118 halloween text messages on 2009/1013

The Halloween Decorations Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in the Haunted Office.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,349 times that day including 528 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Halloween "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1013

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_10_13_18:00:56.321   071.196.208.xxx   1st
2009_10_13_18:01:27.471   071.196.208.xxx   im soo good
2009_10_13_18:01:43.948   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** So anyone else sad about the Rockies losing last night? ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_18:02:00.674   071.196.208.xxx   yea
2009_10_13_18:02:33.311   024.109.016.xxx   hey
2009_10_13_18:02:34.367   064.060.194.xxx   Hooray for Halloween!!!!!!  Nice work Alek!!!
2009_10_13_18:02:51.988   071.196.208.xxx   at least the broncos won before yesturday
2009_10_13_18:04:35.342   071.196.208.xxx   no ones talking?
2009_10_13_18:05:08.116   082.042.109.xxx   NICE TO SEE YOU BACK ALEK. JOHN AND JACKIE UK
2009_10_13_18:05:44.859   156.034.242.xxx   Hell's Kitchen finale tonight !
2009_10_13_18:06:38.105   082.042.104.xxx   yay couldnt wait for crimbo lights .. ty
2009_10_13_18:08:13.791   076.023.012.xxx   Oooh Alek's on the phone.. shh...
2009_10_13_18:09:07.225   082.042.109.xxx   its uncle festa
2009_10_13_18:11:35.015   071.196.208.xxx   hulk says eat pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_13_18:14:24.961   082.042.109.xxx   goodnight all
2009_10_13_18:18:30.764   071.196.208.xxx   boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2009_10_13_18:25:16.986   068.100.227.xxx   whooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
2009_10_13_18:26:42.175   156.034.242.xxx   1 2 Freddy's coming for u
2009_10_13_18:27:11.004   072.081.113.xxx   Awww, Sorry Rockies.
2009_10_13_18:28:20.218   072.081.113.xxx   Too bad the Hulks don't have Rockies jerseys.
2009_10_13_18:28:36.995   156.034.242.xxx   Do you have a TV in there Alek ?
2009_10_13_18:30:14.807   072.081.113.xxx   Grim Reaper looks drunken. Hehehe!
2009_10_13_18:31:40.293   072.208.165.xxx   that looks like one of his boys out there
2009_10_13_18:33:39.709   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, the Grim Reaper fan is a bit weak - hard for him to stand straight ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_18:34:48.873   072.208.165.xxx   hang in thereGR
2009_10_13_18:34:58.952   072.081.113.xxx   It gives him more character! :)
2009_10_13_18:35:44.041   066.140.105.xxx   Hard to believe it's already the holidays coming up :D
2009_10_13_18:35:51.501   072.208.165.xxx   how many healthy grim reapers you know?
2009_10_13_18:36:44.980   075.111.137.xxx   Quite a Few my Ex-fieance is a Healthy Grim Reaper ___)
2009_10_13_18:37:02.563   072.208.165.xxx   heheheh
2009_10_13_18:37:07.902   068.205.217.xxx   holla
2009_10_13_18:37:33.205   072.081.113.xxx   The Reaper on the roof is creeepy!
2009_10_13_18:37:42.612   071.196.208.xxx   omg im bored
2009_10_13_18:37:50.536   066.140.105.xxx   That's one big monitor on Alek's desk
2009_10_13_18:38:43.021   072.208.165.xxx   all the beter to see you with
2009_10_13_18:40:05.070   075.111.137.xxx   i have 2x apple 30" displays for my setup
2009_10_13_18:41:31.370   066.140.105.xxx   Apple displays are crazy overpriced
2009_10_13_18:42:33.069   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My 30" monitor is Hanns-G - less than $300 at NewEgg - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_18:42:41.398   083.056.252.xxx   ola saludame por cam
2009_10_13_18:50:35.953   071.196.208.xxx   boo
2009_10_13_18:56:09.007   098.245.083.xxx   Off Off Off
2009_10_13_18:58:22.949   207.200.116.xxx   Alek Komar!
2009_10_13_18:58:56.611   207.200.116.xxx   Smile Alek ...
2009_10_13_19:01:36.298   071.183.192.xxx   Just got your email, love coming here every year to see the decorations.
2009_10_13_19:02:37.255   083.056.252.xxx   ola me puedes saludar
2009_10_13_19:03:24.589   072.177.004.xxx   greetings from Texas! Thanks.
2009_10_13_19:04:50.506   096.226.153.xxx   Sorry about your Rockies, I was rooting for them! From, A Rangers Fan!
2009_10_13_19:07:43.031   067.176.058.xxx   Thing!
2009_10_13_19:12:56.596   072.152.209.xxx   booyah!
2009_10_13_19:16:53.125   072.152.209.xxx   type in the green box for text here!
2009_10_13_19:19:31.209   072.152.209.xxx   Heyyyyyyyy Alex!
2009_10_13_19:21:01.568   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just call me Fonzi !!! ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_19:21:45.602   072.152.209.xxx   Fonzi's the creepiest !!! lol
2009_10_13_19:25:51.823   099.141.227.xxx   rehab
2009_10_13_19:26:01.285   068.212.205.xxx   AWSOME DECOR!
2009_10_13_19:26:01.814   072.152.209.xxx   Hey Spamela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_13_19:26:24.066   099.141.227.xxx   HIo dad
