350 halloween text messages on 2008/1030

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,947 times that day including 1,184 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1030

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_10_30_17:00:24.897   066.110.243.xxx   Hello and Good Evening :)
2008_10_30_17:00:49.036   088.002.234.xxx   hi
2008_10_30_17:00:54.188   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning controls on an hour early tonight - day before Halloween - BOO! ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_17:01:04.176   066.110.243.xxx   Hey over there
2008_10_30_17:02:04.383   098.166.065.xxx   i love this site :) 3rd halloween ive stopped by
2008_10_30_17:02:21.292   088.002.234.xxx   I'm from spain, here we dont have the halloween party, but i love it! i make a 
2008_10_30_17:02:34.985   098.204.014.xxx   Hello Thar!
2008_10_30_17:03:06.785   066.110.243.xxx   From NC here :)
2008_10_30_17:03:26.165   098.204.014.xxx   What time's it get dark there?
2008_10_30_17:03:36.289   088.002.234.xxx   I love America! (i'm from spain xD)
2008_10_30_17:03:52.752   066.110.243.xxx   Yes, dark already 7 pm
2008_10_30_17:04:25.279   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Starts to get dark in an hour - sorry I can't make the sun set faster! ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_17:04:56.129   066.110.243.xxx   Hello person from Spain xt & CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2008_10_30_17:04:59.320   098.204.014.xxx   That wouldn't surprise me if you could
2008_10_30_17:05:17.464   088.002.234.xxx   Happy Halloween to all, from spain!
2008_10_30_17:05:45.267   066.110.243.xxx   Happy Halloween person from Spain :)
2008_10_30_17:07:25.562   066.110.243.xxx   Wow, this is the neatest thing
2008_10_30_17:07:35.651   098.161.048.xxx   Now this is what I call creativity.  Well done! :)
2008_10_30_17:07:58.428   088.002.234.xxx   my dream is go to america to celebrate halloween!
2008_10_30_17:07:59.977   066.110.243.xxx   Yes well done!
2008_10_30_17:08:43.009   066.110.243.xxx   Trick or Treaters will be out tomorrow   BOOO!
2008_10_30_17:09:49.955   066.227.207.xxx   Happy HolweenCR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2008_10_30_17:11:02.184   066.110.243.xxx   can we control the thing with his head popping off?  LOL (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:11:21.293   088.002.234.xxx   deflate all the ballons! :D
2008_10_30_17:11:54.425   066.110.243.xxx   HAHA (11)
2008_10_30_17:13:13.220   098.204.014.xxx   Alek.... Where do you stream the cams to?
2008_10_30_17:13:21.340   088.002.234.xxx   is halloween in google (spam) xD
2008_10_30_17:14:13.539   066.110.243.xxx   Bet it looks kewl, when its dark.  See all the lights (12)
2008_10_30_17:14:41.954   066.110.243.xxx   Corona time weeeeeeeeeeeee (13)
2008_10_30_17:15:03.121   088.002.234.xxx   what is corona time?
2008_10_30_17:16:08.704   077.043.217.xxx   WOW
2008_10_30_17:18:34.758   075.142.023.xxx   Cool!
2008_10_30_17:20:07.285   088.002.234.xxx   when I will be more bi****, i will build a bi**** castle of terror!
2008_10_30_17:20:12.380   066.069.138.xxx   Hey from Texas
2008_10_30_17:20:27.020   066.110.243.xxx   Yeee Hawwww (14)
2008_10_30_17:20:46.009   066.069.138.xxx   Bria Represent!
2008_10_30_17:21:42.259   098.161.048.xxx   Someone from Bria reads the forums.... Ogary
2008_10_30_17:21:59.486   066.069.138.xxx   Hakkin ___-)
2008_10_30_17:22:15.426   078.144.043.xxx   any brits online?
2008_10_30_17:23:47.133   216.237.233.xxx   America Here
2008_10_30_17:23:48.675   066.227.207.xxx   CR to see real-time on Haunted Office Cam!
2008_10_30_17:24:07.457   072.049.052.xxx   Cincy, OHIO VOTE McCain!!!!!!
