279 halloween text messages on 2008/1029

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,699 times that day including 1,408 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1029

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_29_18:00:52.123   063.229.223.xxx   Hello
2008_10_29_18:01:13.001   071.091.039.xxx   Woohoo! They're on! :)
2008_10_29_18:01:31.326   063.229.223.xxx   Happy Halloween from Princeton, MN
2008_10_29_18:02:05.047   071.091.039.xxx   AHHHH! Cam 2 just went offline
2008_10_29_18:02:15.441   071.050.199.xxx   I think it's wonderful that you're doing this for your children.
2008_10_29_18:02:36.924   063.229.223.xxx   Hello Alek!
2008_10_29_18:03:24.599   063.229.223.xxx   Are you looking forward to Christmas??
2008_10_29_18:03:45.564   071.091.039.xxx   hello there lights
2008_10_29_18:04:05.192   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cam2 back online ... and yea, Christmas will be fun! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:04:16.934   063.229.223.xxx   Close Up!
2008_10_29_18:04:33.744   071.091.039.xxx   Cam 2 is now showing an up close shot of the lights
2008_10_29_18:05:48.602   063.229.223.xxx   I love his display's
2008_10_29_18:06:37.127   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, working on Cam2 - wireless is acting strange ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:06:40.082   071.050.199.xxx   A big hello from Napoleon, Ohio!
2008_10_29_18:06:46.227   024.022.227.xxx   McCain fro PRESIDENT!!!
2008_10_29_18:06:53.545   063.229.223.xxx   102 people watching!
2008_10_29_18:07:32.650   063.229.223.xxx   Alek for President!
2008_10_29_18:08:41.816   069.137.224.xxx   herro?
2008_10_29_18:08:43.412   024.022.227.xxx   I'm Hungry
2008_10_29_18:08:51.180   068.150.179.xxx   whats with the 2nd webcam????
2008_10_29_18:09:09.795   024.022.227.xxx   It got hit by a BB
2008_10_29_18:09:43.439   024.022.227.xxx   Homer won't wake up!
2008_10_29_18:10:28.227   074.060.079.xxx   cam2 broken?
2008_10_29_18:10:48.054   193.200.150.xxx   somebody in the neighborhood found camera ir
2008_10_29_18:10:54.080   024.022.227.xxx   Nah its back up
2008_10_29_18:11:26.956   071.116.075.xxx   BOO!
2008_10_29_18:11:56.053   193.200.150.xxx   W C Fields
2008_10_29_18:12:10.750   076.212.153.xxx   Sup Mr Grassoween?
2008_10_29_18:12:49.441   076.212.153.xxx   What time is Happy Hour?
2008_10_29_18:12:51.690   074.060.079.xxx   alex is there goin to be a 4th cam friday night?
2008_10_29_18:13:13.632   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just having a Bud 076 ... ooops, make that a Corona! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:13:13.790   071.050.199.xxx   Yum, Corona!
2008_10_29_18:13:18.511   193.200.150.xxx   Spirts Anyone?
2008_10_29_18:13:33.449   071.255.007.xxx   Can I have a Corona?
2008_10_29_18:13:46.108   076.212.153.xxx   forth cam is for members only
2008_10_29_18:14:15.147   068.150.179.xxx   nice spellin
2008_10_29_18:14:22.054   074.060.079.xxx   hahahaha what members
2008_10_29_18:14:36.175   071.255.007.xxx   Homer is down again D'oh!!
2008_10_29_18:14:43.785   063.229.223.xxx   hi denise!
2008_10_29_18:14:58.879   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer is working - hard to keep a good man down - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:15:19.549   063.229.223.xxx   Minnesota! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:16:34.230   024.118.214.xxx   hi  nate
2008_10_29_18:17:28.945   193.200.150.xxx   Harry has had it
2008_10_29_18:19:31.760   071.255.007.xxx   Boo from Tuckerton,NJ
2008_10_29_18:20:02.331   024.118.214.xxx   hi homer whats up
2008_10_29_18:20:37.539   076.212.153.xxx   Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls
2008_10_29_18:20:57.138   099.130.160.xxx   Kara says hello to you!