2009_10_13_19:26:40.789   068.212.205.xxx   ooooooooooh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_10_13_19:27:09.159   074.244.108.xxx   meow meow
2009_10_13_19:33:31.301   072.064.141.xxx   Puny Human Message.
2009_10_13_19:35:57.382   072.064.141.xxx   Error 404: Message Not found.
2009_10_13_19:36:28.057   099.032.061.xxx   is the laptop broke?
2009_10_13_19:42:29.625   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Laptop seems to be working fine ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_19:42:58.389   099.194.187.xxx   Villa Lagoon Tile
2009_10_13_19:44:31.504   202.079.203.xxx   Hello from Australia
2009_10_13_19:45:08.571   099.194.187.xxx   See ConcreteCottage
2009_10_13_19:48:01.662   202.079.203.xxx   scottandangela
2009_10_13_19:48:31.783   202.079.203.xxx   This is COOL
2009_10_13_19:49:05.156   202.079.203.xxx   Alek ... Wave to us
2009_10_13_19:52:21.588   069.255.089.xxx   hohoho, boo!
2009_10_13_19:56:07.565   071.091.039.xxx   the two baseballs almost look like eyeballs at first glance :)
2009_10_13_19:59:23.961   099.146.163.xxx   I like baseball!
2009_10_13_19:59:58.658   068.231.184.xxx   Hi Alek, posting this for my Facebook friends. Love this!
2009_10_13_20:03:10.141   071.091.039.xxx   Hello Alek....from this puny human! haha
2009_10_13_20:04:12.665   068.231.184.xxx   How long did it take you to set up this year Alek?
2009_10_13_20:05:39.152   065.174.028.xxx   bodek and ghouls in da house
2009_10_13_20:06:18.147   065.174.028.xxx   Way to Go Phillies
2009_10_13_20:07:38.418   065.174.028.xxx   john cammarotta thinks your hot alek
2009_10_13_20:11:18.570   066.140.105.xxx   Man that laptop sure is hanging in there all these years
2009_10_13_20:11:34.690   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Takes about a week to setup - thanks Puny Humans - "hot" Alek ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_20:11:35.671   072.187.010.xxx   Hey Alek...it's Sounddude (Rob) from the OEP...remember that project? Hope you 
2009_10_13_20:12:39.582   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - laptop is still working (cross fingers) ... and I remember 'ya Rob ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_20:13:15.452   066.140.105.xxx   You should put the new awesome Windows 7 on it*** shiny
2009_10_13_20:13:54.949   072.187.010.xxx   I'm on an iMac. Will it work on that?
2009_10_13_20:14:26.769   066.140.105.xxx   Actually yeah, boot camp. :)
2009_10_13_20:14:29.235   065.174.028.xxx   Mayfair loves Gluten
2009_10_13_20:15:10.750   065.174.028.xxx   Dont tread on my Oats
2009_10_13_20:15:45.463   065.174.028.xxx   Give me Barley or give me death
2009_10_13_20:16:19.336   156.034.195.xxx   quit horsing around
2009_10_13_20:17:25.979   068.231.184.xxx   I'm gluten intolerant and find that amusing actually.
2009_10_13_20:19:21.350   066.140.105.xxx   You know who loves Gluten? Osama bin Laden
2009_10_13_20:29:15.516   076.020.221.xxx   Alyce here!  This is too COOL!
2009_10_13_20:34:24.845   076.020.221.xxx   I am KING of the Mountain!
2009_10_13_20:35:46.077   076.120.071.xxx   What up
2009_10_13_20:36:20.321   076.020.221.xxx   Not much How about you?
2009_10_13_20:37:08.905   076.020.221.xxx   I can't wait to see Christmas!!
2009_10_13_20:37:59.507   076.020.221.xxx   Does this guy right here do anything? -----___
2009_10_13_20:38:47.041   076.020.221.xxx   O.I.C.
2009_10_13_20:41:27.026   076.020.221.xxx   Lights off. Time for bed.
2009_10_13_20:42:07.910   076.020.221.xxx   Hey!  Who was that?
2009_10_13_20:43:07.269   076.020.221.xxx   Ah Computer time.
2009_10_13_20:46:55.189   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, bed time for the kids ... ***ALEK***
2009_10_13_20:59:12.936   168.103.071.xxx   I better get some decorations up b4 Saturday dinner! Julie
2009_10_13_21:03:06.414   068.007.128.xxx   what up p**ps
2009_10_13_21:03:40.029   068.007.128.xxx   it wont let me say p** p s
2009_10_13_21:04:09.548   068.007.128.xxx   whats up people
2009_10_13_21:04:48.432   173.054.184.xxx   NJ in da house
2009_10_13_21:05:05.912   207.200.116.xxx   Hello!!
2009_10_13_21:17:52.907   065.174.028.xxx   Mayfair supports Nature Valley granola
2009_10_13_21:20:29.704   065.174.028.xxx   I wanna rocknroll allnight,eat oats everyday
2009_10_13_21:20:42.866   075.080.056.xxx   please wave to Jack and Malia.  happy halloween
2009_10_13_21:22:10.443   065.174.028.xxx   Happy Halloween from Jalonna,tyree,little tyrone
2009_10_13_21:23:18.579   065.174.028.xxx   Obama, R u happy with the change (10 IM's so far today)
2009_10_13_21:27:04.703   065.174.028.xxx   John Cammarotta loves Bob Singer (11)
2009_10_13_21:30:38.158   024.107.106.xxx   HEY GREAT CAMSITE - JAMIE.E - ST.LOUIS
2009_10_13_21:31:38.441   066.140.105.xxx   It's over 9000!!!!!!
2009_10_13_21:31:44.681   024.107.106.xxx   add me on FACEBOOK - JAMIE EYRICH
2009_10_13_21:44:39.038   068.100.227.xxx   Can we get thru Halloween before we talk about Christmas?

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