2008_10_30_17:24:25.978   216.237.233.xxx   weeee McCain :)
2008_10_30_17:24:27.450   098.161.048.xxx   The Hulk FTW!!!!!
2008_10_30_17:24:40.425   078.144.043.xxx   McCain is a showman, nothin more
2008_10_30_17:25:07.322   072.049.052.xxx   NObama NEVER
2008_10_30_17:25:21.132   216.237.233.xxx   NOOOOOOOOO OBAMA
2008_10_30_17:25:24.894   078.144.043.xxx   WHY?
2008_10_30_17:25:28.307   088.002.234.xxx   Hilary clinton! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:25:53.306   098.161.048.xxx   You know this how to kinda freak out the neighbors lol
2008_10_30_17:25:59.656   066.069.138.xxx   Ellie'mae for Prez
2008_10_30_17:26:08.532   216.237.233.xxx   lol
2008_10_30_17:26:18.948   088.002.234.xxx   i think! jack skelengton! (11)
2008_10_30_17:26:27.301   068.032.143.xxx   A Phreak House I Luv It!!!1!
2008_10_30_17:26:33.068   078.144.043.xxx   Honestly, if you vote McCain into Office, big trouble!!
2008_10_30_17:26:52.894   093.148.161.xxx   hy all fom italy
2008_10_30_17:27:01.329   216.237.233.xxx   If u vote Obama..Bi**** trouble
2008_10_30_17:27:06.573   078.144.043.xxx   Hi Italy..
2008_10_30_17:27:22.416   068.032.143.xxx   Hi Italy From USA
2008_10_30_17:27:23.047   088.002.234.xxx   is halloween! no obamaween (12)
2008_10_30_17:27:26.543   093.148.161.xxx   nice site (italy)
2008_10_30_17:27:32.338   216.237.233.xxx   Hi Italy
2008_10_30_17:27:59.525   093.148.161.xxx   happy halloween (italy)
2008_10_30_17:28:04.697   078.144.043.xxx   McCain doesn't stand a chance!
2008_10_30_17:28:18.967   088.002.234.xxx   happy halloween (spain) (13)
2008_10_30_17:28:43.994   216.237.233.xxx   happy halloween (NC USA)
2008_10_30_17:29:13.321   078.144.043.xxx   Happy Halloween (liverpool uk)
2008_10_30_17:29:40.375   088.002.234.xxx   Happy Halloween (moon) (14)
2008_10_30_17:30:05.926   093.148.161.xxx   it's fantastic!! everywhere from world (taly)
2008_10_30_17:30:11.235   078.144.043.xxx   Happy Halloween (Pluto)
2008_10_30_17:30:33.095   088.002.234.xxx   yes! thats great! and aliens! (15)
2008_10_30_17:30:49.143   066.069.138.xxx   Ri'sti smells funny
2008_10_30_17:30:55.487   093.148.161.xxx   he he lol
2008_10_30_17:31:20.335   088.002.234.xxx   the war of the worlds (16)
2008_10_30_17:31:21.118   078.144.043.xxx   Ok, im off to bed, goodnight all xX
2008_10_30_17:31:25.383   216.237.233.xxx   lol
2008_10_30_17:31:37.243   093.148.161.xxx   goodnight
2008_10_30_17:31:55.627   088.002.234.xxx   Good nightmares! (17)
2008_10_30_17:32:08.512   078.144.043.xxx   Happy Hauntings (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:32:33.722   088.002.234.xxx   dream with the devil! (18)
2008_10_30_17:33:01.679   078.144.043.xxx   ______o) (11)
2008_10_30_17:33:04.018   075.055.039.xxx   dont let the bedbugs bite
2008_10_30_17:33:06.346   088.002.234.xxx   This is halloween, halloween, halloween.... (19)
2008_10_30_17:33:26.380   066.069.138.xxx   Bed Jawas...get you every time
2008_10_30_17:33:39.711   075.055.039.xxx   pumpkins scream in the dead of night
2008_10_30_17:34:07.462   088.002.234.xxx   in my town.... (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:34:36.000   075.055.039.xxx   of halloween
2008_10_30_17:35:13.923   216.237.233.xxx   Boooo
2008_10_30_17:35:21.118   088.002.234.xxx   Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright (21)
2008_10_30_17:35:27.682   076.103.201.xxx   Hello from Napa California
2008_10_30_17:35:28.536   075.055.039.xxx   everybody scream, everybody scream
2008_10_30_17:35:44.360   216.237.233.xxx   OHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:35:50.381   088.002.234.xxx   It's our town, everybody scream (22)
