153 halloween text messages on 2009/1004

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,707 times that day including 835 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1004

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_04_18:01:54.850   071.020.239.xxx   I JOSH IS THE FIRST
2009_10_04_18:02:12.607   121.216.014.xxx   hello.....?
2009_10_04_18:02:18.016   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam1 is up ... lots more to put out, but let me know how it looks ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_18:02:19.611   068.042.142.xxx   im confused??
2009_10_04_18:02:47.278   121.216.014.xxx   it worked
2009_10_04_18:03:03.830   067.142.167.xxx   I am confused
2009_10_04_18:03:29.646   121.216.014.xxx   what are bloody hands ?
2009_10_04_18:05:24.306   121.216.014.xxx   which one is the bike ?
2009_10_04_18:05:48.156   072.081.113.xxx   look at the new angle!
2009_10_04_18:06:10.497   121.216.014.xxx   angle?
2009_10_04_18:06:23.077   072.081.113.xxx   what did you do? Put the cam in a birdhouse?
2009_10_04_18:06:30.788   121.216.014.xxx   which is bike and which is bloody hands
2009_10_04_18:07:07.693   068.042.142.xxx   this is fun
2009_10_04_18:07:38.715   070.178.041.xxx   Just got here.  Cool camera angle on 1!
2009_10_04_18:07:50.357   121.216.014.xxx   which is bike and which is bloody hands
2009_10_04_18:08:04.110   072.081.113.xxx   Hehehe, never a dull site, Alek! :D
2009_10_04_18:08:21.408   070.178.041.xxx   The hulks are gonna be mad you don't have them out!  (Or are they still at the 
2009_10_04_18:09:36.623   070.178.041.xxx   Uh oh, the Rockies b****  are deflated.  Did they get beat?
2009_10_04_18:10:09.102   071.213.224.xxx   Yayy for Cam 1! Interesting angle. Excited to see more!
2009_10_04_18:11:14.143   190.189.126.xxx   Hi1 from Argentina!!
2009_10_04_18:11:46.407   068.042.142.xxx   hi frm mi
2009_10_04_18:12:17.481   071.213.224.xxx   And hello from Northeast Iowa!
2009_10_04_18:12:32.536   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulks are coming soon - yes, I do NOT want to make then angry! ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_18:13:27.006   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** And yes, the Rockies lost last night - will inflate the baseballs for the playoffs ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_18:13:53.528   090.204.235.xxx   Happy Halloween!
2009_10_04_18:15:36.821   071.213.224.xxx   Too bad about the Rockies but awesome Broncos today!
2009_10_04_18:16:51.791   071.020.239.xxx   is this all live or is it pictures
2009_10_04_18:17:37.195   071.020.239.xxx   put the horse this way
2009_10_04_18:18:56.710   071.020.239.xxx   everythings off
2009_10_04_18:21:55.189   024.247.244.xxx   on
2009_10_04_18:22:35.607   090.204.235.xxx   Hulks speaking to us from below the house!!
2009_10_04_18:22:45.690   024.247.244.xxx   happy days
2009_10_04_18:23:24.853   090.204.235.xxx   Whats up harry ___)
2009_10_04_18:23:28.427   024.247.244.xxx   go mac computers
2009_10_04_18:25:00.599   081.104.140.xxx   alek when will it all be up????
2009_10_04_18:27:54.841   071.020.239.xxx   WHO WANTS PIZZA
2009_10_04_18:28:29.068   071.213.224.xxx   Not me... we're having steaks and potatoes
2009_10_04_18:28:49.848   090.204.235.xxx   Webcam 2 = BOOOM
2009_10_04_18:30:47.010   075.080.056.xxx   Jack was here!!!
2009_10_04_18:31:11.581   071.020.239.xxx   I POOPED
2009_10_04_18:31:21.311   075.080.056.xxx   Malia says happy halloween!!!
2009_10_04_18:32:02.772   075.080.056.xxx   Jack says "BOOOO" Ghosties are coming to scare you!!!
2009_10_04_18:32:10.689   071.020.239.xxx   GO TO LINK DELETED
2009_10_04_18:32:33.506   081.104.140.xxx   ww
2009_10_04_18:33:03.746   071.020.239.xxx   WHO WANTS PIZZA
2009_10_04_18:33:18.423   081.104.140.xxx   www. Google .co.uk
2009_10_04_18:34:24.313   072.081.113.xxx   why?
2009_10_04_18:35:13.441   071.020.239.xxx   I FARTED
2009_10_04_18:35:24.891   072.081.113.xxx   why?
2009_10_04_18:39:29.616   173.052.028.xxx   every thing off now
2009_10_04_18:40:30.976   071.020.239.xxx   GO TO W W W . W E B B L I G H T S . W E T P A I N T . C O M  WITH NO SPACES (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_18:42:58.524   173.052.028.xxx   puny human im
2009_10_04_18:43:30.411   068.038.130.xxx   HELLO!