2008_10_29_18:21:06.941   076.212.153.xxx   Grinning goblins fighting duels
2008_10_29_18:21:36.382   076.212.153.xxx   Werewolves rising from their tombs
2008_10_29_18:22:05.929   076.212.153.xxx   Witches on their magic brooms
2008_10_29_18:22:14.199   024.022.227.xxx   this webpage is a mess!
2008_10_29_18:22:28.513   071.255.007.xxx   The Jersey Devil says hello to one and all!!
2008_10_29_18:22:32.753   193.200.150.xxx   Akek is busy tonight
2008_10_29_18:23:11.942   076.212.153.xxx   In masks and gowns
2008_10_29_18:23:38.490   076.212.153.xxx   we haunt the street
2008_10_29_18:23:47.683   071.255.007.xxx   Bring that Corona back,it was mine lol
2008_10_29_18:24:09.711   076.212.153.xxx   And knock on doors (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:24:20.243   072.081.061.xxx   Hulk Loves The Phillies!!!
2008_10_29_18:24:39.259   076.212.153.xxx   for trick or treat. (11)
2008_10_29_18:24:39.763   071.255.007.xxx   Got any Coors Light?
2008_10_29_18:24:54.622   072.081.061.xxx   Hulk Smash Tampa Bay!
2008_10_29_18:24:56.495   099.130.160.xxx   do you lke white or colored icecle ights?
2008_10_29_18:25:14.262   071.050.199.xxx   I'm on my hamburger phone.
2008_10_29_18:25:24.937   072.081.061.xxx   Hulk Smash Tampa Bay!
2008_10_29_18:25:25.413   071.255.007.xxx   Colored Icecicle Lights
2008_10_29_18:25:41.523   076.212.153.xxx   dont get mustard in your ear (12)
2008_10_29_18:25:47.685   024.022.227.xxx   wheres the big inflatable pumpkin
2008_10_29_18:25:58.431   072.081.061.xxx   Go Phillies Go!!!
2008_10_29_18:26:28.675   024.022.227.xxx   move that car
2008_10_29_18:26:31.636   086.159.088.xxx   I'll swallow your soul, I'll swallow your soul...!
2008_10_29_18:26:44.587   099.130.160.xxx   I think I may go with colored icecicle lights instead of white
2008_10_29_18:26:50.680   072.081.061.xxx   Skip the informercial!
2008_10_29_18:27:09.164   071.050.199.xxx   MMMMMM.....A1
2008_10_29_18:27:17.678   071.255.007.xxx   I'll take my steak medium rare
2008_10_29_18:27:46.847   024.022.227.xxx   game time!
2008_10_29_18:28:24.395   076.212.153.xxx   PBR  and a steak YUMMMMMY (13)
2008_10_29_18:28:41.875   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will the World Series be over tonight ... or go to Game #6? ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:29:16.569   071.050.199.xxx   Now where is the slab of meat?
2008_10_29_18:29:39.279   071.255.007.xxx   I hope it ends tonight with Phillies the champs
2008_10_29_18:29:39.323   072.081.061.xxx   It's too cold for Tampa Bay tonight.