2008_10_30_17:35:52.685   091.067.145.xxx   p****
2008_10_30_17:36:12.675   216.237.233.xxx   ____________screaming (11)
2008_10_30_17:36:44.082   088.002.234.xxx   Our man Jack is king of the pumpkin patch Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King now (23)
2008_10_30_17:36:47.113   075.055.039.xxx   i am the clown with the tear away face
2008_10_30_17:36:59.536   066.227.207.xxx   n
2008_10_30_17:36:59.674   216.237.233.xxx   LOL (12)
2008_10_30_17:37:23.549   088.002.234.xxx   La la-la la, Halloween! Halloween! (etc.) (24)
2008_10_30_17:37:27.190   076.005.241.xxx   tymathyhappyhalloween
2008_10_30_17:37:30.457   074.038.245.xxx   YES!
2008_10_30_17:37:59.278   216.237.233.xxx   Chey you there (13)
2008_10_30_17:38:15.664   088.002.234.xxx   how old are the people here? i'm 15 (25)
2008_10_30_17:38:50.811   216.237.233.xxx   38 here (14)
2008_10_30_17:38:46.452   093.148.161.xxx   34
2008_10_30_17:39:09.232   081.104.136.xxx   102
2008_10_30_17:39:23.669   216.237.233.xxx   wow your old (15)
2008_10_30_17:39:37.137   088.002.234.xxx   eheheh! 102, like rose from titanic! (26)
2008_10_30_17:39:54.184   081.104.136.xxx   how did you know
2008_10_30_17:40:27.053   068.032.143.xxx   FUNHOUSE 420
2008_10_30_17:40:28.099   216.237.233.xxx   Chey weeeee (16)
2008_10_30_17:41:03.345   088.002.234.xxx   OMG! spam on the cam! "corona extra" (27)
2008_10_30_17:41:19.327   076.005.241.xxx   mathy weeeeeeeeeeee
2008_10_30_17:41:20.199   075.055.039.xxx   fingers like snakes with spiders in my hair
2008_10_30_17:41:30.222   216.237.233.xxx   lol (17)
2008_10_30_17:41:53.981   075.055.039.xxx   teeth round sharp and eyes glowing red
2008_10_30_17:41:57.056   068.032.143.xxx   _________
2008_10_30_17:42:14.183   088.002.234.xxx   Everyone's waiting for the next surprise (28)
2008_10_30_17:42:55.054   075.055.039.xxx   ride with the moon in the dead of night
2008_10_30_17:43:14.166   088.002.234.xxx   This is Halloween, everyone scream Won't ya please make way for a very special  (29)
2008_10_30_17:43:57.546   068.032.143.xxx   BOO
2008_10_30_17:43:59.400   216.237.233.xxx   screams (18)
2008_10_30_17:44:02.628   075.055.039.xxx   Skeloton Jack is king of the pumpkin patch
2008_10_30_17:44:25.373   088.002.234.xxx   tim burton! the best! (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:44:26.150   068.032.143.xxx   Boo
2008_10_30_17:44:44.549   075.055.039.xxx   everyone hail to the pumpkin king (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:45:06.037   068.032.143.xxx   This Website Roks
2008_10_30_17:45:17.100   075.055.039.xxx   Lalalalalalalalalalalalala (11)
2008_10_30_17:45:22.758   088.002.234.xxx   yeeee (31)
2008_10_30_17:45:50.901   075.055.039.xxx   everyone hails to the pumpkin song (12)
2008_10_30_17:46:20.622   075.055.039.xxx   Hail! (13)
2008_10_30_17:46:45.539   088.002.234.xxx   in my town from spain, be only two decorated shops :( (32)
2008_10_30_17:46:46.577   078.148.077.xxx   hi alll
2008_10_30_17:47:19.587   078.148.077.xxx   im in liverpool uk
2008_10_30_17:48:05.940   075.202.146.xxx   hi mathy
2008_10_30_17:48:15.313   216.237.233.xxx   Hey verizon :) (19)
2008_10_30_17:49:00.242   075.202.146.xxx   booo mathy
2008_10_30_17:49:18.132   216.237.233.xxx   oooo jump out of seat (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_17:49:19.254   090.206.022.xxx   hey i rock
2008_10_30_17:50:12.220   090.206.022.xxx   i love this site
2008_10_30_17:50:35.564   088.002.234.xxx   goodnight mortals! and happy halloween from spain! (33)