2009_10_04_18:43:34.951   173.067.141.xxx   Yayyy
2009_10_04_18:44:09.438   068.038.130.xxx   lol this is cool
2009_10_04_18:44:41.071   173.067.141.xxx   I can send a txt from my iPhone now that's cool
2009_10_04_18:47:50.871   071.020.239.xxx   GO TO W W W . W E B B L I G H T S . W E T P A I N T . C O M (11)
2009_10_04_18:50:00.307   190.189.126.xxx   alek, we want you on facebook!!!1
2009_10_04_18:51:09.520   173.052.028.xxx   alex when u gonna put the super size cam link up?
2009_10_04_18:53:12.164   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for testing on the iPhone. Click Hi-Def View for super-size! ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_18:54:00.323   190.189.126.xxx   wheres is the hi-def option??
2009_10_04_18:54:07.647   173.052.028.xxx   ooh thanks alex
2009_10_04_18:54:32.623   190.189.126.xxx   i just saw it !lol
2009_10_04_18:54:54.800   173.052.028.xxx   alex homer is dark i think 1 of his lights went
2009_10_04_18:55:14.579   190.189.126.xxx   Alek, we want you on facebook !!! lol
2009_10_04_18:55:52.018   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry, I'm not a facebooker. Roger on some dead lights out there - will be fixi ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_18:57:54.999   173.052.028.xxx   alex y arent the baseballs lit up?
2009_10_04_18:57:59.410   098.127.074.xxx   Hello Erin, Kyle & Lori in Billings, MT
2009_10_04_18:58:37.376   071.020.239.xxx   i read on cbs news that these are all pictures (12)
2009_10_04_18:59:12.418   173.052.028.xxx   thats a lie this is live
2009_10_04_18:59:13.997   098.127.074.xxx   I like Barbie, from Erin in Billings, Mt
2009_10_04_19:01:32.289   098.127.074.xxx   Go Sp**d Racer Go
2009_10_04_19:09:34.973   098.127.074.xxx   Broncos' beat the Cowboys
2009_10_04_19:13:42.437   190.189.126.xxx   Live Breaking news: Alek halloween decorations are alive!!! run for you life
2009_10_04_19:14:06.594   190.189.126.xxx   ALIVE!!
2009_10_04_19:14:47.646   190.189.126.xxx   HOMER HAS JUST RUN AWAY LOL
2009_10_04_19:15:33.379   190.189.126.xxx   Alek do you like IMAX theaters???
2009_10_04_19:18:47.981   190.189.126.xxx   Mercedes Sosa (ARGENTINA), REST IN PEACE.... (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_19:21:51.847   190.189.126.xxx   Mercedes Sosa live memorial on www . c5n . com (11)
2009_10_04_19:23:17.327   070.178.041.xxx   Greetings from Roland, OK  (n10cities)
2009_10_04_19:24:40.453   190.189.126.xxx   Mercedes Sosa, live memorial service on www . tn . com.ar (12)
2009_10_04_19:25:13.067   070.178.041.xxx   Someone is in the garage!!!
2009_10_04_19:25:48.166   070.178.041.xxx   WHO IS MERCEDES SOSA????????!
2009_10_04_19:26:22.610   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going to adjust the skulls in webcam2 ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_19:26:23.503   070.178.041.xxx   Broncos   :P
2009_10_04_19:26:31.396   190.189.126.xxx   it's an important old singer (13)
2009_10_04_19:27:15.487   070.178.041.xxx   In that case, make up your mind on the URL...
2009_10_04_19:27:31.302   190.189.126.xxx   LOOK FOR HER MUSIC LINK DELETED (14)
2009_10_04_19:27:52.557   190.189.126.xxx   LOOK FOR HER MUSIC WWW . C5N . COM (15)
2009_10_04_19:27:56.571   070.178.041.xxx   Google would be better...please quit spamming....please?
2009_10_04_19:28:13.934   190.189.126.xxx   OK SORRY (16)
2009_10_04_19:28:54.335   070.178.041.xxx   Getting cold here in the Ar River Valley!  Fall is here at last!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_19:28:58.422   190.189.126.xxx   DID NOT MEAN TO BE SPAM, ONLY HONOR HER.. (17)
2009_10_04_19:29:29.899   190.189.126.xxx   In argentina is spring lol (18)
2009_10_04_19:29:35.441   070.178.041.xxx   No biggie.   I will look that singer up later...... (11)
2009_10_04_19:30:12.035   070.178.041.xxx   I like spring and fall....I HATE summer and winter!!! (12)
2009_10_04_19:30:59.669   190.189.126.xxx   me to lol (19)
2009_10_04_19:32:20.702   024.127.003.xxx   hotfood says you need tron clock in office
2009_10_04_19:33:13.914   190.189.126.xxx   I think Headless has jst blink me (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_19:35:02.257   024.127.003.xxx   cookies
2009_10_04_19:36:19.966   024.127.003.xxx   this is it mj movie in november 2009
2009_10_04_19:40:12.398   024.127.003.xxx   power glich
2009_10_04_19:41:56.397   024.127.003.xxx   weres my brains
2009_10_04_19:42:25.778   024.127.003.xxx   mentaly kids
2009_10_04_19:43:54.585   024.127.003.xxx   candy!