2008_10_29_18:30:05.339   024.022.227.xxx   halloween (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:30:09.031   076.212.153.xxx   out back on the worlds largest bbq (14)
2008_10_29_18:30:40.669   071.255.007.xxx   Whats on the BBQ besides steaks?? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:30:57.854   072.081.061.xxx   brainnnnns
2008_10_29_18:31:23.679   071.255.007.xxx   Brains,sounds yummy lol (11)
2008_10_29_18:31:23.983   076.212.153.xxx   rocky mountain oysters (15)
2008_10_29_18:31:42.408   072.081.061.xxx   and spam
2008_10_29_18:31:48.506   024.022.227.xxx   how do i vote (11)
2008_10_29_18:32:12.185   076.212.153.xxx   vote for Hulk (16)
2008_10_29_18:32:12.955   072.081.061.xxx   with your conscience
2008_10_29_18:32:13.688   070.054.010.xxx   I love moustaches
2008_10_29_18:32:38.809   072.081.061.xxx   on oysters (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:32:40.257   024.022.227.xxx   drink PBR (12)
2008_10_29_18:33:05.912   024.022.227.xxx   drink A1 Steak Sauce (13)
2008_10_29_18:35:21.380   069.137.204.xxx   I'm cool now
2008_10_29_18:35:43.909   024.022.227.xxx   What? (14)
2008_10_29_18:36:18.636   071.200.246.xxx   WOOT WOOT
2008_10_29_18:36:51.453   024.022.227.xxx   McCain is winning (15)
2008_10_29_18:37:03.507   069.137.204.xxx   McCain isn't winning
2008_10_29_18:37:46.937   069.137.204.xxx   Mmh that A1 does look good
2008_10_29_18:39:00.460   072.081.061.xxx   zombies... (11)
2008_10_29_18:39:48.460   123.243.034.xxx   Greetings
2008_10_29_18:40:03.587   072.081.061.xxx   Zombies for Philadelpia (12)
2008_10_29_18:40:30.882   072.081.061.xxx   Philadelphia even (13)
2008_10_29_18:41:18.363   024.022.227.xxx   Both these teams s*** (16)
2008_10_29_18:41:22.468   072.081.061.xxx   monster size! (14)
2008_10_29_18:41:24.093   193.200.150.xxx   57
2008_10_29_18:41:47.559   024.022.227.xxx   move that ketchup (17)
2008_10_29_18:41:49.242   072.081.061.xxx   monster size! (15)
2008_10_29_18:42:13.798   024.022.227.xxx   ------------___ (18)
2008_10_29_18:42:35.284   193.200.150.xxx   Harry came by a head heintz could not catch up
2008_10_29_18:42:44.355   024.022.227.xxx   OMG Tampa Bay s**** a** (19)
2008_10_29_18:43:35.265   098.016.213.xxx   hi all
2008_10_29_18:43:47.392   024.022.227.xxx   Tampa s**** (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:44:01.604   068.100.227.xxx   What did you think of the Obama commercial?
2008_10_29_18:44:09.035   098.016.213.xxx   this is pretty awesome vote mcain rofl
2008_10_29_18:44:23.655   024.022.227.xxx   The ketchup is half full (21)
2008_10_29_18:44:30.819   072.081.061.xxx   hulk (16)
2008_10_29_18:44:40.934   098.016.213.xxx   i ate thte other half
2008_10_29_18:44:42.124   068.100.227.xxx   Vote Obama!
2008_10_29_18:44:58.552   072.081.061.xxx   hulk smash (17)
2008_10_29_18:44:59.611   024.022.227.xxx   The ketchup is half empty (22)
2008_10_29_18:45:13.019   098.016.213.xxx   hulk
2008_10_29_18:45:19.099   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk-Sized Ketchup ... from Costco! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:45:28.395   072.081.061.xxx   The ketchup just IS (18)
2008_10_29_18:46:00.867   072.081.061.xxx   ketvhup for hulk (19)
2008_10_29_18:46:07.854   012.009.138.xxx   oh no, we changed the ketchup by observing it
2008_10_29_18:46:33.056   024.022.227.xxx   Hes a typical Coon (23)
2008_10_29_18:46:33.946   072.081.061.xxx   If the ketchup were alone in the forest... (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:46:56.331   098.016.213.xxx   Mccain
2008_10_29_18:47:14.702   072.081.061.xxx   don't spread the ketchup (21)
2008_10_29_18:47:44.483   072.081.061.xxx   need some fries (22)
2008_10_29_18:48:22.978   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 012: the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle applies to Ketchup too! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:48:43.967   072.081.061.xxx   ketchup for peace (23)
2008_10_29_18:49:25.050   072.081.061.xxx   but loves ketchup! (24)
2008_10_29_18:49:30.614   024.022.227.xxx   Everyone does (24)
2008_10_29_18:49:53.576   072.081.061.xxx   especially with fries! (25)
2008_10_29_18:49:54.275   098.016.213.xxx   McCain
2008_10_29_18:49:54.429   074.060.079.xxx   think there is blood in that bottle
2008_10_29_18:50:20.890   072.081.061.xxx   nahhh the zombies got that (26)
2008_10_29_18:50:24.815   024.022.227.xxx   Initative 537 (25)
2008_10_29_18:50:56.419   072.081.061.xxx   ketchup and fries please (27)
2008_10_29_18:50:59.208   024.022.227.xxx   Free the s****s! (26)
2008_10_29_18:51:27.143   072.081.061.xxx   ketchup at low interest rates (28)
2008_10_29_18:52:19.695   072.081.061.xxx   fries for the world (29)
2008_10_29_18:52:32.695   074.060.079.xxx   vote for hulk
2008_10_29_18:52:48.085   072.081.061.xxx   who's Hulk's VP? (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:53:00.043   024.022.227.xxx   Is hulk pro life? (27)
2008_10_29_18:53:07.318   074.060.079.xxx   alex
2008_10_29_18:53:21.985   072.081.061.xxx   Hulk Pro Fries (31)
2008_10_29_18:53:57.287   024.022.227.xxx   OMG more free tacos! (28)
2008_10_29_18:54:23.256   024.022.227.xxx   Another stolen base (29)
2008_10_29_18:54:28.464   071.050.199.xxx   Dang it!  I forgot to get my free taco yesterday.