2008_10_30_17:50:41.954   090.206.022.xxx   hey nick
2008_10_30_17:50:46.807   216.237.233.xxx   Trick or Treat (21)
2008_10_30_17:51:11.525   078.148.077.xxx   treat
2008_10_30_17:51:35.910   216.237.233.xxx   Gives out candy :) (22)
2008_10_30_17:51:48.787   078.148.077.xxx   lol thnx
2008_10_30_17:52:29.650   216.237.233.xxx   yw (23)
2008_10_30_17:53:34.567   070.188.253.xxx   awesome site!
2008_10_30_17:54:59.487   070.245.248.xxx   wow i cant turn this off
2008_10_30_17:57:37.143   063.150.101.xxx   Hello
2008_10_30_17:59:49.365   076.097.023.xxx   Hello from Canton, GA.
2008_10_30_18:03:11.738   216.237.233.xxx   Hello person from GA (24)
2008_10_30_18:03:42.151   090.200.154.xxx   Halloween eve!!!
2008_10_30_18:08:23.944   081.109.249.xxx   hello from Cannock
2008_10_30_18:09:41.349   071.206.121.xxx   Hello from Jerome, Michigan
2008_10_30_18:10:07.555   216.237.233.xxx   Hello MI (25)
2008_10_30_18:10:29.907   081.109.249.xxx   Helen is sad
2008_10_30_18:10:54.820   131.212.146.xxx   hello puppet
2008_10_30_18:10:55.304   216.237.233.xxx   corona is replace with Heinz, lol (26)
2008_10_30_18:10:57.786   074.060.079.xxx   good evening alex
2008_10_30_18:11:45.026   131.212.146.xxx   hello
2008_10_30_18:11:47.144   081.109.249.xxx   cannock is for chavs
2008_10_30_18:11:50.730   074.060.079.xxx   since tomorrow is halloween are the lights going to be ours alday?
2008_10_30_18:12:49.292   081.109.249.xxx   r g**
2008_10_30_18:13:32.639   081.109.249.xxx   IMOAN loves Rg**
2008_10_30_18:13:43.372   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Anybody got some burgers and/or hot dogs? ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_18:13:43.879   074.060.079.xxx   how long the lights going to be on tomorrow
2008_10_30_18:15:30.563   092.238.002.xxx   u have hienz ketchup we ave tat her in england
2008_10_30_18:20:02.104   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Light will probably stay on and controllable through Midnight MDT on Halloween  ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_18:20:11.212   216.237.233.xxx   I love ketcup (27)
2008_10_30_18:20:15.121   076.187.137.xxx   EAT s*** OBAMA!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_30_18:20:44.876   216.237.233.xxx   Ty Alex, been showing all my friends ___) (28)
2008_10_30_18:23:38.641   075.055.039.xxx   ketchup bottle half empty or half full? (14)
2008_10_30_18:24:32.633   216.237.233.xxx   hmmmm half empty? (29)
2008_10_30_18:26:03.998   216.237.233.xxx   lol switch a rooo (30 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_18:26:50.346   075.055.039.xxx   anticipation (15)
2008_10_30_18:27:09.170   216.237.233.xxx   yeah lol (31)
2008_10_30_18:28:01.647   216.237.233.xxx   I really like your backwards clock ___) (32)
2008_10_30_18:29:42.426   071.190.004.xxx   every body dose
2008_10_30_18:34:42.017   216.237.233.xxx   look half full to me now (33)
2008_10_30_18:35:48.350   071.190.004.xxx   alek ur back
2008_10_30_18:36:28.798   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back with an option for those folks who don't like ketchup ...  ___-) ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_18:37:42.305   216.237.233.xxx   yeah lol (34)
2008_10_30_18:37:46.146   071.190.004.xxx   wha a bout ppl who dont like frenchs yellow
2008_10_30_18:38:33.908   071.190.004.xxx   you don't got beer today  alek
2008_10_30_18:38:58.049   068.062.022.xxx   whoah just got a internal server error message doh'
2008_10_30_18:39:15.928   216.237.233.xxx   hot dogs who said hot dogs lol (35)
2008_10_30_18:46:44.269   067.173.254.xxx   Here comes Halloween!!!