2009_10_04_19:44:25.253   024.127.003.xxx   step right up and get some
2009_10_04_19:46:13.590   024.127.003.xxx   neon lights
2009_10_04_19:46:57.120   024.127.003.xxx   your turn to text (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_19:50:13.746   024.127.003.xxx   i do feel good to be back (11)
2009_10_04_19:51:18.783   075.015.220.xxx   hi everyone nevada in the house
2009_10_04_19:51:48.530   024.127.003.xxx   im your father luke (12)
2009_10_04_19:52:17.471   024.127.003.xxx   i need new glasses (13)
2009_10_04_19:52:57.652   075.015.220.xxx   i need a nice peace of b****
2009_10_04_19:53:02.999   024.127.003.xxx   lynchburg va (14)
2009_10_04_19:53:34.226   071.071.199.xxx   Put on the Pumpkin/Jester hat for us :)
2009_10_04_19:53:45.592   024.127.003.xxx   ______________________________ (15)
2009_10_04_19:54:11.309   075.015.220.xxx   why is b**** a bad word
2009_10_04_19:54:14.041   024.127.003.xxx   money (16)
2009_10_04_19:54:42.636   024.127.003.xxx   another name for dog (17)
2009_10_04_19:55:15.023   024.127.003.xxx   who said that (18)
2009_10_04_19:55:42.209   024.127.003.xxx   happy halloween (19)
2009_10_04_19:55:43.892   075.015.220.xxx   b****
2009_10_04_19:56:50.198   024.127.003.xxx   add itch (20 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_19:57:25.138   024.127.003.xxx   your bad (21)
2009_10_04_19:57:29.380   075.015.220.xxx   you got a itch?
2009_10_04_19:58:01.958   024.127.003.xxx   jrop it to a new text ok or cop u (22)
2009_10_04_19:58:49.224   075.015.220.xxx   nut bag
2009_10_04_19:59:04.318   024.127.003.xxx   10pm goodbye (23)
2009_10_04_20:01:24.074   075.015.220.xxx   b******
2009_10_04_20:01:51.374   075.015.220.xxx   b*
2009_10_04_20:02:06.357   071.081.211.xxx   um
2009_10_04_20:02:30.798   071.020.239.xxx   is it annoying when people call you Alex (13)
2009_10_04_20:03:05.318   075.015.220.xxx   ur annoying
2009_10_04_20:04:53.702   071.081.211.xxx   ur face is annoying
2009_10_04_20:05:22.999   072.155.202.xxx   HOWDY FROM SAVANNAH TN
2009_10_04_20:05:24.596   071.081.211.xxx   idiot
2009_10_04_20:26:08.700   024.127.003.xxx   moving hands (24)
2009_10_04_20:26:50.040   024.127.003.xxx   bats (25)
2009_10_04_20:27:27.739   024.127.003.xxx   glow in dark  eyes (26)
2009_10_04_20:27:50.387   024.127.003.xxx   large mummie (27)
2009_10_04_20:28:22.509   024.127.003.xxx   spencers has it (28)
2009_10_04_20:29:12.491   024.127.003.xxx   masks (29)
2009_10_04_20:29:39.396   024.127.003.xxx   fake blood (30 IM's so far today)
2009_10_04_20:38:55.179   024.127.003.xxx   large mummie (31)
2009_10_04_20:39:18.451   024.127.003.xxx   need a search light in the out side (like those on superman at lex at cop stati (32)
2009_10_04_20:40:06.297   024.127.003.xxx   station (33)
2009_10_04_20:40:44.562   024.127.003.xxx   grim reaper (34)
2009_10_04_21:07:55.926   076.203.173.xxx   Happy Halloween Alek & Family!!!
2009_10_04_21:13:30.202   099.032.061.xxx   Is it me, or do the cams look darker this year?
2009_10_04_21:29:08.470   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Probably looks darker because not everything is up yet ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_21:29:58.755   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Adding upper window decorations right now - see webcam1 ***ALEK***
2009_10_04_21:48:06.722   064.092.049.xxx   hey
2009_10_04_21:51:36.396   072.155.202.xxx   Getting about that time.......

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