86 halloween text messages on 2009/1005

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,445 times that day including 1,444 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1005

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_05_18:00:06.773   074.004.133.xxx   woo!
2009_10_05_18:00:36.171   074.004.133.xxx   its my birthday today!
2009_10_05_18:01:13.355   173.052.028.xxx   on 2 thw lightsa
2009_10_05_18:01:16.764   086.143.124.xxx   so glad the internet came back!!
2009_10_05_18:02:12.137   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, it was a pretty lengthy outage - usually, Comcastic is pretty reliable ***ALEK***
2009_10_05_18:03:00.243   173.052.028.xxx   oo well its back on just in time for lights
2009_10_05_18:03:04.816   086.143.124.xxx   Looks like they fixed it just in time though :)
2009_10_05_18:03:17.414   064.092.049.xxx   so is the new position of cam 1 to stay for good or just temp?
2009_10_05_18:03:46.098   099.023.006.xxx   yes!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_05_18:04:45.741   173.052.028.xxx   is cam 1 on the ground?
2009_10_05_18:05:06.021   071.196.208.xxx   yay CAM 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_05_18:05:27.037   024.247.244.xxx   What kid of tree is this populus grandidentata
2009_10_05_18:06:06.270   071.196.208.xxx   Alek FIXING DEC ORATIOMS AT,
2009_10_05_18:08:33.642   071.020.239.xxx   i see you
2009_10_05_18:09:02.042   071.196.208.xxx   PEEK A BOO I SEE YOU GUYS!
2009_10_05_18:10:43.320   071.196.208.xxx   WHERES HULK?
2009_10_05_18:11:41.829   173.052.028.xxx   alex what u doing out there ?
2009_10_05_18:12:01.497   071.020.239.xxx   we want HULK
2009_10_05_18:12:01.943   071.196.208.xxx   ITS ALEK
2009_10_05_18:12:05.695   086.143.124.xxx   1:11am in uk!! bed time, nite all, cya alek!
2009_10_05_18:14:47.825   071.020.239.xxx   HULK
2009_10_05_18:15:33.103   076.029.235.xxx   Muhaha!
2009_10_05_18:16:05.523   072.081.113.xxx   will we see Sponge Bob this year?
2009_10_05_18:16:07.382   071.020.239.xxx   WE WANT HULK!!!!!!!! PUT HIM OUT
2009_10_05_18:17:52.886   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Spongebob (and of couse the Hulks) are coming soon ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_05_18:18:45.526   072.081.113.xxx   Yay! :)
2009_10_05_18:20:49.026   071.020.239.xxx   HURRY
2009_10_05_18:23:53.869   071.020.239.xxx   I WOULD LAUGH IF HE FELL
2009_10_05_18:27:27.572   071.020.239.xxx   HULK WERE ARE YOU
2009_10_05_18:31:41.262   072.081.113.xxx   Maybe Hulk comes out Halloween Eve like the Great Pumpkin! LOL!
2009_10_05_18:32:06.876   071.020.239.xxx   DONT FALL ALEK
2009_10_05_18:34:22.333   072.081.113.xxx   Don't worry, he's a pro! :D
2009_10_05_18:36:07.233   174.056.156.xxx   thanks Alek! this is awesome!
2009_10_05_18:36:09.546   071.020.239.xxx   HULK COME OUT
2009_10_05_18:36:48.503   173.052.028.xxx   looking good alex but we need more
2009_10_05_18:37:09.331   071.081.211.xxx   YOU ROCK
2009_10_05_18:44:03.444   070.248.122.xxx   This is so cool
2009_10_05_18:44:26.136   071.020.239.xxx   THE OFFS NOT WORKING (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_05_18:44:28.422   071.081.211.xxx   St. Louis Says Happy Halloween!
2009_10_05_18:47:15.429   071.020.239.xxx   !!!!MY DOG SAYS HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! (11)
2009_10_05_18:47:53.428   067.086.236.xxx   POWER DOWN TIME