2008_10_30_18:51:22.469   216.237.233.xxx   lol.  Have u ever read the side of the A1 Jar?  Read it, hilarious (36)
2008_10_30_18:55:12.087   067.080.254.xxx   Happy Mischeif Night, Everyone!!
2008_10_30_18:58:13.649   216.237.233.xxx   LOL just noticed Buzz lightyear  To infinity and Beyond (37)
2008_10_30_19:10:25.732   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Buzz Lightyear likes Halloween too ... ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_19:15:44.798   098.161.048.xxx   Vote for THE HULK!!!!!  :P
2008_10_30_19:16:53.598   098.161.048.xxx   YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!
2008_10_30_19:29:36.398   099.128.117.xxx   nooooooooo
2008_10_30_19:32:28.502   216.237.233.xxx   LOL just noticed Buzz lightyear  To infinity and Beyond (38)
2008_10_30_19:34:05.843   216.237.233.xxx   Archimedes..."Eureka Eureka" (39)
2008_10_30_19:35:53.009   216.237.233.xxx   a___2 + b___2 = c___2 (40 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_19:38:46.454   216.237.233.xxx   Yesterday is forgotten, Tomorrow is unknown, Today is a gift, that is why they  (41)
2008_10_30_19:39:31.204   072.090.067.xxx   I like blue cheese
2008_10_30_19:40:03.494   098.161.048.xxx   Come to the Dark Side.  We have cookies
2008_10_30_19:40:20.562   072.090.067.xxx   chasing-u was here
2008_10_30_19:40:25.320   216.237.233.xxx   lol (42)
2008_10_30_19:40:49.922   072.090.067.xxx   Chasing-u was here
2008_10_30_19:42:16.659   216.237.233.xxx   Make it simple but not simplier, Einstein :) (43)
2008_10_30_19:44:25.575   216.237.233.xxx   Hot sauce yummm (44)
2008_10_30_19:45:10.469   216.237.233.xxx   ohh headless man changes hats again (45)
2008_10_30_19:47:02.687   216.237.233.xxx   My favorite thing is this chat window. :) (46)
2008_10_30_19:47:39.370   216.237.233.xxx   And the cause :) (47)
2008_10_30_19:48:21.323   068.194.244.xxx   what time of night do trick or treators come untill alex
2008_10_30_19:50:19.106   068.194.244.xxx   WHERE ARE DIRK AND KYLE ALEX
2008_10_30_19:51:11.094   070.143.061.xxx   Have a safe and Happy Halloween!
2008_10_30_19:52:27.930   216.237.233.xxx   I think, therefore I am ..Rene Descarte' (48)
2008_10_30_19:54:04.817   071.206.121.xxx   Clyde the ferret says "Hi".
2008_10_30_19:55:20.123   216.237.233.xxx   Hi (49)
2008_10_30_19:56:31.271   098.149.247.xxx   Boo test!
2008_10_30_19:56:42.749   071.059.225.xxx   Ain't no thing but a scary chicken wing!
2008_10_30_19:56:59.730   216.237.233.xxx   OOO was scared (50 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_19:58:03.288   024.091.080.xxx   Look Ma, no hands!