2008_10_29_18:54:45.804   074.060.079.xxx   frm mexico?
2008_10_29_18:54:51.507   024.022.227.xxx   Free tacos at Taco Bell again! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:55:16.343   074.060.079.xxx   those are gross
2008_10_29_18:55:30.058   071.050.199.xxx   I made a roast and it's so tender.  Anyone want some?
2008_10_29_18:55:32.172   208.082.227.xxx   gobama!
2008_10_29_18:55:56.437   123.243.034.xxx   Greetings
2008_10_29_18:56:02.762   074.060.079.xxx   why u cooking ur wife for?
2008_10_29_18:56:29.780   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Phillies go up 3-2 after 6 ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_18:56:30.607   024.022.227.xxx   Show me the MONEY! (31)
2008_10_29_18:56:50.782   074.060.079.xxx   obamas wife is hot (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:57:06.100   024.022.227.xxx   Gross (32)
2008_10_29_18:57:32.872   074.060.079.xxx   better than sara (11)
2008_10_29_18:57:36.361   024.022.227.xxx   Id rather eat a taco from Taco Bell than kiss her (33)
2008_10_29_18:57:41.009   193.200.150.xxx   Obama tried to buy airtime here tonight
2008_10_29_18:57:49.390   208.082.227.xxx   Palin is nuts
2008_10_29_18:57:54.237   071.050.199.xxx   Whats for dinner, Alek?
2008_10_29_18:58:19.357   193.200.150.xxx   neck soup
2008_10_29_18:58:26.811   074.060.079.xxx   ketchup (12)
2008_10_29_18:58:52.995   071.050.199.xxx   Beans and franks. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_18:59:04.842   064.252.147.xxx   obama 08
2008_10_29_19:00:05.201   193.200.150.xxx   gassy beans lol (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_19:01:34.865   071.050.199.xxx   I don't need beans to be gassy. (11)
2008_10_29_19:03:02.167   071.050.199.xxx   s.Charlie bit my finger. (12)
2008_10_29_19:04:55.569   071.226.184.xxx   Hello
2008_10_29_19:04:56.169   070.017.119.xxx   oh oh... brought to you by...  heinz,  grindz with heinz.
2008_10_29_19:08:51.376   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** If you don't like Ketchup, you might ask for ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_19:09:34.021   071.226.184.xxx   Neat idea!
2008_10_29_19:10:05.601   064.252.147.xxx   hello
2008_10_29_19:10:57.432   069.153.117.xxx   heya
2008_10_29_19:11:22.370   096.248.214.xxx   Obama had a nice ad tonight
2008_10_29_19:12:14.010   096.248.214.xxx   No wonder there isnt many Obama votes tonight, everyone watching the tube
2008_10_29_19:13:59.001   069.153.117.xxx   I wish I were an Oscar Mayer w*****! :)
2008_10_29_19:14:33.954   069.153.117.xxx   ( . Y . )
2008_10_29_19:18:10.879   151.203.033.xxx   All Obama All the Time
2008_10_29_19:21:19.853   066.177.206.xxx   NO OBAMA
2008_10_29_19:21:31.256   070.017.119.xxx   will  you stop that!
2008_10_29_19:22:02.862   070.017.119.xxx   you want mccain,     take him with you to another planet.