2009_10_05_18:48:38.120   067.086.236.xxx   NY YANKEES ARE THE BEST TEAM EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_05_18:53:09.614   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Alaska
2009_10_05_18:54:01.128   067.086.236.xxx   Is it Cold in Alaska today?
2009_10_05_18:55:21.962   067.142.130.xxx   about 35 degrees
2009_10_05_18:55:58.649   067.086.236.xxx   It's cold here at 50 degrees lol
2009_10_05_18:57:45.060   067.142.130.xxx   It will be 50 below zero here soon!
2009_10_05_18:58:06.323   072.081.113.xxx   63 here. :?
2009_10_05_18:58:30.006   067.086.236.xxx   Who wants snow?
2009_10_05_18:58:53.994   072.081.113.xxx   Nooooooo!
2009_10_05_18:59:10.573   067.142.130.xxx   It will be 50 below zero here soon!
2009_10_05_18:59:33.264   072.081.113.xxx   I'm still wearing flip flops, man!
2009_10_05_19:00:08.156   067.086.236.xxx   do they close school if it gets too cold?
2009_10_05_19:01:55.852   190.066.214.xxx   hello colombia
2009_10_05_19:02:59.390   190.066.214.xxx   Sebring florida
2009_10_05_19:03:20.250   024.126.098.xxx   Baltimore!!
2009_10_05_19:31:26.495   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** While I'm not much of a football fan, how about those Bronco's ... 4-0 start! ***ALEK***
2009_10_05_19:36:24.450   173.052.028.xxx   alex the off is not working?
2009_10_05_19:41:09.979   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Everything seems to be working fine for me ... and I use the same web interface. ***ALEK***
2009_10_05_19:57:46.240   071.020.239.xxx   GO BOISE STATE!!! (12)
2009_10_05_20:02:10.735   071.020.239.xxx   almost 2000 (13)
2009_10_05_20:07:18.995   071.020.239.xxx   200 times toggled (14)
2009_10_05_20:43:33.876   098.018.130.xxx   Hay peoples
2009_10_05_20:44:23.355   098.018.130.xxx   Hmm, not many people active? 23
2009_10_05_20:45:55.764   098.018.130.xxx   Time to post about this on my blog, didn't think it would be up dis early
2009_10_05_20:46:29.125   070.178.041.xxx   Decorations looking good Alek!  Nite all!
2009_10_05_20:46:51.657   098.018.130.xxx   Yeah, nice job :)
2009_10_05_20:47:28.193   075.111.137.xxx   Hey alek looking GRATE BOOOO!!!... - Andrew
2009_10_05_20:48:43.242   098.018.130.xxx   ___gets to blogging___ Alek i'll mail u the link if u want when im done
2009_10_05_20:49:20.501   098.018.130.xxx   And, webcam 1 just b0rked for me
2009_10_05_20:51:22.615   075.111.137.xxx   I put my money on the broncos yesterday over the Cowgirls! thats ___50 in my po
2009_10_05_20:52:55.489   075.111.137.xxx   That was ___50 in my pocket
2009_10_05_20:53:23.142   075.111.137.xxx   (___) in my pocket
2009_10_05_20:54:48.279   071.212.093.xxx   JIZZ IN MY PANTS
2009_10_05_20:55:08.039   071.020.239.xxx   GO BSU (15)
2009_10_05_20:55:26.297   071.212.093.xxx   nice site!!! :D
2009_10_05_20:56:06.021   075.111.137.xxx   WRECK'EM TECH! GO RED RAIDERS!!!
2009_10_05_20:56:26.269   071.020.239.xxx   is it annoying when people call you Alex (16)
2009_10_05_20:58:16.379   075.111.137.xxx   Hows the weather in CO alek?
2009_10_05_21:05:50.702   076.120.149.xxx   Boo!
2009_10_05_21:06:43.501   134.048.193.xxx   HALLOWEEEEEN
2009_10_05_21:08:05.419   166.238.019.xxx   happy halloweeeen
2009_10_05_21:10:10.770   076.120.149.xxx   Boooooo!
2009_10_05_21:10:30.999   198.053.209.xxx   rand om funny crap!!!
2009_10_05_21:34:59.130   069.114.194.xxx   this is awesome!
2009_10_05_21:57:19.616   072.023.219.xxx   This is so much fun thaks for sharing

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