2008_10_30_19:59:31.893   216.237.233.xxx   lol Pam Original Spray (51)
2008_10_30_19:59:41.375   070.017.105.xxx   pam is map backwards, thus you're putting maps in your
2008_10_30_20:00:09.507   070.017.105.xxx   YOUR PAN!   argh!
2008_10_30_20:00:27.859   216.237.233.xxx   hmm Map, neva thought of it backwards (52)
2008_10_30_20:01:53.955   072.084.088.xxx   I want a backwards clock too =(
2008_10_30_20:02:09.476   216.237.233.xxx   OHH yes backward clock rocks (53)
2008_10_30_20:02:26.738   070.017.105.xxx   all this processed food element..  geeeze....  ugh!
2008_10_30_20:02:39.768   072.084.088.xxx   I'd like to have a backwards clock at work... Good times...
2008_10_30_20:03:21.624   216.237.233.xxx   for the math folks, there is a unit circle clock available tooo (54)
2008_10_30_20:04:01.087   072.084.088.xxx   Oooo! Buzz Lightyear! To infinity, and beyond!
2008_10_30_20:04:03.754   070.017.105.xxx   doesn't enjoy math... sorry.    no clock either.
2008_10_30_20:04:39.374   216.237.233.xxx   awww to bad loves math (55)
2008_10_30_20:05:38.242   070.017.105.xxx   nope, wants a mental freedom this holiday.
2008_10_30_20:05:55.748   216.237.233.xxx   Computers and math runs this website (56)
2008_10_30_20:06:07.543   072.084.088.xxx   Yes! I've saved the lava lamp!
2008_10_30_20:06:27.203   071.240.238.xxx   HEY
2008_10_30_20:06:34.113   216.237.233.xxx   weeee vote lava lamp president (57)
2008_10_30_20:06:40.762   070.017.105.xxx   ugh, i must order lipitor 2morrow.
2008_10_30_20:07:02.471   072.084.088.xxx   Someone tried to kill the lava lamp.....
2008_10_30_20:07:06.408   071.240.238.xxx   WEEEEEEEEEEEEE
2008_10_30_20:08:06.659   071.240.238.xxx   HEY ALL
2008_10_30_20:08:22.175   216.237.233.xxx   Hey (58)
2008_10_30_20:08:33.723   072.084.088.xxx   Yay! The lava lamp is back!
2008_10_30_20:09:19.819   078.105.001.xxx   hello from London
2008_10_30_20:09:30.502   072.084.088.xxx   Alright, who has it in for the lava lamp?
2008_10_30_20:09:35.211   070.017.105.xxx   that can't be good on the filament.
2008_10_30_20:09:56.071   071.240.238.xxx   PAUL
2008_10_30_20:09:59.107   072.084.088.xxx   Hello London from Virginia Beach Virginia USA
2008_10_30_20:10:04.770   216.237.233.xxx   Please dont forget to donate to the Cause :) (59)
2008_10_30_20:10:27.317   070.017.105.xxx   i donated now donate to my cause.
2008_10_30_20:10:36.885   072.084.088.xxx   The Lava Lamp needs to get going =). Go Lava Go
2008_10_30_20:11:08.151   216.237.233.xxx   lol (60 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_20:11:37.579   071.190.004.xxx   yha word
2008_10_30_20:11:44.629   072.084.088.xxx   OOOO! Buzz Lightyear! To infinity, and beyond! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_20:12:50.731   216.237.233.xxx   If I only had a brain (61)
2008_10_30_20:12:59.887   082.019.186.xxx   Put a skull in the lava lamp then its like toy story
2008_10_30_20:13:33.482   072.084.088.xxx   That sounds like a sick toy that Cid would have made.... (11)
2008_10_30_20:13:53.134   082.019.186.xxx   It would also look good for halloween with a skul
2008_10_30_20:14:09.825   072.084.088.xxx   OO! Good lava flowage!!!!! YAY!!! =) (12)
2008_10_30_20:14:47.431   082.019.186.xxx   Haha Its turned off.
2008_10_30_20:14:57.806   091.109.241.xxx   goodevening and big hi from the uk!