2008_10_29_19:23:59.001   069.242.145.xxx   hello from mia in Mo
2008_10_29_19:24:01.970   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Phillies go up 4-3 after 7 ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_19:27:12.814   076.212.153.xxx   7 what (17)
2008_10_29_19:31:47.911   072.175.104.xxx   trick or treak
2008_10_29_19:31:50.478   068.227.052.xxx   Have A Happy Halloween!
2008_10_29_19:33:07.669   072.175.104.xxx   vote for McCain
2008_10_29_19:33:37.586   072.081.061.xxx   with malox (32)
2008_10_29_19:34:09.285   074.046.235.xxx   hello out there
2008_10_29_19:34:11.061   072.175.104.xxx   noooooooooooooobama
2008_10_29_19:34:52.542   072.175.104.xxx   nobama
2008_10_29_19:35:36.555   068.227.052.xxx   VOTE!
2008_10_29_19:40:35.572   070.176.057.xxx   Too much PBR? Resort  to the pink stuff! Bwahahahaa!
2008_10_29_19:43:54.088   072.175.104.xxx   goodnight everyone!
2008_10_29_19:46:56.692   070.176.057.xxx   Oh yummy yummy yummy!!!!!!!!
2008_10_29_19:47:58.059   072.034.128.xxx   Abstrakmind
2008_10_29_19:49:07.663   071.190.010.xxx   y is cam 1 off
2008_10_29_19:50:15.439   064.252.147.xxx   happy halloween everybody
2008_10_29_19:51:04.874   071.190.010.xxx   booo
2008_10_29_19:55:00.463   124.013.003.xxx   this rockz
2008_10_29_19:56:04.256   207.200.116.xxx   totally awesome!!!!!
2008_10_29_19:58:25.111   024.166.012.xxx   I bet your neighbors love this
2008_10_29_19:58:26.274   070.225.042.xxx   this is very cool....you've got too much time on your hands!
2008_10_29_19:59:14.147   024.166.012.xxx   hey there
2008_10_29_19:59:19.675   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Phillies win World Series!!! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_20:00:22.585   024.166.012.xxx   they should do this for a whole city
2008_10_29_20:00:52.334   098.016.213.xxx   what the phillies one?
2008_10_29_20:01:16.180   098.016.213.xxx   oops won
2008_10_29_20:02:22.602   071.091.039.xxx   mmmmm A1. Yum!
2008_10_29_20:03:13.485   071.091.039.xxx   s***y A1 is the best
2008_10_29_20:04:04.761   071.091.039.xxx   i can't say s***y? how about hot? Hot A1 is best
2008_10_29_20:05:17.788   071.190.010.xxx   sorry alek
2008_10_29_20:05:42.823   082.019.186.xxx   Hi everyone
2008_10_29_20:06:41.609   082.019.186.xxx   Have a good halloween on Friday!
2008_10_29_20:08:25.199   082.019.186.xxx   Hey alek nice to see you again
2008_10_29_20:09:55.382   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm "hiding" behind the A-1 Sauce!    ;-) ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_20:10:05.014   082.019.186.xxx   Its Luke from UK :D
2008_10_29_20:10:53.558   082.019.186.xxx   I can see you Alek! Decorations looking good
2008_10_29_20:12:07.879   071.190.010.xxx   change the a1 sause to bbq sauce
2008_10_29_20:14:59.594   071.190.010.xxx   no i hate ketchup it makes me sick
2008_10_29_20:15:27.468   082.019.186.xxx   how about chilli sauce?
2008_10_29_20:15:53.210   071.190.010.xxx   put corona  please
2008_10_29_20:15:58.784   207.200.116.xxx   how about chili?
2008_10_29_20:16:07.869   082.019.186.xxx   or garlic yum yum
2008_10_29_20:16:35.727   076.210.108.xxx   Alek how many kids approx do you get on Halloween
2008_10_29_20:16:48.628   082.019.186.xxx   It is good for halloween, but also for pizza!
2008_10_29_20:18:29.595   082.019.186.xxx   Get some garlic sauce for the replacement of Tomato!
