the coast you boast. (12)
2008_10_27_20:55:47.935   065.171.160.xxx   MCCAIN WILL WIN!!!!!!
2008_10_27_20:56:09.189   070.017.125.xxx   then the country will die. (13)
2008_10_27_20:56:14.015   207.200.116.xxx   Hulk Rules!!!!!
2008_10_27_20:56:41.907   070.017.125.xxx   f'mccain the pain! (14)
2008_10_27_20:57:14.475   070.017.125.xxx   and palin, remove the L and you have PAIN! (15)
2008_10_27_20:58:06.033   065.174.028.xxx   WORK HARD SO OBAMA CAN TAKE MORE OF MY MONEY
2008_10_27_20:58:35.248   070.017.125.xxx   see, mccain supporters have trouble typing completely! (16)
2008_10_27_21:01:51.011   074.063.088.xxx   OBAMA =  SOCIALISM
2008_10_27_21:02:41.863   074.063.088.xxx   VOTE OBAMA IF YOUR POOR
2008_10_27_21:03:24.126   074.063.088.xxx   ITS GOOD BEING RICH
2008_10_27_21:05:52.404   070.017.125.xxx   all caps typers.... lmfao..  iq of a kotex. (17)
2008_10_27_21:07:35.097   208.001.030.xxx   Heh!!
2008_10_27_21:12:25.156   074.063.088.xxx   Dam you are emotional.   Must be a liberal
2008_10_27_21:13:14.853   074.063.088.xxx   With  IP 134  Idiot
2008_10_27_21:14:33.012   074.063.088.xxx   Vote for Obama if your poor like  IP 134
2008_10_27_21:15:46.709   208.001.030.xxx   Go away, troll.....play somewhere else.....
2008_10_27_21:16:35.581   074.063.088.xxx   094 You like to teabag don't you
2008_10_27_21:17:10.038   074.063.088.xxx   094 is a teabagger
2008_10_27_21:17:28.576   208.001.030.xxx   Not as good as you, though!
2008_10_27_21:18:18.436   074.063.088.xxx   Oh good answer NOT!!!!!!
2008_10_27_21:18:40.794   074.063.088.xxx   You dont know (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_21:19:13.054   074.063.088.xxx   Rusty trombone your weak a** (11)
2008_10_27_21:19:15.716   208.001.030.xxx   Oh well.....had enough of the juvenile humor for one night.....nite all!
2008_10_27_21:19:46.332   074.063.088.xxx   or a Donkey Punch ya a** (12)
2008_10_27_21:24:25.420   074.056.202.xxx   donkeys are cool
2008_10_27_21:29:06.636   074.056.202.xxx   the new chocolate mint baileys is excellent by the way
2008_10_27_21:31:57.233   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I served chocolate mint Bailey's last year - doesn't come in 1.75L bottles ***ALEK***
2008_10_27_21:33:43.594   074.056.202.xxx   never seen those bottles either
2008_10_27_21:35:13.953   068.150.179.xxx   ok, who's stuffing hulks Votes/ (14)
2008_10_27_21:37:56.244   068.150.179.xxx   We Have a Tie!! (15)
2008_10_27_21:44:13.148   074.056.202.xxx   lol omg yes i am griswold it's because of the music
2008_10_27_21:47:03.892   068.150.179.xxx   no one is hitting the buttons (16)
2008_10_27_21:47:17.963   070.026.053.xxx   Allo comment ca va???
2008_10_27_21:47:57.431   074.056.202.xxx   y vas bien mais cause pas francais
2008_10_27_21:48:19.187   070.026.053.xxx   je vois ca oui....
2008_10_27_21:48:49.486   074.056.202.xxx   t'es de ou ? moi quebec
2008_10_27_21:49:15.006   070.026.053.xxx   je suis a toronto
2008_10_27_21:50:06.775   074.056.202.xxx   et le gars au colorado je crois , moi qui vais jamais sur les chat en plus
2008_10_27_21:50:42.522   076.255.110.xxx   Hi
2008_10_27_21:51:59.795   074.056.202.xxx   oh y___ all___ se prendre un autre shot de baileys (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_27_21:54:15.916   076.255.110.xxx   Happy Halloween!!!
2008_10_27_21:59:54.783   068.150.179.xxx   niht! (17)

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