2008_10_30_20:14:59.243   072.084.088.xxx   ___gasp___ Lava!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! (13)
2008_10_30_20:15:21.990   072.084.088.xxx   Hi Lindsey in Va. Beach (14)
2008_10_30_20:15:48.237   082.019.186.xxx   What bottle is that?
2008_10_30_20:16:10.366   072.084.088.xxx   Looks like somebody has tummy ache (15)
2008_10_30_20:16:10.790   091.109.241.xxx   hi from the uk
2008_10_30_20:16:11.665   216.237.233.xxx   ha Pepto Bismal (62)
2008_10_30_20:16:20.050   024.164.170.xxx   HI
2008_10_30_20:16:42.323   082.019.186.xxx   Hey Alek!
2008_10_30_20:16:49.753   072.084.088.xxx   Wow.... I love that lava lamp..... (16)
2008_10_30_20:16:51.280   024.164.170.xxx   happy halloween
2008_10_30_20:18:27.501   216.237.233.xxx   Thx Alex for a wonderful site, BOO and night (63)
2008_10_30_20:18:35.288   072.084.088.xxx   Somebody has a tummy ache (17)
2008_10_30_20:19:13.709   072.084.088.xxx   Probably ate too much candy. Haha! (18)
2008_10_30_20:19:40.217   082.019.186.xxx   Have a good halloween on tomoorow
2008_10_30_20:20:25.736   072.084.088.xxx   My fingers hurt from snapping to the theme music..... (19)
2008_10_30_20:23:00.946   072.084.088.xxx   Okay, who hurt Lava? (20 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_20:23:35.972   072.084.088.xxx   Yay!!!! =) (21)
2008_10_30_20:25:14.389   072.084.088.xxx   Lava Lamp Lives! (22)
2008_10_30_20:26:23.351   069.029.215.xxx   Is that a bottle of Pepto? Didn't know Spud Goodman was known there!
2008_10_30_20:27:17.056   076.095.180.xxx   pabst...beer of champions
2008_10_30_20:28:02.292   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I took the Pepto-Bismol down since yea, with all the candy tomorrow, it will be needed! ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_20:39:00.656   071.091.039.xxx   there's the famous pabst beer :)
2008_10_30_20:39:37.076   071.091.039.xxx   harry looks like he could use a drink
2008_10_30_20:40:47.259   071.091.039.xxx   does harry not move?
2008_10_30_20:41:58.929   082.019.186.xxx   good night Alek
2008_10_30_20:42:55.981   082.019.186.xxx   from luke and family uk got our decs ready
2008_10_30_20:44:19.101   082.019.186.xxx   we are all waving to you:-)
2008_10_30_20:47:05.279   070.017.105.xxx   hail.....
2008_10_30_20:47:42.524   070.017.105.xxx   tomorrow it's sake, 200lbs of candy and scaring the kids. (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_20:48:11.210   070.017.105.xxx   oh and led blinky toys by the ton. (11)
2008_10_30_20:49:55.043   070.017.105.xxx   led as in L.E.D.  not lead (12)
2008_10_30_20:50:45.015   203.206.187.xxx   I win at this
2008_10_30_20:51:14.298   203.206.187.xxx   Epic Win
2008_10_30_20:51:29.697   070.017.105.xxx   oh, reeeeally now. (13)
2008_10_30_20:51:41.885   203.206.187.xxx   HELLZ YEA
2008_10_30_20:52:02.974   070.017.105.xxx   of course..  you do.... (14)
2008_10_30_20:52:17.097   203.206.187.xxx   ILL FIGHT YOU
2008_10_30_20:52:38.820   070.017.105.xxx   i'm a man of peace...   i don't fight to prove points. (15)
2008_10_30_20:53:15.029   070.017.105.xxx   or gain.... (16)
2008_10_30_20:53:23.767   203.206.187.xxx   HULK SMASH YOU!!!
2008_10_30_20:54:12.361   203.206.187.xxx   Good day sir.
2008_10_30_20:55:57.794   070.017.105.xxx   oh the inbred aggression. (17)
2008_10_30_20:56:04.567   024.069.219.xxx   Hello there
2008_10_30_20:56:30.679   070.017.105.xxx   the bottle is askew. (18)
2008_10_30_20:56:39.004   075.202.146.xxx   whats up g**le
2008_10_30_20:56:41.792   024.069.219.xxx   How are yoouuu?