2008_10_29_20:19:09.012   082.019.186.xxx   It keeps away ghosts! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_20:21:03.061   082.019.186.xxx   good one alek,luke uk (11)
2008_10_29_20:22:07.164   082.019.186.xxx   im off school this week (12)
2008_10_29_20:22:58.233   076.210.108.xxx   Alek Time for a bottle of Beckett's Red Dog
2008_10_29_20:23:07.694   082.019.186.xxx   its 2.20 here,i have to go to bed soon (13)
2008_10_29_20:23:22.200   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How is that for a GIANT jar of Garlic - vampires beware! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_20:27:00.691   082.019.186.xxx   Good night alek, Im off now. Im waving too - Luke UK (14)
2008_10_29_20:30:52.483   082.019.186.xxx   Cya Later Alek, Happy Halloween! - Luke UK (15)
2008_10_29_20:31:51.755   082.019.186.xxx   Wave Wave Bye Bye Alek! :D (16)
2008_10_29_20:46:18.143   012.159.056.xxx   i need pam
2008_10_29_20:57:21.170   069.181.014.xxx   atop
2008_10_29_21:00:03.518   068.060.196.xxx   Go Alek
2008_10_29_21:18:17.642   076.244.078.xxx   Howdy
2008_10_29_21:18:43.719   069.029.207.xxx   It's a spooktacular, freak fest, hallowacky scene, man!
2008_10_29_21:19:18.949   066.068.191.xxx   somebody get a bottle opener an pop that corona!
2008_10_29_21:19:43.590   069.029.207.xxx   I'd rather have a Rainier Ale
2008_10_29_21:20:03.821   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Raaaa ... neeeer ... Beeeer! ***ALEK***
2008_10_29_21:20:07.763   066.068.191.xxx   or a Blue Ribbon
2008_10_29_21:20:13.667   076.244.078.xxx   Becks
2008_10_29_21:20:29.830   098.201.162.xxx   Shiner Bock
2008_10_29_21:20:36.739   066.068.191.xxx   shiner bock
2008_10_29_21:20:40.176   076.244.078.xxx   Pabst, lol
2008_10_29_21:20:56.618   069.029.207.xxx   So sad Budweister stole Rainier's frogs
2008_10_29_21:21:21.719   066.068.191.xxx   WHOOO!!!!!!!  he brought out the good stuff !!!
2008_10_29_21:22:23.954   066.068.191.xxx   fire up the grill and pop open the blue ribbon!!!
2008_10_29_21:22:24.545   069.029.207.xxx   "Bitte ein Bit!"  (Let's see a Bitburger Pils)
2008_10_29_21:23:28.539   066.068.191.xxx   have you ever tried a DOS X or a modelo good ol' imports!
2008_10_29_21:26:00.991   079.064.001.xxx   hi from uk doing a good job alek keep it up
2008_10_29_21:26:32.578   066.177.128.xxx   this is insane... ugly site, cool setup!
2008_10_29_21:27:07.814   079.064.001.xxx   its 03:26 here lol and ime worling at 7:00
2008_10_29_21:28:51.856   079.064.001.xxx   love you beckii baby ano ul be watching xxxxxxx
2008_10_29_21:42:28.766   024.235.077.xxx   Just 2 days away
2008_10_29_21:45:43.486   024.235.077.xxx   PBR its been along time that i hadf that beer
2008_10_29_21:46:45.565   024.235.077.xxx   Happy Holloween from Vestal New York
2008_10_29_21:47:55.873   024.235.077.xxx   Happy Halloween from Vestal New York
2008_10_29_21:51:09.189   070.157.036.xxx   May the shwartz be wit ya, leipers fork, tn
2008_10_29_21:52:33.281   024.235.077.xxx   Taps is on si fi
2008_10_29_21:54:10.528   024.235.077.xxx   mabe taps should visit you to see if you realy have ghost
2008_10_29_21:56:06.628   024.235.077.xxx   BOO Phily won BOO BOO BOO BOO
2008_10_29_21:57:09.868   024.235.077.xxx   Oh well its football season
2008_10_29_21:58:56.239   024.235.077.xxx   its almost that time
2008_10_29_21:59:35.104   024.235.077.xxx   good night all (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_29_21:59:55.696   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good night - will be back again tomorrow! ***ALEK***

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