2008_10_30_20:57:14.684   075.202.146.xxx   boo toby
2008_10_30_20:57:18.136   024.069.219.xxx   BOOO
2008_10_30_20:58:56.618   075.202.146.xxx   boo toby and g**le
2008_10_30_20:59:40.794   075.202.146.xxx   huh h***
2008_10_30_21:02:33.500   075.202.146.xxx   type in the box dummy
2008_10_30_21:04:04.399   075.202.146.xxx   lol
2008_10_30_21:06:05.447   065.013.105.xxx   Happy Halloween BOOO!!!!!!!!!
2008_10_30_21:06:08.656   075.202.146.xxx   hit enter goofy
2008_10_30_21:06:59.209   065.013.105.xxx   Thanks!!! Big Hugsss!!
2008_10_30_21:07:00.470   075.202.146.xxx   happy halloween to you and toby too (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_21:08:15.531   065.013.105.xxx   Hello Handsome!!
2008_10_30_21:08:33.738   098.221.051.xxx   POOP
2008_10_30_21:10:42.322   098.221.051.xxx   HAPPY HALLOWEEN
2008_10_30_21:11:29.368   098.221.051.xxx   LOL BUZZ LIGHTYEAR
2008_10_30_21:12:00.689   070.017.105.xxx   what's with the ALL CAPS? (19)
2008_10_30_21:22:21.698   024.022.109.xxx   Why so serioussssssssssss?
2008_10_30_21:27:46.795   024.207.121.xxx   hi from Canada
2008_10_30_21:30:32.534   072.129.058.xxx   Chris VL ROCKS!!
2008_10_30_21:31:34.295   072.129.058.xxx   Hi Adam and Critter
2008_10_30_21:32:34.852   072.129.058.xxx   BOOO!
2008_10_30_21:33:16.560   072.129.058.xxx   Chris VL ROCKS!!
2008_10_30_21:41:28.259   098.204.014.xxx   Hello thar!
2008_10_30_21:44:23.432   098.204.014.xxx   Only 17 more minutes!
2008_10_30_21:45:43.757   098.204.014.xxx   What is the laptop running?
2008_10_30_21:47:13.599   068.222.004.xxx   hi people of earth
2008_10_30_21:47:54.084   098.204.014.xxx   What is the laptop running?
2008_10_30_21:48:30.486   068.222.004.xxx   wat do u mwean wat is the laptop running
2008_10_30_21:48:45.617   068.013.116.xxx   Can't wait til tomorrow. Happy Early Halloween
2008_10_30_21:49:08.957   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** laptop is running FireFox with ReloadEvery extension to display IM's ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_21:49:10.297   098.204.014.xxx   I mean the full screen text thing
2008_10_30_21:49:14.653   068.032.143.xxx   laptop not running ...it is sitting
2008_10_30_21:50:10.115   098.204.014.xxx   Ahh! So it's a dynamically gen-ed HTML page? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_10_30_21:50:43.752   069.086.252.xxx   Hey Gin
2008_10_30_21:51:23.422   069.133.062.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_10_30_21:51:38.207   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep 098 - just a little HTML wrapped around the IM text ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_21:53:06.311   098.204.014.xxx   That's pretty cool! Any chance of a code release? (11)
2008_10_30_21:53:23.620   096.002.038.xxx   wheeeeeeeeeeeee
2008_10_30_21:54:53.005   068.222.004.xxx   pleqase let me control the lights for 1 min.
2008_10_30_21:54:53.316   075.038.171.xxx   This is awesome
2008_10_30_21:55:23.660   069.133.062.xxx   See you After Thanksgiving Alek!
2008_10_30_21:56:09.608   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** After Thanksgiving for Xmas ... but tomorrow is the major Halloween action! ***ALEK***
2008_10_30_21:56:27.294   068.222.004.xxx   these lights are awsome
2008_10_30_21:58:59.009   068.222.004.xxx   my name is ricardo wat are youer names

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